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Vinturi Wine Aerator

The ingenious design lets the vinturi wine aerator aerate your wine in the time it takes to pour a glass. Let the wine flow through the wine aerator and it will add just the right amount of oxygen at just the right speed!

Vinturi Wine Aerator - Vinturi Wine Aerator
Vinturi Wine Aerator
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written by Mange, 29/12/09

This is absolutely worth the money. Have you 429 crowns over, you should definitely add those on this Wine Aerators, which really works. The wine may be much more flavor and is loved by the whole fami... Read more

pleasant surprise

written by Theo, 29/12/09

Cool design, quality feel and FFA good feature. Have only tried the aerator on red wines. Tough tannin-rich wines are rounded at the same time highlighting the structure and character corresponding to... Read more

wonderful gift

written by Philip, 30/12/09

This was a gift that was appreciated very much especially my father, who is always so careful to aerate the wine before consumption. It came in a very stylish and high quality box that gave the impres... Read more

written by ZeQe, 05/01/10

Great product! You have to pour in slightly lower rate than would otherwise do in a glass, but it comes all by itself when you are busy looking at air bubbles while ... Estimates device can also be us... Read more

Wine Aerators

written by fredrikxen, 06/01/10

Wine Aerators bought one for my mom for Christmas, thought it was an absolutely perfect Christmas gift when she is very interested in wines. She became very sheet for it and said it yielded surprising... Read more

Vinturi Wine Aerators

written by Göran, 07/01/10

The wine is undeniably tastier for aerator removes the roughness of the wine, but the downside is that it is impossible to use without spilling onto the screen!

written by kbrixh, 05/04/10

Excellent - better than expected - so good that I now ordering two additional paragraphs. for my sons

"Vinturi Wine Breather"

written by Niels Ihlemann, 03/05/10

My daughter and son in law, who has just turned hejm after 3 years in San Diego, gave me a "Vinturi Wine Breather" as a birthday present in April 2010. I was very surprised when I see the ki... Read more


written by Sune, 14/05/10

Får "billigt" vin som att Smaka "riktigt" vin. Skillnaden är enorm. Prisvärda Investering.

Worth its price

written by Svante, 29/06/10

A colleague told me about this product, so I decided to test it. Works great, I have tested it in white wine, rosé and red wine. Think it works best on red wines, but it may just be because I usually ... Read more

Over my expectations

written by Christina, 03/08/10

It is not only delicious to watch and inspiring to use, but it also works! It's quick and easy to get an aerated wine, the times we are not planned and on time opened a bottle a few hours before. ... Read more

Vinturi Wine Aerators

written by Kurt, 13/09/10

It was my son sent me a link (Coolstuff) of Vinturi Wine Aerators that seemed interesting! So I ordered it and tested it with than once and it was a radical difference in the taste experience when I c... Read more

Komplete Call of Vinturi from reviews No. 8

written by Kurt, 15/09/10

A side effect I noticed when I use Vinturi, is that you do not get tired that otherwise tends to be common after they had drunk wine, and it depends on you supplying oxygen into the wine. Sincerely Ku... Read more

Smart gadget

written by L.Ravemark, 25/10/10

Vinluftaren the wine to mature. You get a wine that is perceived as considerably longer stored than it is.

written by Geir h..., 01/11/10

Hi! has tested Vinturi Wine Breather, think it works out well) -:

Wine Aerators

written by Håkan, 03/11/10

Fulfills its function well for the wine!

cool thing

written by Henrik, 01/12/10

Bought this as a gift to my parents and it was / is appreciated. Stylish design and it does its job, the negative is the price and that it is slow to pour the wine through it.

Wine Aerators

written by morgan, 08/12/10

A very good gift, brother in law totally satisfied, we tested with a mid-pigs, and found a clear difference in the wine that was poured through the aerator, in relation to what was suggested directly ... Read more

Wine Aerators

written by tvillingflicka, 10/12/10

Vinturi Wine Aerators are easy to use, ideal for anyone who likes wine and do not plan so well, you do not need to remember to aerate your wine, it is made directly at the table. Perfect Christmas gif... Read more

Wine Aerators

written by Patrik, 13/12/10

Cruel aerators suitable for all wine even where not yttryckligen need to be vented.

Cannon of the '' skilled '' vins spouses Smith

written by Max, 16/12/10

really appreciated as a Christmas present, gave it to my parents and it was a hitt. As mentioned in the title that fits this really good for the 'skilled' 'Smith who can not go through&#39... Read more


written by B, 25/12/10

Bought Vinturi to my parents for Christmas. A neat little thing that keeps what it promises: the wine gets better! Dad is also particularly pleased because he can show off with the front of guests, an... Read more

Simple and lifelong!

written by , 26/12/10

Fantastic way to aerate the wine, which keeps indefinitely !!! Shall hear all kinds of wine - it takes time. So far I am very happy !! Will be happy.

