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Thinking Putty

Few things are as relaxing as sitting and playing with this thinking putty. Thinking Putty is made from a unique material that can be kneaded, moulded, torn apart, bounced and split.

Thinking Putty - Cryptonite - Glow in the dark
Cryptonite - Glow in the dark
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Thinking Putty - Liquid Glass
Liquid Glass
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40 reviews

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What is this?

written by Slesvig, 21/06/09

Delicious small lump of clay. much better than what you played with in 4th grade. Is addictive !!!

Thinking Putty

written by Tinus, 04/09/09

A lovely "dough" to knead and best of all, small bubbles formed so that it sounds like bubble wrap that never ends! A cool gadget simply.

The top

written by Ida, 11/09/09

My Red Think Putty is incredibly fun and especially relaxing to play with. Good exercise for fingers too! Am very satisfied with my purchase.


written by Gobberman, 09/10/09

A blue dough that are throughout the house in small parts of cloths and carpets and in the car. Though quite fun anyway.

Thinking Putty

written by Vladimir Alykov, 19/10/09

When I received it, the whole my office 'liiiige see it in two seconds' but nobody could put it down: D even my boss was mega puzzled and showed it to our secretary who allowed the jump from h... Read more

Studs Clay makes success all kids

written by mimmi, 28/10/09

It is a bit pricey but all the kids want one! Have but few of these in the gift box is always ready for the kids!

Addictive ..

written by Norea, 22/12/09

Thought try and see what it was before I packed it as a Christmas gift. Had to wrap it quickly, it was hard to keep your fingers away from Puttyn once you had picked it up. Thought maybe you could get... Read more

written by Jeanette, 20/01/10

Cool things :) is super to have at his side, when you absolutely can not sit still with his hands .. Good for pastime in front of the TV, or anytime you feel like it ..

very entertaining

written by ordo, 07/04/10

You are almost in a trance by playing with it. Do not over to let the kids go for very crazy with it - We now have small pieces of green thinking putty in our carpet - How do you get something out? Ap... Read more

written by , 01/06/10

Super good afstressningsredskab .. It is VERY expensive, but also a little fun. I am sure you can get it cheaper elsewhere, but I'm so glad it .. :)


written by Alexander, 07/08/10

Really cool things you can spend hours (though half hours at a time ;-)) I put it over a ½ liter bottle, and after some time it was overrun all the way down the side of the bottle, and I could easily ... Read more

Thinking Putty slightly different dough [Review]

written by Florian Bardischewski (http://Fl, 19/08/10

-Vorwort: The first time of Thinking Putty I have on an American site belongs to the man has described this "stuff". I call it conscious 'stuff' as Thinking Putty neither plasticine ... Read more

Creative clay ....

written by llc, 03/09/10

Bought it as a gift for my son, he had wanted it because his companion had it, and he has been excited ever since. Have it in use every day, can only recommend it ...

Cool thing! (With a few shortcomings)

written by Lennart M., 04/10/10

The Verpakcung is well designed, so you can leave it well are encouraging desk. But people want to use it, you get it only difficult from the metal box out ... Furthermore, the clay but wrapping somet... Read more


written by , 05/10/10

it came fast and you figure everything to know of what you had to use it is fun to sit playing with it can be shaped in many different ways

Thinking Putty

written by jegskalige, 16/12/10

I love this product. I had something like a child and I loved to play with it. The large amount of thinkin putty that was in the bin means that I have been able to divide it into three and giving two ... Read more

addictive chunk

written by holle, 16/12/10

Fascinating kind of modeling clay with many regulatory ellie and fun options. Not to keep your hands off, neither children nor adults can leave it alone. And so is the color itself discretion to look ... Read more

written by Frederikh, 17/12/10

It is mega good product but if you feel lying on a piece Clothing then pasting it. When one tears it over or make bubbles flies that sometimes a piece of land and a place so beware.

