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Sunrise System 320 Wake-Up Light

With a brightness of 10,000 lux, the sunrise system 320 is the world's only light therapy lamp and dawn simulator in one! The wake up light lets you be woken by a simulated sunrise.

Sunrise System 320 Wake-Up Light - Sunrise System 320 Wake-Up Light (EU Plug)
Sunrise System 320 Wake-Up Light (EU Plug)
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What is this?

Sunrise System 320

written by Blacky, 18/12/09

Am surprised, up in the morning is now completely stressfrei.Ich use this product as a light therapy, and thus treat myself to a day 40 min. a soothing break. Too bad, I find that it has to awaken onl... Read more

Functional but lacks features

written by Heliograf, 01/03/10

It works better to wake up to this "sunrise". However, missing a lot of features that I took for granted, such as radio. I also lack the snooze function for the audible alarm and volume cont... Read more

Then autumn just come on!

written by Sine, 10/09/10

When I bought Sunrise System 320, I was in doubt whether light therapy is now just another good story. And with the price of this particular product I was also in doubt as to whether this modest littl... Read more


written by Arnfinn, 20/09/10

Sunrise System 320 lysvækkeuret works well. It is easy to set functions, and LED light bulbs is definitely preferable to conventional bulbs. The design is quite nice compared to say. Philips lysvækkeu... Read more


written by , 09/12/10

Sunrise System 320 is excellent. I thought actually that it had a more pleasant alarm sound (it's insanely annoying), but I have sounded the alarm sound on because I can hardly wake of the LED lig... Read more

The Christmas gift yet unpacked ..

written by AEL, 03/01/11

..måske because it can be a little embarrassing having to receive an app. to guard against darkness? -so my better half was / is not quite ready for it yet. But I expect she will, so I keep the goods.... Read more

everything OK

written by , 03/01/11

everything OK

getting used to

written by meckpom, 06/01/11

Hello, I use this light alarm for almost a month and have to say that with the light arouse not bad, but on the weekend Top weekday I assure me even from the normal clock. Is probably a matter of gett... Read more

Rise of the Sun

written by Vagnbavian, 04/03/11

Super cool for the price. Easy and operate and great to wake up to. the only thing missing is perhaps bird sounds :) and slightly yellower light.


written by Nattugle, 06/03/11

Can not but say that this is worth every penny. It is the cheapest on the market and the only alarm clock I've found with 10,000 lux. And now I wake up every morning and actually feel awake. And i... Read more

fine product

written by Jan, 29/11/11

So far I am satisfied with my morning. I will not be quite as awake as expected, but it is a very pleasant light to lie awake slowly. As a reading light it works impeccably.


written by Kent, 30/11/11

It's a nice little lamp, does not take up as much as I expected. Do not know if the lights as the need for light therapy, but it is good enough powerful, quite unpleasant to look directly at once ... Read more

Light gray

written by Momuffel, 19/12/11

The Lichtwecker fuktionierte as described, nice small compared to others, the power supply was nice and cold. But for the light color it is only the designation "Morning atrocious" sad-gray ... Read more

Good tool!

written by , 23/12/11

This works very well. Much easier to wake up when bell rings. Not much more to say about it. Easy to use.

Super therapy

written by RC, 06/02/12

I can only recommend this lyslampe. It is one of the few on the market that is not only a night light, but have therapy effect and it works. Unfortunately I sleep symdrom and is dependent on the brigh... Read more


written by chrjstine, 12/11/12

It works so bekrivelsen lover, I struggled with winter depression and after a few days of light treatment was gangbusters. blistering clotting.


written by Marcello, 03/01/13

As "Sunrise Simulator" or light therapy is not bright enough. Even the cheap-looking plastic case does not justify the purchase price.

kurant product

written by Kunden, 08/01/13

First impression was that the construction itself seemed very inexpensive o compared to what I had paid. Except it's only con that clock is reset after a short time out of the plug, so it is not t... Read more

promised too much

written by weiba, 24/01/13

the part has a good design and display many features. Unfortunately, because anything less would be more. The many (to the 20) functions are not necessary, because they work in the setting only in suc... Read more


written by S, Norway 15/08/13

As a last desperate effort looking for something that could get me up in the morning, I ordered Sunrise System 320. The seemed promising, but I was not convinced. After testing it for a while with the... Read more

Fast delivery, the product lives up to expectations

written by Annika, Denmark 07/10/13

Fast delivery and are fully satisfied with the product. The lamp works flawlessly and when I called to inquire how long delivery it was, it was a very friendly service I received


written by jeg, Norway 06/11/13

The lamp works well, have had it for a week and notice that I already have more obvious after used it. nice that you can set daylight feature on how long you want it to light.

The light is bad

written by Davy, Denmark 09/12/13

Bad light, the light is bluish stray light .. And the alarm sound is very annoying .. Or does it work as it should. But not worth the money

Bright light, easy to use

written by Fido, Norway 14/12/13

Has long been looking for a lamp that has both sunrise system and 10,000 lux, and this is the only one I've found so far. Struggling to get up in the winter, but when the alarm clock rings now, it... Read more

Light Therapy

written by Morgentrøtt, Norway 20/12/13

Bought lamp due mention and others' opinion of the product. Is itself affected by winter depression and morning fatigue. Having now used the lamp for 2 weeks, and it has given little effect on my ... Read more

Do it properly

written by Potatisgrodd, Sweden 19/01/14

It works fine, do it properly. Raises a gradual morning. It is not exactly stylish but it works. Then it would have been an advantage if it shone in all directions, not just one direction. The big adv... Read more

brilliant investment

written by Adrian, Norway 28/10/14

I must say I am more than satisfied with this product. I wake up much lighter, and is ready for a new day whatever the weather the next day. The lamp is easy to use, and it lights well. Would say this... Read more

It works because, as promised but!

written by ham, Denmark 03/08/15

This lysvække clocks, perform as described, and therefore of the highest degree is recommended. But there are two serious problems with the product, firstly, how the f .... n can any decent manufactur... Read more

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