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World's Largest Giant Gummy Bear

This giant gummy bear is more than a thousand times bigger than a regular gummy bear, containing 6120 calories! Perfect for parties!

World's Largest Giant Gummy Bear - World's Largest Giant Gummy Bear - Cherry
World's Largest Giant Gummy Bear - Cherry
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
World's Largest Giant Gummy Bear - World's Largest Giant Gummy Bear - Dewberry
World's Largest Giant Gummy Bear - Dewberry
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
World's Largest Giant Gummy Bear - World's Largest Giant Gummy Bear - Cola
World's Largest Giant Gummy Bear - Cola
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
World's Largest Giant Gummy Bear - Super Giant Gummy Bear - Cherry
Super Giant Gummy Bear - Cherry
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
World's Largest Giant Gummy Bear - Super Giant Gummy Bear - Dewberry
Super Giant Gummy Bear - Dewberry
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
World's Largest Giant Gummy Bear - Super Giant Gummy Bear - Cola
Super Giant Gummy Bear - Cola
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock

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185 reviews

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What is this?

Kanon taste

written by JonasK, 30/09/10

Is simply what it purports to be. Recommendable. It also tastes much better than the small one usually buy.

teddy bear

written by liselotte, 19/10/10

when we needed a little fun gift for a song to the 50th birthday we bought a big gummy bear that they caused great amusement and happiness, I also bought a kondomhat when I at the same time having to ... Read more

giant teddy bears

written by Lene, 29/10/10

Kanon good idea to pack Christmas calendar Super product that tastes good

Super fun idea

written by , 25/11/10

I think the idea is super fun, but the images can cheat a little, I think. The Giant Gummy Bears looks larger on the bill ends relative to the small ordinary chocolate bars than they really are. This ... Read more

Gummy bear

written by Selma, 06/12/10

Was less in reality than we thought

written by , 16/12/10

Simply brilliant: D got it was not sooo presented great because he is the "small" ..... but is also groooßß

written by , 27/12/10

They were much smaller than I thought from the pictures :) but they caused still delight the recipients


written by , 27/12/10

The Riesengummibär is super arrived and already destroyed almost half. A great idea on your part and we like to visit the shop again.

Absolutely wonderful!

written by Tess, 27/12/10

Heaven cool gift! Coke did taste good bear too!

Horny toy!

written by dmd locken, 28/12/10

have given away the gummy with buddies ner girlfriend, arrived super and really is a sick thing. tuts taste even :) ---> very good; everything is wonderful

wasted motion something for themselves! :-D

written by krellle, 30/12/10

when I purchase the Giant Gummy Bear I had a little scared føleser whether I liked it because I have spent some money on it, but when I got it in the mail, it was quite the opposite the taste: the fan... Read more

it keeps

written by Mikkel, 03/01/11

Huge gummi bear was probably the best almond gift ever :)

written by emilie, 05/01/11

It is really good and tastes much better than the usual chocolate bars. I highly recommend it to others.


written by Jny, 06/01/11

The clubs became Simply the gift of Christmas stocking, Dewberry tasted super good!

Sweet o rare, absolutely gorgeous ...!

written by Svenpa, 08/01/11

Got home one of the biggest bears with cherry flavor and gave the whole family on Christmas, the joy was complete! At first upppackningen so spread a start whiff of a chemical that could be discouragi... Read more

It was too cool!

written by Søren Bo Jensen, 10/01/11

It is brilliantly made. It tastes surprisingly good, but it is also very bold. But it almost goes without saying, when there are over 12,000 calories! :-) It's a really cool gift if you buy must h... Read more


written by Nice, 11/01/11

Thought it was larger (but large compared to an original gummy bear. 18-year gift was a hit. Everyone was excited. Though a bit pricey but good. I tasted it myself, but my friend said it was better th... Read more

Insanely great - Insanely delicious!

written by Benjamin Veng, 31/01/11

Have you always had a sweet tooth? I have, and I have always been in search of the most satisfactory piece of candy since I was little. And then I found it finally! You know the old proverb which says... Read more

candy Bear

written by Ranus, 10/02/11

No one can come and say that this bear is small, it is heavy and suitable great as a gift or to wear partyt.Vi were 10 people who tried to eat it on Saturday but it was all a nasty way to go. Of cours... Read more

