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Veggie Twister

Use carrots, cucumbers or other vegetables to make spirals or spaghetti. Piece of cake!

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What is this?

funny thing

written by Lillkolan, 26/11/12

A funny thing that makes vegetables more fun but too narrow carrots come off easily and can not "screw it" otherwise it went really well! Our son eat some more vegetables now since you can g... Read more

one of this year's Christmas gifts to grandchildren

written by farmor Kerstin, 30/11/12

but of course myself also. You have to have plenty of suitable vegetables at home to salad but also chips or soup. It works great!


written by Fred, 04/12/12

Unfortunately, the Veggie Twister flunked. First you have to cut all the vegetables left in 6cm and dan the Geschraube goes .. Go and waving it does not work the first time, then you screwed up again,... Read more

Seems as described

written by Robert, 06/12/12

Took ein quick test on ein cucumber. Overall slightly curved washers and spaghetti of it. Super Easy to twist and cut context andes without interruption. Seems acting as a solid product of high qualit... Read more

veggie Twister

written by Elli, 21/12/12

Was very skeptical when experience says that it is not so good result as in the pictures, but here I took fortunately wrong. Very fun to make a little extra decoration to dinner with ease.

Well ...

written by Guma, 22/12/12

... It should then some for this to look good. And you have to screw and screw and screw and screw .... Not completely satisfied with this.

Superidé to the kitchen in good quality

written by Muttifast, 25/12/12

Carrot Spaghetti is a hit with the kids, and OVG work super well. Alletiders product that is solidly constructed and worked well.

Cucumbers best friend

written by GWK, 25/12/12

This product should be quite matin terre announced that it not only will be a slow moving. I've made the coolest cucumber salads with this, but you should have steady hand when using it. Suitable ... Read more


written by Johanna, 26/12/12

A contraption that makes the arrangement of the already good food a little finer, perfect as a gift for yourself or friend.

works great

written by Tomas, 26/12/12

works superbra.häftiga creations bring life to the mattallriken .. only downside is that I found it a bit pricey.

veggie twister

written by WM, 27/12/12

would basically use it to carrots. It is absolutely impossible, the carrot is too narrow to make spaghetti strips. go maybe with squash when it is thicker in diameter.

veggie Twister

written by Carina, 27/12/12

It became the SLO, thin spirals of cucumber, for example! Good fun and utensils to use when you want to spice it up a little extra.

Fun, but not as effective

written by Al, 28/12/12

If you are looking for something that makes fun shapes on cucumber / carrots etc then this is definitely for you. If you like me are looking for something that can do some phases of the cooking easier... Read more

Love it !!

written by Åsa, 28/12/12

I use the most to make "spaghetti". Best works with the squash, carrots larger, thus vegetables or root vegetables should be the same width as the veggie twister, which also points out in th... Read more

Extremely smooth and was prettier than you have expected

written by Fredrik, 28/12/12

Christmas present for my sister who loves to have salad dinners. Could both create good strings of vegetables in the food and looking discs to add On top of. Very easy to use, cut perfect pieces and w... Read more

Overpriced and poor

written by Hills, 28/12/12

Cucumber works ok but not carrots! Expensive and boring that it did not work out so well. If sent back but Pallade not. It will not be with us anyway

Really nice!

written by Madde, 31/12/12

Bought this for my mother for Christmas when she likes to tinker and keep on in the kitchen a lot and make a sandwich cake. She was really happy about it, but unfortunately, it was not so obvious how ... Read more

Puts spin on the vegetables!

written by Hanna, 31/12/12

Veggie Twister makes cooking fun and get your plate to look really professional-looking. Bought one for me and one as a Christmas present, both have been used frequently! Works very well, that I would... Read more

veggie Twister

written by Veronica, 31/12/12

Very fun thing that you can use when guests come. They will appreciate the really! The carrots / potatoes are like spaghetti, really cool! A little tough just that you have to adapt the carrot / potat... Read more

Vegetables for a fancy occasion

written by Runa, 31/12/12

I gave it a Christmas present to my mother and father. They tried it already a couple of hours afterwards. It was exactly as it was depicted. The strips work, and it is not particularly difficult. It ... Read more

A useful product

written by Sigurd, 01/01/13

I am very happy with my new Veggie Twister! But nevertheless it does not get five stars from me. On picture it appears that carrots are suited to it, it is not. Carrots are too narrow, and just crumbl... Read more


written by andrea, 01/01/13

work well with large carrots, but it's pretty tough to screw - would be perfect if it had a motor :-) I was impressed with how flexible carrot spaghetti is. fun thing I can recommend to give away ... Read more

severe Use

written by elssah, 03/01/13

It did not fill up my expectations. It is difficult to fancy vegetables and take much time. Not easy, not simple.

Damn what fun thing!

written by Charlie, 05/01/13

Obtained it to my sister for Christmas and she was really happy, and test the lettuce looked the least, different, in a good way. As usual easy to hold and work with.

veggie Twister

written by Karolina, 07/01/13

Funny thing then it becomes a little more festive on the plate. Easy to use. Has got children to eat more vegetables. :) Was not so nice, thick and durable cucumber slices as shown in the picture. Eve... Read more

good product

written by Michael Jensen, 09/01/13

The fat product when, as I well may be tired of the vegetables always look the same when chopping them. The only back is good but can be a little tired in the arm when you have to twist vegetables for... Read more

Veddie Twister

written by Fija, 21/01/13

Fantastic product that really makes it easier to eat healthier with more vegetables in the diet. There is only one thing that makes it not get full marks and it is like many others have written, that ... Read more

Not worth the money

written by Anne-Sophie, 21/01/13

Was very disappointed. Veggie Twist viewer can only take a very small, short pieces, and is extremely cumbersome to use. Seems neither is the money or space in the kitchen drawer worth.

very cool

written by transylvania, 25/01/13

my children love it, they play with it all day after school.I highly recommend it to anyone som like kitchen and veggie foods !!!!

Really bad product

written by Lotte, 28/01/13

You can only use a very small piece of vegetable at a time. It takes a very long time to slice a vegetable. There really are many pieces of the long strips. After a whole carrot - which is very little... Read more


written by Ankan, 31/01/13

Veggie Twister is absolutely magical! It's fun on interesting to deal with. Perfect for getting children to like vegetables delivered in subtle ways. I can clearly recommend to make carrot spaghet... Read more

Vegetables wonderfully decorate with Veggie Twister

written by Evi H., 06/02/13

I am convinced of the Veggie Twister and have these almost daily use. I do so as love vegetables spaghetti, because this love my children and schmeckenb really fantastic. So children eat a lot more ve... Read more

ingenious Erfindung- am fully satisfied

written by Bettina, 08/02/13

The zucchini and cucumber brought the best result because they are ideal for Veggie- Twister of size. When radish the result was also very nice, which is worth mentioning here that one should choose t... Read more

He has convinced me

written by Soundnun, 11/02/13

From me there is smooth 5 stars for this great product. I love the creative cook and for the Veggie Twister is very appropriate! However, one should pay attention to the correct thickness of products:... Read more

Small pieces

written by Bobo, 26/02/13

Fun to make fun of vegetables, but a bit messy. It is quite small pieces that can be used at a time, and your little bumpy cucumber (so that it takes on the edges), you can forget about getting that i... Read more


written by iceman, 04/03/13

it was not so easy to make vegetables spaghetti as it looked to the advertisement. Perhaps this would have been better if it had followed an instruction manual with regards to location or other useful... Read more


written by jt, 15/03/13

Veggietwister. I bought it was totally useless cucumber and carrots that I tried to share nicely just got puree and juice. Sent it back.

Well-works - as long as some things to remember

written by KimR, 29/03/13

Contrivance works well, especially if you remember to use the correct size supplies. Ideally, (eg carrot or potato) diameter should be slightly (about 2 - 3 mm) smaller than the hole where it's st... Read more

What a thing!

written by Kathrin, 03/04/13

Extraordinarily aids in the kitchen, especially as I eat GI diet and can now turning my own spaghetti squash some snitsigt =)

A cool gizmo

written by Veronica, 04/04/13

This is something to embellish everyday life! Even a "boring" salad gets fancier and more inviting for guests. The kids eat more because it looks more tempting!

veggie twister

written by Katarina, 15/04/13

The veggie twister is fun but a little more time-consuming to use than I imagined, it's pretty tough to run a whole cucumber, for example, you get cut into several pieces and run in stages. One mu... Read more

very spills

written by Lotta, Sweden 10/05/13

When to make "spaghetti" requires that the vegetable is perfectly centered, circular and fill the pipe. If not, it will just småkraffs of everything. Very few Swedish vegetables live up to i... Read more

Vegetables with a difference

written by Sandra, Germany 12/07/13

Funny idea of ​​Veggie Twister. Thanks to the output in the form of spirals or spaghetti my children like to use. They also help rather with the Twister in the preparation of vegetables as the vile cu... Read more

weggie twister

written by Dorte, Denmark 13/08/13

An exciting way to cut her vegetables. The vegetables may get stuck. Otherwise, a good product is not bulky and is fast to clean.

veggie Twister

written by Nettan, Sweden 27/09/13

It's probably better if I come up with what to do. It may not be needed any instruction, it is far too easy for it I guess. Might be an idea to do such, once you stand there watching so it's n... Read more

Funny, but not for larger quantities.

written by Harald, Germany 10/10/13

Beautiful results with carrots! For cucumbers I had only mud and cucumber juice! Since the friction of the knives was apparently larger than the grip on the mandrels. But the carrots were fun the kids... Read more

Love it!

written by Camilla, Denmark 11/10/13

Love my veggie twister! As a vegetarian, it's really nice to be able to mix his pasta with vegetable pasta, while the others eat it with meat sauce. I would recommend everyone happy vegetable love... Read more

Beautiful spaghetti strips

written by Anne Mette, Denmark 02/12/13

There are no special instructions for proper use, so it took some time to understand how the vegetables should be installed if not just the size of the pipe. But it made beautiful, long spaghetti stri... Read more

Super Smooth

written by Maria, Sweden 11/12/13

Perfect for pickles for dinner. The discs are super thin. Have tried to make chips. Fry potatoes screws in oil until browned - seasoning with dill or grill seasoning or just plain salt !!! Has receive... Read more

Vegetables with a difference

written by Jujo, Germany 28/12/13

Veggie Twister is the material was very good and durable. We have already cut carrots, cucumbers and other vegetables with it and everyone loved it. There is something else, looks great and also works... Read more


written by Mo, Germany 07/01/14

Keeps its promises! For larger amounts, it may actually even take a little longer, but is rather intended to garnish, so just super =)

Sounds more fun than it is

written by Michelle, Sweden 07/01/14

Has tested this gadget with carrots and squash. The carrots work well, but not the soft squash. It is hard for the wrists have to unscrew so terribly much because each piece must not exceed 6 cm type.... Read more


written by Guri, Norway 15/01/14

Brilliant happy! It's easy to "twist" the vegetables, even if it takes a little bit of time. Looks more tempting, and most partake of the salad once or twice extra. Although I think in f... Read more


written by Camilla , Denmark 12/05/14

Is very happy with my purchase !! There was easy payment and fast delivery will definitely recommend this site!

Super fast delivery

written by Susanne, Denmark 19/05/14

Many funny things at reasonable prices. Wide range and with a lightning fast delivery - highly recommended :)

Fast delivery!

written by Åsa, Sweden 23/05/14

Fast and good delivery. Good contact with customer service at a question I had about the bill, got the quick reply!

Veggie Twister

written by RM, Germany 05/06/14

Have the thing tried and have to say it can not recommend. Theory and practice are just not the same


written by pedirop, Germany 17/06/14

Decorative decoration of vegetables can be produced easily and cleaning is easy. However, one must diligently turn as a cucumber snake to produce and the cucumber must be crisp and fresh. Is there Veg... Read more

Fun vegetable disappointment

written by Matmamma, Sweden 03/07/14

When neither I nor the daughter of different reasons jaws pasta, rice or potatoes, you can do many fun variations pasta and vegetable dishes. Has worked very well except with cucumbers contain a lot o... Read more

Good, but difficult to clean

written by Ann B. Jensen, Denmark 03/07/14

Super product. Solid and easy to assemble. However, difficult to clean after use. Must be rinsed immediately after use to prevent the dirt from the small cutting blades of the dishwasher does not take... Read more

veggie Twister

written by Missy, Sweden 06/07/14

When I saw the picture, and after reading about it, I knew, that I must have. A very good product, I'm so happy with it. Currently used to "screw" to cucumbers that becomes like a long g... Read more

written by Tanja Pedersen , Denmark 23/07/14

It is the worst thing I've bought does not work absolutely can not recommend it to any other head is deeply disappointed by what comes out of it and the fine strips on your image

Order 2 weeks ago ..

written by Niklas Mattsson, Sweden 29/07/14

I bestälde a veggie twister that my partner would get the gift on one of our many anniversaries and never got home at some veggie twister, a funny little thing it would be to my partner, but that you ... Read more

veggie twister

written by Tjoffsan, Sweden 21/08/14

It was good! Nice to get some different kind of vegetables. The only thing to consider is to buy such as carrots and cucumbers in the right thickness so they fit in the twister.

Funny vegetables!

written by Adrian, Norway 20/09/14

The whole concept of being able to overturn vegetables etc. into something you can use as a garnish or a more delicate preparation of vegetables interacting with ex meat or pasta on a plate I would sa... Read more

Veggie Twister.

written by Thoria, Sweden 24/09/14

A very good and easy to use product that makes food look more fun out. Now you can do "cucumber and carrot spaghetti" with no problems. It is easy to clean and takes up little space.

Certainly good for those who have little power and strength in his hands

written by Bibbi, Sweden 21/10/14

Unfortunately, my weakness in the hands of a disadvantage for me regarding. this product. Luckily I returned this and I am very grateful for, it certainly works well for others. It was fun to try, so ... Read more

Best companion

written by Loppan, Sweden 22/10/14

Easy to use, can be washed. Becomes delicious to make zuccininudlar with :) The guy's new best friend in the kitchen: P

fun widget

written by Anna, Denmark 22/11/14

Works great, exactly as described! I think not, it is no problem that the vegetables must be short to fit in, for spaghetti strips are still very long. It's pretty funny, and a huge hit at home + ... Read more


written by Dinasaur, Denmark 15/12/14

After ordering was fast delivery. And there were no problems with the goods. Looking forward to shop here again.

veggie Twister

written by Renee, Sweden 15/12/14

Very fun gadget that works perfectly. Itching to try more vegetables than cucumbers o morot.Kanske potatoes to fry later.


written by Liv, Norway 02/01/15

In any case of f. Ex. carrots - few are 3-4 cm in diameter - and it to be demolished must have the same diameter as the pipe. Just nonsense.

Fast delivery!

written by Tine, Denmark 05/01/15

After the sudden impulse was Veggie Twister ordered as an extra Christmas present - my husband :-) We've tried it and it works fine and live up to our expectations, so it can fine recommended.

Fast delivery!

written by Tine, Denmark 05/01/15

After the sudden impulse was Veggie Twister ordered as an extra Christmas present - my husband :-) We've tried it and it works fine and live up to our expectations, so it can fine recommended.

genial case

written by Mona, Norway 21/01/15

It does exactly what is described and takes amazing little space in the closet. Had to buy new after my mother kidnapped my first. Recommended.

