Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50

Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 keeps track of your weight, body fat percentage, resting heart rate, and even the air quality in your home. Everything syncs wirelessly with an app on your smartphone, so you have full control of your own progress and health!

Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 - Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50
Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50
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Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 - Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 White
Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 White
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Intel comparison bathroom scale

written by Gadget interresert, 18/01/13

Bathroom weight used every morning and there has been a lot more fun to weigh themselves than tidligere.Litt weight is a bit sensitive to the substrate and if you stand right over weight for it to mea... Read more

Easy to set up - Motivational

written by Benjamin, 11/02/13

Is the diet and wondered more pure weight. Getting to see the fat / muscle mass is very fine. In fact been fun to weigh themselves :-) Is very simple to set up. You connect to your weight to your lapt... Read more

Then there is the track of the weight!

written by Jan Lindholt, Denmark 23/08/13

Beautiful, it just works and there are plenty of opportunities for integration, for example. Madlog.dk There were some challenges pairing one phone with the weight via bluetooth, but it may as well be... Read more


written by Fredrik, Sweden 26/08/13

Works perfectly. Uses it to the whole family and it syncs seamlessly with the free app that is very detailed and provides stylish statistics. Thoroughly recommended if you want a little better track o... Read more

Withings WS-50 WiFi badevægts precision

written by Uffe Stæhr, Denmark 26/08/13

I purchased a Withings WS-50 WiFi Body Scale. The principles I am happy for the weight, but I am not satisfied with the accuracy of the measurement results. There is too much variability in the result... Read more

professional online

written by Carina, Norway 27/08/13

Decidedly lowest price of the product, low shipping cost, quick delivery and good product range. It will not be the last time I shop here!

funny thing

written by Carina, Sweden 04/09/13

Manual leaves much to be desired, but it is well managed with installation and pairing it works smoothly and is both inspiring and motivating. Libra weighs probably very accurate, it is envisaged on t... Read more

Destroyed after 3 days

written by Chris, Norway 04/10/13

Got weight, and after 3 days so we got HW error on it. Had to send it back. Also long time before we can get new 10-14 days.

Decent weight with nice design

written by Silje93, Norway 03/12/13

Libra shows slightly different answers in relation to a different weight I have, but do not know who shows error. Fat percentage who it claims to measure is not very reliable, which I neither had expe... Read more

Withings WS-50 WiFi Body Scale

written by Tusse, Denmark 24/02/14

Cool Stuff has super fast delivery! Ordered one day, and got it in the mail the next day. The weight is nice easy to use via WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0 over mobile or PC. When you use the weight, then you... Read more

Smart, delicious weight

written by Jens, Denmark 17/03/14

Super weight, and easy to set up. However, I do not feel completely confident about the measurement of CO2 emissions in space. But maybe it's just me that's a little suspicious about that part... Read more

Very happy

written by Mår redan bättre, Sweden 18/03/14

I read both good and bad about this wave before I decided to buy it. I found that the CO2 meter seemed interesting to test and that the wave can give the whole family the weight data directly to the m... Read more


written by Marja pelkonen, Finland 02/04/14

A good product, but the price is high. iPhone a good help. The program shows the development of weight very well. The product was delivered quickly.

excellent product

written by dpanter, Sweden 11/04/14

Spot wave, with one small exception. Body fat measurement is totally non-functional and completely useless, it oscillates quite wildly between two consecutive measurements and the measurement is compl... Read more

Super product

written by Johnny, Denmark 06/05/14

Works perfectly on the wireless network and with Runkeeper. A good and motivating way to keep track of weight :)

fat percentage

written by Anki, Norway 26/05/14

The weight works, but the fat percentage does not seem to be working. Varies from seven percent to over forty in a day .... Otherwise it easy to install and set up. Ok funkajonalitet with the option t... Read more

Good, but often fall Network

written by Peter, Denmark 20/06/14

Very good weight and super you can follow web and smartphone, but a bet that weight often 'fall' of the network and must be reactivated. It is quite annoying! otherwise thumbs up.

Works and does what it should.

written by Sjöstrand, Sweden 20/09/14

It works great. Air control is really use the bar, saw that we had a high carbon dioxide levels during the night, opened a valve and got better values, both the wife and I feel we wake up more rested ... Read more

Can hardly be better

written by gamleholm, Denmark 08/10/14

The day after I had ordered the scales, was it to pick up. A subsequent request for Cool Stuff on clarifying questions were also answered perfectly. Overall a very positive experience to deal in Cool ... Read more

Great better than I had dreamed of, and I am known to s

written by Lars, Denmark 17/02/15

Buy it! I also bought watches and blood pressure meter. Great products. Even Monitoring is interesting and the way forward.

Does what it promises

written by Tyytyväinen asiakas, Finland 19/03/15

An efficient and accurate vaakana. Give consistent readings from successive measurements, which is not at all the digital models not so obvious. Body fat percentage measurement is also okay, as long a... Read more

Very good product!

written by Abbe, Norway 22/06/15

Crooked little setting up the Withings App (Health Mate) / WiFi. (Had to resort to reset to factory settings + follow setup / advice on Withings Client.) When the scale was first in line has worked ou... Read more

A good buy

written by Lena, Norway 09/07/15

+ Measures weight, body fat percentage and pulse. + Meter C02 level in the room and temperature. Sleep a lot better after the ventilation system was adjusted accordingly. + Showing forecasts for morni... Read more

good wave

written by Tommy, Sweden 23/07/15

Make it a wave to do. What I am most pleased with, and most so I bought the wave is to keep statistics when I'm trying to gain weight. Then it is difficult to say whether krippsfettsberäkning true... Read more

Withings WS-50

written by Ripe, Finland 15/09/15

* Beautiful product. * How it works fine * Price tough, but reasonable in relation to the device * The installation has to think about. Net clip, and short instructions do not all work. * IPad Apps do... Read more

Good but small bugs

written by Pelle W, Sweden 27/10/15

Works great and is easy to use and fast. Decently easy to get started with, even for a otekniker. However, I for some reason do not sync my iPad Air 2 with my normal network, it is where my iPhone6 ​​... Read more

Works like clockwork

written by Shakespeare, Sweden 16/12/15

Good features and accurate measurement data. It is a perfect companion to klockorn from Withings if you wanna get some track of public health.


written by Rune, Sweden 05/01/16

Looked for a WiFi-wave and Coolstuff was cheapest. The scale works very well with the app Witt Hastings, which I've used for a while and wanted to avoid having to enter the weight each time, plus ... Read more

Inaccurate fat percentage measurement

written by Sekkelund, Denmark 21/01/16

The weight was too inaccurate and highly volatile on body composition measurements, but it was also really what I expected, but had just hoped that it was a little better!


written by Petter Lier, Norway 22/01/16

This is easy to set up and feature stylish design. Good accompanying app. The measurements seem OK. The price was good compared to other places.


written by Jesper, Denmark 28/01/16

Delivery day and great product. It jumped straight on the wireless and works with weight and all the other great features. Only praise here.


written by Jesper, Denmark 30/01/16

Delivery day and great product. It jumped straight on the wireless and works with weight and all the other great features. Only praise here.

Very satisfied

written by Ole Sponholtz , Denmark 13/04/16

Easy ordering Quick delivery Very happy with my new weight Have nothing more to write, but gotta write 100 characters ;-)


written by Inger , Sweden 03/10/16

I'm very happy with this wave, it has good features and you can connect the scale to an app over Wi-Fi, which means that the results you get on the scale automatically sent to the app. It also sho... Read more

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