The coolest gift!

written by Harbo, 14/02/11

Bought this gummy bear for my dear grandfather, who is a huge sugar pig. And one must say that this gummy bear caused excitement. It is so massive and heavy, similar to the small chocolate bars, and s... Read more

Ingenious goods

written by Simona, 18/02/11

Ingenious goods, looks like the original, only giant United. It was delivered in beautiful gift box. I have the "bears" but unpacked and presented instead of cake on a plate for her birthday... Read more


written by Stefan, 02/03/11

AWESOME !!! enough said.


written by Carina, 08/03/11

Super estimates teddy bear ... Gave my son on his birthday 7års, he was very happy ... He's now a slice of it every Friday for Disney fun ..: 0) Hope also comes the world's largest gummi worms... Read more

Giant the giant gummy

written by , 09/03/11

just great, I had not so great imagined and thought at first well 35 euros are expensive, but the money has absolutely gelohnt.Das Bear looks great and is still packed very funny. I would buy it again... Read more

Fun and simple

written by Marcuz, 14/03/11

Bought it as a gift and celebrated was to laugh at the opening. A simple and fun thing to give away as I unfortunately do not know how it tastes. But it is big and heavy and provide a lovely contrast ... Read more

Stooor rubber bear

written by Tistel, 04/04/11

Gave this as a gift to my boyfriend :) He thought it was SToooooR!

written by E, 18/04/11

Gave the big cola bear my little sister (sugar monster) her birthday. It was very much appreciated and she was very happy! She has not tasted it yet so I can not say anything about how it tastes / sme... Read more

Giant Gummy Bears

written by Ulrik Mikkelsen, 18/04/11

Super Teddy Bear! Very fun gift and delivery as promised.

written by , 19/04/11

Very big, heavy and tough to cut, good o have when you are craving sweets, you can pick up the bear, only requires a sharp knife ..

super fun gift

written by , 21/04/11

Given as garden - it put right much pleasure and the taste is good

super fun gift

written by , 21/04/11

Given as garden - it put right much pleasure and the taste is good

Yummie gummybear!

written by Lisa, 25/04/11

This is definitely a good buy! A bit pricey though, but it's so big so the price is still good. The delivery was fast and the product was very fresh, I thought it would be a little hard or as swee... Read more

Tremendous joy at Easter

written by Micha, 02/05/11

The "Bears" on a stick was super with my daughter and tasted moreover also delicious ;-) Finally something different than the usual "season figures".

Jubilation among children

written by Luzywit, 05/05/11

As a aderledes Easter eggs, got our 2 teenage kids a giant gummy bear each. This aroused really cheers! Very good flavors (cherry and cola - super good product. Commendable fast delivery, good efficie... Read more

Not so great and unhealthy as promised

written by Jonas Buch, 05/05/11

Rubber Bear was great, but it did not consider the promised 2,3kg. The weighted with wrapping only 2045G. Next, I was promised over 12,000 kj but the declaration contained the only 6120 kj. It was fun... Read more

Huge Nice gummy bear; D

written by Emil Frølund Kristensen, 10/05/11

jeiii .. am so until I get it, it's for a 18th birthday gift to my good friend; D hope he will be pleased!

Giant Gummy Bear

written by Ida , 19/05/11

I won a gift certificate so I thought I would use it for. I chose the giant gummy bear with cherry flavor. It tastes incredibly well and is actually better than normal. :-) I had thought that it was a... Read more

good service and things are okay

written by Pia skovbæk, 23/05/11

My daughter needed a gigangtisk big and blue jelly for a gift. It corresponded fully to the expectations and arrived the day after orderen was given. The gift was a great success with her friend and a... Read more

Super jelly :-)

written by Berit Schou, 30/05/11

I bought a giant gummy bear here on Cool Stuff, which we should use that song hides for a confirmation. That they caused wild jubilation among konfirmanden and all guest think it was brilliant :-) Tha... Read more

Giant Gummy Bear

written by Mis, 06/06/11

Super fun and nice idea for a gift or for party! Since it is not often you see that big gummy bears :) I've been happy with my purchase! and it will surely be!

written by Heidi, 13/06/11

Is fully satisfied. Both freight, packaging and taste :-).

