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Voodoo Knife Block Set

Kill off your sterile and boring kitchen with this voodoo knife set, which consists of five stylish knives and an unusual knife stand, to say the least!

Voodoo Knife Block Set - Black
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Voodoo Knife Block Set - Red
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written by Rowena, United Kingdom 09/09/16

Got this as a gift for my husband after he'd seen it on TV. He's very happy with it, knives are nice and sharp and it looks great. Delivery was quick.

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Fun knife block

written by Annika, 17/07/09

Got the impression of the picture the place was somewhat smaller than in reality but very fun knife block with good knives. Fits perfectly in my kitchen.

Voodoo Knife Set

written by K, 10/08/09

New pals in the kitchen, funny, cheeky! And good quality

written by , 03/11/09

Bold, bold things. Ingenious to spice kitchen a little up in a funny way ... The only drawback is the price.

So nice

written by flickvännen, 04/11/09

with a good knife set with great knives. And what's so neat. I just want to cook all the time now that it is so easy. Thank you made a great product that made it possible for me to continue to wan... Read more

Increased the lead!

written by Malin, 16/11/09

Super fast leverant, satisfied with the goods. A good buy for sure! Should go into the era website now and see if I can find something else fun :)

written by Liselotte Rasmussen, 04/01/10

Brilliant fast delivery. Good knife holder. Only good reviews

Voodoo Knife Set

written by "HANA", 13/01/10

Not only do they look cool out, knives e fantastically well.

Voodoo knife block

written by Jay, 11/02/10

stylish knife block and absolutely gorgeous knives. Perfect for my kitchen. Furthermore, my friends think it's "cool" knife block.

Cool gift

written by Lappen, 25/02/10

A gift that was completely in her daughter's taste. She thought it was s gorgeous. Can clear is recommended for those who want to give something different to the kitchen.

Knife stand Voodoo

written by Angel, 15/04/10

Larger than I imagined, and the back looks a little dull with plastflärparna, but it was still a good thing so you avoid accidentally cut himself while keeping on and dries the bench around the knife ... Read more

A little bit misleading marketing ..

written by Lisa:), 10/07/10

Voodoo - knife rack is just large, shiny and pearly view the pictures on shows and blades works perfectly well. The range also covers most needs in the kitchen. The blades threaded into h... Read more

Sooooo neat !!!

written by LZ, 10/08/10

This, I have liked to have had in years! Super satisfied with the appearance, easy to assemble and knives are quite ok quality!

Voodoo knife block

written by AK, 10/09/10

The knife block was commissioned as a wedding gift, and the couple are very satisfied!


written by Otroligt!, 22/10/10

An unbelievable awesome knife set that I have nothing but love! really good knives for this price! a must for all of us!

Fast and effeltivt

written by Lars Kroman, 26/10/10

It's easy to do, and things are going fast.


written by dumb_blonde, 08/11/10

I am delighted with the black knife stand even if it is something "plastigt" and thin. Fast delivery.

Voodoo knife block

written by Sofia, 10/11/10

I was happy cannon! Cool knife block, and to my great surprise, it included five quality knives in the price. This allows the knife instead became very affordable. Recommended!

written by trinemk, 10/11/10

great thing :)


written by Charlotte, 15/11/10

I've been pretty happy. From I ordered until I got the package did not take long. However, I had practical reasons written my neighbor's address when the neighbor is always at home could namel... Read more


written by M84, 19/11/10

knife stand was much bigger than I thought. The knives are quite ok.

voodoo knife holder

written by Lone Andersen, 22/11/10

The product works like a fun kind of knife holder, but I can not write so much about its function when it is wrapped for Christmas gift greeting Lone

written by silje, 17/12/10

knife block is itself completely raw ... light for quite some time on the net to find the chrome ... found only abroad .. but was disappointed nåe I saw it was in plastic, with marked glued side ..

Voodoo knife holder

written by jfp, 20/12/10

error supply - wrong color - is subsequently exchanged


written by bego, 28/12/10

Cannon was the perfect gift! really recommended.

Voodoo knife block

written by Heman, 05/01/11

It was a neat knife block, but the problem was that it did not fit with other knives. Now we must of course use the knives that come with.

Pretty neat!

written by drdeath100, 05/01/11

Good and fancy knives in what I perceive good quality. However, I was a little disappointed in the place that was more "plastigt" than I expected, and I missed the ugly protective bellows sh... Read more


written by jessica, 07/01/11

Really nice! A little larger than I expected, but it was really nice on the kitchen counter


written by Pdaddy, 31/01/11

Awsome was the message from my son when he got the knife stand as a birthday present. It is enough to review my opinion.

