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USB Cup Warmer

Plug this mug warmer into a USB port and you'll never again have to experience the taste of cold coffee or tea at your computer!

USB Cup Warmer - USB Cup Warmer
USB Cup Warmer
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What is this?

USB Cup Warmer

written by oreo, 09/06/09

I am pleased with the cup warmer, but I wish that you could also be able to buy the cup which is in the picture because they fit so well together. Very fast delivery and good packaging.

very handy

written by Andreaz, 09/09/09

gave my father that when his birthday and he thought this cup heater was very good as he sits at his laptop and surf.

lukewarm heater

written by inger, 09/09/09

Cup heater was not warm. then bought the adapter (which should have been there from the beginning) but the plate still could not keep the drink warm !!

Meager pressure

written by Bincen, 02/11/09

Good solution. The USB hub works fine. The trouble is that the surface does not get hot, it's that it does not spread enough heat, because the contact area with most of the job coffee mugs are tak... Read more

USB Cup Warmer

written by Nina, 14/12/09

I bought this cup warmer to my boyfriend. Because he is a computer geek if he does not always drink up his tea when it's hot. So therefore I thought it was practical to buy this cup warmer. And th... Read more

written by Maria, 29/12/09

Super tough, arrived before Christmas :-)

USB cup warmer

written by Chris, 30/12/09

This funny but smart invention is brilliant for when you sit and to work at the computer and not just bother to get up to get warmed / replace the cold coffee / tea. And it actually works: o)

Hot coffee even longer!

written by Emil, 31/12/09

my father was pleasantly surprised when he tried this contraption on his job. His coffee is now hot for a long time. A good working product!

Okay Cup Warmer

written by adam, 02/01/10

Works as expected, very smoothly with them extra USB ports you get on your desktop. Could perhaps be slightly warmer, but it works fine.

perfect Christmas gift

written by Erik, 07/01/10

USB cup warmer was a great Christmas present. Do not know how often that coffee has time to cool on the job, when you happen to get a phone call. This problem is now out of the world ...

Cup warmer.

written by A, 26/01/10

Bought this to use as a USB hub, and this works very well. I've tried to turn on the heat and it gets hot in about 1 minute and gets cold just as quickly after you shut it off. Very good stuff!

USB Cup Warmer

written by Andreas, 14/04/10

Using the cup warmer on the job to keep the heat on the coffee a little longer. The heater is well made and does not feel plasticky and works great on copper flat bottom surface. I use a mug of alumin... Read more

Despite some problems, just great!

written by Sven - iFilmin (onYouTube), 24/05/10

It was a real liberation, my tea warm to drink, who frequently on PC having tea knows what I mean, it is very busy on the PC, is working on a big thing, and forget the tea, after half an hour, one wou... Read more

written by Rasmus, 25/05/10

It works well. The only drawback is that if you do not have a cup with a flat bottom, heats it not so good. So you just do. Otherwise it is really good. It can, of course, both hot coffee and soups. I... Read more

written by Sophie Lunk, 23/06/10

Everything about this product and the order has gone like clockwork. It was a Father's Day gift that would be a little different. The product works !! and it was received and used extensively. The... Read more

2 1

written by Wirre, 27/08/10

USB cup warmer becomes warm and keeps your beverage from being cold. In contrast, keeps the drink does not really quite as hot as it is right at the beginning, but it is not the cold, either. A plus i... Read more


written by Dani, 11/10/10

This product was more or less soft! Four USB sockets, not bad. Though I have not actually tested it for what it primarily is for - to keep the coffee hot .. but fun product is the iallfall! More like ... Read more

a little small ...

written by Dawg, 01/11/10

This handy cup heater is super for us who sit up late in front of the pc or office. With a simple USB pluggin and a push of the button is the coffee secured a long night of little sips here and there.... Read more

For computer nerd

written by Bella, 22/11/10

+ Very satisfied boyfriend whose coffee stays hotter longer, especially good when he easily caught in their job tasks ^^ + That it is also a hub. Do I always have to get a USB socket on your computer,... Read more

small but nice

written by, 29/11/10

Really a very beautiful thing, and especially a great idea !!!! It's worth it; o)

Half a cup of coffee thanks

written by Martina, 29/11/10

USB cup warmer took her husband to directly and wanted next to his computer at work. He thinks it works best if you had time to drink half cup, then hold it warmly indeed.

