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Volkswagen Camping Tent

The guaranteed festival or campsite's fun tent! Officially licensed by Volkswagen in real VW van size. Space for four adults.

Volkswagen Camping Tent - Blue
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Volkswagen Camping Tent - Hippie
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Volkswagen Camping Tent - Orange
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Volkswagen Camping Tent - Green
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That's great company to do business with

written by finn pehrson, 16/03/12

Try their products, bought flere.Men the camping tent is super, something people will look at as it is a VW Microbus anno 1965 with room for 4 people and 2 meters high.

clock Fair

written by Teddy, 10/04/12

Hello This product fit cleanly for me and the work I'm doing namely the sale of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Can put up the tent in the showrooms, the oxå bring your tent at various events ... ... Read more

VW camping tent

written by Judith, 12/04/12

Fun incident on a "camper" Festive appearance and just for fun. However, plenty of room for 4 adults in 2 sleepers. As a youth tent at the festival is the only look of the tent worth the mon... Read more

great tents

written by Pia Larsson, 09/07/12

A wonderful tent that does not spoil without embellish the garden. First night thundered, storming and pouring raining, but inside the tent were Warm and cozy. Walked quickly to set up, no problem.

VW tent super cool success at the campsite.

written by Janne, 09/07/12

Do you want peace and rows do not buy this tent but if you want to have many new good friends and disturbed beautiful comments. Then this is a given. The most fun camping I have done. Thanks Coolstuff... Read more


written by ann-kristin, 24/07/12

We have now tested tent on a long weekend with a big dog around 50 kg and we're very excited. It was nice room for a double mattress in the back while it was fit for the dog, mcklær / equipment, a... Read more

VW Bulli tent

written by K. Janssen, 07/09/12

Thank you for the quick handling! Everything worked fine. The tent is awesome! It simple to assemble and makes a state subsidy impression! Can Recommend ichmit clear conscience.

VW tent

written by Anette, Norway 12/05/13

Fight Tough tent :) Great and romsligt and nothing Hokkus pokkus to set up :) very happy :)

World coolest tent

written by June, Norway 27/05/13

I Digga this tent when I saw it here on And after receiving it, set it up and used it, I'm crazy it even more!

Super tent!

written by Tone, Norway 15/07/14

Tried this past weekend. Is super happy! Excellent space, easily and set up just to get into the drawing. Definitely worth the money!

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