Huge! ... Disappointment

written by Mikkel Dupont, 18/06/11

It's really fun, no doubt about it. But it tastes like the cheapest of the cheapest wine gums from the borderland and its actual size and especially the weight does not 100% consistent with the st... Read more

Very fun

written by Line, 24/06/11

Bought it as a fun gift and the recipient think it was really funny. However, I give only 4 stars because the bear was reasonable gooey / soft - it was somewhat better after some time in the refrigera... Read more

Giant gummy

written by Nadi, 11/07/11

The bear has arrived super, always like a gift that next time I'll take the bigger

simply sweet

written by m, 11/07/11

This is a great gift idea, everything was great. thank you

Giant gummy

written by Tuonetar, 26/08/11

fast delivery, beautiful, attractive packaging and very tasty content. Everything great!

written by , 08/09/11

very tasty, good sevice Company

Delicious teddy :-D

written by Charlotte, 09/09/11

Super fun gift for my 8 year old son. He started out he could not bring himself to eat it, but when he was told that we will be able to buy one, he began to snatch one ear then the foot and now some o... Read more

No one had seen it coming ....

written by Kroager, 30/10/11

Last Christmas I bought two giant teddy bears that would be used to package games 2 different places during Christmas. ABOUT MY GOD people's heads should have been filmed since the bears were pack... Read more

Less than expected

written by Kristoffer, 31/10/11

When I bought my gummy bear for 100 kr of cool stuff, I expected a monster of 1 kg or the like. Delivery took place very quickly and without errors. It appeared then, when I opened to be a teddy bear ... Read more


written by , 03/11/11

The Riesengummibär arrived super! The price was indeed horror, but he is still awesome :) I can only recommend it !!!

Everything what it promises!

written by , 04/11/11

Bought it as a gift for my sugar happy boyfriend and he was eldevild. It tasted good and was a nice big jelly :-)

Super product

written by Lars Møller, 07/11/11

Was used as a prize on track with Got first leverte fpr small teddy bears - but subsequently sent the right size u / b - super service - thank you.

lovely flavors

written by Louise, 11/11/11

I gave it a 24th birthday, and the reception was very good. The bear was not as great as promised. Have been told it tastes fantastic ;-)

Super super super!

written by Mie (-:, 12/11/11

the teddy bear was tasty, and a super fun gift. delivery was quick and the receiver are really happy for the gift! But he only made it through the ear, so there is still a long way ;-)

Rießen Gummibär

written by Nora, 13/11/11

So I can taste the Gummibären not judge, since the gummy bear was a gift. However, I can say that it really is a huge large gummy bear, the recipient has never seen such a big gummy bears. In addition... Read more


written by , 15/11/11

Took out "candy bar" when we would watch a movie, a little different from the usual mix of candy .... great to have on a child's birthday! A diabetic's nightmare !!!

Teddy bear on stick

written by My, 21/11/11

As a fun gift idea is a giant gummy bear a great for those who love sweets. Especially fun is it to get a big gummy bear on the stick! : D

Giant - Gummibär

written by Moni, 24/11/11

Have these giants - a birthday Gummibär my husband. He was thrilled and also with our friends and guests he was an absolute eye-catcher. Actually much too good to eat .... ;-)

Fed gift idea

written by kari yderstræde, 28/11/11

My husband loves gummi bears, he wont be able to put a big bag to life within minutes but here comes his ultimate challenge and I'm darn excited about his powers :-). The Christmas gift is a littl... Read more


written by Rikke, 01/12/11

The bear was an almond gift for an adult Christmas party and it went clean home. People thought it was fun and not least fascinating! Definitely a winner :-)

super cool

written by kim, 01/12/11

Super cool. And tastes really good. And honestly, who could not imagine good 2.5 kg gummy bear?

Good birthday gift.

written by AP, 08/12/11

Is very pleased with gummi bear. It was purchased as a birthday present, where it aroused great enthusiasm :) "only" 4 stars because I do not know how it tastes?


written by H Hansen, 13/12/11

Ordered in red and got one in purple. So wrong flavor. The product itself fails, however, nothing.

jelly - yes please!

written by mie, 13/12/11

the perfect gift for wine gum lover !!

