Upside Down Planter

Hang plants upside down with this cool planter the keep the soil from spilling out. Guaranteed to liven up your living room!

Upside Down Planter - Small
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Upside Down Planter - Medium
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What is this?

"Hanging garden"

written by babsan, 11/10/11

orchid was fine in the upside-pot. Awesome to see water droplets diffused down the blossom bracket. Every time I look in the window sharks I, before I come on: Oh yes!

Fed Potty!

written by KdW, 31/10/11

It is a rimmelig thought reading that gives a different view on one or reasonable dull potted plants .. The only thing that pulls down a bit, the little network that should be between the earth and th... Read more

Bold idea - but

written by tg, 30/11/11

it functions not really. I bought a small, planted an herb. But there is land and water out, so you have to be very aware of where you hang it. It may be it will be better if you plant an orchid that ... Read more

Releasing soil and bad "bottom"

written by Christoffer, 10/12/11

Picture number eight is completely misleading! The bottom (top of the pot when it hangs down) of the pot is not nearly as attractive and "thoughtful" in the picture! The bottom is open and y... Read more

all the best

written by cb, 29/12/11

super gadget. Goods as described. shipping faster. ware is top.

Hanging flower pot

written by Jenny, 28/02/12

Sensational and fantastically fun idea. Just wish it was in the larger size of the pots are on the low side.

Hanging flower pot

written by Lise, 17/03/12

This I was very disappointed, the RyR mold out of it, and the leaking water when watering, so must have it over the sink. The opening facing down should have been completely sealed.

expensive but nice

written by Rikard, 21/03/12

The pot is quite stylish, easy to put together, and it really saves water (not much of a difference though) and above that is different. However, the minimum size is really small! You get at most plac... Read more

funny thing

written by Jag, 14/06/12

Bought the little pot that was on the low side. Difficult to get into a flower because the gap until the hole was so small. Failed with basil that has too many stems. Best with fåstjälkade plants. Wou... Read more

Cool gift

written by Libella, 19/07/12

The own parents can indeed usually buy themselves what they need. So something special must be found, what surprise value. By hanging flowerpot my mother was mega happy. It is a design freak and loves... Read more


written by K.Wolny, 20/12/12

Really super Dinger! With the use we will have to wait until the spring, but I see it really great! Have seen it before in other people and was an absolute must-have. We try so times tomatoes aufn dra... Read more

Hanging flower pot

written by CK, 31/12/12

That is totally cool. Flowers with a difference set the scene, especially if one has no window. The water tank is also for people without green fingers Ideal, one need not permanently connected castin... Read more

True cool thing

written by Adrian, 03/01/13

I bought for my wife 2 this hanging flowerpots. That what the giver. Appearance classic simplicity, assembly, handling, installation easy and looks unusual and not come who do not know something of th... Read more


written by mimb, 17/02/13

It drops a little water from the times when freshly watered it (can of course be because we water it too much but it is not very easy to determine) and it is a pity that the pot is larger (has in itse... Read more

works fine

written by Navn, Norway 11/07/13

These works just fine and not yet received signs that this out soil / water. Some water may drip out if an over watering very but otherwise these absolutely fine. Looks like strawberry plants thrive w... Read more

Not quite satisfied ..

written by Silje, Norway 28/07/13

This pot sprinkle part. It should have followed with a wire so that could have lowered the pot further down from the ceiling.

Hanging flower pot

written by Mammamia, Norway 11/11/13

Suitable certainly nice to bloom with just a jab, but to spice plant did it badly. Squeezed stalks when I was putting on the lid. An incredibly fun potato, just need to find right plant!

Stylish eyecatcher as it grows in

written by Jannejentå, Norway 01/12/13

I have received many positive comments on this pot. The sprinkled some soil at the very beginning, but it quickly moved on, so I will not complain about it. I've had it for almost two years now, a... Read more

Kanon idea ... poor execution ...

written by Erik Hansen, Denmark 02/01/14

The idea is bold ... really good actually. But the designer has not thought too much after he got the idea. There are missing some very small details that it would be absolutely perfect. So if there i... Read more

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