Wine Aerators

written by , 13/01/11

A very good product. The wine will be many classes better.

improved taste

written by , 24/01/11

the Wine Breather saving time to shorten the decanting, to leave place for about 2 hours. Red wine, one can obtain the Efekt with short-term needs with the aerator. practical thing. Looks also the des... Read more


written by Josefine, 28/02/11

Very estimated juklapp! It looks good, feels luxurious and works very well. Recommend it to all wine lovers!

Simply wonderful!

written by Rickard, 26/05/11

This product is simply wonderful. I long for the wine's full-bodied flavor every weekend when I come home from work. The best part is that you avoid the prickly taste in including red wines, and c... Read more


written by Frank, 15/06/11

Wine Breather in handy pocket format that both aerator wine well and brings a smile to your guests.

Great gift!

written by Anders, 20/06/11

Bought as a gift for my parents who tend to be choosy when it comes to wine. They thought about vinluftaren lot and uses it often when it's time for the little-Saturday and friday and the like. Wi... Read more

this works

written by Luna, 25/08/11

Very good Wine Breather! The brand real difference with and without! Recommended!

Wine Breather

written by AWT, 21/12/11

Ordered wine cooler of cool stuff. The goods arrived quickly and the product is to forvenningen. Følgr on vaesortimentet and see more things I probably will try out. Top marks from me

written by , 05/01/12

Immediate execution and first class delivery of goods in a short time

A must

written by Kag, 09/01/12

This aerators should be present in all wine lovers home 70 crowns wine tastes like wine 120 kr a real lift

written by Finn Jensen, 23/01/12

Works perfectly easy to handle

Works perfectly

written by BiMa, 07/02/12

Watched this product on TV and was hesitant but it works great. Tried the BIB wine opened two weeks earlier. Tasted like a better decanted wine.

Wine Aerators

written by steph, 20/02/12

Very good! The wine becomes less rough and more soft drink. Moreover, it is sleek design of the product. I am very pleased overall, but a bit difficult to use while drinking box wine.

very happy

written by rodrigo, 09/03/12

Great, Air wine and gives it a completely different character, but a vinluftarn. One of my best purchases in a long while. I recommend it strongly to Wine lovers or if you just want to enjoy their fav... Read more

VinTuri Wine Aerators

written by Colorman, 22/03/12

Is very pleased with this product. One can hardly believe that it is true that the taste and the smell is raised to a new level, above all, a little less expensive wines. High-quality wines are not th... Read more


written by Daniel Nordahl Hirnichsen, 05/06/12

Do you think my father he was very happy for this gift;) He got it in Fars-day gift and it was known just him!

Wine Aerators

written by L-G, 25/06/12

It is absolutely incredible, was subjected to a test when we were with good friends at dinner were first given a sample glass from the bottle and then poured into a glass through vinluftaren knew an i... Read more

Wine Aerators

written by UlfA, 09/08/12

Very fast delivery, which I appreciate! A lot of fun, useful and interesting items to choose from!

Super wine breather ....

written by Jan Koch, 20/08/12

Super lovely wine oxides actually really blistered in delux version ..... deco at any garden table through the summer ..... and so it works really .....

perfect gift

written by Felicia, 31/08/12

Now, do not drink wine myself, but I bought this as a gift to my father and he became very happy. We did the blind and the tasters knew the difference!


written by PalleS, 24/10/12

This Wine Aerators are absolutely superb, a must for anyone who wants to enjoy a better tasting wine. The wine becomes fuller and feel more mature.

Vinturi Wine Breather

written by J.C.Jørgensen, 26/10/12

Great wine breather as we were recommended by a wine tasting. Now we can close a bottle of red wine and pour it through wine breather and directly in the glass and experience a great softness.

A hit for connoisseurs

written by Cathrin, 24/11/12

Bought Vinituri Wine Breather to my "anything-above-average wine-interested" girlfriend a birthday present. It is good and solid quality, and it tastes significantly different wine flavor. I... Read more


written by Peter, 11/12/12

Nice fast delivery as always. However, I have not been seen in use yet, since it is a Christmas (:


written by N, 28/12/12

Superfine and works very well :)! For wine lover, this is a must !!! Next are well wine cooler cork here on cool stuff!

gorgeous but scratched.

written by annie, 29/12/12

This Is One Of Those thing my dad must have so I bought one straight away. Unfortunately it had a scratch on the glass so I changed it for a new one ... which had a scratch exactly in the same place. ... Read more

Vinturi aerator wine quickly

written by Vinelsker, 30/12/12

This vinlufteren is a super gift for someone who has everything, and who like to enjoy wine. Accentuate the flavor of the wine. Suitable best by decantation of the decanter, but can also be used by th... Read more

Vinturi Winbelüfter / cool thing

written by tommy-100, 06/01/13

Possession of the Vinturi already are prolonged themselves and have time appointed him as a gift. The part has a top quality, but also its price. I use it whenever too little time was to aerate the wi... Read more

good product

written by Lasse, 02/04/13

the first time we saw the aerator was on a trip and we got to test it and it turned out to be a good product, you notice the difference if you take a glass before aeration and then one that is aired i... Read more

Wine Breather

written by LIM, Norway 26/04/13

The wine had a much more rounded flavor. It was not as "astringent". I am happy with the product, but think the price is too high!

