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Tiny Tim Book Light

Cute little reading lamp in the form of a miniature classic office lamp! Can be attached to a book or placed next to the laptop!

Tiny Tim Book Light - Black
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Tiny Tim Book Light - Red
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Support for semi-senile eyes

written by trasslet, Sweden 27/09/13

I am a member of a game and singing group and have started to look bad in the dark. Now, I attach the little sweet light on the music stand and can read music and text. For example, when we sometimes ... Read more

Small reading lamp Tim

written by Ban, Sweden 28/04/14

A wonderful aids in miniature. The first light I ordered did not work in the switch. It was also tired in the head and did not really keep up. But an email with info to Coolstuff arranged new lamp ins... Read more

Two little things

written by Weihnachtsstern28, Germany 25/11/14

The two little things that I've ordered, including something fragile, and good insulation with Papierknäuls (inside) came thanks to robust packaging (outside) healing with me - and this in a few d... Read more

Sweet architect lamp

written by Freja, Denmark 03/01/15

Cute little architect lamp, which lights up fine when the light is turned off. Can be recommended to others .....

Tiny Tim Booklight

written by Christian, Norway 10/02/15

Small reading lamp to attach the top of the book when you for example. want to read in bed without disturbing others, or in places with poor reading lights (cabin, camping, etc.). Only 13cm high. Look... Read more


written by Samuel, Sweden 16/02/15

Shines with a bright, white light. It is flexible and bendable in several directions. Easy to carry and very cute


written by marita, Norway 11/12/15

Reading lamp had just the size that matched.

Everything was perfect

written by JonasK, Denmark 18/12/15

Very good service. Quick delivery and no errors on the product. A fun little reading lamp that also has the magnet on the bottom, so it can certainly be used elsewhere than just in a book.

good light

written by Vw, Norway 20/01/16

A good lamp. It provides good reading light and is perfect to put on the book. Small footprint and easy to adjust "arm" on it. Recommended.

missing case

written by Inger Lise, Norway 09/02/16

Nice lamp, does what it promises, it should however followed with pouch so you can take it without being destroyed (most are plastic)

The Enlightenment

written by Heidi, Germany 13/04/16

Great reading light, very light and easy to install on the book. High brightness, allows reading without your neighbor disrupt ;-)

Reading lamp

written by Läsare, Sweden 05/10/16

Little Tim reading lamp provides good reading light in a darkened bedroom, but my sleeping partner becomes disturbed. I think it works well to read in the light that it provides, and I wear glasses ar... Read more

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