Hot plate but do not do as much

written by gleedl, 01/12/10

The plate is very hot, but despite that I procured a cup with a flat bottom I did not notice that my coffee stays hotter longer. Maybe we need a cup in the picture ...

Not really to use

written by obur, 02/12/10

Hello, the article can not recommend unfortunately. He keeps the coffee not really warm, but maybe a little lau-warm. Ever drinking lukewarm coffee? Is nice to turn off his cup, but that was about it.... Read more

Ingenious USB cup warmer

written by :) , 04/12/10

This is an absolutely ingenious cup warmer. Many today spend a lot of time in front of computer. It has always been a nuisance when you have found yourself a cup of coffee / tea / cocoa, but after a s... Read more

Cup Warmer warms rather little

written by Ari, 05/12/10

The USB Cup Warmer is true even warm, unfortunately the cup not so much. A nice gimmick, but unfortunately not as effective as hoped.

written by DN, 07/12/10

It works well. The only drawback is that if you do not have a cup with a flat bottom, heats it not so good.

Good hot coffee

written by Monica, 08/12/10

It's a great way to keep your coffee warm, especially if you only have one cup. It is tiresome to sit at the computer and have a cold cup of coffee when you had forgotten you had it. However, one ... Read more

Cup warmer - SIGH

written by Tvede, 08/12/10

I purchased a USB cup warmer. The photo shows the INCL. Cup, but this did however not included in the delivery. It's really bad. What on earth should I use it when the cup is not included? SIGH !!... Read more


written by pox, 16/12/10

How well and smoothly anywhere, keeps virtually all warm, you can be your tea, Hot chocolate, coffee, you name it it warms it; D


written by felixundfelixine, 17/12/10

The cup warmer was a gift and arrived super.

written by MB, 20/12/10

Do it correctly .. keeps coffee / te't warm and nice!

The following is a USB hub then cup "heats".

written by Soerdahl, 22/12/10

Falls I should have checked more carefully set is actually 2,5 W power, which only postpones the coffee from getting cold in 10min to 12 min ca. Decent Hub then;)

USB Cup Warmer

written by Anna, 25/12/10

Looked around a bit on the cool staff for a Christmas gift for a technology geek stressed gymnsielärare and found this ingenious Christmas present! He was delighted and will use it a lot.

Hot Drinks

written by NicA, 27/12/10

usually do not continue to be hot when the game nerd play online and become completely engrossed in the game. But now it's good to be swallowed whole by Internet gambling. Just set the cup on the ... Read more

A very necessary unnecessary gadget

written by Klas Thuresson, 27/12/10

Perfect thing to have in the office for me as often forget coffee mug. No more unpleasant surprises in the form of cold coffee. It was a good thing that I gave away a Christmas gift to big sis.

Cannon - Hot coffee all the time!

written by Fredrik, 27/12/10

USB Cup Warmer is a perfect product for those who love to fetch a cup of coffee while sitting in front of computer. However, it is relatively easy to forget the cup and once you come in to have a cup ... Read more

Works well :)

written by :), 30/12/10

Recommended! Keeps coffee or other hot beverages warm while on your pc!


written by , 30/12/10

I bought this for my brother for Christmas. The product quickly became hot, it worked well. It did not take much space very easy to take with you, it was a small minus, if one should be critical, so i... Read more

Laughter attacks from Dad when he got the gift

written by Jon, 01/01/11

The product was given to Dad as a Christmas gift. I've never seen Dad laugh as well by which this item. It got room in your suitcase and is daily with his office.

