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Super Strong Fridge Magnets

Relieve your overworked fridge magnets with these exclusive, super strong magnets! They are available in two sizes and are capable of holding 20 or 25 sheets of paper on the fridge, depending on the size of the magnet!

Super Strong Fridge Magnets - Two Small
Two Small
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Super Strong Fridge Magnets - Two Large
Two Large
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

written by , 09/09/09

Very very strong! But if something is a little too thick then over 0.5 cm so may not know the magnet through but plain paper so I hung up the Ikea catalog! the yellow Pages! and much more!

Magnets Class!

written by /Johan, 25/12/09

Bought the "4 x Refrigerator Magnets Two small" but was only 4 pieces in the package, a quick email and 4 was coming to me, quick response from customer service. They are easy 4-5 thick Chri... Read more

written by ABM, 31/12/09

Match the description - very strong refrigerator magnets.

really strong

written by Niklas C, 03/01/10

These magnets are really as strong as it is because they are. I bought the little ones and I am the happy anywhere. Thumbs up!

refrigerator Magnets

written by Avatar, 22/02/10

Beyond expectation - they are just so good !! :)

Strong magnets.

written by kimpe, 15/03/10

Finally a good pair of magnets. Nice they are too!


written by Klorre, 16/10/10

Works as expected! Pizza swatches hanging where they are going! ;)


written by Andy_S, 12/11/10

These magnets are somewhat out of the ordinary and I mean literally! A small horse is probably no problem putting up with them! But for my wife collecting postcards are perfect for holding up a small ... Read more


written by JemKem, 25/11/10

These magnets are powerful and good :) But they keep not quite 30 pcs. as the major face to. But otherwise I'm satisfied. Lovely with some fridge magnets, which can actually accomplish something :... Read more

refrigerator magnets

written by lisa, 29/11/10

Simply the magnets

Fast delivery in the mailbox

written by , 02/12/10

Always nice just to get it in the mailbox, where no business throwing everything in huge boxes you have to pick up at the post office. Delivery went too fast.

Super strong magnet

written by , 06/12/10

Cannon good & super strong refrigerator magnet that can really keep multiple sheets at once and together!

Did not really 20 A4

written by Marremarielle, 13/12/10

Fine and practical magnets, but they were not quite the promised 20 A4 papers, 16 pieces went well.

Now you can throw all the bad old magnets in the garbage

written by fham, 28/12/10

Is it only me who is tired of all the feeble magnets that try to keep up an occasional paper on the refrigerator. Found these ordered a few, threw all the old magnets and now finally it bothers moment... Read more

Magnets with the features of ...

written by Timmy, 06/01/11

The magnets really do their job! But it could be a little nicer.

They keep th legislative

written by , 31/01/11

Strong refrigerator magnets that keeps its promises!


written by EvaHak, 09/02/11

Hello, Jadg ordered the small fridge magnets and they were really something extraordinary. Extgremt strong. They can hold a large number of sheets under him. They are almost too strong -can be small a... Read more


written by , 26/02/11

Very good magnets so far =)

A satisfied customer

written by cassiopeia_wd, 27/04/11

Everything supi. Fast delivery, good quality, good prices! Completely satisfied! The magnets have a very good adhesion and make visually what her if your it simple and decent as I Mögt. I can only rec... Read more

Perfect for the fridge

written by Mattias, 26/09/11

Have had these for a while now and it's the absolute favorites to have on the refrigerator to keep track of bills, pizza menus, receipts or anything. Is even stronger than what is promised in the ... Read more

Good strong magnet

written by , 24/11/11

fulfills the purpose!

