Waterproof Cases

Use one of our three waterproof cases to take photos underwater, listen to music on the beach/in the water or store other valuable gadgets!

Waterproof Cases - Waterproof Camera Case
Waterproof Camera Case
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Waterproof Cases - General Waterproof Case
General Waterproof Case
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Waterproof Cases - Waterproof MP3 player case
Waterproof MP3 player case
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Waterproof !!!

written by Jeppsson, 13/07/09

Bought the waterproof camera case and personalized !!! Obviously, kept it tight and oh what fun photos we have taken. Amused us a whole day in the pool and then went on to the sea for the cool new car... Read more

waterproof bag

written by Johan, 11/08/09

Is really happy with the verdict, o even my friends who bought them, too! to both mobile phone o money in it! o bathed several times a day o o groove opened a lot of times!

Water Tatti

written by pays, 14/08/09

Good case fits most digital cameras. For those who wish to take some truly nica pictures and do not want to shell out 4000 for a waterproof camera. With a good digital camera will be the great picture... Read more

Excellent waterproof case

written by Roland, 01/09/09

A waterproof case for an MP3 player is a must for those who want it with the walks mm. This case works well with my Creative Zen. The only downside is because Zen's construction. You have to open ... Read more


written by mikaela, 02/09/09

Worked perfect just as it was in the description! great to have on the trip.

Frequent and smart

written by Bluegreengrey, 10/10/09

Kanonbra gadget. Protects your phone when fishing (fly fishing) in a brilliant way. With MP3fodralet so you can have a wired handsfree connected otherwise the plastic is not so thick that it removes t... Read more

Really good !!

written by Frida, 12/10/09

Fast delivery & very happy with the case .. Cannon nice pictures !!

written by , 18/11/09

A very popular farce-time gift. Good with closure features!

Snorkeling Tips

written by Charlotte, 15/12/09

Bought kamerafordralet facing My tan. A plus is that it has a cup of the lens so as not to have broken it when you turn on the camera while it is in fordralet. Sadly, it suited my Sony W90 is not so g... Read more

written by Emma E, 28/12/09

Gave my brother this Waterproof Case for Christmas before his upcoming trip to Australia, much appreciated on a good price!

written by Maria, 29/12/09

It is really good, and fell on good soil.

Really good!

written by Martin, 04/01/10

I used the case to take pictures and film the fish and corals as I snorkeled in Egypt. Used a regular small digital camera and many of the pictures were really good. An added plus, I do not mind when ... Read more

Waterproof Case

written by W.B, 08/02/10

I ordered home two waterproof camera cases, delivery was quick and I was not expecting more than about two days. I have not used them because I think they have to travel abroad, but I have tested one ... Read more

cool :)

written by Linn Jonsson-lill, 25/02/10

the product's great :) ashäftigt to take pictures underwater if you put your phone in it, fun to take pictures with the pool: P

rescued Holiday

written by edvinoo, 24/05/10

Bought this gadget in mind that we would use it in Turkey this summer, I had absolutely not supposed to use it under water, but mostly as protection from sand and moisture. But for fun, so I filled th... Read more

Case for the camera and mp3 player

written by Madde, 31/05/10

Practically this summer when you want with a camera and music to the beach or on the boat. The case of the camera has a space for zoom and image quality is not affected! Thus, one can take pictures un... Read more

Funny thing :)

written by Jonatan, 31/07/10

Very waterproof case. Easy to get in and out of the camera. Both practical and fun thing, had coolstuff been able to ensure that it is tight (like new) would get a five, now it a four :)

Camera Bag with cylindrical bulge.

written by LZ, 10/08/10

The idea in itself is smart and good, but the bulge of the lens feels unnecessary and in the way.

Great strandsak!

written by skl, 16/08/10

The images were surprisingly good considering that it's the plastic that covers the lens. When I tested it, I could lower it to 5 meters deep without any problem (unfortunately did not get the pic... Read more

Perfect for the holidays!

written by Alex, 22/08/10

Want to start by thanking Coolstuff for this product, ordered it 2 days before I went abroad a little late, but of course he is, I get it home with coolstuff's rapid delivery! But now to the actua... Read more

waterproof Case

written by , 08/09/10

This is a waterproof pouch for MP3 player. The pouch is large enough that one can put your phone in it (my Nokia E55 goes right inside) so that one can use your mobile phone as a music player if neces... Read more

Waterproof Case

written by Nordkoster, 14/09/10

Perfect with a jack for headphones on the outside, feels solid and sturdy.