You get what you pay for, but it works

written by Kjell, 03/01/11

Keeps coffee tepid +. Fits fine to me, could be a little warmer. I have only tried with porcelain cup, may work better with metal cups ol.

Yes but of course!

written by , 03/01/11

I heard about a cup warmers USB.porten for a year or two ago. Anyone who saw it would purchase a gift for his maniacal data spouse - and not bought it !!! It does this really matter if the beverage st... Read more

written by , 05/01/11

Finally there something that no longer cold of> coffee <is s.Pc .... real super good invention ... And works great. Easy to use and if a USW ports from going because there are plenty of it ... S... Read more

Fun thing, but not strong enough

written by GrodZilla, 12/01/11

Funny thing, but not strong enough to hold a cup of really hot, but of course it keeps the cup warmer than without ...

written by , 17/01/11

Works great, but you have to have the right kind of cup, ie with a completely flat bottom. Ceramic Copper has generally not. Ideally, a mug of metal.

Working properly

written by gt98hjo, 31/01/11

Bought this in the first place to be USB hub, Coolstuff was cheapest to shop from. The man then got a fully functional cup warmer was just a plus. My mug I have at work is a little too wide for the he... Read more

USB Cup Warmer

written by Sara, 07/02/11

Gave this as a gift for my dad. He was very happy. Mostly for the USB ports, but also for the heater. He even wanted to have another one, so that he can have one at work and one at home. Luckily, he h... Read more

written by ^^johoji, 08/02/11

wonderful both USB hub and cup warmer perfectly when playing online games and forget the chocolate or coffee. then you avoid the disappointment that they had time to get cold ^^

USB Cup Warmer

written by S., 09/02/11

Gave this as a gift for a colleague who always has a cup in his hand. She is glad of it and use it diligently at work! Now she does not need to rush to catch up drink the coffee before it gets cold;) ... Read more


written by Therese, 14/02/11

I ordered this cup warmer and it works really well. In addition, so I ordered it before 14 o'clock that day, and then lay it in the mail the day after so super fast delivery :)

Cup warmer

written by Vivi, 03/03/11

It keeps no hot. Do not think there are mugs that are completely flat on the bottom and then heat does not reach up there, so a pity I bought two. So unfortunately I can not use them. mvh Vivi

A little bit disappointed.

written by Genius, 16/03/11

Well, the postman today. Tried first with a rather conical cup. It got cold pretty quickly. Then I pulled out the heavy artillery, a Moomin trolls cup with flat bottom, same effect. I think I will nee... Read more

Cold coffee no thanks

written by We Come In Peace, 06/06/11

Lovely when pages by computer that coffee can keep warm while just writing to friends

Not good

written by Crille, 29/08/11

Tested this for a while now and it does not work particularly well for porcelain cups. Feels like this is made of metal or something. One can almost also keep your hand on it without burning yourself.... Read more

USB Cup Warmer

written by BlackKnight, 16/09/11

The product works perfectly as a USB hub. Unfortunately, a little worse as koppvärmare.Har tested with porcelain mug steel mug, plastic mug and tin mug. However, the search further to try to find the ... Read more


written by Clodinchen, 03/10/11

I have tested the cup warmer depth and was a bit disappointed because he did not really warm held the coffee, at least if you do not have flat cup. Here we recommend a thermal cup, then it works flawl... Read more

Buying cup warmer with USB connector

written by Anne Fåbeng, 29/10/11

Quick and easy to trade with fine description of the product. Works exactly as it should and is really good, as long as you have a cup / mug / glass with a perfectly flat bottom, then it was well kept... Read more

Perfect for the man who otherwise has everything

written by , 28/11/11

My father would rarely anything but this cup warmer will be a hit! I'm sure. No more cold coffee in the office - wow! It's too nice.


written by Kristine , 04/12/11

This was not how I expected, I plugged it in, but the warm drink was cold for as long as it would have been without the cup warmer.