Super Magnets

written by Kasper, 05/12/11

They are very good at keeping the paper. I have not tried with 30 pieces, but so many pizza cards I have not.

deliver what they promise

written by Jonas, 19/12/11

There are small powerful magnets that can keep up with things, like what is promised. I tried to hang up a bag with 4 carrots, it went just fine. MVG

Yes, what to say?

written by Kaine, 01/01/12

They were much smaller than they appear in the picture / pictures. Almost like button which must be used to fasten his pants around his waist (the above zipper). But they attach to the fridge so it st... Read more

strong enough

written by Berven, 05/01/12

Passe strong for refrigerator. Good gripping edge too. I just hope they do not go up in sizing so that someone else I had.


written by Nett, 12/01/12

Really good magnets, with a huge force! Classy and neutral.

Powerful, but finish is not high.

written by Morten, 23/01/12

Do what they need. They are strong, but the finish of the stainless steel is not high. But they are good as magnets.

does the job fine

written by bjørn, 15/03/12

magnets work exactly as they should, decent size, and used together keeps the fine a calendar with about 14 pages without slipping. Recommended ...

toppers magnetar

written by rydde_dama, 19/03/12

These her well and holding heavier stuff than "ordinary" magnetar. Recommended! Have fåttryddigare refrigeration / freezer surface. Cosy Second and convenient with magnetar.


written by anne westergaard, 23/03/12

Good powerful magnets that can hold many layers of paper, etc., when used as fridge magnets or on a whiteboard - not even a storm would get these magnets to flop down down. When the magnets are powerf... Read more


written by nisse, 29/03/12

The magnets just do it the right ska.Är strong and can be a little tough to get loose from kylskåpet.Som Fortunately, these magnets have a border around it so you get the right light and can pry from ... Read more

Magnet small

written by Macke, 09/07/12

Want strong magnets with stylish and affordable designs, choose them! I had grown tired of magnets that could barely keep anything at all, and paper that fell off when you opened the refrigerator door... Read more

Real sturdy!

written by Andreas, 10/08/12

I have not tested if they live up to their promises but can say that they are substantially strong !! Perfect for those who have a lot on the refrigerator door!

Works well

written by Roberto, 31/10/12

The magnets work very well. They are very strong and hold up everything we tried to attach on the fridge, so far.

Really good product

written by Micke, 10/12/12

I sedans previously bought super magnets through Coolstuff. They were strong, but difficult to move / remove. These are, in principle, equally strong, but because of its design and size, you can succe... Read more

strong magnets

written by Alina Beate Haugene, 10/12/12

Dock not as strong as one might think of the discussion, but they work well despite. Can easily a stack of papers but not so hard attached that it is difficult to replace.


written by Olm1303, 28/12/12

The magnets are reasonable Krafft and erenkle to move on to even the small Kanda around offering good grip! Lit animals maybe ..?


written by Nt, 02/01/13

Good magnets for wall painted with magnetic paint, bought other types of miscellaneous netsteder without that they have had some good quality; but these Cool Stuff was top quality. The goods were deli... Read more


written by Pelle, 02/01/13

Cannon Fina super strong magnets! Much better than you normally find in the shops. Recommended "strong"! Awesome ...


written by Anna, 04/01/13

For those who do not want flashy and screaming magnets on the fridge, but discrete, strong magnets. Stylish and practical.


written by mike, 09/01/13

Broken super, as described! So you can pinch all Pizza delivery restaurants under a magnet !!!


written by sb, 18/02/13

They were small and very delicate in design, so there I was very satisfied. But I would think that they were not as strong as you get the idea. But in entirety, I am satisfied with the verdict.

Best magnets

written by Linda, 20/02/13

These magnets are not just how good any time. They are also easy to remove, thanks to the edge that is on the magnets. Rekomenderas very hot =)

Really good fridge magnets

written by MLSS, Sweden 10/05/13

This is a product that really delivers what it promises, you can have as many children's drawings or important pieces any time during and keeps everything in place! I'm super happy and would r... Read more


written by Hanne, Norway 20/05/13

The magnets are powerful and works really good on the wall I've painted with magnetic paint. Both the smallest and the slightly larger magnets are great !!

