The Good Book

There are many things you can hide but the classic one still has to be a bottle of booze. And where shall we hide this bottle of alcohol? In a hollow Bible, of course! You can't get any more stylish.

The Good Book - The Good Book
The Good Book
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written by stryptag, 07/07/09

The bottle was just as I expected, really nice. The book itself felt, however plastigare / ostabilare than I imagined it would be, and was a little afraid that the book would break if I opened it enti... Read more

written by Maja B. S., 10/08/09

I bought a gift for a friend as a birthday present when he works as a sexton. Both he and I were very impressed with the book's great design and not least the flask inside, which looks and could e... Read more

written by Per Tønner, 23/10/09

The product lived up to expectations. The delivery time was very satisfying. However, it could be desirable for ads as much as possible informed about the goals of goods.

The Good Book

written by Marre Myra, 07/12/09

The Good Book is simply a book like a bible with a portion of the sides cut out so that it can Platts, a flask there. I bought it to use as an accessory to my costume, a monk's robe. Was a success... Read more


written by Johan, 13/05/10

Really cool gadget that everyone should have on the shelf. However, as the right side shiny, which was a little sin. Would have been even cooler if it had been text on them.

So funny!

written by The Bach Rocker, 01/06/10

Looking forward SO much for student services where The Good Book is my firm accompanies all day! :)

Finally found it!

written by , 15/11/10

For our this year's amateur theater we looked for a Bible with integrated Flask. After a long search I've picked up in any chat "The good book" and googled immediately. The book is r... Read more


written by liv, 12/12/10

This was genial, genial, genial! Great as a gift .. It had been yet little better if they had made more out of the flask, for example, image or text.

written by , 05/01/11

A very appreciated fun book. Very nice and handy disegn going to have in your pocket.

Fine quality and fast shipping

written by Chris, 25/02/11

we received The Good Book day after we ordered it and are quite happy with the product. It went down well with him who got the gift.

fun gift

written by Jannie, 28/04/11

This gift complement any table. Personally, I gave it to the owner of a disco - his comment: "I can take it to church without anyone being suspicious" Overall a fun gift!

grim delivery

written by Martin, 27/05/11

The product met all expectations, pages to be browsed with stylish flask (any fun if you could special order with the inscription of the gift) looks like a Bible with no visible signs of having a flas... Read more

Great present

written by Ivy, 09/06/11

I got this as a present for a friend and he totally loved it. I recommend it Because besides being a funny present, the flask inside is really nice.

Tough headline

written by Emma Dam, 11/07/11

It is a fine book. It came relatively quickly, and my mother has not seen its real function. Thumbs up! You just have to remember to wash the bottle before use, but it is also on it. So it's fine ... Read more

God forbid! 5 stars for the good book!

written by , 11/07/11

Super Fun! The Good Book is easy arrived just super! Zack it disappears in the bookcase, quite inconspicuous ...


written by Vilde, 17/08/11

Bought two of these for a couple of friends who will be on 'Christian' folk. None of them particularly Christians, and it was fun to see how confused they were the moment they thought they had... Read more


written by DonJelena, 27/08/11

It's just wonderful :)

"The good Book"

written by Margit, 04/10/11

Hello Cool Stuff! I bought The good book, depicting a small bibel.Indeni is a cavity in which there is a lommelærke.Bogen be used as the song hides to my brother who is 60 years old D. 18/10 / 11. Eac... Read more

The Good book

written by , 29/11/11

The only real good book for me. None of the religius crap. Only the best beverage of your choise. See the face of your friends as you try to teach themselve the word before drinking it. Priceless in e... Read more

Be drita nokk the perfect bottle

written by StuDein, 09/12/11

Shown to drink pure from the flask, then you must have pure Oppi and not blannet, because then you're not drunk, but enjoyed utsene on the book, and stylish inside RECOMMENDED :)

written by , 03/01/12

As expected

Fed gadget

written by Rikke Meyer Jensen, 20/08/12

Gave it to my husband as a gift and he was very fond of it. However, I had expected that the bottle was somewhat larger than it was, so it was a bit annoying. It is clear, however commendable, a reall... Read more

Christmas gift

written by grynet, 17/12/12

bought as buddy gift. book looks okay to but can even scroll through all the pages around the bottle, then look a little more okay (not writing on the marker)

Super funny

written by K., 26/12/12

... And really good quality! The flask is made of lightweight metal and the book also looks like a real book out. Well, I think that it is indeed a book, not a book dummy, found elsewhere often (ie th... Read more

Surprisingly good

written by :):), 02/01/13

This exceeded all expectations! It looks very good and could have been mistaken for any Bible! Recipient was delighted.

Surprisingly good

written by :):), 02/01/13

This exceeded all expectations! It looks very good and could have been mistaken for any Bible! Recipient was delighted.

Very satisfied!

written by Marte, 25/03/13

My brother got this in their 27årsdag and found it incredibly tough! It did join the party in the evening, and now have a nice place in the glass cabinet in the living room.

Very satisfied.

written by M, Sweden 20/05/13

Good, not very plasticky, which I was afraid of. Had certainly been better if there were text, but I had not thought of it if I did not read the review. Good flask. It was very popular and now even he... Read more

Fun and cool book

written by Kasper, Denmark 23/05/13

Super fun book of good quality. Thought actually "just" was a box but there are real pages in the book. I am looking forward to taking it to the last day of school

missing product

written by Tmlj, Norway 30/06/13

I never received the product. Do not know what happened, but I still waiting on it. It also applies to the other Koli as I ordered, Greetings little frustrated user

Fun gift!

written by Zandra, Sweden 18/07/13

Gave away the gift! It was much appreciated! Pluntan also seems to hold tight good. Poured in digestion liquor before I hit it, and it had not leaked in the package.

Best gift

written by MissPanzer, Germany 01/10/14

The "Good Book" was a gift for a friend with a church background. The joke of the matter has been well received and it has the gift super pleased!


written by Raphael , Germany 21/02/15

I am very pleased with the order flow and supply purchases. Have a Bible away and gifted person was very happy about his monk costume about. To my opinion still top things off, the first few pages cou... Read more

My order

written by Resi Bolg-<Kraumendahl, Germany 11/06/15

yes I was very happy and I could much joy when I need them, I will contact you. Resi-Bolg Kraumendahl

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