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Window Bird Feeder

Watch as the cute birds munch on their food up closely! You easily attach the bird feeder onto the window with suction cups.

Window Bird Feeder - Window Bird Feeder
Window Bird Feeder
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What is this?

Window feeders

written by Marie, 16/02/12

Put it on the window where I sit at the computer, where they first a little shy, now, many kinds of birds and eat! PS Also my cat is amused!


written by JR, 27/02/12

viker fine, the birds are happy and delivery arrived very quickly after ordering ..................................... ................


written by Ole Horn, 27/02/12

Good price, good product and OK service. Here I could find to act again. The only annoying is the high cost of delivery.

Fell down

written by Sofia, 28/02/12

After the bird feeder sitting up in the fourth fell on the ground and broke, plastic burst. Otherwise, it was fine, and the birds had had time to find perhaps it had worked well.

Good service

written by erngaard, 05/03/12

Fine product, good and fast service. Thanks. Regards. T. Erngaard

Super handy!

written by RWM, 14/06/12

But not about the old man has just traded for windows with window film and self-cleaning :( Meeen I had plenty of friends who wanted to take over this. Super if you do not want to turn in exterior wal... Read more

My grandmother loves it;)

written by oTTer, 14/06/12

a perfect gift for an elderly lady who likes to feed birds and want to watch them while ...


written by Marianne, 29/06/12

It is very nice and the birds flock to to eat, that it is shiny allows one to watch the birds that eat. It is naturally a little fast dirty, but it is easy to solve.

Bird tables to mother

written by cmee, 05/07/12

Bought this for my mother so that she could see his dear friends directly from the sickbed at home. A treat! Once we even hung on a talgboll took the birds that they were food on g. Took very good for... Read more


written by Hege, 07/07/12

This is I enthralled with. Took a little over one day before the birds discovered it (I live on 2 levels) and now they are here and eat out often. Should really give this gift to anyone, for it is abs... Read more

bird feeders

written by siggi, 17/10/12

very pretty bird feeders. is assumed directly by the birds. very stable and firm hold on the window or on the glass door.

my daughter will love it

written by testergirl, 19/10/12

At first I was skeptical that should keep the suckers, imagine times before the poor bird. I have it but then picked because CIH imagine it a great thing for my daughter is the birds so close to see. ... Read more

Super Nice!

written by Lisa, 06/11/12

I bought a bird feeder to have the window outside my office, right In front of the computer where I always sit and look out on a boring industrial estate. Now it is so much the birds there and eat so ... Read more

Really good!!!!

written by G.J., 09/11/12

It took about 1 day, until the various birds had discovered the bird house and also accepted. In the meantime, they will eat me out of house. It is nice that you can clean it super and, indeed, the va... Read more

bird Feeders

written by Hilde, 12/11/12

Bird board is perfect for us who have no suitable place to put is fulgebrett urenfor breakfast table our window. Hitherto it has withstood the weight of both the food and birds.

Feeders with mutual joy.

written by Psj, 13/11/12

Great trust garden birds showing us through this product. It is deeply fascinating that such a 'simple' product can create so much joy.

Absolutely gorgeus!!!

written by June, 14/11/12

This is a wonderful gift, and lovely on vinduet.Tok some time for the birds came, but now it's full of traffic:) Highly recommended: D

Fine, but can be a bit dangerous

written by fi@, 15/11/12

This bird is great to have in the window! And the birds appreciate it. Unfortunately, succeeded a little birdie stuck with the leg of the run / cradle available in the turned-up edges. I managed lucki... Read more


written by frida, 16/11/12

Sits great on the window and the birds are here every day and eat. Great fun to see, they are not so shy anymore.


written by Daniel, 17/11/12

I thought wow, that not everyone has. A transparent birdhouse that is made from outside the window. A "cool stuff-eye catcher" in which you can be up close to the action here. have something... Read more

Works well!

written by Tilda, 22/11/12

Wife's mother was very happy for this. Sugplupparna works well, which is what I was worried about. :)