Entertaining !!

written by Selman, 05/05/11

When I first bought it, I just thought that it was a stupid invention, but found out that it is extremely entertaining !! :)

Thumbs up :)

written by Switch, 22/05/11

Did not believe it could be so addictive. I can spend hours going to sit and squirm, squash and so on. It's super for when watching TV, and equal need something to use hands. Overall super cool.

it's OK

written by gabriele f, 22/06/11

bought the dough for my son as a birthday gift. Thought it would be the magnetic modeling clay from the USA. He can use it as a rubber ball, and so on. The delivery was super prompt and have the produ... Read more

Ingenious part!

written by Dusza, 31/08/11

If you researched a bit on the Internet, you quickly find a video for this stuff. This promise much, but I wanted to convince myself of the properties. It can initially get difficult from the packagin... Read more

Damn you Thinking Putty for being so good ..

written by Altmann, 14/01/12

Smells nothing, is much in the jar, beautiful color! It is almost a little too hard and difficult to get out of the can, thank God you have strong nails. Great to have next to them when you watch movi... Read more

Fun for young and old.

written by Marianne, 24/01/12

We were a little skeptical when we saw the lump in the box, but it turned out quickly to be a fascinating lump. The were recycled in the Christmas party and was long in each one. It also proves that i... Read more

Pretty crazy part

written by Selina, 02/02/12

I bought me this crazy dough, because I really wanted verwichteln. However, I was somehow fascinated by the product and the pretty package that I keep it. However, I use them less frequently. But the ... Read more

Funny toy that does exactly as described.

written by Chr, 18/02/12

You can stretch, squeeze, pops, sticky and melt it. It's a fun play to people of all ages. Recommended as a birthday gift to 7-year-old!

Leklera modern twist!

written by Roffe, 23/03/12

The kids had seen a similar product on TV and wanted was his jar, and at first I thought it was kind model clay but after I got home the cans so playing / knead myself with it sometimes! :-)

False advertising

written by Anna, 20/09/12

The product feels like hard plastic. You have to heat it up for quite a while before you can play with. The mimics are not liquid properties. The description of the product is not therefore true.


written by Percan, 11/10/12

Bought for his son without expectations! Both he and I "play" with the clay every day, one morning it had "leaked" down from the desk when we forgot to close in the mud in the can!... Read more

Moderate Funny clay.

written by Getinmabelly, 12/10/12

I have a tremendous need to fiddle / play with something when I sit and wait for things when I'm working at the computer. This could have been an option. It is fun to explore and play with, but th... Read more

Super cool

written by Tweety, 24/10/12

Super cool dough, you can drag and press and crumple and more. total power for fun and do not use the pulling back totally together. Power repays everything. Total cool.

fascinating clay

written by Gunilla, 10/12/12

What is it they can not do with the clay? Eat ... But Not easily shaped, bouncy and has artistic talent is really magical, or if it's creator. However as with beauty, it is perishable in its guise... Read more

perfectly-highly recommended everything

written by wenzels2006, 14/01/13

the product is exactly as described, a huge fun, fast order the case goods, parcel was on the internet trackable, simply perfect.

Magic plasticine

written by Mando, Germany 04/07/13

Very interesting plasticine at much too high a price, since there is no real benefit for it! Shattered like glass, it is unfortunately not yet despite very hard drops to concrete. Funny to even show b... Read more


written by Katja, Germany 17/07/13

When unpacking the dough did not look that great. After she was but used a few times, the excitement grew. It is really great, is not sticky and it's fun to use them.

Keeps its promises!

written by Cae, Sweden 16/12/13

Giant Funny thing! Certainly looks like molten glass when you pull it apart and then you can put it away and watch as it slowly melts. Became a prized birthday present anyway.

We did not manage to crush the

written by MiniMy, Norway 28/12/13

-but otherwise we have a lot of fun with this little lump! Fascinating how the both float and bounce and can be shaped like a lump of clay


written by Ck1031, Germany 10/09/14

Metal can makes only nen good impression, but when opening came the disappointment. The dimensions had glued the whole edge and makes a cheap Einfruck. It is also very hard. Will it therefore not give... Read more

Thinking putt

written by Christina diderichsen, Denmark 02/01/16

My son loves it and he had many gifts, but this fun liquid glass is probably the best and most used ... should definitely order it again in other colors ...

Surprisingly good

written by me 12, Sweden 23/02/16

At first it seems like a boring filler gift but when the lid is off and you have experienced it, bounce it, see it glow in the dark so it is highly addictive and becomes a hot topic. Now stands on the... Read more

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