Fun but expensive

written by Daniel, 15/12/11

The clubs are fun and will probably go home with brother child as a Christmas present. But I do not know if the right holder while the price. The clubs weighs 250 grams and it does a kilo of over five... Read more

gummy bear

written by outi, 26/12/11

My daughter ordered a giant rubber bear to brother (18 years) for Christmas. The idea was that since he all these years has liked Coke pacifiers, so would probably be a cola bear absolutely right! Chr... Read more

written by Lölä, 27/12/11

Have imagined it bigger for the price


written by Desiree, 27/12/11

Super gift !!! Have been told that it tasted just like a real gummy bear, although the 2.5 kg. it should weigh, "only" gets to 2.1 kg. on the weight ....

The gummibärchen came quickly

written by Luna12, 28/12/11

The gummibärchen is indeed come quickly but gummibärchen schmekt very artificial and it is very difficult to cut. LG Luna.JH


written by re, 29/12/11

The giant gummy bear is really great =) looks great and is exactly as I imagined it hab =) is a super gift for someone who loves gummy bears =)

gummy bear the large but also løgbriller

written by grete, 30/12/11

When you hit a really good Christmas, and there will begin to cheer, just what was desired, it can only be good. I like also very pleased with shipping and fast response, then all is well, it should b... Read more

written by Holderried, 30/12/11

Top, tasty ...

Ornlig sick teddy bear ...

written by Katrine, 02/01/12

Year mandelgave. Got the whole table to first gape and then guffaw. Huge success. Even 2.juledags guests were quite "Seriously? Where to buy one?"

Super, overwhelming size, just great!

written by Shogun, 02/01/12

Very overwhelming size for the gifted, both the giant gummy bears, as well as the super giant bears. A gummy bear with 2.3kg adheres quite different in his hands as such a small 10g bears. The taste I... Read more

Super arrived!

written by CC1610, 02/01/12

I gave the bear to my father for Christmas. He is a giant Gummi Bears fan. I can really only recommend it !! Looks super and tastes delicious.

A fun gift

written by ZethL, 02/01/12

Jelly Bear was, in my case, used as a Christmas gift, and it fell into good soil. Unfortunately, I have not even tasted it, therefore I can "only" give 4/5 stars, where 5 to be taste, and if... Read more

The largest gummy World

written by Andrea, 03/01/12

I bought a giant gummy bears before about 2weeks and must say that I was really surprised. It is by far the biggest bears have I ever seen and held in his hand. Since I bought it as a gift I can to ta... Read more

Great wine gums !!

written by Rikke, 03/01/12

Jelly Bear was absolutely fantastic as almond gift! The exact regimen was the size I expected, and the consistency was much better than I had expected from the various comments. The taste (blackberrie... Read more

written by , 05/01/12

Surprising and funny!

Giant gummy

written by , 06/01/12

This giant gummy bear is simply brilliant as a gift is super we arrived all had our fun. Really great gift. Will it definitely order again.

fun gift idea

written by Christian, 06/01/12

I bought the giant gummy bear as a fun gift, and it certainly did luck, but the price may be a bit steep for jelly ...


written by teichi, 10/01/12

gummibartütchen first liene a welcome variety to the boring "small" and since most gummibär an eye-catcher is a RIESENÜBERASCHUNG for all ages !!!!! it can only recommend all rubber animal l... Read more

unforgettable July

written by HappyBigBRo, 11/01/12

bought one for each of my younger brothers, the mission that they could not eat it all. And as expected, both were finished before they reached the knees, so thanks for a successful mission giant tedd... Read more


written by Malte Thom+e, 13/01/12

The gummy bear's something really great, and oh boy it tastes brilliant !!

Gigantic joys else to come.

written by Morten , 18/01/12

Looking forward, viildt to get gigantic cherry on stick. Hope it is as big as promised and that it tastes good. From other reviews seem it that it does not live up to the full standard, I think it doe... Read more

Enjoy Else to come.

written by Morten , 18/01/12

I have ordered the giant with a stick, and really hope it lives up to the full standard. I'm really looking forward to the coming, and of course if you have enough money, you should of course try ... Read more

Unusually nice taste ...

written by Jasmin , 23/01/12

A nice gummy bear which was estimated by eating of.

Cool teddy bear

written by Mille Frederiksen, 24/01/12

I ordered a giant gummy bear as my little brother must have when he has just finished his exams Hg'm really looking forward to seeing him and all his classmates when he packs it up ..... would als... Read more


written by Angelica, 26/01/12

Super good! Fast delivery and I am satisfied. Dewberry was delicious and was amazingly impad of size. Still, after two weeks.