Fell down

written by Sara, 26/11/12

The first time it fell down after two minutes. Luckily we had attached a string in the otherwise had appeared four floors down ... Others try moisturized we stoppers and remain good. Then it will not ... Read more


written by Lila, 26/11/12

Was skeptical about this at first, because it was smaller than I expected, and I was afraid that the suction cups would not be able to keep the weight of the birds. But I put nevertheless a broken mei... Read more

bird house

written by vogelfreund, 29/11/12

The aviary has so far been a pleasure. Robins, titmouse and nuthatch are completely wild on the content. Unfortunately, there is always aufgefuttert much too fast .... The birds are protected by the a... Read more

A good experience

written by Jinggirl, 29/11/12

Hi! This was a good experience with online shopping. I'm not very used to shopping online, but this was a pleasant experience. Everything went just fine, both the order and the retrieval. The only... Read more

Tipp Top Pippen

written by Bente Furulund, 29/11/12

This birdfeeder we are very pleased with here in the family! We have put it on the window by kitchen offers table so that we can follow while we eat while the birds eat. It is super nice, we even had ... Read more


written by Sophiesp, 03/12/12

So delicate and discreet. The birds are good enough not go and eat of it yet but it will come :)

really cozy

written by TK, 10/12/12

I did not think it was possible to lure the birds so close to the window. I have the feeding table seated at a window on the fourth floor with a balcony. I've had it sitting one week and already h... Read more

good buy

written by Gisela, 10/12/12

It's so good to see the birds now they eat in-law likes it. Just take a while before they came because they are enough creepy to some.


written by Jeanettd, 10/12/12

Super fast service, but when I receive the package, it is crushed. But nice that in without so much as blinking just send a new one. Thank you :)

Birdhouse made of acrylic for the window pane

written by Ma, 13/12/12

The bird house looks beautiful and seems stable and to be practical for the birds. but still can not say more, because so far I have seen only a tit who has landed on it, but did not take anything. Al... Read more

bird feeder

written by Helena, 14/12/12

Funny thing. We have it on our kitchen window and the kids really like to check out when the small birds sitting there äter.Sugpropparna is great and has passed a lighter storm.

Ready to start - but not optimal

written by Rüdiger O., 14/12/12

A great idea to attach the birdhouse to the Fixed pane. So you can see the little birdies best watch - if they can find the feeding place. For me this seems not (yet) to have been the case. However, I... Read more

bird box

written by BIRD, 17/12/12



written by Jesy, 17/12/12

Wonderful product that really works as intended. I bought two, one sitting on the window of the office at work, wonderful to be able to take a break and look at all the little birds that come right up... Read more

bird house

written by sym, 18/12/12

After I have been looking for a small aviary for the window, I'm too cool stuff gekommen.Die delivery was very quick and unkompliziert.Das cottage has until now any kind of weather gehalten.Wir ha... Read more


written by Vogelfreundin, 18/12/12

The see-through aviary served its purpose: it keeps well on the window pane. Just the birds have yet to come! It's still new. I hope to be able to take pictures through the glass from the cheery p... Read more


written by Ogge, 19/12/12

Bird feeder is a smart thing, but it must be in a room that is not much life in order, these are in the room dark birds that and get scared. Good shoved the suckers

As expected!

written by Ida, 19/12/12

The board hangs well in the suction cups even though it is cold and wet! The birds have been a little hesitant to use it. Nice size.

Everything perfect!!! :-)

written by Manuel R., 19/12/12

This order was very easy, the shipping fast and the aviary in the described good quality. All top and nothing to complain about. I'm going to stop by frequently look in your shop. Keep it up and t... Read more

Superb :-)

written by bb, 19/12/12

Has gradually bought nearly 10 pieces of small animal cages. perfect little gift - and they act as magnets on small birds.

