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Stone Power Bank

Attractive, powerful and handy. The Stone Power Bank is the power bank you would love to show off.

Stone Power Bank - Small
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Stone Power Bank - Large
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Mediocre, but no more

written by Lars, 19/10/15

Beautiful and different power bank. It lets ipads and iphones incredibly quickly, but had now assumed that it could hold anything anymore when you look at both weight and size in recital

Good and nice design, but animals

written by CasualSteel, 02/12/15

This works properly and looks good. Great was my disappointment when I saw the same product at 1/10 of the price of a elkjede. Kr. 29 ...

good product

written by Jeanette, 07/12/15

I have a couple of months ago bought one of each type of power bank. However, I have only used the large, when the little one is a gift for my mother. She has not got it yet, but it will definitely co... Read more

Smooth Power Bank

written by Roger, 28/12/15

I have not tested it so very even, but it is smooth and has all that is needed. Mkt cream for the money.

Did not the product!

written by Marianne, 28/12/15

Hey! I never got what I had ordered. I contacted coolstuff if and when the product was sold out so I got hard to get obtain a replacement gift. I can not put a grade on the product because I have not ... Read more

"Power Stone Bank"

written by Destiny, 28/12/15

Was a wish for Christmas. The recipient was very excited about it. Will there ever traveling with a drive to boost its appliances. At any time gladly buy again in Cool Stuff.

Smart and flexible

written by Mary, 29/12/15

Good to have with you "on the go" and very stylish. Intruktionerna is in German though, but it is easy to understand, just plug in the cell phone with the standard power cord to charge with.... Read more

Great product, fast delivery

written by Ocean, 25/01/16

I have long been waiting for lack of availability in the Power Stone Bank - the wait was worth it, looks and feels great, battery performance top! All the best.

Very satisfied

written by mobilavhengig, 09/03/16

I bought the smallest Power Stone Bank in autumn 2015. The first thing I noticed was that it charges much faster than the charger that came with your phone mine.I have a Sony Xperia z3c, conventional ... Read more

Extra charge battery

written by Bengt, 23/03/16

Aesthetically, neat o easy to use! Not too heavy to carry with o strong performance with two choices, stronger or weaker effect. Feels holding a stone in his hand!


written by Saga, 12/05/16

Working properly, expectations were met. For each charge of the bank, it becomes little more than a charge on the cell phone. Takes maybe a little longer to load up the bank than what would have been ... Read more

Stylish and powerful

written by Micke, 10/08/16

I am very pleased with the appearance. It's stylish and because the design is easy to take out of the bag (no square corners). It is a bit too large to have in your pocket and also quite heavy. 2.... Read more

good PB

written by Maja F, 18/08/16

A fix Power Bank in a Nice look. Those functions and is to find in a dark bag due to its texture.

Smart, small functioning power bank

written by Vibeke, 30/08/16

I am very pleased with the power bank, which just fits in your pocket, easy to charge with the supplied cord and keeps reasonable time. It can even charge the phone while playing PokemonGo and does no... Read more

Stone Power Bank

written by tantek, 06/10/16

The recipient of the gift is avid outdoorsman and find Stone Power Bank was very good to have in your pocket.

Does its job well

written by Mette, 16/11/16

Very nice design and nice to use. There are 3 iphone charges on a fully charged power bank and leave just as quickly as a normal iphone charger. It does, however, take long for even letting up and is ... Read more

Very nice and thoughtful Power Bank

written by Jesper Bagger, 12/12/16

Power Stone Bank is a really nice and well thought Power Bank. It allows fast and two outputs is sufficient in most cases. The only minus is the charging time on the power bank. It takes several hours... Read more

had expected better

written by Fredrik, 14/12/16

little and easy if you choose the smaller of the two .. but fully charged, is not far .. three of the four lights disappeared when I tried my mobile with 50% battery

Fin delivery and good product

written by Ida, 15/12/16

Very nice power bank. No complaints here. Easy and handy to have on the road (the small version). I would probably not order the large to carry in your bag. It may still be a little too large, when th... Read more

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