Giant Gummy Bears

written by Annemone, 28/01/12

I have previously purchased the teddy bear as a gift to the delight of the recipient. At a later visit a few months after I got the opportunity to taste it and it was still soft and it was delicious i... Read more

Giant Gummy Bear

written by , 04/02/12

Real class of giant gummy bear, highly recommended. With such a unique gift nobody expects :-) could make a real joy presents the recipient


written by Camilla, 21/02/12

Jelly Bear was my boyfriend, he ate it in about 4-5 days! I did get a small bite, and muuums where is it delicious!


written by Alyane, 28/02/12

My Blue Giant gummy stands, currently in the closet. Since I still had no time for him. But I find the size great. As soon as I made my photos with him, he'd tasted .. hm hm .. in anticipation. mf... Read more

Schmaker well!

written by Marius, 02/03/12

Incredibly good taste! Although one may be very fast nauseous. But who does not get it out of something so big? I have spent over 2 weeks to finish it, and it's well worth it! Very satisfied with ... Read more


written by Sasch, 04/03/12

Great idea, great quality and great fun. The only drawback: I had to order the same for the kids again. :)

nice teddy bear

written by Bente Holm, 06/03/12

My granddaughter had wanted it from before Christmas. The reason we waited for his birthday in February was that we thought that it was now possible to get the red. To our disappointment was still aft... Read more

great wine gums

written by Connie, 19/03/12

My daughter had wanted the giant gummy bear for his 13th birthday - but I think that we could well start with the little "less" jelly if it is now not tasted so good - she was really happy, ... Read more


written by Friisen, 19/03/12

I gave it to my father, to his 42 year birthday, he was really happy with it and laughed loudly! And he tends not to be so easy to make happy. So it falls on good soil, do not hesitate to buy one!

The world's tastiest treats

written by Gummibear-lover, 24/03/12

There is only one thing I can say about this gelatin soaked, chemical-smelling thing! the world's tastiest sweets ever! I am 11 years old, and my favorite candy is rubber bear. and it is a great, ... Read more

The world's tastiest treats

written by Gummibear-lover, 24/03/12

There is only one thing I can say about this gelatin soaked, chemical-smelling thing! the world's tastiest sweets ever! I am 11 years old, and my favorite candy is rubber bear. and it is a great, ... Read more


written by Kjorsvik, 09/04/12

Huge and yummy !! but we have not been able to eat up, assume that it takes a while, happy with your purchase! Purchased cola taste

perfect gift

written by Linda, 10/05/12

Several years ago I threw my sister and small rubber candy bears in each other's mouths on a vacation. A bear straight down the throat of my sister (three meters), and the shock was great. The eve... Read more

Much too small ....

written by Esko, 13/06/12

I've bought for 17,80 incl. Delivery price the smaller of the two bears. it is for the price Unfortunately really small ... it is worth while seemingly to buy only the Great for 40 euros. I was ve... Read more


written by clabbe, 14/06/12

Gigantic rubber bear wrapped in the system's gold bag was a really excellent student gift - I think children child felt better after eating up the club than if she had received it, which is usuall... Read more

good website

written by Nicolai Krogh , 18/06/12

It is a great site with lots of fun products. The delivery is fast and you can easily rely on product quality. I would use the site again in the near future :) Big plus from me.

Wonderful flavor and texture.

written by Marianne (en tilfreds mor), 21/06/12

My daughter Jasmin has ordered the giant gummy bear 2 times, first red, then blue. She has been fond of the taste and the soft consistency.

misjudged size

written by Gunnel, 24/06/12

In the picture the bear really giant, but in reality it is quite small. Surely the importance given but I was still very disappointed that the bear was not larger. Kilo price of tiger far the normal p... Read more


written by Merete Andersen, 06/07/12

I ordered a large gummy bear, it was super nice. it was fine wrapped without being crushed or squeezed. it tasted delicious and was a super gid gift for a 16 year old guy 't something missing. it ... Read more


written by Ras, 10/08/12

Got my stuff after a few days. Violated gummi bear was too expensive withheld size. But otherwise it's fine fine Æ

Super satisfied!

written by Johanna, 22/08/12

Much appreciated two years gift !! Fast delivery! Teddy was just like in the description. Super cool and mega great !!