For bird lovers

written by Inge, 20/12/12

Wonderful "bird tables" which allows you to be birds eat lunch close to you. Acrylic gives full visibility to bird and feed. Even a small "tag" that ensures that the feed remains d... Read more

The product works as it should

written by Pernille, 20/12/12

It is a very fine product. But we have not been visited by some birds yet. But in addition, it went quickly with both book prokutet and get it home by mail. There are absolutely no problems when order... Read more

Durable plastic

written by Tommy, 21/12/12

It says on the box that they are "Durable plastic", but when the box was opened it would have gone in the middle, and the plastic is very fragile ..

Cozy "cafe"

written by F, 21/12/12

Initially thought that this was a bad purchase when I packed up and saw how little board is, but I soon discovered that tits love this little "cafe". Just right for two at a time, and they s... Read more


written by Annica, 21/12/12

After a few weeks with this product, I feel satisfied. It sits well on screen, even though it is full of food (wet it a little bit before I put it). Nice to see when the birds venture out (they put no... Read more


written by Bitten, 24/12/12

Have Vore looking for this long. Exciting to wear the glass in the nursery. Is excited about the hinge firmly.

quick and easy

written by Momses, 25/12/12

Very good :-) The product came within a few days - and was absolutely as expected. I will use Coolstuff again. Would recommend

Birds at the window

written by Sonnenblume, 25/12/12

The aviary is really convenient: easy to attach and clean and also keeps in higher floors or if it has a fantastic time. That is, even people without balcony can so attract and watch native birds to t... Read more

works fine

written by G, 26/12/12

Put it on the window and then it was only to be expected. Have had both great tits and blue tits visiting the bird feeder.

science Experiments

written by marsa, 26/12/12

Real clever and a great looking little zing day. Invalid morning to watch Chicks that feed directly to the front row and a suitable slightest!

The burst!

written by choco, 30/12/12

Bought this for my boyfriend's brother for Christmas and when he would try to put it on the window pane so sat on the quite hard and it was good, but then when he would remove it as there was a la... Read more

Birdhouse for the window pane

written by tina, 31/12/12

Birdhouse ok, glued securely to the Scheibe.Man can super daily. Unfortunately, the birds are not pure enough to eat

Funny thing for bird lovers

written by Marris, 01/01/13

Very good if you want to see small birds up close. Easy to mount on the window, easy to refill and to clean. No installation of the bird feeder is required, it is delivered complete. You see the birds... Read more

Smart solution

written by pelle, 08/01/13

Not so stylish but works well. Disadvantage is that the wind blows a little light of it if there is too much on the board and there are high winds.


written by Putin, 18/03/13

Quick delivery. Took two days before the birds marked the board but now it is cramped for space on board :-)

bird feeder to the window.

written by bente, 18/03/13

well thanks, I'm quite happy with my purchase, it went fine and fast. I am also satisfied with the product itself. Only problem is that a large pigeon has annexed feeding house. It's too thick... Read more

Plastic bird feeder

written by jeannie, 18/03/13

I am satisfied with plastic bird table I purchased, it is not very big, but I did the reading targets properly. Now I just hope that it gets stuck on the glass.

fglefoderbræt Window

written by Pernille, 18/03/13

Unfortunately no birds still on the board, they are out in the garden at the other foderbrætter, unfortunately, but a fine product !!

great encounters

written by UB, 22/03/13

The aviary is a super thing with no frills and the suction cups hold very well. Initially, the birds have to get used to our site (the kitchen countertop is right in front of the window with the bird ... Read more


written by Pelse, 23/03/13

And a small bird feeder for floor construction. Easy to install and easy to fill up on. Now I just need that birds find it :-)


written by Kajsa, 03/04/13

Really fun gadget for our daughter who can see the birds eat up close :) several of the friends who have seen it wants one.


written by Angelika, Norway 15/05/13

Bird board that hangs outside the window has high entertainment value for cats mine of course they sit inside the window :)

A great way to feeding

written by Pome, Finland 20/05/13

Carefully placed bird feeder firmly sticks to the window and also shows squirrels reckless kamikaze loikista. Comfortable to monitor bird and small animal food moments up close!


