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Useless Box Kit

The Useless Box Kit performs a single function: not to fulfill any function! Cobble it together and move the lever to the On position. The box opens immediately, a plastic finger comes up and moves the lever back to Off. That's it.

Useless Box Kit - AA Batteries 4-pack
AA Batteries 4-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Useless Box Kit - AAA Batteries 10-pack
AAA Batteries 10-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Useless Box Kit - Useless Box Kit
Useless Box Kit
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?


written by Hanne Nielsen, Denmark 24/11/13

Fun box that we get many laughs out of. When we have guests they dare not press for fear of what is happening. So they can go around the box all night. However, I think good that I can do more aware t... Read more


written by Mehrdad, Norway 17/12/13

product was good as anonsert, but it was sent with mypak, which is very ubelilely for me. had to take taxi to retrieve it and the cost of a few hundred, and when regular mail going to the store next d... Read more

perfect gift

written by Sverre, Norway 25/12/13

bought a useless box to grandchildren in 10 years. to Christmas. absolutely perfect, were employed several hours. was best Christmas present ever, until Grandma accidentally sat on it so that it broke... Read more

Funny tingest!

written by Mickey, Norway 16/01/14

This is one "must" for anyone who likes to tinker! It is fun to assemble and requires no prior knowledge. If you do not already have a soldering iron then ran to the hardware store / Clas Oh... Read more

Certainly lives up to its name

written by Biff Boie, Norway 27/01/14

"Usless box" is a useless cause. But there is a whole king conversation pieces to have in the office. It's nice to see the expression of the people when they realize that all it does is ... Read more

Glorious little useless things

written by Helle, Denmark 31/01/14

Super fun little gadget. The box comes completely disassembled, so there should really be assembled part. It is not a thing for complete beginners to be soldered more wires, so you have to even have a... Read more

Useless box

written by Lukas Schmitt, Germany 20/02/14

Super processing, great instructions, understand instructions, some nuts are unfortunately the insert slipped through with some dexterity but no problem to assemble.

Uslessbox epic!

written by Øyvind, Norway 20/02/14

Best INVISTERINGER I've done in a long time! Construction was fun and easy, and useless reached a top level!

Useless Box

written by Robert Sollare, Sweden 04/08/14

POSITIVE: peak gadget! -Completely Unnecessary !! -Retar Up some people :-) -The with humor like it a lot! -The others ? They can not do anything about ;-) NEGATIVE: Nothing :-)

Super cool gadgets

written by MisterRavn, Denmark 11/08/14

Wow, where's the fun. It takes about 2 hours. to pick it, but it is also part of the experience. The parts are finely laser-cut and has a very smooth surface. It requires a little dexterity to fum... Read more

Not easy to assemble

written by roadie, Norway 24/11/14

I could not assemble it without destroying it. The screws were so hard to get into that I either did screws round or that I broke part.

So funny how it's ridiculous: D

written by Molar, Germany 04/12/14

This is essentially useless - but nice gimmick: D assembling was fun anyway.

Useless fun!

written by ope, Norway 27/12/14

Switches are two birds with one stone. First you get a small challenge of putting together this box. Here it requires dexterity and patience. In addition to soldering. The box itself is the very funny... Read more

Cool UselessBox

written by Jan, Sweden 30/12/14

Cool product that is easy to build in the crowd, to remember, metal pieces cracks easily when the nuts are to be in place. This gadget is excakt lift I föventade.

Extremely Funny - easy to assemble.

written by Christian Tembrink, Germany 05/01/15

I have long wanted to have this senseless part! I have rewarded me and ordered this kit at Cool Stuff Before Christmas. Everything went wonderfully. Even as a man with two left hands I could assemble ... Read more

Useless Box

written by Geir, Norway 05/01/15

Useless Box. Perfect fun gift box to svoger'n (or other) that has everything. He laughed heartily and took up the challenge!

To expectation, delivery of expectation

written by Hh, Norway 02/03/15

The box is the "original", at least equal to the one I got from the United States a year ago. Delivery approximately one week! Thumbs up for that! (Expected about a month)

right fun

written by Kate, Denmark 02/04/15

Very fun useless box .. However, quite annoying to have to buy a soldering flask to fix it .. So it was just $ 120 extra on top of the 400+ for box ..

Total meaningless!

written by Nissa, Sweden 11/06/15

But it is, on the other hand, the whole idea of ​​the box. A fun project to build together and guaranteed to all visitors to want to turn on the power switch.

Fun for the technical

written by Ulrika, Sweden 13/08/15

Useless Box is in final form exactly what was promised. Fantastic stupid yet so very fun! Something that may be of utmost importance to know is that the assembly requires both soldering, reasonably te... Read more

Beautifully sinnfrei

written by Verzahnerchris , Germany 25/12/15

Thanks for the great support. A great common craft event. Very fit and good quality. Happy Holiday

Artwork sui generis

written by Bimbi, Germany 31/08/16

The product convinces immediately, self-explanatory. ME educationally valuable leads it associative approach to the big questions of the universe such as: -Why there is the why? -What Ish What? (Emil,... Read more

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