Stylish gift

written by Cindy, Sweden 30/05/13

Bought it for my mother. She has everything but had never heard of Vinturi fortunately. For wine lovers who can not always manage air red wine properly. Got yourself taste the difference and that is c... Read more

Keeps its promises

written by Peter Günther, Denmark 19/06/13

Fully solid product that delivers what it promises. Just alright. It is the best dekanterings-gizmo, I even tried.

Good Stuff for findrickare

written by Seaman, Sweden 12/09/13

A great gadget that is only to use immediately. Get out the red wine's aroma, flavor and character in a simple and fast way. Renommeras strongly to those who like good food o drink!

Good Stuff for findrickare

written by Seaman, Sweden 12/09/13

A great gadget that is only to use immediately. Get out the red wine's aroma, flavor and character in a simple and fast way. Renommeras strongly to those who like good food o drink!

Vinturi Wine Breather

written by manfred, Germany 19/11/13

am fully satisfied with the product man notices immediately that this is the taste of the wine better. Quick and with no extra effort. only recommended

good wine breather

written by Erik Seerup, Denmark 19/11/13

This wine breather Vinturi is very effective, had heard it was to be among the best and I think that the gør.Den works by hensikten and it's best when you pour wine through the so then the effect ... Read more

Clear taste difference

written by Hampus Prahl, Sweden 04/01/14

Was a little skeptical but this product gives a distinct flavor difference. Had given a five if it had been a little better materials than plastics.

Very good. Make yourself old bad wines lovely :-)

written by Lars-Erik, Norway 22/01/14

Very good. Make yourself old bad wines lovely :-) Must also boasts customer service of Cool Stuff. Stand to vinlufteren I received was askew. They sent immediately a whole new set of me. Quickly and w... Read more

Wine Aerators

written by vinturi, Sweden 03/02/14

Lightning fast service (as usual!) And vinluftaren worked beyond expectations! A great gift for those who "have everything" including the interest in wine.

Vinturi Wine Aerators

written by Charlie, Sweden 18/02/14

Very good product. We tasted wine samples before and after, and can conclude that the ingot difference. It raises snakupplevelsen.

Wine Breather

written by Elli, Norway 02/05/14

It was nicer than I first thought. Very delicate design, and, for one who has not tried one Wine Breather, I can really recommend it. This is great !!

Cannon functional

written by Anders, Sweden 02/10/14

Vinluftaren is really good. Does the wine tastier very easy. However, so be there two scratches / cracks in the copy we received last. The function does not seem to be affected but it is a shame on a ... Read more

Think !! Only one day's delivery before Christmas!

written by Janne, Denmark 05/01/15

Super timing, fine notice. Can not be done better. A few days at Christmas and yet achieved it all - especially due to good logistics at Cool Stuff!

iIn Vino Veritas

written by Olav K, Norway 05/01/15

So I tried it too! Vinlufting! Convenient and easy tool for deans and aerate the wine before it is enjoyed. The process itself is building up to an enjoyable time at the Table. Simple and straightforw... Read more

Vinturi Wine Aerators

written by He man, Sweden 30/03/15

The product did the right thing immediately. I would like to aerate the wine before drinking it and it can be a little stressful on Friday after work. It was an extremely positive impression of Vintur... Read more

flavor enhancers

written by Piroger, Sweden 13/05/15

A stylish and nice gadget, I was recommended by a colleague. I have tried all the wines since I bought it in the same glass, aired and oluftat same volume and sniffed and tasted the best of our abilit... Read more

Vinturi works !!!

written by Stefan Loviisasta, Finland 29/05/15

Vinturi viininilmaaja is a reliable product - it works! I tried the middle-class red wine. First taste of living half a glass straight from the bottle. Quite sour and thin. Lorautin VINTUR the same wa... Read more


written by Sissel, Norway 05/12/15

After reviews View here I could not wait to test. The test was initiated only seconds after I opened the package. Attempts rabbit was a cheap red wine I use astute, as the bottle has been opened for t... Read more

Very good

written by Wiveca, Sweden 12/03/16

Does it really promised in all description of the product. Moreover, it was a super-fast delivery! Many thanks for everything! Would highly recommend Coolstuffs gadgets!

Wine Aerators

written by Pia, Sweden 29/03/16

Gave this as a birthday gift. The aerator was a success among the other partygoers who like wine and it went around the table when everyone wanted to try. It was a positive difference in the wine afte... Read more


written by HanneDK, Denmark 02/05/16

Excellent and efficient service. The product came a day after it was commissioned and was exactly what I expected.

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