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Waboba Ball Extreme

Waboba Ball Extreme is a whole new type of magic ball. The magic is that it bounces, not just on any old surface, but on water! Unreal, but nevertheless real because of that!

Waboba Ball Extreme - Waboba Ball Extreme
Waboba Ball Extreme
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written by Main Prophet, 06/07/09

The King is in the water on holiday in the sun. A hard roll diagonally down the waves can get it to bounce a number of times and finally settling around 50-60 meters away: D

Waboba ball Extreme

written by , 21/09/09

For our trip to Lefkas in Greece purchase this little ball. We played with it every day and work out great. May only be used in water and it letter many funny bounces. We finally became really good at... Read more

The jumping miracle

written by Tina Timmer, 05/01/10

On many Internet videos I have seen the Waboba Extreme in action. Unfortunately, that was nothing compared to my own experience. The ball makes incredible Gaudi, whether for two or Multiple. When I st... Read more

Did not work at all

written by Maudellen, 05/07/10

The point was that it would bounce on water, but the one I got was not around to do it. Maybe it was an odd one, or had we tried the wrong technology or so ...

Titscht and titscht and titscht ...

written by Bubu, 12/07/10

The Waboba Extreme bears his name correctly. The ball bounces really extreme on the water surface. One can very accurately throw it, but sometimes it also happens that when it encounters a wave sudden... Read more

great gift

written by alisa.k., 27/07/10

The Waboba balls are ideal for a little attention (especially in the summer months). I have these presented at a farewell party, and were super good at =)

Waboba balls

written by Erik Helt Veje, 16/08/10

I bought four paragraphs. Waboba balls to my children. We had tried one for a party and the kids loved it. So we had to have our own and have certainly not been disappointed. They are fun to play with... Read more

Excitement mega moderately

written by Karin, 09/09/10

Great ball, small but perfectly formed !! Power great fun !!

Water with a difference - Waboba extreme

written by Karin W, 13/09/10

It's just fun to zuzuditschen the ball in shallow waters. With a little practice you get the hang of. For children almost too difficult. Looking forward. Forward to the next bathing season

No problems (:

written by Christian Sørensen, 20/09/10

I bought a Waboba Extreme at Cool Stuff. the deal succeeded incredibly well when I got my last day after and there has been some problemmer. so 5/5 from me: D

Highly recommended!!

written by Polini Master, 17/01/11

The product has as described in the item description super bouncy properties on the water. From me there is therefore a strong buy recommendation !! Have fun!!! :-)

written by mala, 02/03/11

looking forward to the summer and asked so you can play with it and have all kinds of fun =)

slipped game

written by Natasia, 10/03/11

Fun and good quality, fine with color, so it is easier to find.

barbara cousin

written by barbara vetter, 29/04/11

Keep it up, everything was great

Waboba Extreme! :-D

written by Peter, 25/05/11

SUPER PRODUCT. Perfect for the summer holidays at the pool, but also MEGA good as the jump ball! Great product to anyone who has considered buying it. I will just say that they should buy it :-D

resilient fun

written by , 13/07/11

After tidigere experiences with its predecessor, Waboba, this is a big improvement and a wonderful gadget no beach-lovers should be without!

written by Altuz, 25/09/11

a cool ball that bounces on water regardless waves. elle yes they need anyway not be calm for them to go have fun with the ball. o a nice fun little ball that e perfect on a hot summer day on "pl... Read more

too expensive

written by , 17/11/11

the ball is not what I have promised them. More suitable for older children and for what you can do with it too expensive.

All right

written by , 15/12/11

The ball has not been tested but the child has been happy. Goods as always delivered quickly and smoothly.

brilliant invention

written by Marlene, 10/07/12

It has aroused great joy of the holiday, where it was used every day - the works :) It's fun to play with both in the pool and in sea water - works everywhere.

Bounces on water :)

written by Jeanett, 13/07/12

We had rented a house in Denmark with pool. The balls were used each day and intrigued both adults and children. This was funny stuff and going to be a permanent fixture in the same way as diving mask... Read more

the best ball

written by Sissi, 16/08/12

Hey! My dog ​​does not like a lot of balls. The only times she plays with is Waboba! And now we have bought two pieces! Happy mum.

Fin slipped the ball

written by Søren, Denmark 26/07/13

Super fine slipped the ball ... does not seem it is different from the original (and a little harder to find in the water in light blue vs. red) but otherwise ... fine ball and good toys

Great fun!

written by Åsa, Sweden 09/08/13

Niece could not understand how adults can have so much fun! This ball is the perfect companion to the pool :) The variations on the rules of the game are endless!


written by Heine Dyppel, Denmark 02/09/13

The product is of good quality. The product did not come with my first order - but after sent very quickly after I contacted Cool Stuff. Satisfaction with the product and service.

bouncing not

written by Tina, Norway 16/10/13

The ball was a disappointment because it does not bounce on the water as expected. We get it to jump like when you throw flat stone, but that's all. We use it in the pool and do not know about the... Read more

Fun and Affordable!

written by Jöns, Sweden 13/01/14

Perfect to play with in the ocean or in the pool. Wonderfully soft and just the right weight! Durable, too, not a scratch on it after two weeks of intensive use. Excellent bounce on the water, took on... Read more

best delivery

written by Adam, Sweden 02/02/15

I ordered a Waboba extreme. It is a very fun water toy. The delivery time was very short.


written by Lena, Sweden 13/05/15

We bought one of these last year and now I took the opportunity to order another one, while I bought another from Coolstuff. To the 42-year-old mom actually get to play with their teenage sons is grea... Read more

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