written by Tobi2889, Denmark 25/05/13

Works perfectly. The suction cups keeps amazing and birds love to eat the food that is in. For starters came no birds, but now fighting birds almost to come first. There are not only birds that can us... Read more

Now you can feed the birds in the city

written by Oberon, Denmark 13/06/13

If you really want to give the birds food and love to see them take care of the dishes, you need to buy this product. Because the bird table sits directly on the window, you have no trouble with the b... Read more

Klaus opponents

written by klaus, Germany 19/06/13

hi ... am with the bird house very zufrieden..habe it right down window angebracht..hällt is lovely to watch if Maisen and other birds to the house kommen.sogar a black and buntspecht sp... Read more

Window bird feeders

written by Therese, Norway 25/07/13

Must carry be honest and saithe that æ not gotten tested it yet, but it looks good and should functioning completely great =) Do you think fuglan come tea bi enthralled =)

Funny bird feeders

written by Tomine, Norway 24/09/13

Cats and birds love this. We can sit and study the birds while enjoying themselves. Cats also love and "see" the birds and it gets a little scraping of windows. : D Recommended!

All the best

written by funkemarieche, Germany 27/09/13

The birdhouses meet my expectations. It certainly depends on the outside of the window pane and the birds love it. And I love to watch them while eating.

Sjur coming

written by Lalala, Norway 14/10/13

I was so hopeful when others had written that birdfeeder was too small to large birds. However, I've done another experience. Sjur came (more massed) and took the food. Little fun. So unfortunatel... Read more

Giant Sweet Bird Feeders

written by Turid, Norway 07/11/13

Bird board is smaller than I imagined, but it is only positive. It looks very sweet out of the window. The birds are a bit cautious and quite fast when they pick up food and are not sitting on the boa... Read more

7 species so far

written by Fia, Sweden 11/11/13

Blue tit, great tit, tree sparrow, house sparrow, finch, nuthatch, magpie. It is full scrolling, most great tits, tree sparrows and blue tits, they'll even when it is empty and checking in on us. ... Read more

Great gift!

written by Peter, Finland 15/11/13

Good product, easy to set up. Also the birds seem to like it. I recommend it to anyone who likes birds!


written by Evelina, Sweden 23/11/13

In the early birds were a bit shy and did not really dare to come so close to the window. But after a while, they learned that it was not dangerous :) We have sunflower seeds in the article and have p... Read more

Good service

written by JH, Norway 27/11/13

Excellent fast service. satisfied with the birdfeeder, but it has not come birds on it yet. It keeps fight well on the window despite storm and foul weather, but it will soon rain and precipitation in... Read more

The birds have not found us yet

written by Helena, Sweden 30/12/13

Simple and beautiful, a gift anyone will be happy. What do you give the person who has everything, as well. I bought one myself and put it on Christmas Eve, but than (6 days later) there has not emerg... Read more

Bird feeders

written by Ida, Sweden 31/12/13

Works great for feeding small birds and sits nicely on the screen. Have not much more to add.


written by Fia, Sweden 31/12/13

The plastic burst immediately when I would put it up. So now unusable :( ought to really complain about it, but the anger I threw it away.

Smaller than thought

written by nizzle, Germany 02/01/14

The birdhouses se, looks good, is relatively small. It is very easy to install and keeps well.

Eagle's Nest.

written by Tomblepungen, Norway 04/01/14

Acted 3 of these as extra gift for div in family. All appreciated it and looked forward to test it on their huts.

myopic fågelmatare

written by Ann, Sweden 06/01/14

Nice thing to watch birds close. The first week they did not come at all but then they found here at my breakfast window

Feeders onto the glass.

written by Helle Skipper, Denmark 06/01/14

After a long time to have been looking for a bird feeder that can be put on the window, which was not too expensive, I found one on cool stuff. And it's easy to put on the windscreen and easy to f... Read more

Grandma was pleased

written by Redrum, Sweden 08/01/14

Stays on the window yet and grandmother seems happy! But there is a better model on the web! The price was good anyway and it arrived in good time!

