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Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Peanuts

Be careful - these are nothing like the chilli peanuts you are used to. Extremely spicy peanuts that will make anyone sweat!

Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Peanuts - Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Peanuts
Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Peanuts
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Good - Expected stronger.

written by Chili Kongen, Denmark 08/04/14

They are very good and strong, but had actually thought that they were stronger :-) Can well recommend them because they are very fun to try! But strong are they :-D

is strongly recommended

written by salo, Sweden 21/04/14

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer but fairly good strength on those who remain for a few minutes, they were fun to test how mother and friends reacted to them :) do you want to test yourself and yo... Read more

Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Peanuts

written by Tobbe, Sweden 20/05/14

Good and strong, had been happy to be even stronger for me. Think it should be served at the pub

strong nuts

written by Øyvind, Norway 28/07/14

These were delightful. Remember to shake the box well before eating. Trinidad Scorpion is a wonderful good chilli that I can annbefales strongly. Could have been stronger.


written by nezkrew, Sweden 05/12/14

Beyond expectation! It will probably take for granted that 'super strong' things are right wimpy. But this was actually a really good pressure! Very surprising! Good was with them!

Hot stuff

written by Anders, Sweden 22/12/14

For a chili lover this is a must. However, it should better be packed so that it intre transport damaged during delivery.

small size

written by Henrietta, Denmark 01/01/15

Was disappointed to see how small it was, does not seem that the product was consistent with the price. It was but as a gift and it was well received, but I was disappointed and never purchase the pro... Read more

Trinidad Scorpion Chili Peanuts

written by Wheegee, Germany 04/01/15

Hmm, have promised me some more of them, as they are touted (extremely sharp, makes no survivors, the sharpest peanuts in the world, etc.) So .... for real Chili Heads among you those things are rathe... Read more

strong, but wrong flavor

written by Dion, Denmark 05/01/15

TSMB Stain II has a great flavor, but these peanuts have only strength, which is a shame ... but of course it is funny enough anyway. Unfortunately, the picture on the can also be an error ... it is N... Read more

Peanuts with chilli

written by E. Roth, Germany 06/01/15

A dream they had given a good friend who was so impressed that he wanted to know your address to order also with you.

not strong

written by marcus , Sweden 26/01/15

The nuts tasted disgusting and was not strong ... but certain for one who can not handle food seasoned with something else a salt o pepped as the e la strong

Extra strong chili nuts

written by Lundeful, Norway 01/04/15

For us who are accustomed to taste some spicy food and hot chilli so I must say I was disappointed. Based packaging so it looks like there should be a (nearly) full box with super strong peanuts. The ... Read more

Very strong nuts

written by Davbjo, Sweden 10/12/15

Products such as these tend to be rather timid and promise more than they deliver, so it is not with these nuts. I eat Sriracha ketchup and Blair's chips as regular snacks, but this is not nuts to... Read more

Could have been stronger

written by b1o, Norway 14/12/15

These nuts are quite strong, but nowhere near as strong as Trinidad chil gospels are in reality. It is very nice if you go on a low-carbon and fancy some strong nuts. Took them at work and some of my ... Read more

Yes, they are strong

written by Polle, Norway 30/12/15

Bought this to use it to fool your family and friends - and it works. It looks like ordinary nuts, and it takes some time before you actually notice how strong they are.

GOOD winds

written by Maja, Denmark 04/01/16

Gave my husband this jar .. It is far from being filled with peanuts, but there was enough that could be tasted more than a few days. The message from my husband and my brother are the same .... The E... Read more

Not as expected

written by Smeden, Denmark 11/01/16

Is far from strong, to eat 10 before starting to feel the strength, the price should be cheaper, as there are very in. Otherwise good to Pranke friends :-)

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