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The Original Slush Mug

Make slush super easy! Freeze the slush mug, pour in your drink and stir - then you'll have slush in your favourite flavour!

The Original Slush Mug - The Original Slush Mug
The Original Slush Mug
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What is this?

Much better than expectations!

written by Emma, 21/12/09

Absolutely wonderful thing it here. I do not understand how it works, but works make it perfectly clear! The only downside is that it takes a few hours for the mug to freeze after each use, and it mus... Read more

Every day in use ^!

written by Katrin, 06/05/10

So my kids LOVE this slush drinks at fairs! I had even been asking myself ever after such a machine, but they are even needed priceless. So now I have discovered the Slush Mugs. And I was skeptical wh... Read more


written by Linda, 06/05/10

I had no high hopes when I ordered the cup but it works just fine. Has been tested with colas and other soft places and it will be perfect every time!

written by Hej, 08/05/10

It was super good, but could be great if it would not be in the freezer for at least 6 hours.


written by jacke, 21/05/10

Works perfect! Takes about 10minutes to make it but worth it, considering the outcome Works well with everything that is not sweetened o. . BUY BUY BUY

slush Mug

written by , 07/06/10

Very good product. Never thought that it works, but it's just super. I no longer give the part of her.

Appreciated gift!

written by pr0metha, 14/06/10

I bought this for my little sister of 21-anniversary gift, and it was very appreciated! The works also completely magically good.

written by Leitner, 21/06/10


slush Mug

written by Lotta, 24/06/10

For the love Slush so this is the perfect mug. Unfortunately, the cup will be fryse few hours as a slush on the day you have to settle with. Works perfectly!

Sovereign thing!

written by Johan, 24/06/10

Phenomenal thirst quencher !! Quick and easy to make slush: a, I bought two to always have a cold and ready. Sometimes it has become a small lump of ice at the bottom, is certainly due to poor agitati... Read more

Children love

written by Ch.D., 03/09/10

Totaly the Slush Mug is really great, my kids do almost every day her "Slush Ice". Too bad that's there is the instruction manual in English only, you or I had to because by struggling a... Read more

Just crazy

written by Nani74, 20/09/10

why write more, the thing just rocks, info is available from the corresponding thread

Clear buy recommendation

written by Fabian Wolff, 30/09/10

I was the Slush Mug recommended and I can understand this recommendation at each point. For slush lovers the device is an absolute must (especially for a price of about 10 euros).

Slush Mug - a product that convinces

written by Coinflip, 04/10/10

Some I have tried to get an original Slush ice itself out. Unfortunately, the original equipment cost more than 1000 EUR So I've tried it with cheap replicas. No chance, even remotely to obtain th... Read more

slush Mug

written by eddie, 07/10/10

Works great. However, it always takes a few minutes longer than specified in the description, but this could be because I have only a little (not so cold) freezer and no proper TK-cabinet. But I am st... Read more

Horny toy

written by Sebastian W., 10/10/10

For the money a must-have: D

Slushmuggen works great!

written by moomin_79, 18/10/10

Slushmuggen worked exactly as promised, and the guy who got the slushar happily cider and soft drinks in large quantities. One must not be too hasty when you move on, otherwise it was a much appreciat... Read more


written by Peter, 21/10/10

Was initially skeptical whether this really works, but it works without problems and tastes good. What bothers is that the "cooling unit" does not wash is (deformed) and must be stehts washe... Read more

the thing works!

written by jordan, 21/10/10

but because we have only a small eisfach, it is not kuehl properly. So please before even the juice in the refrigerator and to make up the slush mug a little into eisfach!


written by cooper, 22/10/10

I could not at first thought that it works well to have let myself but convincing. Get the whole test times with other mixed drinks and hope that it works just as well.

written by "Slush Mug", 16/12/10

Works wonderfully, although the time information on the enclosed instruction manual is very optimistic. For me, it regularly takes twice as long. What the magnificent result but nothing changes. For m... Read more

Delicious slush in no time

written by Solitary, 16/12/10

I must say the Slush Mug is just fantastic! It can be used quickly and easily conjure up delicious slush in no time. Here is my blog post: Read more

Works great !!

