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Survival Card Multi-Tool

A bit like a credit card and with more functions than you have fingers. Here is the multi-tool that fits in your wallet!

 Survival Card Multi-Tool - Survival Card Multi-Tool
Survival Card Multi-Tool
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Smart small tool

written by Peter Høgfeldt, Denmark 31/08/15

Very smart with such a small tool. It can take with you anywhere, and can be used for many small tasks.

Survival card

written by Göran, Sweden 31/08/15

Very practical and appreciated gift for hikers, campers and other technically interested. Stainless steel is a good thing because it will tolerate some omildare treatment. Good that it comes with a ca... Read more

As expected - very good!

written by Simen, Norway 05/09/15

This product took only two days before it was delivered. The downside is that transported was almost as animals, although transported is pretty cheap. So what could have been done better, is that SMAL... Read more

The top preset +++++

written by Malin F, Sweden 21/09/15

I ordered this thing to my father my that is gadget crazy without equal and he liked it, never seen anything like this before, and now he has it with him in the wallet as it is everywhere he goes :) L... Read more

Small Super Tool

written by Mondgucker, Germany 26/10/15

Great gift, souvenir or for the Christmas calendar! Everything MAN believes to survive on the road need to :)

Tool for the wallet / wallet

written by Petra G., Germany 15/12/15

I find the product on the go is not bad. You finally can not always walk around with a toolbox. Because of its size, it fits in a wallet and weighs hardly anything. The one or the other function of th... Read more

Gadget for Ranger

written by Ranger, Germany 21/12/15

Perfect gadget for pocket Ranger and those who want it to become one. For Wichteln perfectly just for a nice gesture good friends or business partners.

multi Tool

written by Kammander, Sweden 21/12/15

The tool I bought seems amazing but you sharks well be like in July than buying a clap and then can not write reviews until after Christmas Eve. So we are all happy and satisfied. Think about that nex... Read more

superb gadget

written by Heidrup, Sweden 28/12/15

Rather than carry around a multi knife you can have with a Solitaire card in your wallet. Incredibly smooth. Klarsr through airport security too!

great gift for men

written by ManuBa78, Germany 30/12/15

I have presented this multi-tool for Christmas in Men. The recipient loved it. It is small, convenient and helps in many aspects of daily life, if just is not ready sized device.


written by Diana, Germany 04/01/16

Donee was thrilled and wears it now daily around with them. The quality is good. An explanation of each function is also there, but in English.

Small useful part

written by Sica, Germany 04/01/16

My husband and our sons have first puzzled, what those parts. Have then but the same time some "stuff" to unpack the other gifts tried and found to comply.


written by P-A, Sweden 07/01/16

It has so much features as it gets complicated, you should grab utility for example. open a cork, you have to keep as cutting on knife function.

good tool

written by CoolstuffFrischling, Germany 05/02/16

Top quality, like very. Only the packaging smells unfortunately for "cheap", which according to some ventilation but should not be a problem. The recipient was very happy about it. Fits in y... Read more

Smart if traveling part.

written by Roger, Norway 26/04/16

Here you get an all in one tool with the tools they might have use for and can have in your wallet, says that Øistein Sunde nice to have.

Solid but compact

written by Rune, Norway 13/05/16

It seems that this tool is of good quality in terms of weight and thickness. Yet is the thin compact en to fit most budgets. Reflects the light just tested knife function so far, but this is as sharp ... Read more

little hint

written by Martina, Germany 22/08/16

The order and delivery went smoothly and quickly. That was very good. Unfortunately, the description is English only, so I expect small problems with the older recipient. I would order from Cool Stuff... Read more


written by Melle, Germany 17/10/16

Very cute and praktisch.Sehr good quality. The gift did you :) fast I Lieferung.Kann recommend.

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