USB Christmas Tree

A Christmas decoration for computer geeks and guys at the office. Plug it into the USB port on your PC and hey presto, you have an atmospheric and brightly coloured Christmas tree right on your desk!

USB Christmas Tree - USB Christmas Tree
USB Christmas Tree
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Small but fine

written by Maria, 25/11/09

Fits straight to the office!

Cool gadget for Christmas!

written by , 29/12/09

Since I spend a lot of time at the data, it is fun with the Christmas spirit there too!

As Shysst Gran

written by rlarsssson, 01/01/10

My home shyssts a small Christmas tree to my dear computer, now did get everyone in the family a Christmas present. he he ..


written by Randi, 23/11/10

I bought this Christmas tree in Christmas gift adds a pal of the family that is data saved, and that always helps us with updates / rep / div of our computers in the home !!! And, he helps maaaaange o... Read more

Spread Christmas cheer in the dark

written by GiZmo, 29/11/10

This super cute USB Christmas tree is perfect here for Christmas and it really looks great next to the computer .. lovely Christmas atmosphere .. and then change the color .. Super delicious ..

Christmas mood on the PC via the USB Christmas Tree

written by Falk Richter, 02/12/10

As part of an action for bloggers I received from Cool Stuff a voucher to me to order something nice from the assortment of Christmas. My choice fell on a USB Christmas tree and a USB power adapter. T... Read more

fine wood

written by Helle, 02/12/10

A really fine wood, which I'm very happy. But Aw 3 days later I found the tree in a bookstore for 50 kr. I would like to have saved too shipment. But where is it nice!

Neighboring spruce

written by Lalead, 03/12/10

This is not a pine cone, on de 'A'enough good de'. For the Pats have several shades, which may be slightly different chances to show itself in all its splendor, when put in contact Puller.... Read more

USB Christmas tree in multiple colors

written by TKN, 03/12/10

USB Christmas tree lights fine and festive in many colors. Makes your laptop in the Christmas mood.

USB Christmas Tree

written by Christina, 06/12/10

The product works as described and live in the degree up to the expectation, my daughter is super happy tree that we have installed in the car, via radio. A fun little things this Christmas.

fight Tough

written by , 08/12/10

A real classy Christmas tree which finishes the fight well in the home and at work :)

Christmas tree for overcrowding

written by Tommy, 11/12/10

This tree was perfect for me as a small apartment. Funny that it changes color too.

Christmas tree

written by Inger, 13/12/10

It's so horribly ugly, so every time I see it starting to laugh. Only it's so beautiful. Will give it as a Christmas gift to my partner so I can continue tanning / Inger

USB tree

written by Leif Larsen, 13/12/10

Great invention. Immediately bought one for my kids and girlfriend. They were all very excited. Very Fancy & cool. ps assume that '1' is the best rating.

cool Gran

written by Micke, 13/12/10

Hello! Just want to take this opportunity and plussa bit for a really cool USB Christmas tree with my colleagues quite envious. A fun product that delivers what it promises :) "Merry Christmas an... Read more

Neighboring spruce

written by Ann , 17/12/10

This fine fir my workplace is lit up, all these colors make me happy like a rooster. The Christmas tree is so nice that everyone wants it. Now it has quickly become one in a row. For as soon as the co... Read more

Beautiful Christmas decorations for your computer

written by Henrik, 17/12/10

A USB Christmas tree is always nice like this for Christmas! The spruce is one of the fairer yes manner well with lights and switches between different beautiful colors. The cord is just the right len... Read more

Mys to your computer

written by , 20/12/10

I am very happy with the little Christmas tree that I bought, and I plugged into my computer. It changes color moderately fast and looks like a small ice sculpture.

Brightly colored Christmas tree

written by , 21/12/10

A very nice but VERY expensive piece of Christmas decorations! Should also be purchased only if you sit at the computer most of one's home time or else face the just without light (and it's no... Read more

USB Christmas Tree

written by Marianne, 22/12/10

Could brightly in different colors. Otherwise very happy.

cool case

written by deralte, 23/12/10

These are cases, top Christmas atmosphere in the office. Recommended for all who enjoy the Christmas season and will make your colleagues green / blue / white / red of begrudgingly !!