As always quite amazing: o)

written by Nete, 03/09/12

Fast and ukonpliceret trade and the supply, and the kids cheer remains of the giant jelly beans.

Jelly Bear

written by Ida Smedengaard , 12/09/12

Disappointed with the size, very pricey gummy bear, my grandson was so disappointed. He had been on Your website and phoned and asked if I would buy it for him Mvh Ida Smedegaard

It was fine :)

written by AN, 10/11/12

It's a bit hard to see the bears you order. I think that the small and the great Bears must have their own "side". Then you are 100% sure what you buy. Otherwise it is a nice big gummy b... Read more

Fun surprises

written by Vickie, 19/11/12

Jelly teddy bears were bought for the kids and they loved them. Before the first when they got them they were up to run over that you could get SO big chocolate bars it's not something you see eve... Read more


written by Robert, 26/11/12

Was a birthday gift and arrived super !! All were surprised-ingenious gift :-) And still tastes delicious !!

gummy bear

written by bernd und gerlinde, 07/12/12

Great Product, Highly empfehlen.Super product, therefore highly recommended, fast delivery will certainly order again, the goods are faultless! top service Thanks

great gift

written by Eduska, 14/12/12

I recommend it to anyone who really wants to surprise someone. It smells and tastes very delicious :)

big Bear

written by Bountyhunter2510, 17/12/12

The Riesengummibär is easy Hammer.Daumen high. The gift came just at Super, was also not eaten because it wanted to see a lot. mfg.Bounty

Fast and efficient

written by UlfH, 20/12/12

Good and efficient delivery. It was a gift, so I'm not it eklar of the quality, but the treatment from was impeccable. Ulf

Christmas deluxe

written by MBN, 22/12/12

Thanks Cool Stuff !!!! I have a giant gummy bears with stem ordered (225g) and I of you instead get a copy 2040g. Thanks for my girlfriend will make great eyes !! Soon he will cut and then treated slo... Read more

Christmas candy

written by Joulutonttu, 28/12/12

A giant teddy bear candy was a pleasant surprise for the recipient, who does not like joulusuklaista. Funny thing was the fact that the manufacture of the product was not so long ago in one viewed the... Read more


written by LZ, 01/01/13

The website foreseeable. Fast and efficient delivery. The gummi bear on the stick was somewhat disappointing size-wise and taste-wise.

A hit!

written by Henry, 03/01/13

The giant gummy bear had been on the wish list since last year and turned out to be everything she had hoped for and more ...... It tastes good and although you've got to bite it (it is very diffi... Read more

birthday present

written by griti, 14/01/13

Have the bears away, arrived super toll. Everyone has been amazed that there gibt.Ist anything like a beautiful Idde


written by Jürgen, 10/02/13

The bear is really huge and super orginel.Leider we could taste not test because it is supposed to be a birthday present, but it smells totally lecker.Auch packaging is orginel. The bear is a bear sha... Read more

Visually Top - flavorful rather not

written by Gummibär, 18/02/13

The order ran from great. The delivery was also excellent fast. The gummy bear looks great and has arrived as a funny gift. The taste, however, it is not a highlight. At least the cherry variant taste... Read more

Really cute teddy bear

written by Bobo, 28/02/13

Large heavy, very good, every child's dream probably would guess yes. A piece of candy that never ends. The guy got it in the Valentine's Day gift. Eating down on this huge teddy bear is wonde... Read more

Giant gummy

written by kess, 03/03/13

I bought this as a birthday treat gummy. Visually this came to super. When costs, however, we discovered that this is very suss and do not taste as good. We only tried it, but it does not eat. As some... Read more

fight Godis

written by Jente 15 år, 18/03/13

Me and a buddy spliced ​​on this rubber bear with flavor "cherry". We shared it between us with a knife. It was great, it lasted a long time, it looked good and last but not least: The taste... Read more

Jelly Bears

written by Anne, Denmark 13/05/13

I really think that this big gummy bear is really cool! It is sweet and one can eat it! Hahaha, it's really bold, you can also use it to garnish if that's what you want? The price may not be t... Read more

Great job

written by Jyrki Julenius, Finland 23/05/13

Candy was good and the size and brilliant. I'll probably still subscribe to at least one giant teddy bear candy.


written by nathi, Germany 16/06/13

arrived super !! and I have the shop recommended !! highly recommended ... fast delivery ... !!!