written by , 18/12/11

Cup warmer perfectly on the computer. Always warm tea.

aroused joy

written by , 26/12/11

Gave this thing in Christmas gift for a family member who uses his computer much. he was very pleased and surprised by the gift, and it seemed as though the other family members also think it was a go... Read more

USB Cup Warmer

written by Weihnachtsengel, 27/12/11

Shipping everything went great, product is good, how does it work. The only: One should buy to an aluminum cup, because that simply conducts heat better than ceramic. The cup warmer came as a Christma... Read more


written by , 27/12/11

The perfect Christmas gift to his stepfather who has everything, not to wish for anything! He laughed heartily, and enjoying hot coffee at the office! Merry Christmas!

funny gift

written by Yleia, 29/12/11

I bought the "USB Cup Warmer" my mother as a Christmas present ... It disregards very happy in the office are their coffee - and thanks to the cup warmer remains her drink at least lukewarm ... Read more

USB cup warmer

written by Louise500, 30/12/11

When I bought it, I thought it was a fun gift, but it remains unused after a month. :( So waste of money is the only thing I have to say about it! (It must be said that the recipient of my gift, uses ... Read more

cup warmer ..

written by , 02/01/12

Funny stuff- but nothing good cup warmer.

USB Cup Warmer

written by Lini, 04/01/12

Hotplate is nice and warm, but good only conditionally for keeping a tea / coffee's. USB funktieniert properly.

Funny / Smart

written by alexander, 05/01/12

A funny little thing that connects to the computer that holds the coffee good and hot! Was pleasantly surprised by the impact.

written by Britner, 06/01/12

Cool gadget do what it is now, there is no cold coffee more

heats not

written by skuffa kunde, 08/01/12

USB cup warmer heats not drink at all. I have tried both with regular coffee cup and glass with a flat bottom. But if you ever need a USB hub with 4 inputs fit it for you.

No more cold coffee: D

written by Juli, 09/01/12

Did not even realize this little gizmo would work properly. Is the really only a hot plate which is powered by the USB port on your PC. Have not seen on PC with Cold Coffee ago. Digger this thingy !!


written by Anni, 16/02/12

Fugerar only if you like lukewarm coffee!

Kaffekup - heater

written by Mathias Skovlyst M., 08/03/12

Kaffekup heater works perfectly and keeps coffee hot for much longer. And the four built-in USB inputs works super.


written by Tove, 29/07/12

Very convenient and useful extra usbkontakter. Some small bottom of some copper but overall very good.

USB cup warmer

written by Trine, 03/09/12

Very good product. A bit small so it does not fit any cup. Wild recommend it to those who drink coffee or tee late. :)


written by Tykjen, 14/09/12

Yes, if you like lukewarm coffee with your PC it is useful. The release at least to be quite cold, but it keeps not just heat as many minutes longer. Price speaks enough for itself.

Nice idea

written by Sabine, 01/12/12

The cup has really a very flat bottom have (very good: stainless steel mug looks good too), but then the device keeps the coffee even warm if the call lasts longer with the boss! Super also the two ad... Read more

Helps one to dump it hot

written by Johansson, 04/12/12

A very funny thing that will be a good Christmas present for him. Will he help with keeping your coffee warm, for he wants his coffee hot.

Not clear description

written by Maria Ines, 17/12/12

When I ordered the USB cup warmer, ingentans I gained clarity that one would need a special cup for den.Inte nor the instructions inside the box it says nothing about the "cup" Tried a regul... Read more

4 ports works perfectly - the heat is hmm ...

written by Hanne, 27/12/12

The hot plate heater, yes, but it can not keep the coffee proper warm for 20 minutes even on a completely flat-bottomed cup. There are indicator for power. It is an excellent hub. There are indicator ... Read more

Turns ann!