Strong magnets!

written by Håkan, Sweden 10/06/13

Strong magnets. Both the large and small! Actually, all of which buttons should be after all ... Have been looking for strong magnets that also look great. These I highly recommend! Two large magnets ... Read more

Not so amazingly strong

written by Sarar, Sweden 08/11/13

Bought the magnets to my magnetic board where only the strong magnets work, but unfortunately not all of these magnets are extra strong as it says in the description. They certainly excellent works on... Read more

fridge magnets

written by A.Grande, Norway 03/12/13

Very powerful magnets. Keep plenty of sheets and sits very well. Nice shape so you can hang something over them too.


written by Karina, Denmark 06/12/13

It is good and strong magnets. It is a good size. I am happy with the magnets. Recommendable.

fast trade

written by Bjarte, Norway 27/12/13

Fast and good trading. Strong and good fridge magnets, which keep well. Recommend this product highly enough :-)


written by Alexander, Sweden 02/01/14

strong, stylish magnets just what I needed. was a bit afraid that they would be small, but they were just the right size.

Amazing Magnets

written by Carina Jensen, Denmark 03/01/14

These magnets are nothing short of amazing. Connect with things falling from the bulletin board because liiige need some of the other that has crept in during :-)


written by Trollet, Sweden 12/02/14

Finally two large magnets that keep the calendar in place! I bought two large (3 cm in diameter) and feels perfect for the task. They are clearly stronger than the so-called "super strong magnets... Read more


written by Tina, Sweden 21/03/14

Strong magnets that managed many papers at once! Ideal for families with many things to put up on the fridge.

very good

written by Lena, Denmark 01/05/14

good strong magnets pages fast but not so fast that I can not get them back. can hold a lot more than my tidligger magnets

Small, agile and strong!

written by Ekblom, Sweden 18/06/14

Bought two small. Sucks it through all the paper collections I have in the fridge so the product keeps it promised!


written by Tony, Norway 19/06/14

These were very powerful in terms of size. Very nice to have the refrigerator, especially if you have heavy stuff to hang.

Not especially strong.

written by Elin, Sweden 27/11/14

Bought 2 times "buttons two small" but unfortunately got only two, instead of four. No big deal, picking errors happen so easily, and of course I get what I ordered and paid for when I conta... Read more

Great product!

written by Elin, Norway 12/12/14

Incredibly smart product! Now I finally hung up all of the sheets, letters and bills on the fridge, without risking that something falls down. The magnets are incredibly strong, even the little ones! ... Read more

Good magnets.

written by suviliini89, Finland 26/12/14

A pretty and simple-looking, very strong magnets. Stays bigger stack of paper on the refrigerator door.

Not so much shit

written by MDL, Denmark 27/12/14

They work well in contrast to the very decorative plastic refrigerator magnets with dogs and kitties on. Good size and magnetic capacity and to grab on. There had to have been 4-5 pieces in a package ... Read more

It allows them to be

written by Ladeby, Sweden 06/01/15

Finally, you can get the paper or photos to be left on the fridge. A magnet holds easily up an annual calendar with 12 sheets of A4.


written by AnnaS, Sweden 31/03/15

Cannon Magnets. My sister also wanted so I bought her too. Giant Strong and keeps mååånga paper =))

Strong UN

written by MP, Sweden 17/04/15

cruelly strong magnets that hold up most of the fridge! asdasdsadasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasd

strong magnets

written by Peter Høgfeldt, Denmark 31/08/15

Refrigerator magnets works exactly as intended. They are very strong and can hold on to many / thick papers.

Super Strong

written by Ruth , Sweden 02/01/16

Really super strong. Keeps all the paperwork in place. Easy to grip and to release. Use magnets on the refrigerator and in the office.

Good magnets

written by BYGD, Sweden 04/01/16

What was I expected (good powerful). Did not like there was more to say, how much should you write that they were good

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