Awesome teddy bear!

written by Laursen94, Denmark 08/07/13

It is super cool! Gave the gift to my brother and he LOVED it! I do not know if it tastes good, he will hardly want to eat it because it is so nice :) (although not tasted so it smells really nice) It... Read more


written by Mie, Denmark 02/08/13

The order went well and gummi bear arrived safely. There was much information as you could understand, and it was easy and manageable! The one who got the teddy bear was WILD happy. But who does not d... Read more

Got what I ordered! :)

written by Kristian , Norway 15/08/13

The only thing I have to say is that I got what I ordered, good was it too. :) I then chose the blue rubber bear, it tasted just like a normal rubber bears, only much, MUCH bigger! : D

delicious seamy

written by Kone01, Denmark 16/09/13

TOTAL cheers clammy too great and the kid loved it incredibly good product tastes good of jelly and good consistency

Horrible synthetic taste

written by Inge, Norway 21/10/13

This tasted unfortunately terrible. It has cool design and can serve as a decorative object for a short period, but it is thus not for eating.

as expected

written by stine, Denmark 15/11/13

giant gummy bear, just as big as expected !!! it is not quite as round in the "feet" and back like an ordinary little gummy bear because it is pressed together a bit of his own vægt.-though ... Read more

Giant gummy bear for 18th birthday

written by hbendix, Denmark 16/11/13

We bought a giant gummy bear for our son's 18th birthday. It came in a few days. It was a great success! Everyone had to touch it and have a big bite! Game fun gift, we are still talking about. MV... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Emilie, Norway 20/12/13

Bought it as a gift to my boyfriend and he was very happy and think it was a fun gift. Bought Cola flavor that was surprisingly good .. It is a little hard to take pieces, but tasted still good. Pity ... Read more

Winnie the whole Karkin

written by M.P.T, Finland 24/12/13

Winnie Karkin size was a little disappointing. I was expecting the kind of size the doll sets, but this was slightly smaller. About the Paper Roll Economy class on behalf of the altitude. However, Win... Read more

Christmas gift

written by Havwig, Norway 01/01/14

Bought this for Christmas and it was a success. Bought not the greatest, but bought it big enough .....

Funny thing for someone who loves candy

written by Camilla, Norway 03/01/14

My husband loves vigummi! Thus, this is perfect for him. The flavors are straightforward and package funny :); purchases in road

A great gift

written by Minnanen, Finland 09/01/14

The recipient was thrilled. It was perhaps a tad smaller than what I would have expected. The taste is pretty close to normal teddy bear candy. (At least COLA) The package was good and the gummy bear ... Read more


written by Benny, Norway 10/02/14

What can you say? Yum! Slightly hard to bite into, but good and lasts a good while. Comes in a handy stick to hold.


written by Mischa, Germany 01/05/14

On the whole I was very happy when it was finally angelifert :) to the "last" I have to mention: At this time, "DHL" un strike lyre the arrival and tracking have attracted many day... Read more

gummy bear

written by teddy, Denmark 16/06/14

The giant gummy bear was used as a gift for my neighbor. aaaaaaaaen birthday gift. And it was received with a big grin.

very good but ...

written by Jørgen Mannes, Norway 11/08/14

Absolutely amazing mn may take some time before it comes: (...................................... ..........

Mega gummybear cola

written by Lene, Norway 21/10/14

Was a bit disappointed by the size, expected bigger. But it was a proper gummybjørn. It tasted cola and was proper rubber. Bought it for my brother for his birthday and he Digga it.

