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Turn off TV sets wherever and whenever you want! A simple push of a button is all it takes. TV-B-Gone is able to turn on and off virtually all TV sets on the market.

TV-B-Gone - TV-B-Gone
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TV-B-Gone Is Great!

written by Anders Dalsgaard Madsen, 02/08/10

TV-B-GONE is "MEGA grinern" I've just been in Elgiganten and turned off their TVs shut up it was fun. So I recommend 100 Percent. Regards Anders Madsen

TV-B-Gone® can definitely recommended.

written by Anders Madsen, 02/08/10

My TV-B-Gone ® just arrived last night, and I'm already starting to turn off TVs! Today for lunch, I went to a Snack and indeed two TVs were turned on in the background. Needless to say, I had to ... Read more

Hilarious = D

written by PsykoStefan, 02/08/10

Among the funniest thing I bought for driving with people =) None of them has seen me use the TV-B-Gone control know what it is, so I've stood among the people inside the onoff and closed an entir... Read more

fun ..

written by stubben, 20/09/10

Took it to a sports bar one evening, shit fun I had at least not those who missed the game ... he he


written by Christoffer, 11/10/10

TV-'B Gonen is not very good. It does not work properly for the crime. If you want to turn off other people's fjærnsyn, it can not eg if you are baking a window. It should be able to turn off ... Read more

written by Rick, 18/10/10

Do not work always but after a few taps so.

written by DogG, 26/10/10

The product is excellent, however it can not extinguish 'very unknown' TV brands :)

shit fun

written by henkenn, 26/11/10

Perfect for when you are arguing about box only threaten to turn off the TV until you get box


written by shN, 02/12/10

Works great, not found any TV that it can not turn off :)

The top

written by Einar, 19/12/10

I ordered this product a week ago to myself and it is widely used :) Sometimes it may happen that the small LED light on the TV just flashes and then nothing happens, I do not know whether it's TV... Read more


written by ML, 22/12/10

Not satisfied! TV B_Gone must be kept MAX 3-4 meters away from the TV you want to close! In the long distance work the TV B Gone Not at all! Not at all affordable, with this !!


written by Jojje som gillar skoj, 23/12/10

Went in to ElGiganten and talked with a vendor while I turned off the TV on the television behind him. As most extinct nine devices simultaneously, which made me baffled. It says that you should direc... Read more

Turn off the neighbor

written by Jojje som gillar skoj, 23/12/10

Another thing, the neighbor has a small TV that I actually gained from my house. 17 meters is not really but this is approximately 10 meters, which I think is absolutely fantastic. Have tried the flat... Read more

TV B Gone

written by jojje, 05/01/11

Worked really. Turned off the television sets in a betting shop in the middle of the riot on the V-75. Not popular but I had fun.


written by Franklin, 17/01/11

It is good and works by almost all Tver. One should point directly to the TV so it's hard to turn off several at once. The round version they sold even better.

Very good!:)

written by Lasse Christensen, 14/02/11

Seemed it works really well! :-), However, has not been quite cheap, but if you disregard the price, everything has been top notch!


written by Mukjo, 03/03/11

It's nice, it turned off all the TV you point to, but does not work through the glass. (:

tv b gone I LOVE YOU

written by , 07/03/11

I just got my tv b gone yesterday and today we had to watch a movie in history so I was the almost have to brøve it and the best thing was that she did not suspect any students show you like to tease ... Read more

TV b-gone

written by Stoffe, 12/03/11

Works on most TV sets, worked not on our plasma that is the only one so far. Read that someone had turned off all televisions in a TV shop, it worked but I got most off 3 on a click :) but it is easil... Read more

Super Funny Gadget!

written by Smokers' Choice, 06/04/11

It is 100% worth it. Buy it and take such a trip Expert or whatever you please.


written by André, 29/06/11

Has so far only been tested on eight different TV sets, where it worked on four. So, sure it works quite clear to most televisions! Can imagine that it's fun to go into an electronics store with a... Read more

Quality to have fun with

written by Oliver Boel, 18/07/11

It works as it should and there are no problems. It passes through the glass windows and works perfectly over long distances (about 6 meters are tested). It is definitely a good buy for the price when... Read more

fun good!

written by Lukas, 24/08/11

tv-b-gone is very funny, especially in public buildings makes you feel powerful but you have the remote genauf on the sensor of the tV keep something from farther away quite difficult with the but sec... Read more


written by jeppa, 26/08/11

These were a surprisingly good thing, and fun if nothing else. Have busat with many people become irritated and think that TV is broken. The only thing with the TV-B-Gone that was bad was that it was ... Read more


written by Denert, 06/09/11

Super good entertainment in bilka's electronics department:) !!!

does not work so well again, but still fun.

written by Jesper Holm, 07/10/11

TV-B-Gone is a fun thing, but it does not work on all TVs and can only reach about 5 meters. but having said that, you can fucking get plenty of fun out of it.

written by joachim, 07/11/11

Mega bold works on many television. But not every one can make much fun with it.