Holds ultra tight

written by Seireen, Germany 09/01/14

I had only my concern that the little house would hold ... After my mother had, however, left the blinds with full vigor down (and the entire weight was on the bird house at half the picture window), ... Read more

Clings to the window than

written by potatisgrodd, Sweden 19/01/14

Gave it to Grandma, it hangs on the window than in spite of the cold. The birds have not found there yet, but otherwise good!

good thing

written by Greger, Sweden 23/01/14

Was a bit worried before to the suction cups would not sit well. It has been a month now with no problems, with temperatures oscillating between degrees and -25. Fun to see the birds come so close, li... Read more

Stylish fule board

written by LRS, Norway 23/01/14

Stylish design at a low price. Hangs well on the outside of my window. Even with a lot of snow on top so it hangs well. Holes in the bottom makes the water runs out. Fun for my cat to sit inside and t... Read more

Bird-reality show

written by Ia, Sweden 25/01/14

Oops, now you can sit long hours and just watch! I was a little hesitant about it would remain but it works perfectly. We pour sunflower seeds both in the bowl and on the roof. Good thing!

Fantastic bird feeders

written by Fru Larsen, Norway 01/02/14

Coming back! Full of birds, all day long! Especially blåmesisene and robins like this with us.

Fine little foderbrædt

written by Sol, Denmark 11/02/14

Foderbrædtet is fine and easily mounted on the pane with the accompanying suction cups. It is a little smaller than I expected, but the targets were safely on goods .. so own fault that I had not seen... Read more

Bird feeders to window

written by Karsten, Denmark 12/02/14

Cool little bird feeder, easy to set up. Fine to see the birds just outside the window. And the birds are also pleased :-)

Kanon bird feeder to the window

written by Henning Holler, Denmark 17/02/14

I had a bird feeder to the window to make the road and I have been very happy. Here you can enjoy all the small birds up close. I he sit back window only half a meter from solforte, woodpecker, sparro... Read more


written by Liz, Sweden 05/03/14

Put it on the balcony window. The funny thing is that one sees the birds as well. Perfect instead of one should have such a birdhouse. Giant Clever :-)

Window feeders

written by Maja, Sweden 11/03/14

Ordered this for a very sick boy so he gets something to look at when he can not manage anything other than lying in bed. It is so smooth that even take home when he should at permission.Tips, has a s... Read more


written by Vijo, Sweden 18/03/14

Ticked all description, really nice and classic. Valid only for the birds to eat. A request that it could be larger in size.

No bird in sight

written by Tina, Sweden 21/03/14

Not one little bird has dared your way to eat! Sitting at a tree where it tends to accumulate small birds. The bea sitting on the window anyway!

Bird table

written by ks, Sweden 29/05/14

It's a nice thing that we enjoy every day. It is simple to set up and it is also soldered to fill the birdseed.

A golden moment

written by Spanaren, Sweden 18/09/14

Sitting there in quiet meditation and just see these birds at the bird machine is just so sweet! Anchored by a string but the suction cups is more than good. This transparent bird machine is recommend... Read more

Fuglefozerbræt to the window

written by Ango, Denmark 13/10/14

Bought a lot of good things with Cool Stuff but the transparent underfoot board is really stupid! If there is movement in the room where the bird table hanging outside, I assume that as dry birds do n... Read more

Great product!

written by Bellatrix, Sweden 14/11/14

Stylish and hold good when you put it on a window! The birds found it after a few days! ************************* '

funny thing

written by Arve, Norway 05/12/14

Funny thing to watch and photograph birds from their living room. Simple to set up. But birds are not going to order. Please be patient.

fight Practical

written by Zlatibor, Norway 08/12/14

Recommended ... Easy to hang up ... and best of alt..så nice to get little birds visiting ... fitted with strong suction pads

Window bird feeders

written by Fugleelsker, Norway 08/12/14

Fantastic and get close to the birds. Simple and set up and it stays in place no matter the weather. Brilliant happy. Have given several gift when several of our visitors have been very enthusiastic. ... Read more


written by Charlotte, Norway 15/12/14

I was unsure of suckers their ability to sit, but birdfeeder has now been at the window of 2 weeks with frequent visits of the birds! Very fun thing to have outside kitchen window :-D

bird Food

written by Emelie, Sweden 15/12/14

A different way to feed the birds. The cat thinks it's the most fun to stare at them. Cosy when they are so close. Easy to attach and protects the screen simultaneously. A good gadget.

great article

written by Sandwurm, Germany 15/12/14

Am fully satisfied with the delivered product. The sending and processing of the order worked fine. Can I in good conscience weiterempfehlen.Vielen Thanks!

