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Wine Bottle Glass

On those evenings when just one or two glasses of wine are not enough, why not pour up an entire bottle into your glass and curl up on the sofa? The Wine Bottle Glass is a wine glass with an entire bottle in the foot.

Wine Bottle Glass - Wine Bottle Glass
Wine Bottle Glass
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What is this?

wine glass bottle

written by Mikaela, Sweden 27/11/15

difficult to drink out ploy but a fun thing to have at home to show others .. but the right really nice and stable

Love it

written by Siw, Norway 30/11/15

A fun gift for myself and a friend who simply love wine. Recommend and have recommended it to several ☺

Fast delivery

written by Kristel, Denmark 29/12/15

Fun bottle, shaped like a wine glass on the top. Super as a "tease" gift for someone who loves his glass of wine.

Christmas gift for dad

written by Moa, Sweden 30/12/15

Bought this product to my dad for Christmas and he was thrilled. He thought it was cool, and it is now in his vintrinskåp. I liked the bottle looked cool off so bought the most on the "fun" ... Read more

Great wine glass bottle

written by La sausage, Sweden 31/12/15

Great and fun bottle to give away to a vintokig person. The only thing is that it is difficult to drink from but otherwise the top.

Estimated Christmas

written by Sofia, Sweden 31/12/15

Just as I thought it would be! Funny thing that became a prized Christmas gift :) Maybe not so useful but cool ornament;)

Estimated gift

written by Liann, Sweden 01/01/16

Vinglasglaskan was very appreciated both by those who received it, and other friends. It spread great joy when it is really a fun thing

Wine glasses for my taste

written by Elisabeth, Norway 01/01/16

Great big wine glasses, which it describes; "Finally a wine glass that fits my needs." Much humor with this glass!

Wine glasses / bottle

written by Ernst, Denmark 08/02/16

It worked perfectly, and the food came quickly and was similar to the description, so all in all very satisfied

Wine glass bottle

written by Esther, Denmark 01/03/16

Wine glass bottle is a fun idea. For it can accommodate 75 cl. It can be used for anything other than wine. Eg. Water, cola, juice.

Super Fine

written by Myyy, Sweden 05/03/16

Välpacketerad and great and nice when it arrived! Looks like in the picture and is worth the money ............


written by Tom, Sweden 21/06/16

Still have not received the final wine glass bottle o it has probably gone over a month ago ja ordered them. Damn disappointed at zero response from you on coolstuff

fun gifts

written by Linda , Sweden 23/08/16

Perfect service! Much appreciated gifts, it went to add wrapping was superb! 5 out of 5 rating


written by BestemorÅse, Norway 24/08/16

An old uncle were told by the doctor to take a spoon cognac every night. He found the largest serving spoon he found and adhered to doctor's orders. It is the same here, a glass is a glass. Bought... Read more

Wine Glass Bottle

written by Julia, Sweden 24/08/16

I got my wine glass bottle about 2 days after the order, the gift became a mother riktgt happy! Customer Service is 10/10 as they helped me more than enough. Value for money, really funny gadget!

Wine Glass Bottle

written by Lana, Sweden 30/08/16

A very appreciated fun gift, much laughter and fun atmosphere. A tip to give away to people with humor!

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