written by Marius, 27/12/12

Bought this product to my brother for Christmas. He was incredibly happy and could not wait to try it! It keeps the heat a little longer so you do not have to rush to drink up. Something he thought wa... Read more

warm yes

written by Liithonen, 02/01/13

this little thing is amazing, before I had the problem with the coffee was cold where it stood next to the PC while working or surfing around, now it's a thing of the past, I can use the time I wa... Read more

geek - useful!

written by Nemesis, 05/01/13

Bought this for my younger brother who spend some time in front PC`n. He is very happy with it when the coffee retains heat long and remain tepid for it. A good buy, next time I buy one for myself too... Read more


written by Anette, 06/01/13

I'm not happy at all, worked very badly. Found this very smart looking, and that you got use to it, but wrong!

Sick enough, just not quite ill enough

written by Johan, 07/01/13

Man plugger børgen in, and then heat. The problem is probably first that few cups have full contact with the ground, so the energy does not have to travel through the air. I do not know if that is how... Read more

With regular cup does not work

written by Ac, 25/01/13

With regular cup does not work, it gets hot but makes little difference. But may work better with metal mug?

USB Cup Warmer

written by Roopie, 07/02/13

A hub with 4 additional ports and a cup heater in one. Works just fine, but I thought of the picture it would be a cup of ... Now using a standard ceramic mug, but the heat transfer will probably be b... Read more

USB Cup Warmer

written by Julia, 04/03/13

The cup warmer I bought for my colleagues for long service awards because he's a big coffee drinker. He uses it in fact every day. And it is generally very well received!

Cup warmer

written by Mona, 11/03/13

had expected that it kept the coffee warm more than it does, but the fat that there are 4 USB ports in the cup holder, it's damn smart, so it is possible to have many things connected to his PC. A... Read more

Functionality and expectation

written by Thomas B. Dalgaard, 24/03/13

For me this was a theoretical good decision that does not quite work in practice for the following reasons: 1. I have a few things on the desktop, and could have used the USB cable was replaceable, so... Read more


written by H, 04/04/13

The splendor Gift! I bought a man but myself will be used. Not otherwise cooled coffee, even though the game was forgotten for a while to Facebook ...;)

Fast delivery

written by Mathilde Sartow, Denmark 23/06/13

I ordered my last afternoon, and received the very next morning. The product was perfectly in order, and was as described. Good service and fast delivery

Misinterpreted advertisement

written by Jonas, Sweden 24/06/13

Thought I'd get a cup of coffee to usb heater! It turns out that it is not able to heat the copper that has an edge on the underside, which very many cups have! This product could have been good, ... Read more

It works skuda!

written by Daniel, Denmark 24/07/13

So the work better than expected, the coffee is kept warm 2-4 times as long. that costs the next nothing.

Not hot enough

written by Carsten, Denmark 31/08/13

I find it somewhat difficult to keep the coffee hot enough. I use otherwise a porcelain mug with big bottom.


written by Lily, Norway 23/09/13

It keeps coffee hot actually slightly longer, eliminating the need to throw out the last shy of coffee is cold. And if we do spend a lot of time and many cups of coffee in front of a computer screen, ... Read more

Does not even warm the cup

written by Sky Captain, Sweden 25/09/13

Such a low heat That it does not even keep a ceramic mug warm. I think this was the Designed for a paper cup, although I do not think it would work there either. Waste of money, although I will never ... Read more

USB Cup Warmer just great !!!!!

written by Speckbert, Germany 10/11/13

I ordered for my husband, the USB Cup Warmer and can it only recommend everyone. It is handy and fits on any desktop. The cup warmer is quickly ready for use and heated morning coffee or tea. Furtherm... Read more

Does not like coffee warm on forever ..

written by T, Finland 22/11/13

A really good idea in itself, but did not work as I expected. Keep your coffee warm maybe a little longer .. but yes it on the coffee still pretty quick knit kylmettyy .. probably would work better if... Read more

A successful Christmas

written by Lunderi, Norway 02/01/14

Bought 2 of this, one for each brother for Christmas! They were very satisfied and cup heaters are widely used in studying and surfing the web.