Fast delivery! function as will be

written by 1234, Denmark 15/12/14

Come a few days after ordering, super good service! and a fine bird feeder!

Great idea

written by Stella, Germany 15/12/14

Your bird house is a very good idea! So simple, so ingenious and really inexpensive. Works seamlessly and makes a lot of fun, because you can watch the birds as close as ever when feed Get.

bird Feeders

written by Hanne, Norway 15/12/14

It lacked suction cups, so it becomes difficult to hang up, you could have sent me some extra?

Everything great!

written by Isabell, Germany 17/12/14

Super fast delivery! The bird house is great, the suction cups hold bombproof - only the birds have not yet discovered. I hung it just too late, because it was probably too cold. I would recommend the... Read more

Super value for money

written by Yvonne, Germany 21/12/14

Great idea. So even people without garden bird watching. Good performance for the price. Delivery very fast.


written by leca, Sweden 22/12/14

Good fast service, nicely packaged ... .i bought them as Christmas presents for my friends and relatives, fun to be able to see the birds up close ...

Good feeders!

written by Ellie, Sweden 01/01/15

Bought this for my mother before but felt I wanted one myself too. It remains on the screen without problems, so the suckers are good! Now I'm just waiting to birds should stop being so timid!

Great Birdhouse

written by Yvonne, Germany 01/01/15

The birdhouse is class and is suitable not only for people in the garden. A very nice gift.

Better than expected

written by Eveline, Sweden 05/01/15

Absolutely wonderful to get so close to the birds as they munch talgboll! Nothing for larger birds, but excellent for the small great tits.

surprised magpie

written by Gunilla, Sweden 08/01/15

Fun and practical thing! Small birds have not discovered it yet; a magpie came a few days ago, was surprised that it was too big and flapped away. We look forward to when fylkas small birds outside th... Read more

fine swapping service

written by lis nybyfin bytteservice, Denmark 09/01/15

Received only a bird feeder, which was broken. Emailed my distress to you, as it should be for my grandchildren as mandelgave. I sent express a new without that I would bother to return it snapped. Fi... Read more

Bird watching closely.

written by Maggan, Sweden 11/01/15

Bought this bird feeder and put it in my window. Great fun with all the birds arrived. However, one must keep in mind to fill the food very often. It goes fast and without food, no birds.

Cozy at breakfast

written by Moa, Sweden 12/01/15

Cozy detail at breakfast if you're lucky and get bird visit! It was smaller than I thought but it works well for small birds. :)

fine swapping service

written by lis nyby, Denmark 13/01/15

I received only a bird feeder, which was broken, but after a mail you sent in immediately a new one, which I could then reach to give my grandchildren in mandelgave. Furthermore, I did not bother to r... Read more

Godt purchase

written by Micha, Denmark 20/01/15

It took just a week, but then sat first blue tit on the board :) It sits even very well fixed on the window

bird Feeder

written by Pusebæll, Norway 09/02/15

This was roaring! Do not fall off the window (I cleaned with alcohol first) and the birds actually comes though it is fixed on the kitchen window with activity within!


written by J. Rettkowski, Germany 12/02/15

A suction cup of the bird house dissolves again, so that it is crooked. I had to fasten with tape. Very ugly.


written by Loize, Denmark 16/02/15

Beautifully that ku see birds from all sides. Pip pip "............................................... ... good food for birds. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Effective delivery! L

written by ara, Norway 16/02/15

Deliveries of bird board went fast! Now tuck full of birds-who enjoys meals! Recommended for other customers.