Waterproof protection for everything ...

written by Beamer, 14/09/10

Transparent fordral that really is waterproof for your passport or else you want to keep dry.

it works

written by niels, 22/09/10

case is quite close I tried to blow it up and after pressing it under water. it works.

Waterproof Case

written by Karin, 18/10/10

Very affordable case for ipods! Works great for distance swimming - calls for just a bit heavier armrem. Have tried several of Apple's similar product, not just as good as this!

Is what they called

written by Rikard, 24/10/10

Bought this case before the trip to Sharm El Sheik in Egypt to take underwater photos. Stopped in for an old Pentax Optio S digital camera I'm not so afraid of. It was great pictures. The bag has ... Read more

works great

written by Ecmik, 10/11/10

Works perfectly with my iPhone 4. Can control menus through the plastic, can make calls (sounds a bit muffled on the other end, however) can run music through cord so on. Highly recommend it highly if... Read more


written by Vattenälskare, 17/11/10

Fun idea and good price for the product. Will be perfect on Christmas trip to warmer climes. Good at the beach or excursion, keeps out sand and water.

versatile and dense

written by NB, 28/12/10

My husband - an outdoor freak has so desired a bag for Christmas. Arrived super. Even the touch screen of his mobile phone is still controlled via the shell. Although a slightly softer material might ... Read more


written by Jen, 01/01/11

Perfect Christmas gift for a father who swim with your mobile phone!

surprisingly fantastic

written by Sophie, 03/01/11

Total waterproof, no sand in the grooves and I can still use my iPhone !! Great beach trip! Great invention!

written by , 04/01/11

You yes indeed seems to be waterproof. Film is transparent and if one wants to go with his smart phone to dive, then the view is probably not hindered.

waterproof cases

written by maria, 06/01/11

Superb cases that I bought before the trip to Thailand, I know they are needed there !! No grain of sand in the camera or the iPod this time :) and super fast delivery !! THANKS!!

Waterproof Bag

written by Bunny68, 24/01/11

I discovered this bag in baby swimming at a party and had to therefore necessarily have. Have them last week and tried the same and am fully satisfied !! Wonderful photos were taken at the baby swimmi... Read more

Waterproof Case.

written by Frida, 26/01/11

I bought a waterproof case, to have a blue passport and camera in when I want to travel. The only disadvantage of the case is that the plastic it is made of is so very hard and stiff, which means that... Read more

Waterproof camera bag

written by w, 02/02/11

Unfortunately, I do not think there's any camera that has as little lenses that can fit in the space for the lens on this bag. The result is that the camera turns off because it can not send out t... Read more

Good good good good and good!

written by Lathunden, 07/02/11

Absolutely perfect! Since my Dell Streak lacks that kind of accessory that you buy for other mobile phones that protects your phone from moisture and rain so this is perfect! and terribly cheap, it is... Read more

lack reddmått the optics protection

written by , 14/02/11

The case seems to be just fine, hearty fuktlås and durable plastic. unfortunately there was no measure of how wide the lens had to be to fit in the projection. My Canon IXUS 220 was too broad optics s... Read more

Very good

written by Ren, 19/02/11

I've been really extended by one thing that does it like this. And finally I found it. It is super good. Keeps all the water out. You can take your iPhone with a shower. Although iPhone is in the ... Read more

Worked great!

written by , 24/03/11

Hello! For our holiday in Thailand, we thought it would be fun to take pictures when we snorkeled. We bought a general case where we would use a camera whose lens is not expired more than ca. 1.5 cm. ... Read more


written by Jonna, 30/03/11

Tried this paper in order to submerge, wash, and dip in the water. The paper was dry - that good results. Now I dare to swim in the ocean with my camera abroad.

good and günsitg

written by the koetter, 12/04/11

the bag looks good, with the first test in the sink was successful. Thus I will verwerden there times when surfing. Even my nokia xpressmusic phone fits in!

camera Case

written by abthir, 30/05/11

Pouch for camera works well under water, but not as good over water, as water droplets on the pouch will be visible in the pictures ... Anyway Good and cheap alternative to underwater.