written by Hässleholm.., 17/12/10

Did not think much of this when I ordered it .. but I bought 3 pieces at once two for Christmas and one for me :) Works perfectly .. Bought it for a couple of days ago and it has been well used. Notic... Read more

Almost like a pro. Slushice

written by GOL, 17/12/10

Slush Mug works really well, just remember that it should be in the freezer for several hours before using it the first time and then it is a good idea only fill it halfway. Very popular with the hous... Read more


written by Dude, 17/12/10

Just great!! I was a bit skeptical but after a short time the slush Mug has me totally convinced. It works just great! Best drinks make really cold before, then you can also top up again without havin... Read more

Tolerance required ...

written by Dolly, 20/12/10

I had been really looking forward to my "slush mug", it seemed wonderful that at any minute to make their own slush. Unfortunately, it took nearly fifteen minutes before my slush even became... Read more

thank you

written by R.Hoffmann, 20/12/10

Very prompt and timely delivery, Thank you. Slush Mugs function super :) Unfortunately, the cores need a longer time to be ready for use again. Can never get enough of it!

written by Hanna, 21/12/10

The only way for the liquid to be slush is to let the frozen cup stand in the freezer with the liquid. Then you have to go and mess around every now and then. And even though you do it, it takes consi... Read more


written by Marie Florence , 22/12/10

Yet it's winter, so I thought it worked was very good, and the texture was just like a regular slush. But there are some minus with it and that is that the more you drink it, the harder / more ice... Read more

PS Ball Fred

written by P.S. Ballfred, 22/12/10

Property me directly ordered 4 of these pots and am still excited. My attempts slush ice manufacture with thick-walled cups or beakers, all failed vergeglich or not brought the desired result. Meanwhi... Read more


written by David, 28/12/10

Really good product that does what is promised. Slushen actually become "real", and tastes like slush should! IOF took a little longer than I thought, but it could also have been because I t... Read more

Well used mug

written by , 30/12/10

Perfectly suited to both the 10-year-old to 18-year-old. They had probably wished they had two each takes about 10 hours to re-freeze them but they work very well, as an adult I will certainly use the... Read more


written by Tillan, 31/12/10

I bought this slush cup to my brother for Christmas, did not think it would work at first, but it did :) He uses it all the time now. It will be like inside the ice on the wings, there scrape by examp... Read more


written by Micke, 03/01/11

Instantly became a favorite among the kids, 10 and 12 years. Now it slushas almost every night, and given how much it might cost to buy "out" then it's a finfin investment. - May take so... Read more

Really works!

written by Maria, 03/01/11

Bought two Slush Mugar to the children. It got really successful despite the snow and -20 degrees cold outside, they have become very widely used, and even better, it will be enough for summer. We hav... Read more


written by Sif, 04/01/11

I have not been able to produce shush ice in the cup, despite the fact that I have ensured complete freezing and the use of the juice of sugar (not artificial sweeteners). I've tried with clean wa... Read more

written by hannahbaem, 04/01/11

Iam Slush Mug gave my brother and he was very happy about the manual is a bit incomprehensible, but try after some time has then folded it.


written by Perre, 04/01/11

bought a slushmugg the kid figured it might work out but it did it worked great slushen was just as it should, but remember to only FRSA into the inner cup holder and not otherwise, it does not work

Super delicious !!

written by Liv, 04/01/11

Slush mug is super cool !! I also have a soda stream as I first make soft drinks and then I make it afterwards into slush ice MUMS !! :) The only drawback is that it takes some time :)

Beyond expectation

written by Dojjan, 05/01/11

I bought a mug for my sister for Christmas, mostly as a fun thing, did not think it would work so well. Much appreciated was the, works much better than I had first thought it would. For best results ... Read more


written by slushh, 06/01/11

I bought this mug for my sister for Christmas and she was excited about it. We put it in the freezer for several hours, the cup was cold and we took it out. Then poured the soda (not light) who anvige... Read more

slush Mug

written by Jonte, 07/01/11

It is perfectly OK slush! However, it takes a little longer before it is finished than it in the manual. Most often, despite the use of refrigerated drinks, it takes about 20-25 minutes before it is r... Read more