Smashed completely after a few days

written by Henrik, Denmark 13/03/15

The suction cups gave up after a few days. Fuglebrædtet fell 1.5 meters down and smashed into several pieces. The material is apparently somewhat fragile. Slightly annoyed, it is otherwise a very nice... Read more


written by Cardoc, Germany 12/04/15

Everything's fine. Gladly again! In the various product descriptions I had really good laugh. (What a yes nowadays can usually pass) Look definitely clean again ... Best regards Birdbox


written by BB, Denmark 22/04/15

The transaction went smoothly, and it was not long before the little birds began to come visit. A blackbirds pair also found out that there was a free buffet, but there was enough food for everyone. I... Read more

Very good and smooth

written by Jeerod, Sweden 13/07/15

Large suction cups firmly in the window. Even the fattest magpie could probably sit without the detachment. Despite being so open, so do not seem to blow away the food.

Went down right on the set

written by Annnica, Sweden 11/11/15

The idea is all very well, but the hard plastic is cracked first time we'd put it on the window. No violence was used and it came from the room heating. Moreover, it is far too small, the food bow... Read more

incredibly cozy

written by Anita, Norway 16/11/15

I am so glad that I found this bird house. Is easy to assemble, and every day I get visits from many small lovely birds.

bird Feeders

written by Birdy, Norway 30/11/15

No birds dare to approach. It is a dangerous lion (cat) and a scary man in the back of the bird feeder.

Super fine

written by Winnie, Denmark 14/12/15

Super fine bird feeder, especially at a great price and super fast and easy delivery. Regards Winnie

Nice bird visits

written by Ram, Norway 14/12/15

birdfeeder was that we wanted, but it took several days and a coconut with tallow before the birds realized that we wanted a close encounter! Now we visit the great tit and enjoy the sight of him on t... Read more

Bird food - close to the bird

written by Carina, Sweden 15/12/15

Nice bird feeder that lets you get close to the bird. Easy to fasten the window with sugprproppar. Does not slide down. Good service at time. recommended


written by Chriz, Germany 17/12/15

In the bird house I had first concerns that it does not hold and would break under the current cold when it gets dropped. But it holds bombproof! Even otherwise, it is very minimal, but still right. U... Read more


written by Milo, Germany 21/12/15

The delivery was fast, inside was what I expected. Try I could not, however, because I will give away all 3 birdhouses until Christmas. I hope that the birds standing on plastic and PEEP Show.Ich am v... Read more

Christmas gift for dad

written by Sara, Sweden 25/12/15

Dad was very pleased with this as a Christmas gift, great as he is visually impaired and can now get close to the birds.


written by Ebba, Sweden 25/12/15

It worked very badly but was a fun idea! Detached when more than a bird .. from pivoting once the seeds disappears into the ground. Was disappointed unfortunately .. Had bought the gifts too so it was... Read more


written by Kathe, Germany 27/12/15

Apparently, we have done something wrong, all give good review and we are sorry to say not working. The bird house hanging for three weeks at our window and not a single bird has to dare to come off. ... Read more

Food for pips

written by Marie Bernard, Denmark 28/12/15

I bought at Cool Stuff the bird tables to put on the window as Christmas present for someone who does not have the opportunity to put bird tables up in the garden. It was enthusiastically received, un... Read more

Cool bird feeders

written by Elisabeth, Germany 28/12/15

The order came very fast and the bird feeder looks at the window great. The chickadees come hesitant, they have to get used to the transparent look. It makes but fun to watch.

Cool bird feeders

written by Elisabeth, Germany 28/12/15

The order came very fast and the bird feeder looks at the window great. The chickadees come hesitant, they have to get used to the transparent look. It makes but fun to watch.

bird Feeders

written by Sa. Gruer, Norway 29/12/15

Bought 3 pieces of these when I was going to give away two for Christmas. Got the product pretty fast. Opened one of the would I have myself. First APPEARANCE was that they were very small. But now hu... Read more

so fine

written by inge Tonsberg Koch, Denmark 30/12/15

Really fine bird feeder .... Now I'm just waiting on snow so the little birds are forced to use the bird table. They did not bother the bird table when they can find their food in the wild.

