USB Rechargeable Batteries

AA batteries you charge by simply plugging into your computer's USB port. No more batteries to throw out and no more awkward battery chargers. Hallelujah for the USB port!

USB Rechargeable Batteries - USB Rechargeable Batteries
USB Rechargeable Batteries
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USB Cell Batteries

written by Kevin, 05/10/09

Really good product! You put the batteries into the USB port on the computer and so they begin to shine in neat blue light. When they are fully charged, they stop light and then it is just to tuck the... Read more

Beyond expectation

written by Håkan, 23/11/09

Bought them mostly as a fun thing but works beyond expectations. Use them in my digital camera which works splendidly. Apart from charging through the USB port so they go great to run in a normal batt... Read more

Real bargain!

written by Kylli, 21/12/09

Probably one of the best purchases I've made in a long time. Combined with the solar charger so they are perfect. Especially if you are outdoors a lot, you always need batteries!


written by alexandra, 04/01/10

How cool is this .. ??? my hubby knows all about the gadgets but this blew everything off the hat of his. works fantastically well and stays so neat when charging.


written by Olsson, 07/01/10

Smartest invention so far? Works like clockwork, just to dock in the USB module and smack, after two hours full cream out, simsallabim Obvious 6/5 ^^ used it in julklapsleken and took it myself ^^

A real alternative, however, the duration of action is not d

written by , 10/09/10

In itself a good idea. At the duration of action of regular batteries USB batteries are not enough Allerding.


written by Thorsen, 17/09/10

They are small and practical, easy to use and recharge. They get a little better with but otherwise super good for the price

unter'm line well

written by sebbo, 01/12/10

The batteries work great, also charging the battery via a USB port is functioning properly. The build quality is okay, but the cover is somewhat unstable because it is assembled from two parts and the... Read more


written by , 18/12/10

Huhu am very happy with ordering goods top shipping costs are reasonable and fast shipping. Just the best!

batteries charging in usb

written by thunderhart, 24/12/10

Cannon good article, which can easily be loaded into the USB cannon

Flexible but short-lived

written by Annie, 06/01/11

Incredibly easy to recharge via the USB port and also the fact that an indicator light indicates when the battery is fully charged! Do not forget your computer, whether it is a portable, must also sit... Read more

USB Batteries

written by Dani, 26/07/11

Smart way to have batteries that can be recharged anywhere where there is USB. to the camera when you are away, when you are away, you can download it at Pal, mom, etc.


written by Mariann, 13/12/11

These batteries are like "product you never knew you needed" :-) Works very well, charged up quickly and keeps acceptable long after recharging. Ingenious invention!

Smart and funny

written by Ganda, 03/01/12

Buying these to both the man and the teenager for Christmas and they caused great pleasure and Splash-they are really COOL and useful;)


written by Midi, 10/01/12

Long load times, but maintains a relatively long time. The lid could make a little more stable. Otherwise handy if you have no home charger.


written by WannarN, 13/12/12

The batteries are comfortable and very simple. Works practically as long as my previous batteries and makes it much easier to not have a charger to charge but only the computer's USB.

They work.

written by Danni, 09/01/13

Delivery was obviously okay. The batteries are not as fast charged again, but they work as you expect. However, I am not sure if they keep better or worse power than many other batteier. But they are ... Read more

Good product. Wrong price.

written by A, 29/01/13

Good idea. The batteries run slightly faster than conventional batteries, but do benefit. All others sell these batteries for $ 99, -. It should Coolstuff also do.


written by VONKii, Sweden 02/08/13

Yes ... can not say more than ... genius! Feels good to always have a pair of batteries on hand when the need arises!

convenient batteries

written by suvi89, Finland 20/12/13

Aidotkin act like batteries. Did not have to always buy new batteries, but they can be downloaded again. Really convenient invention! Operating time I can not say how long the power magnets hold has n... Read more

Really neat!

written by Olof, Sweden 01/09/14

They take a little longer to load than indicated on the package, but it was very handy and they were easy to use, however, felt the lid a little fragile, but nothing has happened so far. They last a l... Read more

Did not work

written by Anton V, Sweden 14/11/14

Ordered two packs. The I got was of a different make and did not look like the picture, then they had a new supplier. Of the four batteries I bought so extinct never light a (had it in charge of the s... Read more


written by Em, Sweden 05/03/15

Wonderful thing. Too bad they are for the smaller size AAA also. Coolstuff provided fast delivery and good service.

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