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Sun Jar Solar Lamp

This ecological miracle works like this: Place your sun jar in the sun, when the sun goes down, close the lid and - hey presto - you have a small jar full of sunlight that spreads light, warmth and cosiness!

Sun Jar Solar Lamp - Sun Jar Solar Lamp
Sun Jar Solar Lamp
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Phew nattjus

written by Martin, 21/08/09

This is the perfect night lighting for those who want a warm beacon, for example, out to the loo. Suits also perfect if you have young children who are a little afraid of the dark. Easy to set out int... Read more

lovely light

written by cCalavera, 01/09/09

Sun Jar can probably be one of the most magical lights I've seen. If you have dark in the room and allow only Sun Jar shine light becomes very beautiful and a little half magic. A top gadget that ... Read more

The can Sunshine

written by , 19/11/09

It's really magical and I love the idea of ​​having a can of sunshine, even wrote a poem about it. Though the Swedish winter weather does not make it right, it will not charge good so I hope for s... Read more

The can Sunshine

written by , 19/11/09

It's really magical and I love the idea of ​​having a can of sunshine, even wrote a poem about it. Though the Swedish winter weather does not make it right, it will not charge good so I hope for s... Read more

Solar lamp

written by Anna, 20/11/09

Hey! A very nice little jar full of sunshine. Became so devoted to it so that I will order one to give away as gifts, perfect to brighten up dark August evenings etc. Nice to have standing inside or o... Read more

written by , 05/01/10

The lamp provides a cozy light, keeps the light output long and was a good Christmas gift.

Cosy Equality on glass

written by , 07/06/10

I saw the first time a long time ago a review for Sun Jars of DSBs leaf "out and about" and felt immediately it was a brilliant idea. First many months (month of May 2010) later I had finall... Read more


written by Veng, 07/07/10

Very nice little gadget to have standing in the window. I had the view that it went from off to on when it was dark. What Cool Stuff forgot to tell is that it gradually lights up when darkness falls. ... Read more

Sun Jar

written by Eva, 03/08/10

Have long wondered why you do not do windows lights with solar charging and now I found one! Hope that there will be more models, feels just right.

Sun Jar

written by lember, 09/09/10

already the day after I placed my order, I could pick up my package in the mail. I call fast service. because I gave away the product as gifts, I do not know how well it works but so far no one compla... Read more

as expected

written by , 16/10/10

works quite as it should is just totally ok


written by EagleEye, 02/01/11

The light really look like a slightly foggy glass jar at first glance, and provide quite a bit of light. Now in the winter requires a looong time in the window to get light when you close it, but it g... Read more

Sun Jar

written by lina, 07/01/11

This light works much better than I thought it would. My call for several hours longer than it said it would do, so big plus for that! The light is very fine and soft, and the can is even nice to look... Read more

Cool idea but not so special

written by , 15/01/11

Was a gift to the mother. It looked very interesting and mysterious on the website. Disappointment when not contained sunlight without a solar cards.

written by Jonas, 19/01/11

I bought the combined Sun & Moon Jar, which allows one to switch between blue and orange light with a simple slider. It loads excellent standing on my window sill, even now in winter, and the ligh... Read more

Works well

written by Michael, 24/02/11

Keeps at least 6 hours when it is standing at the window. Do it with the lid closed, and always on. So it turns on automatically when it gets dark in the room, really cozy. This is the dual-colors and... Read more


written by Irina, 28/02/11

Can too big and "Smäckig", the golden light did not materialize, instead appeared a bright red. Not so nice. So my opinion is; No.


written by , 10/03/11

I bought this for my sister's birthday. Of course I just had to test it before she got it, and I fell for it right away! It really gives a soft light that increases the cosiness significantly. Whe... Read more

Sun Jar = wonderful: D

written by Mike, 29/03/11

I received in perfect condition the product. Simply open the lid charging with sunlight or incandescent light and you have a shining vessel. With a small switch in the lid can choose one, which is to ... Read more

Sun Jar

written by Jasse, 01/04/11

I gave away a sun jar to my boyfriend. One could clearly see the blue glow that lit up the room, but it also worked with another lamp lit, think that they could have been a bit more sensitive to light... Read more

night light

written by , 03/06/11

giving beautiful orange glow of a full week of how full sun, but the lights are not as bright as I hoped.

finely presnet

written by Katti, 19/06/11

Really nice to have that light in the evening in the room. It is very cozy and it keeps for a few days before you need to recharge it again in the sun. It weighs the bit, but it was no problem for me,... Read more

The sun in a jar

written by Basola, 06/07/11

It can not get much better. Remember to catch the sun in a jar in the day and unleash it when it gets dark. Cushy red / orange. Different designe on a solar lamp. Will probably buy more.

super cool gift :) fast delivery

written by Peter, 19/12/11

charming lyskrukke

written by Kenneth, 19/12/11

Very pleased with the lantern. It looks neat, and provides a cozy light either yellow or blue. Must be dark in the room for the light to come on. Lit thus not in fully lit rooms. Therefore fits nicely... Read more

The sun always

written by Anders Dalmose, 29/12/11

Cool Stuff did everything right. A good catalog, but the operating and perfect delivery. Warmest recommendations!

