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USB Plasma Ball

Plasma ball, electric ball, power ball, death ball - we have many names for the things we love. You know what we're talking about - that glass globe where the lightning moves. Now powered by your computer's USB port!

USB Plasma Ball - USB Plasma Ball
USB Plasma Ball
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What is this?

written by Den Ödmjuka Llaman, 22/06/09

A skojjig thing that you can play with for a while without getting tired. Get tired towards förmotan is just playing Saruman and hand over "Orb" [plasma ball, sounds not cool or what?] And s... Read more

USB Plasma Ball

written by Marcus, 27/12/09

A very fun little toy, I could not resist when I was looking Christmas gifts on the site and bought this for myself, hehe. The first one I got was unfortunately defective but before I knew it, Coolstu... Read more

Very good!

written by A!, 04/01/10

Perfect for my datanerd to Svågertorp! The joy huh big of a real good product!

Just great!

written by Sven - iFilmin (onYouTube), 24/05/10

The plasma ball has already changed blows me away, but then it is still connected via USB, this plasma ball is simply a Super decoration, you can play around with it, or they just admire. Of course, t... Read more


written by w.Kappes, 22/06/10

Unfortunately my wife has zerbochen unpack the glass ball in, so I can not give an objective assessment of this. mf greeting, W.Kappes

Very good

written by Max, 05/07/10

This is a very good USB toy that you can use when you are bored! but with shipping and everything where it 200kr quite expensive but worth it !!!

"How does this work?"

written by Max Nöth, 15/09/10

The acquaintance enters the room, and her eyes remain at this round miracle hang. "What is that?" Full fascination consider your friends and relatives, in-laws and cousins, aunts and grandpa... Read more

written by Max, 15/11/10

The product arrived quickly and works flawlessly. a cool feature for a laptop


written by lala^stfU, 20/12/10

Always wanted as a plasma ball. Due to the good reviews I then ordered (btw auchn cool Christmas gift for all USB Fan's). Am very enthusiastic: D class !!!

plasma ball

written by Lucas Bruun, 21/12/10

Such a purple plasma ball as this is an every computer owner must have! When you turn on your computer and you just sit there for 2 minutes and wait for it to start up, it is perfect to just be plugge... Read more

Gorgeous gift

written by Lise Schulze, 23/12/10

Hello Cool Stuff Plasma ball is a really nice gift - it's going to give great joy to the recipient


written by , 23/12/10

Did this get 2 weeks ago! It works out fat, only then plug it into a USB, it's magical and look at it!


written by Helle, 23/12/10

Occasionally large (small) funny desktop Soft, indoor lighting. Mkt whose price! Would recommend!


written by ttoften, 24/12/10

cute little gizmo to the desktop. could, however, have liked a bit more "power" in the


written by versal, 26/12/10

everything seemed ok. it was perhaps a little small

Top Gadget of meddlesome, calms definitely!

written by Annelie, 30/12/10

Christmas gift for my 10 year old. Highly appreciated. Instead of wasting break things at the computer he now sits right long periods and only "röööör" with their fingers on the "plasma... Read more


written by Elin, 12/01/11

Little brother was really happy when he got this for Christmas, doo tough! Be just as had been expected, very small and cute! * Lol * In addition, a great price!


written by ricca, 13/01/11

Not very useful but very fun thing to amuse themselves on the side of the computer :)

written by sci-fi man, 31/01/11

playful atmospheric effect with a touch of sci-fi empathy :)

written by , 15/02/11

Fighting style to is very poppulær mix guests in house: - @ 9

USB Plasma Ball

written by Simon, 26/03/11

Ordered plasma ball of pure fascination and sit beside me on the desk at the computer :) It does not in any way as a lamp and look best in dark, of course. A small minus was the reason I gave it 4/5 i... Read more


written by Mattias, 26/09/11

Stylish and fun to be standing on the office desktop. Fun to sit and fiddle with when sitting on the phone or just bored. Good quality and smooth with the on / off button so you do not peddle with the... Read more

written by Joachim, 07/11/11

Fun little thing to have could be a little better but very good for the price! :)


written by Lichtkugel, 21/11/11

decorate a nice piece to and view

Really nifty.

written by , 02/01/12

But the sound was not heard from this, except perhaps a faint buzzing.