Very good

written by Angel, 29/06/11

I had both the money, cards and camera in the bag and I took lot of photos under water. Works very well, however, can be moisture inside the bag due to sun and heat. But perfect to wear on the beach o... Read more

waterproof cases

written by Josefine, 26/07/11

I've got three waterproof cases, a canoe trip and they seem to work fine. The package also came easily forward, and after a few days it could be downloaded from the post office. So if you need wat... Read more

Waterproof bags

written by Thoemse, 24/08/11

Top products that are versatile and make a good quality impression.

tight for the lens

written by Annika, 03/10/11

Bought a bag, hoping to be able to take some cool underwater shots. The problem is that the space for the lens is too tight / too small in diameter. When I turn on the camera inside the bag and the le... Read more


written by John P, 22/10/11

This product (Wet Tight camera case) I bought to bring to Thailand in the winter, to take photos and videos underwater. I prefer to use my own digital camera instead of a disposable camera, and then t... Read more

funket excellent

written by Tilje, 05/12/11

Bought this to use to take pictures of the little darling on baby swimming. Worked perfectly well. Just make sure there are no drops in front of the lens as it destroys picture. An excellent way to ge... Read more

waterproof cases

written by musvitter, 06/12/11

Just what we needed.

Vatentätt, yes !! But a big but ...

written by Ante, 12/12/11

No doubt that the product is waterproof, at least initially. Does not take much wear we lock for it to find its way into a little moisture. But the big minus is on the design. Have three different dig... Read more

Case for the holidays.

written by David U., 19/12/11

Have not had them on vacation yet, but have tested them under water in the sink and they work just fine and as intended. Maybe they are just big enough, but there is room for a lot more than just came... Read more

Saved the holiday!

written by FeliciaIsola, 25/12/11

This case completely rescued the entire holiday to Hurghada! We did not know if we would even swim there, but as we got to know a diving instructor who let us dive in the Red Sea, and the photos we to... Read more

Top Value!

written by Björn, 26/12/11

Much cases for the money! Hold tight, and it works surprisingly well to use the touch screen on my Samsung Galaxy through the plastic case!

written by , 27/12/11

It fits really well and it's rimlig easy to press buttons. fine product

Waterproof case.

written by Frank Ø. Nielsen, 18/01/12

In short: anything that works :-)

written by Johan, 30/01/12

Works perfectly! Touch the phone works just as well in case the outside! Recommend.

they did not work.

written by sussiimalin, 04/02/12

Ordered waterproof case to the camera, but the lens on my camera was "too big" as the camera closed only by, and I still have a normal camera and no SLR. To have their iPhone where in would ... Read more


written by Emeli, 05/02/12

Used only protection in the pool on holiday, and the pictures turned out just fine. Like using an underwater camera but with my own digital camera (Canon IXUS70). Easy to seal, easy to take pictures. ... Read more

too small linsehul

written by , 11/02/12

if you have eg panasonis lumix tz camera lens hole too small for one to zome so now 2 I can not use for anything therefore 1 star hole for the lens when zooming is about 1 cm too small in diameter so ... Read more

Waterproof Case

written by Cicci, 01/03/12

Before my Thailand trip, I bought a case to have valuables and a digital camera! We never needed to use värdesaks sleeve but the camera case, we tried a couple of times! I do not know if it was becaus... Read more

Waterproof Camera Case

written by Benny, 01/03/12

Unfortunately it did not suit its case for Digital Camera Casio Exilim 12.5x lens 24mm Wide optical 12.5. f = 24-53.0 mm 1: 3.0-5.9, but it fits my other slightly smaller Digital also a Casio. Exilim ... Read more


written by Ejonsson, 12/03/12

As usual happy with coolstuff. interesting stuff that seems to hold and operate! Fast delivery, and all things with. bit of a shame you do not sell waterproof headphones too. buys waterproof case for ... Read more

Feels safe!

