Stylophone Beatbox

Now it's time for the classic Stylophone to take the next step in its evolution and become a stylophone beatbox. More old skool is not a beat!

Stylophone Beatbox - Stylophone Beatbox
Stylophone Beatbox
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Stylophone Beatbox - Batteries AA 4-pack
Batteries AA 4-pack
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Stylophone Beatbox - Batteries AA 10-pack
Batteries AA 10-pack
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What is this?

funny toy

written by Helena, 07/01/10

Bought this for my music fans boyfriend for Christmas, and it was appreciated :) A minus is the record function when you can record loops and then continue to build on. It is very difficult to get int... Read more

Many fun and creative hours in front of me.

written by Jonny, 17/01/10

This little thing is perfect for me dealing with hip and need to create nice beats when we are out in the summer months. Really good that you can plug in an MP3 player and make their own remixes of so... Read more


written by Arias, 07/02/10

Quite fun "toy", unfortunately it seems it does not want to manage two layers of sound. If you put up a beat of different sounds and then making a little sound of that goes more or less &quo... Read more


written by Kuntan, 15/02/10

Fun product, closed lurking for so was the sound pompous right, otherwise you should probably connect it to the amplifier, the internal speakers was not so impressive.

written by Jacob, 26/02/10

Stylophone Beatbox'n live well up to the description. It is super cool! It requires just a little practice to use. Especially loop function is tricky, but once you've got the shovel under it, ... Read more

ATL for tough !!!

written by The Bach Rocker, 01/06/10

Super cool toys! Its only problem is that once you have sat down with it, you avoid it before it runs out of power ..

Fun toy / instrument

written by Andreas, 25/06/10

I am mostly happy with my Stylophone Beatbox, although it might not work as being of super good quality. I must of course wait for the break to decide and there have been no problems yet. It might see... Read more


written by , 29/06/10

Is not really happy with my purchase, it was a gift for a close friend of mine and when he opened it, it was looseness in stylophonen so the speaker does not work and that it is also not possible to c... Read more


written by Zap, 15/10/10

Bought both this and "ordinary" as a birthday gift for my daughter and it became an instant success. Sure, the little småyxig to use compared to many modern things, but it is also part of th... Read more

Ten year gripped quickly

written by mammuten, 01/01/11

For birthday in November got interested in music his son a regular Stylophone, and now Christmas was expanded instrument stock with a beatbox. The fact that it is not as intuitive built up as usual st... Read more

Stylophone Beatbox as in the 80s

written by Lunde, 07/01/11

Spontaneously few days before Christmas I ordered this curious device to my music happy 10-year-old son and gambled not reach to get it for Christmas. But d.23.dec. the evening showed the package to m... Read more

You got the beat!

written by Jamai, 09/01/11

Hello, I've gained the part because I thought it was funny. For the few euros I dared the times. The videos have indeed shown exactly what to do with it. Unfortunately I am not so gifted. I'll... Read more

It's crazy that!

written by posco, 18/01/11

Sport is good! Was in the 80s the happy owner of an original Stylophone. The ravages of time and some dying batteries put a stop to this. Very well then that some Chinese people bother tinkering with ... Read more

Fun but not if you are musical

written by Johanna, 26/01/11

Fun to play with but if you are musical, you get tired quickly. Think it might be fun if a friend has one so you can play together. A little hard to get the loop function to function in Cool pace but ... Read more

Stylophone Beatbox

written by Helle, 28/02/11

My son, 12, has purchased this product and am super happy that it can

Very funny

written by FL, 11/03/11

There are many hours of entertainment in Stylophone Beatbox, great fun, I must, however, pill batteries when I do not play on the otherwise there is no power when I want to play ... hard show!

Small fun gadget

written by je345, 06/06/11

Super fun little gadget. Fed to play but not so easy to create loops on. Very old-school sound


written by Mia, 26/12/11

It is a joy! I am sure that it will provide several hours of great entertainment.


written by , 02/01/12

The product delivered as promised before Christmas and recipient was very happy!

Nice little Dims

written by WUMba_KLIK, 16/02/12

I had to own this beautiful retro lyddims! its built-in speaker is not worth much, but it works fine with a sound system. it's a fun and different way to make sound and beats on. loop function see... Read more


written by Photoboy, 15/04/12

It is as amazing as I thought. Loop function is quite magical, and this instrument Count course most perfectly with the classic Stylophonen!


written by Uomolupo, 18/06/12

Not much beatbox with this device. A pre-recorded audio that lasts a few seconds. Loop function is a bit difficult to get the hang of. A plus is that you can use your own mobile phone / MP3 player wit... Read more


written by Martin, 25/06/12

Super fun ... it was a gift .... but tried it though is probably have to buy one yourself. Quick and easy

Entertaining for music fans

written by M.K, 28/06/12

Funny, creative thing. Easy to carry with you. Suitable for both adults and children. Check that you buy the right kind of batteries. I am satisfied!

Express service

written by Hubert Cornett, 24/07/12

Ordered a Stylophone beatbox night, was ordered up the morning that the goods were shipped and had it delivered the next day.

Broken after 20 sec

written by Lisa, 31/07/12

we would test it and it worked well for about 20 seconds then added sound and we have not gotten it to work yet ...


written by ThomTHEcool1, 07/09/12

I think the product is super good especially with a speaker. My stylophone give a little murmur when I play on it without some kind of speaker. But the sound of a speaker is fantastic. Player constant... Read more

purchased as a gift

written by Jalal, 30/11/12

bought for my nephew as a birthday present and he was really happy about it and play with it quite often. Very satisfied.

Estimated gift

written by Sukeile, 11/12/12

Gave this an early Christmas present for my musical brother. So unfortunately I can not write at length when it was not I who used the product. But he liked it so it's a good rating!


written by Nils, 03/01/13

Maybe a little hard to get started but practice makes perfect! So with time I go on the basis that the junior is going to be accomplished!

Stylophone beatbox

written by rolli54, 20/02/13

ware shipping and transport io. ware for my is music fan and want to be musician once. listen also like English as international tittel as bands. wanted absolutely beatbox the Stylophone. mfg... Read more

Stylophone Beatbox

written by Madde, Sweden 06/01/14

A fun thing where you create many different sounds. The more you practice, the better it gets. Very popular Christmas gift for my dear partner.

shared feelings

written by Robin, Sweden 03/05/14

It is defintivt fun to play with, but the quality is really stinks. 5 minutes after unpacking and this bothers me on two things. * Volume control stun / speaker covers instead of just lowering the vol... Read more

retro Joy

written by Rolf Axel, Sweden 10/03/16

Wonderful, so retro it can be. The only downside, which makes the last star fails, is the lack of outlets for power. Now it will be disposable or rechargeable.


written by Helen, Sweden 04/04/16

Fun contraption, much joy in small format! Recommended if you like to play with sound. A bit difficult to grip around the settings

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