Super bird feeder

written by Gitte, Denmark 31/12/15

A super great gift idea. My son got 2 pcs Christmas, which he immediately put on the windows in the living room. 1. Christmas Day we were able to sit inside in the warmth and look at the birds, which ... Read more

losing grip

written by Fågelspan, Sweden 01/01/16

Maybe it's because of the cold but our bird feeders lost grip with suction cups first time we used it. Fell and broke, a corner went off. Now it's taped and stands on a shelf but it loses the ... Read more

nice little bird tables

written by hanne, Denmark 04/01/16

Now we are waiting for the birds to spot it. It was very fine just to put on the window. We are satisfied with the product

Super Happy :-)

written by Trude, Norway 05/01/16

Very popular among birds :-) No problem to attach to the window. Bought a second time (the gift).

Fuglebrædt on the window.

written by Claus, Denmark 07/01/16

Super simple and transparent foderbrædt to attach to the window so that small birds can be seen up close. Great enjoyable and comfortable for the birds happy of all ages. One gets good experiences at ... Read more

Fuglebrædt on the window.

written by Claus, Denmark 07/01/16

Super simple and transparent foderbrædt to attach to the window so that small birds can be seen up close. Great enjoyable and comfortable for the birds happy of all ages. One gets good experiences at ... Read more


written by Evar, Sweden 09/01/16

Wonderful to sit and watch the blue tits and great tits at our window. If you like bird life, I recommend this meter for all bird lovers.

Fast handling, Goods is perfect.

written by JB, Germany 26/01/16

Fast processing of sending, the aviary is as described and holds perfectly at the window. the bird and the Meschen pleased.


written by Ulrika A, Sweden 06/02/16

Great product! It is as expected! Sits well on screen and so on. The bottom plate is a bit crooked and pointing up and that's holes in the corners of it as a bird can get stuck there. But that&#39... Read more

can be used to cress

written by Inge Tonsberg Koch, Denmark 28/02/16

Now I have had the bird table hanging for long and the birds bother it is not true. However, it should be said that I have 3 cats that sits just on the other side of the glass so perhaps that's wh... Read more

bird Feeders

written by Christin, Norway 01/03/16

Bird tablet looks very good, is firmly in the window. No birds have arrived yet, maybe I have to listen it to another space

Cozy bird feeders

written by Fuglemateren, Norway 02/03/16

Cozy bird feeders because who does not want something too violently. Here it took 2-day before the birds noticed it. Oh they're here more to more kids think it's great fun to watch the birds S... Read more

empty eaten immediately

written by Viechmithaksen, Germany 07/03/16

The birdhouse can be with two suction cups securely fasten the window. And food availability has spread quickly at Kleiber, Meise and co. Photos are possible very well through the transparent house.

super happy

written by Claire Kehlet, Denmark 30/03/16

Super fast delivery - fine items - I act like at Cool Stuff again:) I bought bird food houses to put on the windows, ordered one day and they were here for 2 days

bird Feeders

written by Førskolelærer , Norway 13/06/16

These will be used in kindergarten, but has not been tested yet. I think the kids will have much enjoyed this! Hoping that the suction cups firmly.

Transparent Birdhouse

written by Winni, Germany 22/08/16

For small songbirds an interesting Möglichkeit.Auch the suction hold firmly to the disc. However, I have front still attached to the feed plane a stick as an additional landing and holding ability. No... Read more


written by pandoranders, Norway 09/09/16

The product was delivered after a short time and is already in use! Very pleased and suction cups seem to be solid and good!

Birdhouse with suction cups for window

written by S, Germany 17/10/16

Yes and no, I thought it was bigger, but otherwise it's ehr solid and I hope it sticks for a long time, this is the weak point in the matter delivery was fast and OK

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