written by Patrik, 19/03/12

The case feels safe and good. Both me and my girl has on our journey as we do now, we die are very on the beaches and sea. The case has not been tested for water yet, but protects our iphones cannon a... Read more


written by Jeanette, 19/03/12

We used the pouch out a digital camera when we were on baby swimming. The images taken from the corner of the camera and its case is made so that taking pictures with a camera that has the lens in the... Read more

works as it should!

written by suma, 08/07/12

I bought this case when I had to travel. it held 100% tight and gave good images. However, it must be said that it can be very difficult to see what you take pictures underwater. if you use it over th... Read more


written by Hella, 13/07/12

was not sure from the beginning that it would really hold tight. Once arrived home and tested it worked great - as long as you do not dip your headphones into water course. because I work as an instru... Read more

waterproof but will not do

written by olivier, 15/07/12

The case is fine enough as waterproof bag, but will not do to use the camera when the lens does not fit with our otherwise standard digital camera. I would clearly not recommend this product to camera... Read more

Far exceeded expectations !!

written by Rickard B, 25/07/12

Incredibly well be for us who can not buy Underwater. Tested it in Thailand, without leakage, and was down to 5 meters deep and shot despite the recommended 2-meter border with no problems! The pictur... Read more

Holiday saved!

written by Gun, 02/08/12

It was small but held the passport, camera, phone and some money. Held tightly did it too! Absolutely perfect! Now we can swim all the while without beach guard!

Best thing in a foreign beach

written by ISbit, 10/08/12

Just perfect to have the cell phone and other things in. The screen works through the plastic. In addition to water you avoid the sand too. We had everyone's bags in a larger "Waterproof&quot... Read more

Perfect for swimming

written by Eva, 20/08/12

Perfect when to bathe on their own and do not want to leave valuables on the beach. :-) A little small maybe if you want to have room for a little more, but still perfect.


written by Jenny, 25/08/12

Must mention how incredibly good the service is at this company! Bought the waterproof camera case but my camera did not fit, I emailed and got the money back into my account on the bounce. And the ca... Read more

Does what it should

written by Andreas, 10/09/12

Works well footed lots of the pool without problems. The plastic is good so it is not visible in the pictures, and even sometimes there will be cool effects when the water splashes against it.


written by LJ, 22/09/12

To a kayak trip I bought a general case and a camera case. The general case went unstuck on day 2, and camera bag was unfortunately unusable due. Condensation front of the lens, which even a moisture-... Read more


written by altmannk, 30/09/12

Asbra, how smoothly any time to have with you when you are bathing, party boat, pedal boat we had when we were in Rhodes. People pointed and whispered, and people came and asked where we bought them. ... Read more


written by Rasmus, 22/10/12

Unfortunately, it was my objective about 0.5 cm wide lens portion of the case. But it worked reasonably to turn on the camera and shoot through the plastic. I absolutely tips on this product to camera... Read more

Great for traveling abroad!

written by Cizzi, 07/12/12

Simply the sheaths were kept and exactly what they promised - to be waterproof to 100%! Perfect to take along on a trip abroad to keep mobile and money when going to the beach. I placed the phone into... Read more

Waterproof bags

written by bollii, 20/12/12

super sale idea, rapid execution, just Cool..stuff! Thank you The bags are inexpensive and available for any occasions like on and around the water, into the subtropical regions ...'m curious what... Read more

Waterproof bags

written by Michaela Hellman, 20/12/12

The build quality is ok The functionality I can only use for a holiday rate.

Useful, but complicated.

written by Ollie, 04/01/13

Bought the camera case when the family loves outdoor activities and at the photograph. It was a bit small for the camera, but it worked out when we got a new camera for Christmas anyway. Lens hole cut... Read more

Good product, fast delivery

written by Connygbg, 15/02/13

Good photo cases that really was waterproof. Importantly, however, the lens fits a little cramped objectification available ibyggd in the case.


written by Sid Vicious, 19/02/13

Works exclusively to transport the camera. You can not use it to take pictures med.Den protruding part of the case is so small that the lens can not fit therein.

Waterproof Case

written by Zlatko, Sweden 24/07/13

Very fast delivery, good information about what is happening in anticipation of delivery as well as good product that came on time!


written by Miriam, Germany 01/08/13

No complications, fast and reliable. Any time. The items were packaged well and not deviated from the description.