Not so gigantic them to 99 kr

written by Magnus, Denmark 20/12/14

Large chocolate bars are brilliant. I bought them as gifts, and I realize that I did not buy the largest product they had, but I was still a little disappointed to provide 99 kr for 250g candy. They a... Read more

giant gummy bear

written by Brian, Denmark 23/12/14

Total delicious teddy bear as for the one who has everything .. It brought smiles and joy in the gift .. For someone who had never seen such a kind gift. Then warm recommended here .. To the one who h... Read more

gummy bear

written by vivi, Germany 24/12/14

Really delicious and timely arrived. I have withdrawn since the gummy but was not as big as thought a star.

sweet tooth

written by <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<, Germany 27/12/14

For all large and small sweet tooth that is exactly richtige.Das product looks very attractive and hygienic verpackt.Der hilarity is garantiert.Ein great gift for any Geldbeutel.Ich would repeatedly v... Read more

Christmas Replay

written by Golle, Sweden 28/12/14

My sister bought this kind of gummy bears to my sons, last year and this year they wanted to have those again, so we&#39;ll just say that they get a good score of children. But do not put the Bears on... Read more

The perfect Christmas gift!

written by Susanne, Denmark 29/12/14

The big gummy bears stole the attention on Christmas Eve and caused great excitement among the children. A ander went out and perfect gift for little (and big) kids!

Fast delivery

written by Tobias, Denmark 30/12/14

Ordered goods on Sunday morning and could pick up the goods the next day. Great service! Great to receive the product the following day, though it was a Sunday it was ordered.

Giant Gummi Bear

written by Mats, Sweden 06/01/15

Order, order confirmation and delivery worked quickly and easily. In contrast, the bear bit compressed for transportation. The ears were a little &quot;square&quot;. Otherwise, it was as expected.

Monster jelly teddy

written by Berbres, Sweden 06/01/15

Very popular Christmas gift! Last long. For the first time ever had a son, enough so that he did not want to eat up the last !! Has never happened before .. Good tart körsbärssma that you want more an... Read more

BEAR of Superlatives

written by Gunther, Germany 07/01/15

YUMMY YUMMY ..... for a gummy bear lovers ..... but not on a day-to Schaffe&#39;n .........


written by Anita, Sweden 11/01/15

Really worth buying the product! It was just as I expected when I got it! :) And I was not the only one who liked this product hehe: D

It is good!

written by Falcon lover xxxxxx, Denmark 20/01/15

It ..... Deeet ........ The one gummy bear Ej bought it with Cherry taste and thought it tasted good :) And to sit and cry over things like &quot;trodede it was bigger&quot; (facepalm)

super, fast delivery. good to be

written by jess, Sweden 01/02/15

All the top. We googled long (daughter had wanted such a bear candy) and once we ordered we thought it would take about a week, but it came after only 2 days. Super Fast. And the product was well pack... Read more

Great success!

written by bu, Germany 03/02/15

Looks good, is something else, for jelly beans lovers! As a gift not only for children!

Best purchase ever

written by sarah, Sweden 07/02/15

The site is really good there are plenty to choose from. Goodstuff you know: D I was pleased how any of what I beställde.Ni ordering something from here will be completely satisfied you too, I promise... Read more

Strong flavor and scent.

written by N Hald , Denmark 21/07/15

A nice surprise to get a giant gummy bear. But it&#39;s a little strong in flavor and so sticky that it is impossible to have it divided into small chunks.

very satisfied

written by Jutta, Germany 05/08/15

With the delivery of the ordered goods I was very satisfied. They arrived on time and was enthusiastically received by the recipient and the family.

Candy year.

written by Eero, Finland 09/08/15

Son feels really good. The product is what tilattiinkin. I myself I like the taste, cola. This wet summer quite tricky to carve an edible size pieces, quite sticky. Perhaps the fridge storage would he... Read more

Loved rubber bear

written by Patricia , Sweden 10/08/15

My daughter has been nagging for over half a year on this bear. Guess if she was overjoyed when she finally got one. It was the angel of ordering and fast delivery did. Very satisfied!

A giant teddy bear candy (Cherry)

written by -T, Finland 19/08/15

I bought a giant teddy bear as a gift and candy product corresponded to the description. And a cherry flavors was nallekarkilla weight of the plastic bag of approx. 2180g. The product was therefore in... Read more

Best gift!

written by Victoria, Sweden 07/10/15

Bought both the largest and the smaller bear on a stick! The daughter who was 9 has been longing for a mega-bear long! Top of the pack was the smallest, she was happy, but tender, she was asked to che... Read more

Giant gummy

written by Beat, Germany 16/11/15

There is a genuine part colles. I imagined the whole thing a bit bigger, but it fits anyway.

Beautiful teddy bear with good taste

written by Helle, