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Vino Vault Wine Cryptex

Vino Vault Wine Cryptex is the portable treasure chamber that turns your unimaginative go-away-gifts into gold at the end of the rainbow.

Vino Vault Wine Cryptex - Vino Vault Wine Cryptex
Vino Vault Wine Cryptex
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Very poor quality

written by lars, Norway 02/12/14

Poor quality of the plastics. "Code wheels" is loose and hanging at an angle. Difficult to spin on. But the appearance is fine.

Great product!

written by Henrik, Denmark 22/12/14

Super fast delivery and great instructions that come with this purchase, super good, fun gift, can definitely recommend this product to others :)

Atmosphere Creative gift idea

written by Pert Mason, Denmark 13/03/15

Vino Vault is a container for a bottle of wine, of a certain size! To open the container, move around with some rings with letters, in such a way that a predetermined word with 5 letters are aligned n... Read more

Good going-away gift

written by Dionysos hustru, Sweden 16/06/15

A bit pricey, but nice gift that gives rise to calls Coolstuffs customer may fail They do not respond to emails

decent enough

written by Ch, Norway 12/10/15

Fun to give a little more beyond just a wine bottle but the quality of the product seems very bad, it was difficult to push the letters and they were queer


written by Folke, Sweden 14/01/16

Glad you could make your own password to this. There can be more personal or directed to a company or a special project or opportunity. Then you can arrange a guessing game and the one who cracks the ... Read more

Very fine product

written by Brian, Denmark 04/05/16

I had bought this as a gift. It is easy to code and so one can even make the puzzle to it. The quality could be a bit better but still really nice. Would probably have given 4½ star, but would rather ... Read more

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