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Took Headphone Hat

Comfy headphone hats with integrated headphones that you can easily plug into any MP3 player. Rock on.

Took Headphone Hat - Tooks Ivy White
Tooks Ivy White
95 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Took Headphone Hat - Tooks Ivy Black
Tooks Ivy Black
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Took Headphone Hat - Tooks Velocity Black
Tooks Velocity Black
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Took Headphone Hat - Tooks Velocity Navy Blue
Tooks Velocity Navy Blue
86 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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Cap with hölurar

written by Ydde, 11/11/10

Perfect gift / Christmas gift to polar'n who are out and power-walkovers on mornarna..Köpte one for myself too. The sound is good and it's nice not having to insert the earbuds in your ears ..... Read more

"Tooks Headphone Beanie"

written by deb, 13/12/10

I am delighted with the hat ... only drawback could well be that when you have your headphones in (they can pick out) so it looks really weird on the sides, like two lumps on either ear. But I use the... Read more

Spot on!

written by Henrik, 17/12/10

Works very well and heat over medium to "mice-scale". I have a slightly larger head than normal and it fits me perfectly. The sound is good if you look at the price!

Tookig cap

written by Bosse, 23/12/10

Felt good about my hat, works well and the sound is quite OK! Handsome in winter.

written by , 26/12/10

Stylish hat and headphones firmly.

Very cozy hat!

written by Madeleine, 26/12/10

I am very pleased with this cap, the sick are comfortable to wear with a fleece strip on the inside of your ears and keeps the heat. It fits well for me with pretty little head, stuck on my friend so ... Read more

Delicious sounds, not heat.

written by Mathias, 27/12/10

Bought the cable-knit model (Ivy) for a couple of weeks ago. Works great even when it gets really cold outside, thanks to fleesefodringen. Unfortunately, so delicious it pretty much sounds (perhaps no... Read more


written by rerø, 27/12/10

I bought these for Christmas to the person I pike this product was very happy! hat is perhaps a little cramped but the develope little by host and it's good sound in the earphones you get with :)

written by Andreas, 29/12/10

Great idea, simple but effective design. A little bad base in the headphones (as expected with this version), but otherwise quite decent sound. The hat is comfortable.

super bold hue: D

written by jonas møller, 18/01/11

bought this hat with headphones to my brother and he's just mega happy with it and wears it all the time. He says the major just mega good and it can play so loud that he can not hear when you hon... Read more

gift for 40 year old

written by charlotte, 21/01/11

My friend had a birthday .. the first 40 years .. and I think she should have a gift in addition to the sædvanlige..duft and underwear :-) she was very fond of it, as she has difficulty using small ea... Read more

An obvious choice.

written by Angela aka Angy, 23/02/11

Can not say other than that I really am super happy. Heats little head while you can swing with the music :) The sound in the headphones was also good and the surroundings do not hear very at all of w... Read more

Cool o Warm at the same time!

written by Stu, 06/10/11

Be cool while you are hot! Now it is possible with Tooks headphone Cap! Good sound, fits under a helmet when driving the bike, Washable. Just make sure you do not hooks behind reached with the cord, b... Read more

Super satisfied!

written by Quid, 03/11/11

I'm super happy with my hat! It was easy to peel into the headphones / speakers in the hat and they sit there they will cap warms and breathes well too.

Cool Stuff - Top

written by Casu, 11/11/11

Right fast delivery, super product, super idea. Cool Stuff - again :-)

Sound in the hat!

written by Marte Kufaas, 17/12/11

This is a brilliant product! I am so pleased with the concept that I'll definitely have more. I ordered the white hat with braid tram. It has nice size and firmly (and nicely) on his head. And it ... Read more

Cool & Good

written by Offe, 22/12/11

Is not so much and say. Really comfortable hat and the sound is quite okay.

Great sound and stylish.

written by Elisabeth, 23/12/11

Although it was / is a Christmas present, I was allowed to try it a little earlier. I bought the white version, and I think it's great that it's stylish, but still usable. I'm usually not ... Read more


written by anja, 27/12/11

all the best, fast, good and flexible !!!

The product delivered

written by Lars Ebdrup, 02/01/12

The product delivered. SMS notification did not work - so there was some days before I "discovered" that the product was for pick-up at the post office.


written by mille, 03/01/12

The hat with headphones went down well with my son. The hat is actually ok smart and headphones works fine. A great gift idea.