Fun, easy-to-clean

written by LikeBree, Denmark 11/02/15

Official review: Super productivity tool, is not much left in the drawer, easy to use and easy to clean, you can even create spirals direc... Read more

Smooth vegetable lathe

written by Sara, Sweden 16/02/15

An easy way to do "vegetable spaghetti." The only snag may be that certain vegetables have great scope to fit in the "twister" but some one learns soon. Plus, it does not take plac... Read more

so happy!

written by matmedmera, Sweden 10/03/15

To avoid having plain pasta sometimes, then this fun kitchen accessories come in handy. Good fun and utensils to use when you want to spice it up a little extra. Today I finally got to do zucchini and... Read more

requires patience

written by Stefan Loviisasta, Finland 29/05/15

The blades cut well, but, but. If the cut vegetables are low in soft, it is easily removed by the holders / pins, then it cranks abstentions. Vegetables are then cut centimeters away in order to be ab... Read more

Vegetables with twist

written by Yasmine, Sweden 08/06/15

Funny product that brightens up the somewhat boring vegetables! The kids love it! Requires hard vegetables tested with potatoes which was somewhat difficult to get to tidy.


written by Bullen62, Sweden 03/08/15

Good and easy tool with a vegetarian in the family. Shreds fine. Easy to handle and wash. Satisfied!


written by nina, Norway 27/09/15

think it cuts very unevenly and had expected me that one could long chunks of time. cumbersome to turn up to open it.

veggie twister

written by Yvonne, Sweden 06/10/15

Fun and 'clever' grej.trevligt to decorate in a personal way. Really impressed our småttingbarnbarn, there was some cucumbers when they would try, and it was immediately fun to eat! Happy cust... Read more


written by linda, Sweden 12/10/15

Difficult to use. Barely fits with any vegetables in the tube. Heavy to drag around vegetables, which must be thin but not too thin

veggie twister

written by Wrede, Sweden 29/10/15

The most useless utensils I ever bought. Went on a blog recommendations and bought two pieces as gifts. One daughter opened and tested when the whole family was with and the other is left in the packa... Read more

veggie twister

written by Wrede, Sweden 30/10/15

The most useless utensils I ever bought. Went on a blog recommendations and bought two pieces as gifts. One daughter opened and tested when the whole family was with and the other is left in the packa... Read more

Only the narrow straight vegetables

written by Pauline, Sweden 30/11/15

It's good to narrow shave vegetables. I have to look among courgetterna the straight and narrow so they fit into the veggie twister.

Works fine, but it could be smarter

written by Jakob, Denmark 03/12/15

It makes the finest strips of vegetable, but it takes a war of get to the bottom, and a war of getting back to basics. You turn and turn. And it is as others note, very short pieces vegetables it can ... Read more


written by Ninni, Finland 22/12/15

It would be good to have a clear manual included. Otherwise, a good size and on behalf of goes into a small space and a lovely color


written by Sofia, Sweden 31/12/15

Worst product I have purchased on coolstuff! Bought it as a Christmas gift to my father who was really disappointed. There was no fine "spaghetti" of vegetables, rather porridge. Plus, they ... Read more

like that

written by nina, Sweden 01/01/16

Funny thing, but it came packed in a small transparent plastic bag without the slightest instruction or label that said it was for something. Felt lousy to give it as a present.


written by M, Norway 10/01/16

Simple to use, stylish performance! Nice as that little extra kick at the dinner table and to impress guests.

works poorly

written by MB, Norway 15/02/16

This is one of the desitert worst investment I've made. Firstly it is very clumsy to twist the twister, because you have to twist and turn and twist to get Pitt slightly. Secondly, chops it, stop ... Read more


written by Ich, Germany 19/02/16

I am not satisfied with the product. The design is m. E. fully wrong.The zucchini is more crushing than cut and carrots you can not edit it. It clogs quickly. So for the price ....

funny thing

written by Amanda, Sweden 31/05/16

I bought it to make curly fries (potato). It was fun to play with and met my expectations. The only problem was that the spaghetti strands were not cut off between, but was cut off when the potato was... Read more

Funny thing!

written by Fredde, Sweden 16/08/16

It's fun to be able to shred and cut their vegetables in new ways. I use it most to cut up the cucumber and put on the sandwich. Could have been longer as it got longer 'spaghetti'.

Good for nudelsalladen

written by Anna, Sweden 03/10/16

We are very pleased with the twister, it is easy to use when you practiced a little, can be washed in the machine and takes up little space!

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