Finally, the classic music instrument from 1969 is back in production! Play your own melodies with what has been described as the world's most annoying sound!

Stylophone - Batteries AA 4-pack
Batteries AA 4-pack
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Stylophone - Batteries AA 10-pack
Batteries AA 10-pack
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Stylophone - Stylophone
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

written by TAS, 21/06/09

Excellent toy / instrument! However a minus. I would like it could be connected to the mains using an adapter. But or is it fun and easy to walk to. I can spend a lot of time learning my favorite song... Read more

Stylophonen gives a new dimension to synths

written by Kamikaze, 29/06/09

This is the simplest form of Synth. David Bowie introduced it at Space Oddity and it has not gotten worse because time has passed. Good price too!

written by Edvin Knudsen, 06/07/09

An excellent product for the price, where one of their own to relive some of that sound like blah. Kraftwerk on their debut plates in 70èrne.Og where later other group came with the electronic sound.

stylophone Love

written by Lukas Kaldan, 07/07/09

I bought a stylophone gift my girlfriend. I was not sure what she would think about it, but she seems really happy about it. We are both fascinated by its two sides: on the one hand it can be used as ... Read more


written by Michael, 24/08/09

Just what I expected. Maintains and impress! To connect their iPod gives another dimension. Axel F Here I Come!


written by Arvid, 11/09/09

Have tried one of these and bought one for my brother. Awesome Shit instruments, check youtube!


written by Kabba, 04/11/09

Extremely fast delivery and convenient in every way. Emailed with a question on the day of delivery of the goods and received a reply almost immediately. Pleased in every way simply


written by nyman, 12/11/09

the absolute nerdy thing you can buy right nu.det is a must-have product if you enjoy music and retroteknik.mycket versatile machine for a cheap price.

Love it.

written by Frappe, 16/11/09

When I got home that I did not have any high expectations had only seen a few videos, but can only say that I love this little strange thing. If you have the slightest interest, I promise you, you wil... Read more


written by , 17/11/09

a retro gadget that might not be so useful but tough on ... it's always fun to learn to play the night, I learned Tetris ... and that song as the cat plays on all fail youtube clips, haha


written by Winter, 05/12/09

If you, as I see with loving eyes at the older base units of video games, dig the sounds that belong in a world where the number of pixels was not more a 4-5 pieces to illustrate a figure on the scree... Read more

Super gift.

written by jenny, 21/12/09

Gave my partner a Stylophone birthday present, it was truly a successful gift. With MP3 player plugged in so it was a birthday-lived, both young and old persimmon was conditioned by this little contra... Read more


written by Tobias, 28/12/09

Really fun little gadget that fit like a glove when my art-music-retro-interested brother would have a Christmas present. Had to get one for yourself to avoid jealousy. It teaches even show up in any ... Read more

Insanely cool thing!

written by Sofie, 28/12/09

Smooth as just the plug in anywhere. Only minus is that "oktavbytaren" located on the bottom and is difficult to access while playing

Instrument anyone can play.

written by Jocke, 06/01/10

Fun instrument to learn to play in minutes. Included simpler notes in the booklet that you quickly learn, then it's just out on youtube and look more cool songs you can lira. Became possessive sur... Read more


written by , 09/01/10

Perfect gift for her brother. Beneficial if the recipient is a little musical when the EC. is a small piano. Lots of videos on YouTube. Less to pitch changes continuously and sits on the bottom. That ... Read more


written by Skalman, 10/01/10

A fun and unusual instruments. Quite useful if you are a musician, I think. Is self musicians and come in many new melodies on it just by sitting and playing with it ,,, quality of stylophonen seems v... Read more


written by MusikerChallis, 16/02/10

I have, ever since I bought my become completely crazy Stylophones. Thinking of buying a Stylophone Beatbox for a video I saw on youtube with Brett Domino. It's cool that I have the same instrumen... Read more

written by Jacob, 26/02/10

Glorious small matter. To the degree oldschool sawtooth sound, but it controls. It's really cool when to be a little spicing up the band or home studio.

First Monday example!

written by Pierre Nilsson, 13/03/10

Stylophonen I ordered was unfortunately an example Monday and I was deeply disappointed in the product, but everything changed himself when I got the opportunity to get a new one that I downloaded yes... Read more

Get a Stylophone!

written by Maria Pizzeria, 16/05/10

Wonderfully entertaining for people who are not edgy. Easy to carry and also works as a speaker in times of crisis. Simple to latch on and great to look up how to play certain songs online / youtube. ... Read more

Birthday gift

written by bubble606, 17/05/10

Hey! Stylophonen bought as a birthday gift for a 14åring. Was not really sure he would like it. Ancient digital instrument .... (just to myself like Kraftwerk) But to my great surprise, he thinks it i... Read more

Stylophone rocks!

written by Bissen, 20/09/10

Bought a stylophone, it is mega kodyl. Should all the time in and learn new songs on youtube. The classic sound will never be old. Supder satisfied!


written by rikke, 13/11/10

Bought this for my brother who is very interested in the older 'electric' musical birthday. He was very happy and sits and plays a lot with this. Plugs into mp3spelaren and play the music. Thi... Read more


written by Andrpau, 16/11/10

Stylophone can be described with only one word. But we elaborates for fun's sake. Stylophone comes in a sleek green and white box. but there also ends the visual plus. For the stylophone created i... Read more

Really fun instruments

written by Annika, 22/11/10

With this extremely portable instruments we have had a lot of fun from day one, both 10-year-old and me. Requires batteries. Having the ability to run with the cord would further product improvement .... Read more

Music in style

written by Jan, 20/12/10

Good sounds to their music place - because it is directly creative. The build quality is okay, the sound is 24 €, but the fun is unbeatable.


written by ida, 27/12/10

Fun, interesting thing! Awesome that you can use the effects in the amplifier while playing. Easy going and fun to use!

written by , 29/12/10

The unit I bought my son a present musicians, it has the same grabbed and started to play it. He was quite surprised that there is this product yet. It's a nice toy, for all ages.