Slash Mug

written by Ullis, 10/01/11

There was no ice in this slash mug. A little to the bottom but the sentence was that it would become slush across the mug. I've driven with real Coke and moved around a GGN and failed to move arou... Read more

Slush - So much and often as you like

written by Slushi, 10/01/11

I ordered the Slush Mug for my sister for Christmas and we are very satisfied. Not only my sister who loves extreme slush anyway, uses the mug, the others have pleased him. We have already tried many ... Read more

The Slush Mug

written by Miss Chocoholic, 10/01/11

What exactly is "slush"? Slush is contrary to expectations English (woow!) And means something like "slush" / "Snow water" / "sorbet". It is a cold sweet drink ... Read more


written by ninzy, 12/01/11

works really well !! totally amazing!!! his partner was overjoyed when I bought them for him, now he uses them 3 times a week :)

slushiemug = succession

written by cam, 16/01/11

This was one of the kids' favorite Christmas gift. Created the possessiveness of their buddies. Will be great to have this summer. Must buy some of ... A purchase you will not regret ..

slush Mug

written by Gitte, 17/01/11

Huge success - it works

Really recommended !!!

written by Polini Master, 17/01/11

I have respect long. The purchase of a Slush Mugs thought because it cost more 10,90 Euro a few months ago and now unfortunately 14.90 euros. Nevertheless, I bought the Slush Mug, since I have already... Read more


written by Sandra, 22/01/11

Was delicious pouring Bravo juice Friscus in! Very refreshing. Tried recently to pour in Pepsi..förlåt, but they actually tasted crap! :( Soft Drinks Carbonated generally will not be good think yes, b... Read more


written by Tingeling, 26/01/11

The mug work out much better than I thought it would work =), but I prefer to have in läskoncentrat mixed with water or juice for cola so it became just too sweet plus ice tasted carbonation but it wo... Read more

written by Aldriona, 03/02/11

Totally amazing! Was somewhat hesitant at first, but it works great! Have tried to freeze all kinds of things. Soft drinks, juice and mjälk is very good. But also yoghurt. It freezes thicker than soda... Read more


written by Jennifer , 09/02/11

Without a doubt the best buy ever! I bought this for me and my sister who just like I'm obsessed with ice! She became quite lyrical and we were both really surprised how well it worked. Use it sev... Read more

written by adam, 11/02/11

I think that the mug was really good slushen was good but you have to have it inside the freezer long as it'll go quickly otherwise the jättabra. ps.prova with energy drink crappy well.

slush Mug

written by Caroline Collett, 15/02/11

Slush Mug works incredibly well! The first time I tried it was full of ice since I forgot to stir, but when I tried even to (to remember to touch) was the fight good! I personally think that the slush... Read more

written by , 17/02/11

Smart things, recommended !! ...: D

Business Vs. slush Mug

written by, 21/02/11

Hey! I ordered Slush Mug few weeks ago and it came within just a few days. I put it in the freezer for twelve hours and then filled in with cola - Perfect. It was delicious. Yesterday I bought a slush... Read more

slush mug

written by , 21/02/11

It was decent, but it was not exactly as it was on video. It took longer to get made slush, but it was very good result. I am the equity satisfied with the product, to I recommend it to those who are ... Read more

slush Mug

written by Ine Kristine Mosby, 24/02/11

When I ordered Slush Mug from Cool Stuff I was a little unsure about this, thinking that it could scarcely be possible. But I bought it and decided to try it pretty fast, so then it was just to wait! ... Read more

slush mug

written by -Aina-, 01/03/11

This works out as lovet.Etter about 6 hours in the freezer, you can create the perfect slush, pretty much everything. It takes just a few minutes from floating down to slush. You have time to make lov... Read more

slush mug

written by silje, 07/03/11

the slush Mugen synest I was the best! Loved it from Day 1 ♥ Positive: Enjoyed everything with this! Cons: Actually, it's not something negative, just waiting on Slush your will be done. but I ten... Read more

slush mug

written by Stine Haugan, 07/03/11

I only tried it once. But it is incredibly good, it's good that you can mix anything you want in it, that taste and is easy to wash out so it is not dangerous whatever you choose. It is a bit sill... Read more

Just as expected!