I am very

written by , 17/01/12

I look forward to the coming and I must say it looks buckle out


written by Mange, 01/02/12

Spot small thing to terra its environment. However, had wished that the unit was a little more efficient to find the right signal for some televisions and that perhaps the signal was a bit upptrimmad ... Read more


written by Brumm, 03/02/12

TV-B-Gone may work on some devices, given the fact to work on my ONCE, but only one. Have tried the other places as well, with little result so far. The idea is good, but technical performance rather ... Read more

Suuuuuper tough

written by Ola, 14/02/12

Was a little skeptical until I got this on the really really ... Worked well BÅ the TV home and neighbor hehe ... Took it with me when I was in town to shop. In some shop windows hangs d TV sets showi... Read more


written by Thomas, 17/07/12

I had imagined that it could turn off more TV all at once. or works well with slightly much waiting.


written by nw, 31/07/12

Fun but unnecessary gadget works but not on all television sets. and a little too much on cumbersome to wear such key ring rattles very oxå ..


written by kai, 02/08/12

Works just fine on all transverse to now! Worth the little money it costs. Perfect to fool people with!

Tihi tihi

written by Anja, 10/09/12

Seems like it should .. Great stupid gadget you can not live without if you love to tease :-D

Fully satisfied.

written by Katrine, 24/09/12

Birthday boy was incredibly happy and it has been used extensively! It can not go through clothes and you should be pointing right directly on the TV, but then you are sure that you turn off the corre... Read more

Works on all tvs we've tried it on

written by Gyrid, 05/10/12

Only problem is that you have to stand quite close, and thus was not quite as fun and useful as the son had imagined.

funny thing

written by Ida, 12/10/12

Does not work on our new anderson TV, but has so far acted on all other TV sets as it tested. Funny thing. :)


written by Karl-Erik Bill, 10/01/13

Like produkten.Har so far had a lot of fun with den.Roligt to see people's reaction when the TV picture disappears / tillbaka.Kommer will shortly be using it on caf'e when everyone watching an... Read more

Yet to see the real

written by Rune, 22/01/13

Not impressive in either build quality or function. Made in very cheap plastic and a little too big and clumsy to have the key.


written by Emelie, 11/02/13

Poor. One can almost have to stand so close to the TV as possible for it to work. : / But otherwise a fun way to make fun of people, if it works :)


written by Mikkel, 04/03/13

Tv b gone is pure magic. When I got the VIA entry, I could not wait to test it. The first thing I did was to go to the EL giant and just turn off their TV's. And the good thing about it that I cou... Read more

TV B Gone

written by Sultan D., Norway 22/05/13

Works very well, even on most TVs. The only disadvantage I have noticed with this product is that it can not be best spent through window, making it harder to fool people. Except this, then I am satis... Read more


written by Thomas, Germany 03/06/13

The device is really top and working properly on some TVs it takes longer for other TVs go immediately, until now all TV went out but I think it works only at very many television. I wanted the TV-b G... Read more

can not

written by Simon Johansen, Denmark 01/08/13

does not work on TV with DVD player in but otherwise it works ;-)

Excitement is very high!

written by Kim, Germany 19/08/13

The remote control does exactly what it should. I have as yet no TV found she could not eliminate. Sometimes it takes a little longer but that's okay. There is even a "stealth mode" in w... Read more


written by Cheesy Pie, Finland 23/09/13

Distance no device was huge, but a small piece of adhesive tape and foil, it increased by 4 meters, awesome product!


written by Wörn, Germany 29/01/15

Quite nice but "incognito" you can not turn on the devices. The compound has possibly already be maintained during the whole time.

TV-B-Gone, a nice gadget for Dodger.

written by Johannes Anderson , Sweden 10/04/15

TV-B-Gone works as expected, it turns off and on almost all television sets. It's really fun to turn off the screens at Harry's, but even more fun to turn off advertising the TV inside the cin... Read more

funkara jalla case

written by jesper, Sweden 21/05/15

really quite unnecessary purchases. but fun to have. think it does take a very long time before it finds the correct signal. but worked Jalla case on my Samsung's television sets. maybe a bit expe... Read more

cute fun ...

written by Harry Wolfanger, Germany 29/07/15

at Real.- and Saturn smash hit! 80% of the devices were asleep immediately, the staff of Real.- has long noticed anything, asked only as a customer, at Saturn once an anthill, have never been so many ... Read more

Funny thing

written by BenzFan, Germany 10/02/16

The way other television from any and to turn is quite funny. Works very well with most cheap TVs. With brand quality televisions (eg Metz), it unfortunately did not work. Still, very cool thing

Funny thing!

written by Simon, Sweden 16/05/16

A very funny little thing, turn off most appliances regardless of vintage. just takes a little longer on some and varying distances. the device itself is quite large and is not so easy to hide in your... Read more

Disappointment for my purposes

written by Pinge, Sweden 20/05/16

My idea was to have a little fun with my kids when they were watching TV. The problem was that the transmitter was so weak that I had to stand near the TV and actually touching the sender receives the... Read more

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