Sudoku Toilet Paper

Toilet roll with grid after grid after grid of Sudoku puzzles! Lots of long, entertaining visits to the toilet guaranteed!

Sudoku Toilet Paper - Sudoku Toilet Paper
Sudoku Toilet Paper
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What is this?

why is there RUBIK here? Think Box? What is it meant a

written by mig, 15/09/09

Speedy delivery !! Good product, fun thought, but the high price.

Soduko toilet

written by MS, 14/12/09

Very fun teasing or raffle gift - to have however also waited a week and bought in the net to TIs

written by , 22/12/09

Toilet paper is OF COURSE not used to it "intended" purpose, but is pulled out by the meter, put across the table or torn into small pieces and distributed to the husband, guests or just use... Read more

Expensive but effective

written by Michelle, 22/12/09

Thought it was expensive with 65 SEK for a toilet roll but it sure was nice to have haha. Would definitely consider myself to buy more!

written by , 24/12/09

Something to work with when defecating in a specific location


written by , 25/12/09

faultless goods. fast delivery. THANK YOU !!!

written by , 26/12/09

for sudoku lover a must: D: D

I'm excited...

written by Ulrich Deger, 28/12/09

The "Sudoku Toilet Paper" was my first order with you and a blast. Compliment! Your service is the best. My job has been executed properly and on time! Thank you. Ulrich Deger

My first appointment at Cool Stuff

written by , 03/01/10

Article was very good. Also, all products ordered in this delivery sins were very good u. Delivered super fast. Keep it up. Good thing.

A fun gift

written by Christopher, 04/01/10

Bought Sudoku toilet paper to my father in that infilling Christmas gift He sits and enjoys the toilet when he makes number two, he usually always say, and he solves no crosswords in one hour as he so... Read more


written by coco, 05/01/10

I gave it to an old tinkerer now there was only a problem the girlfriend scolds me because he now comes not from the bowl


written by Christian, 12/01/10

Do not know if we will ever use this ... but it's a fun feature on the outhouse anytime :-)

Toilet paper

written by Sofia, 25/01/10

Definitely a fun Christmas gift / gift for those who like to potter while he defecating. My parents got a good laugh when they opened the package!

right fun

written by Maudellen, 05/07/10

Little meager paper to write on, and it would have been even better if the perforations were fitted with panes. Good with easy sudoku, you do not want to cause congestion to the cup ...

Estimated gift

written by Erika, 23/11/10

Appreciated gift, but bad paper ...

Sudoku Toilet Paper

written by Ilberg, hexlein01, 31/12/10

Hey! The toilet paper was at Julklapp very well and I will certainly order again in what specific occasion.

Great fun!

written by Twist, 03/01/11

This quaint little matter I gave to my sudoku-loving father for Christmas. He was very happy and surprised. A fun little extra gift that was put very much appreciated. Looks the same as the picture.

written by eckie, 03/01/11

except for the high cost of postage wars in order

Ingenious and super fun idea !!

written by Barbara Haupt, 04/01/11

The idea Sudoku print on toilet paper, I find totally awesome and super fun, especially when you look a little special gift. I am so with my mother who is constantly on solving Sudoku, was very well r... Read more

written by , 05/01/11

Came down well with my family !!! They did not know that there's something ... Now it will have been net bored on the toilet .... Super !!!!!

Sudoku addiction

written by Minsou, 06/01/11

let the laugher for every fan .. Worth it as a gag (only it wrote I would perhaps be * laughs *

Nice article, funny and not so expensive

written by Melly, 11/01/11

I purchased this item for my mum. It is an absolute fan of Sudoku. She was very happy about it. In particular, they found it entirely appropriate as a gag in the bathroom. She has the toilet roll deco... Read more

Toilet paper

written by Johannes K., 17/01/11

Good idea. there with other providers, however, at a lower price.

Sudoku fun on the toilet

written by Jenny, 19/01/11

A funny shit "dassbok" for Sudoku lovers!

Just as portrayed!

written by Christoffer, 21/04/11

I Ordered Sudoku toilet paper for about a week ago as a fun gift for mom on birthday heennes. and therefore asked also about Coolstuff could attach a note with "Happy Birthday Mum" This I go... Read more

written by , 28/04/11

The roll is a perfect gift for my sister, who is the type that should ha 'reading material in the bathroom. She also loves to solve soduko, so what better gift than toilet paper with soduko. The r... Read more

fun "crap"

written by HJ, 25/05/11

really soothing to the toilet will never from there anymore, really relaxing and fun shit


written by Riverman, 17/10/11

Just as promised, though they must have a right soft pencil.

written by Emma Lindqvist, 31/10/11

I am very pleased with the product.