Shysst design!

written by Grolsch, 27/04/11

Clearly a stylish and sturdy knife block. Good quality knives too! Maybe a little too "plastigt" but clearly good quality

full satisfaction

written by KNL, 04/05/11

The knife block fully live up to expectations and the description. Give the kitchen a different look at the good and cool way.


written by Mia, 26/06/11

Bought the red knife stand that is super delicious! Big and hearty and the blades are securely thanks to magnets. Became a popular student gift!

Nothing to fault in this

written by Anonym, 12/07/11

Carved well with points then girlfriend got this birthday! Tough on the kitchen counter, good knives. Ingeniously with magnet that allows the blades hold up better in place.

Cannon stylish !!!

written by yvonne isabella, 07/12/11

very satisfied! thanks.

A must!!

written by Madelen, 28/12/11

Better looking knife block can not be found. I bought the chrome Christmas gift to my brother and he was really impressed !!

written by Silje, 02/01/12

I gave this knife rack to my brother for Christmas, and he was very pleased with it. Seems knives could have been any clearer, but is a completely toppers gift for someone is not making gourmet food !... Read more

Right at the top :)

written by Julie, 03/01/12

Easy, fast and good quality! Have nothing to put a finger on. Got order the wrong color, but it ordered the sweet lady in customer service fast! :)


written by BA, 13/06/12

Beautiful and decorative knife holder with d'tilhørende knives .. Good and quick service / delivery. Acting like again:)

Cool but "chrome" stand was in plastic.

written by Linda, 02/07/12

I ordered the knife rack in chrome which was a hundred pounds more expensive. I thought it was because it was chrome (metal) that it was more expensive, but it's still plastic, only silver. Was qu... Read more

Super original gift

written by Steffi, 12/07/12

I gave my godson of the knife block for passing Abi. She has her equal unpacked and assembled and is looking forward to their own homes in order to finally be able to set up properly, a real eye catch... Read more

Voodoo knife block

written by Ewa, 16/07/12

I just have to write and tell you about my great knife block: Voodoo knife block bought it in bright red and are so happy with it.There really brighten up my kitchen and not to forget the knives are a... Read more

Cool and different

written by AM, 18/08/12

Knife place is really cool and stable. The best part is that the blades are really good and knife Instead magnet at each pocket where you insert the blade so that the knife edge will not be damaged or... Read more

The mighty voodoo knife block

written by Maailmansota, 21/08/12

I ordered and the chrome is just awesome product, knives knives is a basic, no top quality mut not bad either. I can heartily recommend to all. Very showy in my kitchen, the icing on top.

Vodoo knife rack

written by Viktoria Engwall, 04/09/12

Fast delivery, good product and easy to "keep track" package of Internet :) good mail contact. Only positive! Did not the knives came with, so it was a fun surprise! The product was exactly ... Read more

Nice and funny

written by Silje, 15/11/12

I bought a red to have in your kitchen at home, plus a green that was given as part of a 60-year gift to my stepfather. Both are so cool and fun things for those who have a little humor and love such ... Read more

Voodoo knife rack

written by Sagatun, 03/12/12

Very classy knife rack makes up well on the kitchen counter. blades supplied appears to be of good quality. A superb gift idea, I bought this as a Christmas present.

Voodoo Knife Stand

written by Aleksander Nielsen, 01/02/13

Here is one giant pearly product, which fits perfectly in bachelor hula .. knife set is of pretty good quality in addition.

Surprisingly good knives!

written by Tone D, 11/03/13

Was more jealous souls after this was given in / utflyttningsgave to my brother. Great that it comes with knives, had not really expected it! The blades are sharp and cutting surprisingly well in toug... Read more

Voodoo knife block

written by Maaria, Finland 23/04/13

Knife rack itself is fine and knives affect pretty good, time will tell whether they are on it. Stand package came in parts and assembled it himself. Cons was the fact that the knife was through a cou... Read more


written by Sinika, Sweden 25/12/13

Awesome knife block, cohabitees have wished for this for ages. The knives left a bit to be desired, the blade is in line with such a handle to the knuckles get in the way when cut. Took the opportunit... Read more


written by mattie malz, Germany 16/09/15

Love Cool Stuff - Team! Have this part itself already an eternity! Was now a gift to a dear friend with the special humor! the blade quality is absolute peak, the "shape" of the cutter block... Read more

came the cook very well

written by bumba, Germany 15/01/16

I was looking for a slightly different gift for my husband (he is the chef with us). This knife block looks really cool, and the knives are really of a good quality. The blades are in daily use. My hu... Read more

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