Christmas gift to my office rat

written by Pernilla, Sweden 07/01/14

Gave away this Christmas gift to my boyfriend who complained that the coffee was cold during telephone meetings. It works well, I have heard, however, it must be a cup that is as "flat" as p... Read more


written by Wurr, Sweden 03/04/14

Keeps unfortunately not what it promises. Provides only lukewarm cup. Better warm than cold cup, but not completely satisfied. Missing information in the order that the cups have to be completely smoo... Read more

For the coffee-lover

written by Tollan, Sweden 13/05/14

Have always wanted one like this USB cup warmer, the fact is that if you sit at your computer and plan to enjoy coffee at the same time, then the time it usually become lukewarm and completely undrink... Read more

Delivery on time

written by Christina , Denmark 19/06/14

The product was delivered to the promised time. I have not tried the product yet, but it is applicable in proper condition.

Great Christmas gift!

written by Kisa, Sweden 27/12/14

Gave this to my mother and her husband for Christmas! Estimated and fun to give! Unfortunately shame not actual cup came with. Alright fast delivery. But otherwise ... Thumbs up


written by Susanne , Denmark 04/01/15

My son had wanted this cup warmer for Christmas. Did it quickly on the website. Fine image of a cup standing on a plate with cord and USB connector. Super I think. But the package comes - without cup.... Read more


written by Susanne , Denmark 04/01/15

My son had wanted this cup warmer for Christmas. Did it quickly on the website. Fine image of a cup standing on a plate with cord and USB connector. Super I think. But the package comes - without cup.... Read more

Fun, but close to useless

written by MartinJH, Denmark 05/01/15

I bought two USB kopvarmere, one for a fun little gift and one for myself. The gift was well received, and people thought it was a fun idea. However, the build quality is extremely low (one of the USB... Read more

Not recommended!

written by N, Sweden 09/01/15

I always forget my coffee and thought it might be good with a cup warmers that keep your coffee warm until I drink it. This cup warmer does not. The plate gets a little warm but far from enough to do ... Read more

No reason useful

written by Mari, Finland 19/03/15

Coffee does not stay warm for longer than a cup without a heater. Coffee can also be accessed yes cooling either quite cold. Although the background should be only a small amount of coffee, too, cools... Read more

poor button

written by Sander, Denmark 31/03/15

Button to turn on / off the hotplate with work for 4 days. Now that tape on to hold the button, as it does not "click" fast as it should.

Real Hot stuff ...

written by Rüdiger Hölzen, Germany 21/04/15

The two cup warmers are really a cool thing, but find the matching cups to cause problems because, first has to be right, the diameter, secondly, the bottom of the cup flat and must NOT be eroded beca... Read more

Suitable - But !!

written by Beate, Germany 18/12/15

USB Cup Warmer is suitable, but unfortunately the Most data of modern cups do not really fit it. Perhaps the diameter can be adjusted slightly.

really smart

written by Maja , Sweden 28/12/15

I felt it Vae really fun to give for Christmas! :) As my parents work so it is very smart to have on the job

Works well

written by SB, Sweden 04/01/16

Heats ok although we have ceramic cup, but might fit better with the metal cup? However one may fit your fingers so you do not burn themselves, or forget it in if you do not use it.

USB -hub warmer. "Mug Heater"

written by Jesall, Sweden 04/01/16

Perfect to give away to the "data Brownies". Works well. Went quickly and smoothly when we ordered it. Only plus ++ recommended.

lukewarm product

written by Mikael, Norway 01/02/16

Not warm enough to keep the coffee hot. Did not notice that the coffee remained warm any longer. Recommended rather spend the money on a thermo cup or a coffee pot.

For the limited heat capacity

written by Hasse, Sweden 03/02/16

Muggens materials and design are far too important. In this case, the cup made of metal and completely flat bottom for any appreciable amount of heat to be transferred. With ordinary ceramic mugs it d... Read more

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