For the environmentally conscious lamp lover! Nicest idea!

written by dj_belen, 06/01/12

So delicious! Bought it with the yellow / blue glow to my mother who has always been fascinated by the solar lanterns and lamps, as well as I do. Her balcony has several pieces that lights up at night... Read more

perfect gift

written by Monica, 12/06/12

A perfect gift for my sun-loving husband's birthday ;-) charge during a school day lasts all night with a warm glow -the yellow.


written by Joa, 28/06/12

This we use as nightlight in the nursery. Charging the windowsill day and Illuminates all night. The switch itself off when it gets light. Would recommend this indicator!

Super good!

written by Hella, 13/07/12

perfect in summer, easy to recharge on sunny days and lasts all night !! the "night light" in a stair. pleasant light (red) to have at night when you have to go up and change diaper on a bab... Read more

The lights so rar

written by Thure, 23/07/12

Sun Jar is lit and bright. My face in the window all day and lights up all night and the lights powerful enough to be used as a night light.

Sunny jar

written by Joakim, 26/07/12

The product is so far just what it promises! I have not opened the lid to load it, but it was enough to have it in the window for it to be loaded. I really like that you can choose from two colors of ... Read more

Sun Jar

written by smsdemon, 31/07/12

Funny idea and the lights celestial cozy, bought several pieces as we filled the patio with perfect when you do not have access to electricity.

Sun Jar

written by MEM, 03/08/12

Charged in 2 full days to work only occasionally. Should though it there was only one, but it's both. "Blue light" that illuminates at all. Not satisfied :(


written by Liza, 11/08/12

After the initial charging of the "Sun Jar" battery with me holding for more than 3 nights (without recharging). Great if you can not sleep well without light.


written by Elke, 21/08/12

The "SUN JAR" has a super, super nice pleasant orange light. During the day it invites to light. In the evening there is then a real looker. The design is something different. Property me eq... Read more

really nice

written by Alexander, 31/01/13

A beautiful and works beyond expectations. Provides a cozy glow and the battery life is great. To withstand to stand out raising the rating further.

Sun Jar

written by Maria Lingvall, 12/02/13

Cosy warm glow that fits perfectly in the bedroom window. Easy to "load up" during the day. The simple mills and the yellow light makes me think of fireflies :) Thanks for a nice lamp that w... Read more

Sun jar

written by Henrik, Denmark 14/05/13

Everything went quickly, and lights work really well. Very good to do business with you. Worked already the first evening.

really exceptional atmosphere when the Sun Jar evening sti

written by TF, Germany 15/08/13

The part keeps its promises. There is something special 1) capture the sunlight as it were, and 2) to enjoy this truly special light on a beautiful summer evening. Here was a defective of 2 ordered, S... Read more

SuperT !!!

written by jennski, Norway 01/01/14

Sun in a Jar was a fantastic product, it gave it promised and it worked just fine !! There was not even a need to direct sunlight, but also just plain daylight that gave jar aa good and glowing color!... Read more

Sun on the jar.

written by Ann Kristin, Norway 08/07/14

Enjoyed this very well. It lights so nice, after standing out in the sun and charged a few hours :) Hoping for a summer with plenty of sunshine.


written by gitte, Denmark 03/01/15

it is incredibly beautiful at night gives a nice lys.den standing in my kitchen window and lit up when I get out there

Granny leuchtenes Jar

written by Cubrar, Germany 05/01/15

The lamp does what it should. Lid, set the switch to "Charge", can be recharged by the solar cell a few hours (either by sunlight or artificial lighting), change switch to "Auto", ... Read more

Between rating.

written by Marc, Sweden 05/01/15

Little meager light. Would be better with an extra battery. between grades. Easy to use and looks good in the window.


written by Samuel, Sweden 16/02/15

Makes a very soft and warm light. It really looks as if one caught a little ray of sunshine in the frosted glass jar. It is easy to open and simple to load. Functioning only as mysteries or night ligh... Read more

Warm glow !!

written by Maria, Sweden 18/08/15

Warm and extremely ambient glow !! Perfect as a dinner gift. Will probably order many more !!

Good as night light in her daughter's room

written by Per, Sweden 15/02/16

This time of year (mid-February) can not stand the light of day pulling the battery fully during the day but as I sat there removable battery in the usual battery charger can survive the night with a ... Read more

Very good as a gift!

written by Moa, Sweden 07/06/16

This can, I gave to my mother on Mother's Day which was happily surprised to get such a simple but also unique thing. Very cozy light, which is a little on the orange side. Lights all night and is... Read more

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