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Surprise Cupcake Pan

Thread a piece of chocolate, caramel, marshmallow, or a berry with a stick. Then you get a cupcake with a surprise!

Surprise Cupcake Pan - Surprise Cupcake Pan
Surprise Cupcake Pan
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What is this?

Real Magic .....

written by Ella, 23/03/12

Cupcake Holder that work well. Frequently muffins turned into small 'surprises'! Using ordinary paper cups in muffin form / plate and it became extremely easy to clean after use.


written by kajsa, 16/04/12

It met all my expectations. The muffins are super good and the little sweet one chooses to have the stay really in the middle of the dessert that idea is.


written by Toulouse, 22/10/12

The shape worked just fine :-) Really fun with various content in boring ordinary cupcake.

What things work?

written by Muffinsbagerskan, 24/11/12

Think that whoever invented muffins plate is a big genius, I just love it. Want some tips on which pieces of candy can be used without them just melt inside? have tried everything feels like without s... Read more

very good flow.

written by klaus, 10/12/12

This dish is really good and I think I need a few more. special muffins are good then.

Super Smart

written by Daisy, 18/12/12

Quite incredibly smart muffin. You could almost be in anything in their cupcakes, chocolate, candy, you name it!

Bake a cake

written by Mangan , 02/01/13

The wife and I, too, was somewhat surprising at how cleanly this nifty contraption. Can be used in baking and cooking. Kanonbra :)


written by Marie, 17/01/13

Very handsome muffin tin, recommended! Okay with the ability to add a little surprise in the middle, but it is no problem to use it as a regular muffin tray.

Magic Muffin form

written by Jutta Rohé, 22/01/13

Just great. Since I bake muffins every week. Again and again, with another inner core. My colleagues are enthusiastic.

Muffins delicious repeatedly

written by teddyjutta, 31/01/13

The Magic Muffin mold is a dream. I use si now every week and am amazed at how well it works. The filling of muffins .... always exactly in the middle.

funny shape

written by Emmelie, 05/02/13

Muffins mold was very funny, the kids also liked to bake when they had to be with and hide things and then it was exciting. What would you get in? :) The only negative is the price well, a little too ... Read more

Cake Case

written by Minna, 26/02/13

We baked muffins with dumle caramel, did not school remained at the bottom where it melted. and we got to eat cupcakes without filling. Marie

working as intended

written by Lise BS, Denmark 06/05/13

works as it should and fun idea with that cake bake a little "surprise" with. The only reason it does not get 5 stars is the price)

Birthday gift for girlfriend :)

written by Mattias, Sweden 16/08/13

As she likes to bake the cupcakes, so he barely open before she baked muffins! And the result was very good :)

Flow works - and well

written by Sunnuntaileipuri, Finland 13/11/13

I've been using pots (I bought two of the same road) to make savory muffins. The result is good. Savory muffins should try sisäyllätyksenä olives, cherry tomatoes, halloumi cheese and others. Work... Read more

magical muffin

written by GhS, Denmark 26/09/16

It's a muffin form it can make muffins with no fuss inside ... the works for the purpose Excelent

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