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USB Light

Do you have difficulty seeing the keyboard properly while sitting at the computer in the dark? Then you need a light with an adjustable arm that plugs into your USB port!

USB Light - USB Light
USB Light
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USB lamp

written by Else J Pedersen, 25/01/10

I am very satisfied with the lamp, it provides enough light to write by, while also saving because it goes off when the PC failed, off. Overall, a good buy.

USB lamp

written by Birthe, 03/02/10

A beard little cousin! The lights just as it must, not much, but enough that one can orient themselves on the keyboard. The only drawback is that there is no switch on the lamp, you'll just take i... Read more

usb lampa

written by lisette, 26/02/10

Billig lampa, som man connects till the usb uttaget, dock datorskärmen lyser upp så mycket som dirt själva Lampa.

No brainer

written by Stryc9, 09/04/10

Smooth no-brainer product that does what it should. The only thing I miss is a switch so you do not take it out and put it every time.

written by Finn Volquartz, 31/05/10

USB - lamp. Extremely handy and a great help to me in some (dark) situationer-

USB lamp

written by annor, 08/09/10

Hey! My recention is that the lamp should have a little bigger lysutrymme on the computer desktop. It does not light up properly on dark evenings-nätter.Man get moving light pretty much as you see the... Read more

The light in our lives: D

written by, 22/09/10

Had a crappy old lamp at the computer that was too hot and veeery great. This little cutie is I interfered in love: D Inexpensive, easy to use and looks great!


written by agb02, 27/12/10

Everything is alright.

written by jesper61, 03/01/11

Excellent lamp to your computer in good quality and practical design. Small and practical with a good light. However, the light field confined to a small area.

A light in the darkness

written by Therese, 03/01/11

USB lamp does as it promises: it illuminates the keyboard on your laptop using your personal computer just enough to make you look all the keys in the dark without light interferes with someone around... Read more

Lamp for PC

written by , 03/01/11

Just the one you need when in Ødegården has launched the PC and just missing a little light for the keyboard. Petroleum Slam Pens are not so focused!

USB lamp, perfect gift!

written by karin brodin, 05/01/11

Bought a USB lamp to my father mostly as a joke, as has begun to look a little bad and do not want to acknowledge this. He sits and glares over his keyboard and sometimes have to lift it up to see whi... Read more

USB lamp

written by Nilmerk, 06/01/11

The lamp easy to use, but illuminates the very limited and difficult to align. You can not light up a larger portion of the keyboard even on a EEEC computer. A little disappointed in the function.

USB lamp laptop

written by Ertaberta71, 08/01/11

Emits little bad light on the keyboard.

USB lamp

written by Rune, 19/01/11

Fed dims! Light in your pocket, ready for use. It can be rolled up and takes up the same as a cell phone. It is good in the setting, hold the position and the flexibility is perfect.

A good gadget.

written by Oliver , 02/02/11

The USB lamp works really well and is good and give a gift to someone who lies with his laptop compuet the sofa. Do not install anything to start it. As soon as you put it in the beginning bulb and li... Read more

"USB Lamp"

written by Jordhulen, 15/02/11

Is very pleased with purchase USB lamp. The light is very good when I have it in your home and visiting when there is a lamp near right there where you can sit with his PC. So all in all I can recomme... Read more

So light ...

written by Jessv, 28/02/11

A really nice little lamp, you could be well wish it were a little stronger.

USB lamp

written by Helena, 21/03/11

I have a laptop computer with black keys. Sitting frequently offline where light is nearby. Has often muttered to myself that I see bad signs. USB lamp is absolutely superb. Occasionally lights on the... Read more

Super USB lamp

written by Mette Secher Alfastsen, 29/03/11

Works perfectly, gives a very good light.

Light ok, but disturbing

written by Olivier, 10/06/11

This little USB scam is smart enough when working in the dark, but the light is annoying, constantly having in øjekroen. There ought to be a mini-plug, so that you did not get the light directly in th... Read more

Reading lights

written by Cath, 16/08/11

I was sent by coolstuff time best usb light. I love it. I usually sit in the dark with the pc to have lights on the keyboard, but then I got usb light was all so much praying. I love it . Do not think... Read more

written by Niels Iversen, 22/08/11

I am very positive about how easy it is to buy from you, and how quickly I got the goods. However, there is a but have any of you tried to put USP lamprn to a black keeboard, you will see that you can... Read more

USB lamp

written by Freddy Hansen, 23/09/11

Works great - good buy. Assume that 5 is the highest score.


written by Jørgen, 07/10/11

Usblampa has a nice design, but for poor lyssryrke and poor distribution of light. Instead of a light beam as it is today, the light should spread out oval, it gives a better coverage of the keyboard.... Read more

USB Lamp

written by RA, 01/12/11

Decent light and fine light but lacks / off button that counts down. Had I known that it was there, I had not bought it

written by , 27/12/11

Worth the money. It illuminates well the keypad. Nice with flexible arm which makes it easy to carry and easy to adjust. Recommended.

USB lamp

written by , 29/12/11

Does not work as good as one gets the impression in the description, shedding light too little to be of proper use.

poor light

written by , 11/01/12

Very poor spreading of the light. Lights up only a few keys.

Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied

written by Moa , 29/02/12

Neither satisfied elle dissatisfied. The lamp was handy but it does not illuminate the entire tagnetbord so I am not happy but not unhappy either!

good USB Lamp

written by simon, 28/06/12

the lamp is good if you do not have light in his keyboard and it's a little dark. and then fill it as much as you can easily carry it in his laptop briefcase

poor lighting

written by Simone Grønneskov Andersen, 28/09/12

Hi I bought a usb lamp, but when I put it on, it did not have a particularly large and strong lights down on the computer keyboard and it was not as wide lighting. I would like and I thought it would ... Read more

The USB lamp is Super

written by Brunireinhard, 10/12/12

The 2 USB - lamp I am a friend for Christmas schenken.Eine USB lamp I've always connected to the keyboard, then I need not turn the normal room lighting, which saves power also.

gagiges light

written by syd1296, 27/12/12

a funny joke for the computer unfortunately the lighting is insufficient, too weak and the flexible arm too unstable, constantly adjusted as a fun gift, but use to

Ok lamp

written by mc, 01/04/13

Instead of new laptop with illuminated keyboard that makes it cheap with a USB lamp, maybe a switch had been desirable

in the twilight...

written by Eku, Finland 16/09/13

Good, but time will limp arm, probably a coincidence, but functional case, however. I can recommend it to others.


written by Bitte, Sweden 07/01/14

This lamp will in any case be used much at home with us. Has long lacked lighting for my pc.

USB lamp

written by Ole Briand Petersen, Denmark 08/12/14

I think light is almost useless. It gives SO little light on the keyboard, it almost does not make sense

practical and small with good light

written by YC, Denmark 29/08/15

Lights fine down at the keyboard, but it would be great with a switch on it so you can turn it off without the usb connector to pull it out

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