In dry cloths

written by Anke, Germany 12/08/13

The bag has survived the test in the rain barrel and need not be used when paddling. Conclusion: Wonderful! Material and design correspond to our expectations, it is reliable and looks it. Hoping that... Read more

Fully satisfied!

written by Dany, Germany 15/08/13

Super Article hällt what it promises! Likewise, super customer service! Abswolut accommodating and courteous. Can you recommend around! Thank you!

waterproof case

written by Anna Amidani Svensson, Sweden 16/08/13

I'm really happy with the water pouch. Use it when I swim and it's perfect, just need to be careful with headphones, on the other hand, I have never head under the water. There is not much mor... Read more

Love it

written by maria, Denmark 21/08/13

I was actually surprised by the product. my girlfriend and I were looking first for an underwater camera when we were on the snorkel vacation. But when we heard one of our friends you could buy a hols... Read more

Watertight! But was not that long ..

written by Evelina, Sweden 13/09/13

Buy four cases for me and my three friends to have our mobiles and wallets on our trip to Gothenburg and Liseberg. We went both Kållerado and Flume Ride many times over the weekend and their cases nev... Read more


written by ..., Sweden 25/12/13

Actually works. used it when I went to Thailand, but think they should be in any color so you do not see what is in

Top Product

written by Andreas, Sweden 07/03/14

Works great! Fits with mobile phone, some cash, debit cards and hotel key. Would recommend to travel! Works equally well on the beach as in the bathhouse.

Secure plastic bag

written by Jeanette, Sweden 02/09/14

A simple o good storage to iPhone in our case, and to avoid leaving valuables on the beach, plus it was really good and funny short in the water, above water. Tried in too, but these were fairly grain... Read more

Used on the trip

written by Jonna, Sweden 02/10/14

I ordered this to use when I go abroad and both my little camera and my mobile. System camera is too big ... but that was not the idea not to buy this to it. I can not answer how it is in use and dens... Read more

Were not watertight

written by Anna, Sweden 09/02/15

The product was unfortunately not quite tight, a few small drops came in on all occasions we used it (but without damaging the camera). We experienced the case as something clumsy (much larger than ou... Read more


written by Virre, Sweden 08/03/15

Three days of bathing in salt seas, big waves and strong currents, and so far so good. Camera, cash and cards can fit in the "general" bag.

Waterproof case for camera

written by Ewa, Sweden 09/03/15

Unfortunately, this does not fit into my camera but I ordered another waterproof bag that was great. Withstands even saltwater in an excellent manner.

Great and easy to take with ...

written by Stefan, Sweden 18/05/15

Super satisfied! Will be well used when going to the beach ... Easy to Protect what you have and track of what you put in.

Great and easy to take with ...

written by Stefan, Sweden 18/05/15

Super satisfied! Will be well used when going to the beach ... Easy to Protect what you have and track of what you put in.


written by Anton, Norway 25/05/15

Använde ensure that kamerafodral under one besök at Liseberg. Fick fina videos från Colorado och Flumride! Have plats till 2 iphone 5 without problem.

perfect on the beach,

written by cess, Sweden 16/09/15

It will either water or sand in the case, nasty end. Yes it had around the stomach pouch and tucked in bikinis, safe and good. Avoid being worried that money and hotel key would "disappear".... Read more

Bag is good

written by KL, Germany 21/09/15

Description of the case as well as processing, delivery and payment by the foreign suppliers have worked well.

Just great !!!

written by Bussi , Germany 24/09/15

The product was exactly as advertised. Great!!! I can recommend only !! Very fast delivery.


written by Lotta, Sweden 04/11/15

Super Satisfied, got no water at all. Double-checked at home first, of course, but then it was just to jump into the Red Sea, and take photos and videos! Noticeable on the pictures to cell phone lay i... Read more

Really good!

written by Mathilda , Sweden 26/01/16

I'm honestly not that the case would work. It was so incredibly cheap! But I felt that I trusted coolatuffs stuff and tested even the case but went to the bathhouse with it at once. I can not thin... Read more

keeps its promises

written by ah, Sweden 17/08/16

well-sealed and can swim with and have completely underwater without mobile or money damage Keeps its promises

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