written by Philip, 12/03/11

Slush mug is EiT gadget that everyone should have. Do you like shave ice, but are outraged at the exorbitant price? The only thing you need to do is to put the white kjøleelemetet in the freezer overn... Read more

Slush mug andmelding!

written by Camilla Ø. Aulie, 04/05/11

Slush mug is just ingenious, fits all seasons! Under the covers with a movie, out in the sun, while doing homework and in front of your pc, it's just absolutely brilliant and I think anyone who ha... Read more

Simply SUPER !!!

written by Slushili, 08/06/12

Hab equal 2 Shlush Mugs ordered. One was for my brother birthday and he was just thrilled. Everything worked perfectly at first attempt !! Highly recommended for all those who love Shlush-ice and no m... Read more


written by Mali, 08/06/12

Should be in the freezer for 6 hours before use. But it's worth the wait for the result is perfectly slush =) surprisingly good ..

Keep it cool!

written by Markman, 11/06/12

Looking just at the freezing container is frozen solid (= hard, it will not flex when pressed on it) and scrape off the ice from the edges kind every / every three minutes so it will be fine slush aft... Read more


written by Storfornøyd, 12/06/12

This summer's big hit mix our two hopefuls. Now there is the question slush for dessert every day, and they can just absolutely not get enough. Only boring is that they must be frozen again after ... Read more

Did not have such high expectations

written by Magnus, 12/06/12

Works well quite ok. Did not have such high expectations. But it takes a little longer than it says in the instructions. 10-15 minutes maybe. And the result is a bit rinnigare than instructional video... Read more

The summer hit.

written by Markus, 12/06/12

Was so skeptical and have only times only two purchases, and what can I say? It works better than I thought. If the drink is pre-cooled one has a super slush after about 5-10 minutes. The filling capa... Read more

Slush Mug works almost perfectly

written by Butcher100, 12/06/12

The principle of Slush Mug is relatively simple. Use take out, grab the freezer and 6 - waiting 12 hours. Then reassemble it and pour drink. Then should one after 5 minutes have a Slushi. It also work... Read more

slush Mug

written by Christel, 12/06/12

It really works. Can recommend CocaCola. So good. Store it in the freezer. Pours only what you want, stirring occasionally then it's just that "slusha" itself. I have bought two so you a... Read more

you should not expect too much

written by MiC, 12/06/12

as in advertising the soup does not look. the cold stores should in the coldest place located in freezer. and also the drinks should be pre-cooled. one may even stir the whole crap regularly and eissc... Read more

Slush Mug ... mmmm

written by Elldrate, 12/06/12

Must say that I think sometimes it takes a little too long before it becomes slush. But it works! I recommend this product if you like slush!


written by Lita, 12/06/12

The mug works really well! Just think of it about 10 minutes before it is ready and that you have to move properly and then. Use a spoon and stir thoroughly around the walls and in the bottom of the m... Read more

It just works ...!

written by Kjersti, 12/06/12

Must admit I was a bit skeptical about the result, but the kids love these slush cups! It actually works :) We will buy more and have different drinks in, so we can mingle.

this seems

written by Turid, 13/06/12

I was a little skeptical, but this actually works! Now it's slush at morning, noon and evening with us, and thankfully it works with fruit juice, so it too is reasonably healthy :-) The kids are v... Read more

Increased the lead slushmugsägare!

written by Peter, 14/06/12

After some Christmas feel and pick up the package from the post office (the package arrived soon rude way) so I threw out the mugs in the freezer, waited about 12 hours and made an attempt to slush. B... Read more

A must

written by COOL, 18/06/12

Fantastic, a product that surpasses its advertising. Better than expectations. Have ordered two pieces and now want the entire family to have their own Slush Mug. So only negative is that the six-pack... Read more

Really good

written by kasper sander, 18/06/12

I love slush and slush mugget make a mega good slush of 9-11 min it is certainly money be: D

cold drinks

written by Ragnar, 18/06/12

Slush mug is a superb cup running down the drink as it gets icy. If you want to make ice can be poured into your drink, take a spoon or something flew and wait, and after an hour one has an ice enjoye... Read more


written by yvonne, 19/06/12

I bought 2 pieces and are very pleased. The only thing I put my finger on is the instruction and formation of moisture on the blue part you hold in. Not fun getting wet and cold if you keep it up clot... Read more

There you go ...

written by Ida, 20/06/12

It did not work out, I do not know maybe I did something wrong because every victory that is so good. May try again and see if it works better.