Fun little tool!

written by Henrik, 01/02/11

This could be wasting a lot of if you like music! Funniest little gadget!

Back in Time

written by D, 03/03/11

To A Super Great idea to include this "instrument" again with the possibility of our today's technology to manufacture !!!!

Fantastic little cult instruments

written by Magnus Goethe, 10/03/11

"Stylophone" is a really kultig and nerdy little gadget that has its place in music history. The first stylophonen made as early as 1967, and blah heard on David Bowie's "Space Oddi... Read more


written by FL, 11/03/11

Stylophone is really fun but you get probably the most out of it if you can play a little or nodes can already !!

Perfect gift for her boyfriend!

written by Emma, 23/05/11

Very satisfied with my purchase. Stylophonen became a hit as a birthday present for my music nerdy boyfriend. Light and easy to play on.


written by Casper Svendsen, 14/07/11

Super cool product! The hours fly by when you're sitting and wailing on your Stylophone that is not the song / the rhythm you can not play! Anyone can figure out this "instrument", I wil... Read more

Stylophone simple and fun

written by RObin, 20/07/11

This musical instrument is bestowed many good hours both to me and all friends and other random people who come to visit, there some notes on the Internet that makes it fun and easy to play them most ... Read more

Melody Effect

written by WhipSplash, 14/09/11

Feels very nice to have a Stylophone in his possession. Heard the first time in "Baby You're a Rich Man" (B-side of the 7 "single" Hello Goodbye ") by and with The Beatles... Read more

A fun and interesting little thing.

written by Nerdcore Stoffe, 23/09/11

Before I saw it on Coolstuff I had never heard of a Stylophone but looked around a bit and the accused both my interest in music but also spoke my geeky side. So about 10 minutes after I first heard a... Read more

Mixed feelings

written by Peter, 24/10/11

Charming music box with perhaps the host's hardest sounds. Leave no one indifferent, for the most part, surrounding a smile initially, showing a slight irritation after quarter. Well-balanced soun... Read more

written by anna boada, 30/12/11

I am very pleased with this item. I waited just one week before the package came. Will continue to buy online!


written by MiDi Musik, 02/01/12

The Stylophone is really a nice part. It can even be cast (tune) to play along with other instruments or keys can. As a gift or to turn play around a good thing for the way well suited (Battery powere... Read more

written by Vanessa96, 03/01/12

Very funny! Great fun and the sound is great! It can even connect to a mixer and so installing effects thus, is well received :) For all lovers of the unusual and the music is a must-have;)


written by Espen, 21/02/12

I remember when I was a kid in the early 80s, my grandmother and grandfather had a little thing in one cupboard in the wall section. It was an old stylophone as my cousin sometimes played on - and I g... Read more


written by Torvanw, 11/04/12

I and the children visited the Circus Cirkör Performance in March Dalateatern in Falun, and was delighted in the little weird contraption that gang performed'hit Robyn's "Dancing in my ow... Read more

Really fun!

written by Photoboy, 15/04/12

It gives an addiction, you can not stop playing with it and strum up different songs :) Simple, sturdy and fun!


written by aaa, 20/08/12

A good device, only the manual is somewhat cryptic and could be a bit better worded ...

fun Dings

written by Ann Kristin, 12/09/12

Fun sounds, but after having been used only very slightly began to sound grate, so not very good quality ...

Excellent retro initiative

written by Mikael Sjödin, 18/10/12

This contraption, Stylophone, so kultig that I thought I would never even get to see a used in reality. Now it has come in new, and feels absolutely right and timely again! The road back has been long... Read more

Disappointing retro toy.

written by Ketil, 30/12/12

Bought this as a silly gift for a friend. I sat in batteries and took a little test, which resulted in that I bought something else and that was lying in the box. Build quality was like something a bu... Read more


written by njoci, Sweden 10/09/14

I bought this for my musical brother (who btw is 25 years old) and he thought it va a really fun little toy! :) You can play tunes on it and it does not take much space (Y), more than that, I can not ... Read more


written by Camilla , Denmark 26/11/14

I am very pleased with the product and it is the person who received the gift too :-) It's a fun instrument that everyone who is interested in special instruments ought to know.

Just as I remember ...

written by Paul, Norway 29/12/14

A fantastic little gizmo that is exactly like the one I had as a kid in the 70s ... except that now the stereo output so that it can run into the PA system. Goodies :-)

Sjukt gøyterande.

written by Peh, Norway 31/08/15

Very annoying for those who do not appreciate my musical talent. But very fun for me, batterisugande but worth it.

Much fun!

written by DM, Sweden 05/10/15

Bought a Stylophone without having heard of it before and it was really a successful purchase! Recommended for everyone regardless of musical experience already!

Best Christmas Gift!

written by p, Sweden 29/12/15

Gave this as a Christmas gift to my father, he started playing with it on the bounce - lucky that we had batteries lying around at home! Might be worth thinking about getting extra batteries if want t... Read more

cult Classics

written by Rolf Axel, Sweden 10/03/16

Wonderful, so retro it can be. The only downside, which makes the last star fails, is the lack of outlets for power. Now it will be disposable or rechargeable.

Cool stuff!

written by Svein, Norway 29/03/16

Fun little synth, which worked well and hr many cool features. Have only one font negative thing to nemne: The instrument has ein switch on the front side which very quickly change the octave of the i... Read more

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