written by Nina Sørensen, 22/12/11

I compete with my brother in law to solve sodukuen in today's paper, he is 90 years and very keen to beat me, which is also sometimes succeed why I bought a roll soduko toilet paper to him for Chr... Read more

Very funny!

written by Viki, 24/12/11

A great gift idea, the laughs are guaranteed. Have it away and was able to score once. Small deduction, as I have now seen the toilet paper after your purchase somewhere else for 3 euros. Otherwise to... Read more

Lots of laughs

written by Birger, 27/12/11

Handsome roll of toilet paper.

written by Cecilie, 27/12/11

Can be used as toilet paper :-)


written by Ina, 27/12/11

Gave away this roll for a really suduko freak. Large + at the edge of the unsolved sudukosarna. Small - to be repeated after ten sheets. Nothing perhaps a normal suduko solver would hang on, but to a ... Read more

"Toilet paper"

written by , 07/01/12

it was just the blockbuster, had the christmas packaged in the adult, where I toilet-paper as encore with !!! prompt very fast delivery, all the best. buy again with you !!!! thank you


written by PB, 08/01/12

came as a gift well received, and we laughed a lot. Unfortunately, the paper is so thin that you can not really write it. The Performierungen also often go through the respective current Sudoku. Pity.... Read more

For Sudoku lovers

written by Babsan, 10/04/12

My aunt is married into Sudoku crazy. She was completely begistrad and excited about their very own toilet paper. :-)

Fun pastime in the bathroom

written by Citatdrottningen, 28/07/12

Perfect Christmas gift for the sister who is crazy about Sudoku. A little thinner than I thought, but still worth the price.

cool ideas

written by Monica, 10/09/12

This I just had to buy. Okay for those who sit very long in the toilet. Instead of the use of time to read in magazines etc, you can also while away the time with Sudoku .... Otherwise it's just f... Read more

Stylish and fun

written by Lia, 24/10/12

Sudoku toilet paper was really fun. It was a very successful gift and it quickly went to get it delivered.


written by Mayer, 24/10/12

Gift arrived super. Very punctual, like again, the perfect fun for Sudoku fans. The demand was great.

Sudoku Toilet Paper

written by heinz, 28/12/12

a great idea - came as surprise gift to good risk: The "meetings" are longer ...... but eventually is indeed the role "dissolved".

ok as Gag

written by LN, 03/01/13

Unfortunately, the toilet paper roll is not as thick as a normal toilet paper roll. But as a gag she has already arrived quite well.

super gift

written by Miss Littlebook, 03/01/13

The gift arrived super and was the Lacher par. Recommended for Sudoku fans, Puzzle Lover and Long-seater toilet.

Sudoku Toilet Paper

written by mapsut, 07/01/13

Nice to look at, but too long delivery time, just before the festival! Christmas was over, so it remains to December 2013 are, then I can say more, if you liked!

The boredom-killer par excellence :)

written by Angi, Germany 02/09/13

Very good idea, especially for Sudoku enthusiasts. Man sitting on the bowl even though the business is already finished: D Very funny, especially in a flat or if a Home Party instead find :) But not f... Read more

super fun

written by Daniel, Germany 02/12/13

Great idea. Have it my best friend for her birthday. He uses the time gave away useful also msl.

Funny thing!

written by Annamaria, Sweden 13/12/13

Funny thing to give as gifts to the example. a mathematician. Fine cardboard toilet roll supplied, and I do not know if it will keep you very far;) but the fun is.


written by Tomas, Norway 24/03/14

Quick delivery. The product is just "crap" good. Works well to wipe themselves with, after having solved tasks :)

Reviews of Sudoku toilet paper

written by Anders karlstad, Norway 24/12/14

Hello Was very pleased with all the products I purchased from you gift was well received

faulty delivery

written by karin. , Denmark 31/12/14

I unfortunately got the wrong vare.Varen I got was to another, when it was too late to get it again, it was canceled.

Funny gift

written by Anne , Germany 05/01/15

It is a fun gift for soduko lovers. I would buy it again, as the price-performance ratio absolutely true

fun gift

written by GitteBrandt , Denmark 05/10/15

Bought rollers for a fun gift and success is .. We will then definitely when we need a fun gift again return. We gave the roll with a little pencil that might have been smart was in the box ..

Dopapir and Recreation ....

written by Sol, Norway 10/12/15

Fun product and not like that you can buy everywhere, fun gift for a Sudoku enthusiast! Otherwise ... very good and fast service IFB with purchase!

Smooth! But a bit too pricey.

written by Jakob, Sweden 01/01/16

It is very easy and fun. Delivered quickly but is a bit too expensive I think. Sincerely, James.


written by Glaubi, Germany 06/01/16

Originally conceived as a fun addition to gift these Klorolle meanwhile intergenerational popular and entirely new creative ideas spawned & ambition ...

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