USB Christmas Tree

written by Tveshag, 23/12/10

Here is the Christmas tree, you must have on your desk at Christmas time (going well otherwise oxå): A small but stunning spruce that gives wonderful mood by changing färger.Har had other usb trees bu... Read more

written by Fost, 23/12/10

Very popular in the office :)


written by Izze, 24/12/10

Has really got a Christmas spirit with this on your computer

funny thing

written by K H, 26/12/10

I gave my son a USB Christmas tree for Christmas, and it was a success. He plugs into the tree every morning, and there it stands and lights up in nice colors day long. This is recommended!

USB tree

written by Malouj, 30/12/10

Became a hit on the job. Had to order 14 pc to my colleagues. Stylish on our account table they were, lit with alternating colors.


written by AMANK, 30/12/10

The data tree. When you sit at the data and work it is cozy, and you get a real Christmas atmosphere when you put on the little USB Christmas tree, shifting colors and really elevates stämningen.Färge... Read more

So it was Christmas again

written by Batufine, 03/01/11

I work in health care. After this year I would work on Christmas Eve and in addition would not spend much on Christmas, because I would move on 1/1 2011, I wanted to at least have some Christmas spiri... Read more

fat Christmas tree

written by Conny Hansen, 28/11/11

Put it to your PC and get in the Christmas spirit. It becomes quite happy to see the tree change colors.

Cute little Christmas tree, perfect for the job

written by Julia, 16/12/11

I have this on my desk at work at Christmastime. Can also be used in the car. Cozy small tree that changes color. Recommended.

USB Christmas Tree

written by BSW, 09/01/12

Cute little Christmas tree to "spice up" the laptop with the Christmas season.

Spreading Christmas joy

written by Thor H, 10/01/12

Exceeded my expectations clear. Expected a miniaturetræ that glowed white (or whatever it was for a color that stood as an example), but the product proved to be infinitely more colorful (as the curre... Read more

great spruce

written by Jultokig, 08/10/12

USB Christmas tree was highly appreciated by vårjultokiga friend. Have not checked how it works, but the gift was appreciated.

Cute lighting

written by Judy, 10/12/12

I plugged in the Christmas tree on the TV and there is a nice Christmassy light. I think it's great.

Instant Christmas spirit.

written by Dollar, 13/12/12

Net little Christmas tree elegant changes color. Not as flashy as I thought in advance, thankfully. Just plug into a USB socket on your PC then you are in the Christmas spirit in a few seconds. Very c... Read more


written by Peter, 14/12/12

Have been looking for this kind of long. Really nice and makes himself very well at the computer corner. Awesome!

Amusing widget :-)

written by Mr Olsen, 20/12/12

The Christmas tree creates warmth and smile. It is here and change color between green, blue and yellow quietly. Work fine and simply plugged into a USB port to operate.

Christmas tree

written by May, 31/12/12

Excellent Cool Christmas tree according to the children of 7 and 10 who received the PC's. They change color regularly between red, green, yellow.

geeky decorations

written by Johanna, Sweden 01/11/13

I'm super happy with this little Christmas tree, right nerdy to fit into the partner's office. The size of the tree is perfect, it is visible but does not take over.

USB Christmas Tree

written by Hans, Sweden 25/11/13

Spreads julmys easily. Christmas tree lights in different colors and works equally well in the PC USB socket in the car.

seemed Perfect

written by Diana Nolsøe, Denmark 02/01/14

It worked exactly as it should, the light was actually stronger than I expected, and it fit perfectly as a small Christmas decoration.

Bought one last year with

written by Fin julgran lagom stor, Sweden 27/10/14

This tree is so fine it switches the light so soft, so I bought another to have it at the second data with for Christmas!

USB Christmas tree

written by Glück, Germany 18/12/14

A truly ingenious products. Works flawlessly. Good goods at a fair price. We recommend.

USB Christmas tree

written by cookie, Germany 12/11/15

Are arrived in one piece and have functional test passed. Cute little idea for the holiday season. Take good care of your desk next to your PC.


written by Ulf, Sweden 18/11/15

A brilliant product that came and worked perfectly and catered to the expectations and demands I put

Solid fine

written by Billan72, Sweden 19/11/15

The little Christmas tree lights up so nicely on your desk, alternating between bright colors, easy to plug into the computer

Cozy office Christmas tree

written by Kasper, Denmark 07/12/15

Good colors, and decorate the top of my screen, without bothering me or my colleagues købkøbkøbkøbkøbkøb

cool Christmas tree

written by Lillepus, Norway 11/12/15

Mood Creator at work. The children also received this Christmas tree calendar gift. Large stately :-) Anyone who likes USB gadgets should acquire such.

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