Slush has never tasted better

written by Holmer, 20/06/12

Bought this one because I figured that it could create slush, and you're as mad it works. After it has put in the freezer for 6 hours making the slush at 5 min. And I can even make three think eve... Read more


written by carmax, 20/06/12

This order was delivered promptly. The SlushMug but does not work the way it was described. The complete by cooling took in the standard commercial freezer for 3 days. The result made me not happy, ev... Read more

Cannon in the summer heat!

written by Gman, 25/06/12

Works perfectly, my tip is to pour over slushen, when you think that it is complete, otherwise the light that it becomes too frozen ....

slush Mug

written by hh, 25/06/12

It does not work :-( Selom we have done as prescribed, then there's therefore no slush out of it :-(

It's nice to have!

written by Ms BNR, 25/06/12

Satisfied with the product, but it takes quite a long time to wait that the white holder shall be understood in the freezer (6-8 hours): P It should also stir well from 5-10 min to get slush her!

Surprisingly good!

written by Lotta, 28/06/12

Funny mug that works surprisingly well! When you have waited and moved for a while so it really becomes slush. Juice was a little worse than soda. There'll be plenty of sugar for it to be really g... Read more

good slush

written by Cecilie, 29/06/12

Works well, but is not quite the same consistency as "shop slush", so was a little disappointed. Anyway, they're going to be often used in summer.

Everything cool ^^

written by Anschi, 06/07/12

Does exactly what it should of Slushmug. Depending on whether or sparkling, alcohol or milk, it takes a little longer. Stirring in between is very important, otherwise there on the ground below a clum... Read more


written by Crille, 20/07/12

Have tried with soft drinks and light and it worked better with soda. Otherwise, it's nothing fancy, but quite ok.

It is too slow ...

written by Bennedikte, 26/07/12

Actually I do not know what I had imagined, but it did not live up to my expectations. We have it to put in the freezer always, but it takes an eternity (that is more than 10-15 min) before it gets fr... Read more

As now I could get along without him up?

written by Till, 30/07/12

This thing works! Is just awesome! For all Slush lovers and those who want to be there ... BUY !!! You will not regret it!


written by tanja, 30/07/12

Very nice invention, suitable for kesäkeleille. The bad side is it that the operation of the process will take a long time and hätäsethän really wants to drink immediately. :> But I like a lot and ... Read more

Cooling isdricka

written by Mike B, 01/08/12

Perfect gadget for the kids. They can now produce their own slush when they feel hungry. Therefore, they have also stopped to beg for it when we eg is the theme park. The drawback think the kids is th... Read more


written by Marianne, 02/08/12

Had some hopes for this when I bought it, after reading some positive comments. I used soda that had been left in the fridge first time, and it took at least 15 minutes before it was something slush. ... Read more


written by Sigbjørn, 06/08/12

A product that does as it promises. In essence only one freezing element, but it works! Makes 2 rounds of slush, if I allow a little liquid. Something I've done just about every time. Bought 2 pie... Read more

Confidence trick high level

written by Christina, 13/08/12

Strange to pay so much for a skitful plastic cup with a handle that works sådär- had cost 20 SEK so yeah maybe. But this ?? I feel seriously peasant caught and will never buy anything from coolstuff a... Read more

Best bargain!

written by Annalisa, 15/08/12

Bought it as a birthday gift for my boyfriend and it was very appreciated! I do not understand why people complain that it takes a long time to freeze. As soon slushen is complete, we pour over it in ... Read more


written by Jeppe, 18/08/12

It works! I did not quite on it because it takes 10-15 minutes to get frozen it down to a kind of slush! But be printed try it because it gives reasonable results :-)

My daughters are doing even slush ice

written by SLA, 20/08/12

Good product, we've had it for 2 weeks and has made a lot of slush ice. The kids love it and there is a natural limit on the number since it would need to be cooled down again.