For the price you can not complain!

written by Tokuda der Oszillator, 09/01/12

A classic Far Eastern product. Cheap plastic, shaky small switch, BUT: fun, also USB power. For the few Euros you will not find better in this way.

plasma Ball

written by Karin R., 26/03/12

Although I am retired, I can not help but use the word "cool" it was just what the var.Min cat apparently thought the same thing, so I got schasa him down from bordet.Nu I just used batterie... Read more

At work...

written by Alex, 13/04/12

Fun to have it at work ... it helps disconnected from the world for a while in break time! ;-) Recharge ...


written by Anfield, 16/04/12

Decorative and cool is it, but it was much smaller than expected. Not does it work if you put into 4 pieces. AAA batteries either, although it is prepared for at the bottom. Had a similar (and much la... Read more

stylish stuff

written by Erixn, 12/10/12

live far up north. got thingy 5 days after booking. stylish small lamp with a USB cable.

fun gift

written by Evelina, 31/10/12

It gets 4 out of 5 from me. Completely after expectations. The lowered rating was just that it was red / blue in color is not pink / blue as the pictures. Nothing did so much. But I just thought it wo... Read more

Cool contraption in the office

written by Marcus, 15/11/12

Bought it a few weeks ago, many coming in and "load" themselves for today's hardships.


written by Line, 31/12/12

A bit boring for my part, I thought it would be a little more exciting. A bit small too. But cool for those who have passion for such as :-)

Fine o magic

written by MKH, 07/01/13

Inexpensive o nice little ball on the eyes while waiting for an Internet page is loaded, or the like.


written by PMB, 02/03/13

Works great and creates relatively fine light compared to other plasma balls I've seen. Is not big but it I expected neither a USB gadget.

Just awesome!

written by Justin, 26/03/13

Something I always wanted. Was afraid it would be too mini. But all right works great and is simply an eye-catcher and you just can not keep his hands of it.

Oh my God! The lights are!

written by Studenten, Sweden 03/06/13

I need to get me a present for my little brother who turned 9 years old and needed something special, he has entrusted everything lot of games already and eating sweets does he do, because this ball w... Read more


written by SandMan, Denmark 30/08/13

Adequate size works as it should - great for when I need to have a little break from work :-)

everything OK

written by none, Germany 01/11/13

Product as described, everything ok. So how does the large plasma balls except it is smaller. Practically, the separate on / off switch on the housing.

Super cool!

written by Elise, Norway 04/12/13

Loved it. It was small, but it must be expected of USB toys. Pleasing to look at throughout the night <3

Do it properly

written by Bengt Bedrup, Sweden 20/12/13

It is not as impressive as the full-sized balls to play with at Experimentarium and the like, but you can not expect given the price. Looks good in dark rooms. The piper / wines a bit if you put large... Read more


written by CJ, Sweden 03/01/14

Cozy ball that fits perfectly in your computer. Can also run on batteries but are not long, unfortunately.

Magic Plasma Ball

written by rockingsparrow, Germany 02/06/14

Be cautious when unpacking - is indeed a glass ball! Much larger than I had imagined :-). On PC a real looker, very beautiful!


written by Jeanette Ankerstjerne Walmar, Denmark 22/10/14

It is expected, so no complaints here. It is small, so there is room for it anywhere.

plasma ball

written by Roland, Germany 29/12/14

Everything was perfect. Fast and uncomplicated delivery. Product met expectations. mfG Roland


written by Moni, Germany 05/01/15

Great toy. Works fine with the USB port, so you have no need of power supply batteries.


written by Sasch, Germany 05/01/15

... Beams a definitely back in the 80s - retro pur! Recommended!

USB Plasma Ball

written by Northpaal, Sweden 12/10/15

A very fun and interesting article, which was appreciated by both the birthday children and adults in the party. Funny thing!

Nice and funny

written by Sussi, Sweden 10/12/15

Easy to just insert the USB port, and it's gone. Fun for all ages. Good delivery and customer service.


written by Naz, Sweden 05/05/16

Cool little thing that does exactly what it should. Battery operation and the size was what was most important to me and it meets both points


written by Victoria , Norway 07/06/16

Fun fun, never tire! Gave the gift and the recipient loves it. Not expensive, absolutely worth every penny!

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