Fed hue, bold service!

written by Anders, 09/01/12

The hat is bold, good and warm and headphones can play much higher than I need them. They had sent me the wrong model of the hat, but it was fixed with one phone call, and then they sent me the right ... Read more

Super gift idea

written by FtotheX, 10/01/12

The cap was a Christmas present for my mother because she goes jogging happy and you always fall through the normal headphones. Well I bought her the hat and she is totally excited I was allowed to te... Read more

small sizes

written by Emma, 08/02/12

This gave me as a gift for my 13 year old nephew and his cap was far too small. It sat hard and finished in the top of the ear instead of going down on the ears so that the headphone set where they wo... Read more

written by , 11/02/12

Mega happy hat use it much concert footage with my work

Good article.

written by , 16/02/12

The cap is material other well made and comfortable to wear. The headset is easy to attach and remove, but no besittzt chamber in which is positioned, but is movable in the complete lining and is fixe... Read more

Tooks headphone cap

written by Lotta G, 17/10/12

What toppenidé to have a cap with built-in headphones! It works perfectly with all types of media. Warm and comfortable hat. Unfortunately leaking some of the sound into the environment. If you do not... Read more

Christmas gift to myself

written by långpromenerare, 27/11/12

Absolutely superb for someone like me who walk in all weathers and willing to listen to the radio or iPod and do not want to freeze on the head. The sound is quite ok and it is so comfortable ---- and... Read more

Chic Hat with headphones.

written by Starfish, 29/11/12

My daughter wanted to have new headphones so that they listen to music on the school bus and can talk. (Understanding of the youth of today ;-). I thought, why not now join in the cold season with a h... Read more

Tooks Sport Headphones Hat

written by S.St., 06/12/12

Super-fast delivery, very nice phone contact for inquiries. Qualitatively, the caps are beautifully finished, and rightly bucking the headphones into the intended individual position very easy. With l... Read more

dual function

written by farmor kerstin, 10/12/12

A truly great combination for me as happy listening to the radio when I walk. The hat heats and a pleasure to have the headphones folded into it. Hope they last long!


written by s.michelsen, 18/12/12

The Tooks sports headphones cap was well received by my nephew. They were excited and have immediately begun to make listening to music.

clever product

written by TomPe, 18/12/12

Excellent product for the winter time. Suits me very well because otherwise tend headphones fall out of my ears. Recommend.

Warm sound

written by Zb, 19/12/12

Just great! Hat on and it's all there - nothing slips forget anything. That's how it should be. The hat not only looks good, but also the headphones do what they should. Have already bought th... Read more

NO adult-size

written by Monika, 25/12/12

Had just got on the cap. However, it is much too small! Is not something to offer as an adult hat. For children it should fit, but I think here would pose a security risk in traffic (my personal opini... Read more

small size

written by Pia, 27/12/12

The hat is small in size and not easy to stretch out. Does not seem to fit the adult male. The sound is nothing to cheer about, but if you are looking for great sound, it's not a funny hat looking... Read more


written by rennmaus, 01/01/13

Had ordered on account. The hat arrived quickly and super. My nephew places them hardly. As you might have to have to choose sizes.

headphone Beanie

written by Pingo, 02/01/13

Bought both the all-white and all-black hat. The sound works fine but both were very small in size. Read before that some thought they went well even if you had a big head. For me it is not true. My s... Read more

sport headphones Hat

written by Annem, 08/01/13

that's not a bad thing. On the hood, I would, however, can do without - the headphones alone would also fulfills the purpose. As you very sweats when walken (uphill), I use a little cap made of br... Read more

Good but should have been more sizes

written by Mann24, 23/01/13

For girls and young enough this perfect! But for me as a young adult male with average big head, so it was too cramped (type circulation stops) So it should have been stretchy or come in several sizes... Read more


written by Ronny, Sweden 14/09/13

For an adult it is a bit too small. Functionally, I give it good marks. Would be great if it was possible to buy spare lurking. Have not checked if possible.

Tooks Sport Headphones Hat

written by MK, Germany 28/11/13

The quality of the hat is good, the headphones also. What was not apparent but the purchase of the cap, is that the unit size is described what children more. Pity! The delivery time was also a day lo... Read more

Best bargain in years

written by Fredrik, Sweden 25/12/13

I work in a refrigerated warehouse so I thought it was an excellent solution to have the sound directly into the hat instead of clumsy trick or shells that fall out of the ear or rub. It is a bit smal... Read more

Great sound without earplugs

written by S. B., Germany 05/01/14

The headphone Hat is a cool solution to listen to music, not only in sports or cycling in the winter. Particularly well suited for small ears, in which never actually holding a mini headphones.


written by Rene F., Germany 06/01/14

The quality of the hat is good and looks good. The headphones are also very flat and therefore comfortable to wear. Disadvantage, the headphones are not very robust and qualitatively very high quality... Read more


written by Volker, Germany 18/12/14

great and especially warm cap, the only thing I's criticisms would be fumbling when committing the earcups Mütze.ich take this cap in the cold season when jogging. the sound is good. the order is ... Read more

written by Steffi, Germany 29/12/14

Super cool. Just as I had imagined. The cap is a big hit. I recommend it any further.

Super happy!

written by LilleT, Norway 25/12/15

Well put on my head. But are small in size. Surprisingly good sound! Dice 6 from me! Excellent that it is simple and clean. The speakers stays in place inside the flame "pockets" with Velcro... Read more

Hue with headphones

written by W.B., Denmark 05/01/16

The idea is really good, and the hat was well received. But but - - the lining is sewn in the hat to keep the small earphones in place is too tight, so even if the young man does not have a big head, ... Read more

Hat with sound

written by eml, Norway 14/04/16

Practical with hat with sound. Improvement could be wireless transmission, but it works great for my use :)

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