Super for the summer

written by Anja, 24/08/12

The slush Mug is just great - easy to handle, easy to clean and always succeed. Depending on the liquid, it takes about 10 minutes, until the slush is ready. However, if you previously, the drinks in ... Read more

Is working!

written by Leander, 28/08/12

That part works really better than expected! 10-12 minutes it takes until you have a super Slush Ice. : D

Slush Mug do the job

written by Flanderzzz, 30/08/12

Slush Mug do the job :) But I had thought that it took a little less time from one has to drink until it turns to slush. Very satisfied with the purchase :)

Works great!

written by mared6, 03/09/12

We have tested with carbonated soft drinks and it gets really good, like real slush! Takes a few minutes, and we have had it in the freezer between stirring were so it works perfectly! Will probably b... Read more

"Slush Mug" works

written by kib, 04/09/12

A funny thing that actually works. Typically, such products are a flop. But this cup is good. It becomes slush!


written by SM, 04/09/12

Had the hope that it would funke properly, but was still surprised by how easy it was. Users regularly now, five out of five: D

slush Mug

written by xxsimmel, 15/09/12

With a little patience it works great. The condition is that the ice pack is really completely frozen and the drink ideally additionally comes from the refrigerator.

Works very well

written by Tobias, 18/09/12

After excellent reviews I bought the Slush Mug and must say that it works very well. It is some experience to find out what juices which brands and which are suitable for mixed drinks Slush production... Read more

It works great

written by Helmut, 08/10/12

I have seen the mug on TV and then looked for it and I was looking for at Cool Stuff. After several attempts, we found out that it probably drinks the carbonic acid contained not work but with all oth... Read more


written by Henrikke, 05/11/12

This is the perfect gift for my sister at 11 who do not get to eat candy, ice cream and such. She will love to create slush of 1kalori-juice. Thereby bringing slush on a Tuesday :-)

it did not work with me

written by tangen, 07/11/12

desvere did not my slush mug the frozen not to slush and I have drinks with sugar Oppi I have tried to stir over a quarter. but everyone else I wheat if it works then you should try to buy it and it i... Read more

Works fine, but ..

written by Pernille Schou, 16/11/12

Koppen works pretty much as it should, and make delicious slush, but it is very small so it is not much slush that may be in it. Moreover, it is given as a gift, and there was no wrapping on (such as ... Read more

slush mug

written by janze2, 20/11/12

Fuck, if you like sherbet provide very fast enkal and put it in the freezer for 6-7 hours to type out the hob in any beverage to wait 3-4 minutes and Porvoo röraom little at a time since njuut. propos... Read more


written by Andreas, 03/12/12

chocolate milk slush <3 make the world's best slush and water not out anything. was a little skeptical at first, but then I got what I wanted :)


written by Kjokling, 04/12/12

Having problems better Christmas gift than this to the good sick! Fantastic fun and funkar just like Act!

Already bought the third time

written by Cartman, 19/12/12

What can I say the shipping works great as always and the Slush Mugs are always a scream. Because it works and that's the main thing. One can even refill 2-3 times and it is always slush of it. ;-... Read more

It really works!

written by Mamma78, 24/12/12

The son got 2 mugs Christmas. We put them in the freezer in the morning and in the evening we were able to make the slush. First, we poured in raspberry soda and then it took quite a long time, it was... Read more

great mug

written by Jennie, 25/12/12

Each bought a mug to my brothers for Christmas. Both were very happy and froze them directly. A few hours later, it was great to make slush in them, they could do more mugs without freezing them betwe... Read more


written by Nam, 26/12/12

This was brilliant! Bought two pieces so I could make more slush in're at. Poured into soda and waited. Took a little longer than I thought it would take, but now I know for next time. Freezer eno... Read more

Did not work

written by Joel, 28/12/12

Tested twice first with Julmust, happened ingesting. then tried with juice after 30 minutes there was some ice but no sluch !!

funny product

written by Anette, 28/12/12

Works as promised while using cold drinks. And it is sure is good too! Also included is a small booklet with recipes, that we will try more. :)

slush molds

written by Andersjolsen, 31/12/12

It's super delicious slush ice and our son loves only minuses are that it is bigger and you can not make it on light products.

Better than expected!

written by hps, 01/01/13

After reading some reviews of people who failed so I was reserved before the first use. Was therefore extremely surprised when drink after drink was excellent slush. Works cleanly with Bacardi Breezer... Read more

funny gift idea

written by E-Bass8, 01/01/13

The "Slush Mug" is a fun gift idea for those who love slush drinks. The time required to cool the cup in the freezer, 6-12 hrs, was expected. With "a cooling" can make about 2-3 Sl... Read more

slush Mug

written by MGB, 01/01/13

Works as directed, thought to not be too eager, but give it time to cool down the drink. Brämhults juices are cannon in this because it is reminiscent of sorbet ice cream.


written by Malin, 03/01/13

The best - best gift I could give! Appreciated hugely by 13-year-old son. He loves it. Works just fine. Will buy more.

much appreciated

written by gosplums, 07/01/13

Bought three mugs and gee what they became popular right away! Unfortunately takes a long time, type 6 hours, for the cups to become cold enough, but it's worth it. It is so amazingly good with sl... Read more

slush mug

written by David , 07/01/13

Fun product! Works as advertised, however, takes a few uses to figure out how to do to get slushen as good as possible. Sugar-free drinks does not work, they get more ice-like consistency but all othe... Read more

Works great!

written by Nina, 10/01/13

Mega nice invention! It works so well and it does not take many minutes before slush Içen is ready to drink! Truly perfect!

works faktiskt

written by KWO, 18/01/13

It's hard to give anything other than full score for this, since it works just like the description says it should. Have tried both juices, juice and soda and it works perfectly. It needs a little... Read more


written by Johanne, 21/01/13

It takes quite a long time before the drink turns into slush, but when it does it fight well! I am very happy with the product

Good idea, unfortunately somewhat time consuming

written by Marmura, 23/01/13

Iam Slush Mug my friend for Christmas, because he is really into slush ice. The idea is not so bad, but it takes much longer than 7 minutes (as specified in the instructions) until the ice is ready. T... Read more

Slush Mug.

written by Sebastian B, 23/01/13

I seem to Slush Mug is worth the money, but had expected that it went fast to make slush ice. But all in all it's a good product;) 4/5 stars.

Fresh friskestitetet with Slush Mug!

written by Janern, 31/01/13

Incredibly handsome gadget where you just put the cup in frysern few hours, rather middle of something delicious drink, and presto! Delightful slush! Smartest purchase for a long time :)

slush Mug

written by slush, 06/03/13

Works well. Takes about: 15min with room temperature drink. I rekmenderar this product ...

Works, but ...

written by Marika010, 22/03/13

Took slightly longer to make slush than that revealed by the description, but it sure does it work .....

Smart pitcher.

written by Anita, 26/03/13

This here was mega popular. It works. I had not thought. Do enough procure me more. It even works with the apple juice. recommended


written by lailas, 31/03/13

swift good steady slush delicious with a cup to keep in where you do not freeze your fingers off his absolutely a super thing and does not take as much space :)

made Cafe Frappe itself

written by Lexa, Germany 20/04/13

As described, it produces a slush and without much effort within 30 minutes. Pour drink iced, every 10 minutes, the ice scraped off the edge, ready. The cooling part of the Mugs but must (-10 degrees ... Read more


written by Helena, Sweden 14/05/13

Slushmuggen is a hit with the kids. They met our expectations plus some more. Slushen are delicious and quick to make.

memory lane

written by Postorderknarkaren, Sweden 26/06/13

Very fun, use it often, is like reliving childhood again: - Will enough to buy more this summer for those hot summer days.


written by Glenn Uno Ræstad, Norway 18/07/13

I can not complain about the product it worked exactly as it should. As I assumed it was a small 5-15 minutes from when I had finished soda, juice and iced tea until it was slush. But what is so crazy... Read more


written by Ingrid, Norway 18/07/13

Bought slushmug few weeks ago - must mention that the delivery time was barely two days (arrived post office on the morning day 2 after ordering!) - Have used it almost every day! But one is just as i... Read more


written by Nicole Odenkirchen, Germany 24/07/13

So that I am the absolute Queen not only in my own children but also in my Neffen.Ich can only recommend it really works.

free of knots

written by freddykrueger, Germany 12/08/13

Hello, The Slush Mug is really fishy to slush Selber machen Clear If there is not to the original approach but I think it quite alright already is what bothers me a bit that you can not just quickly a... Read more

Super Efindung!

written by Ledus, Germany 12/09/13

With us the Slush Mug worked well straight away. Simple operation but Ergbnis to be proud of. Friends are equally enthusiastic. Desirable would be a cover. The amount of slush generated 'seems som... Read more

Kam super to

written by Fili, Germany 30/12/13

The recipient was thrilled and we tried it immediately. Folding how it should work. Perfect. Was delivered promptly. So only positive :) The very next friend wants such a part. Price is okay so what m... Read more

Reasonable long wait

written by Anders Nissen, Denmark 03/01/14

Although we have tried with juice / soda / juice etc., so take it good enough for a long time, though it has been about 3 degrees before it came in. It took us an average of 13-15 minutes to get rough... Read more

slush mug

written by Melle, Finland 03/01/14

Just a wonderful product. This works really well and the kids love when you are so easily at home slushia.

Good and fun, but takes too long

written by Dan, Denmark 06/01/14

Is satisfied with the product, just a shame that it should be so long in the freezer and it takes so long to freeze the beverage.

Does not work

written by Claus, Denmark 19/02/14

You expect to have to relax while enjoying your slush ice. But with this product end up only with that you get sore fingers of rørre around for probably five minutes in total. In order to achieve the ... Read more


written by Nicolai, Denmark 04/03/14

Very good. However, all things equal done about 20% longer than it says. So luckily it was not a GREAT advertising fudge things just a little ya know

Homemade slushice

written by Jakob Olsen, Denmark 27/05/14

I think perhaps the product of sold a bit on the side. Stir a few minutes ... I now see best results about 15 minutes onwards. But having said that, it becomes lovely slush, so if you disregard it tak... Read more


written by Tirkeme, Sweden 27/05/14

Working properly. It is difficult not to drink the potion before becoming slushig. 5: 2 of the diet two solid days ... ice cream ... Bring water and a few raspberries in the cup

Not the best

written by MM, Germany 07/07/14

It does not work with me hats at 5 try 1 time geklapt and as it is not in the description after 4 minutes slush as on the carnival is also true for the one I made I needed 20 minutes so only 3 stars


written by Øyvind, Norway 20/11/14

It is easy to use to getting little mess. it freezes your drink very quickly thanks to the inner white cup. RECOMMENDED !!

Sluch Mug

written by Connie Christensen, Denmark 11/12/14

my grandchildren were happy and they were put in the freezer immediately. But have not heard more, it need not be negative.

slush mug

written by Kati, Finland 26/12/14

This was the whole Christmas hot item for kids !!! Stayed eating chocolate ice powder drinks making takia.Erittäin quick and easy to make money juoma.Oli arvoinen.Kiitoksia but!

It works

written by Ane, Denmark 01/01/15

Fine mug. Fills a little too much in the freezer, but it works fine. It takes about 6-8 min. before the contents freeze. But it stays cold really long! Nice! Had a happy daughter on Christmas Eve ... ... Read more

It works

written by Ane, Denmark 01/01/15

Fine mug. Fills a little too much in the freezer, but it works fine. It takes about 6-8 min. before the contents freeze. But it stays cold really long! Nice! Had a happy daughter on Christmas Eve ... ... Read more

slush mug

written by Kristin , Norway 30/07/15

A very good product

Slushice maker

written by Peoph, Denmark 04/01/16

It works best if you put it back in the freezer for a few laps with a spoon. Eventually become super slushice You can not get it to work by just taking it out of the freezer, put the juice and stir.

Slushice maker

written by Peoph, Denmark 04/01/16

It works best if you put it back in the freezer for a few laps with a spoon. Eventually become super slushice You can not get it to work by just taking it out of the freezer, put the juice and stir.

Sister too!

written by Jäämehu, Finland 07/10/16

I bought my sister a birthday present such. It was absolutely of total excited about this and was ordered herself. Contact comfortably cold and frost after taking slushia yes indeed will, as promised!... Read more

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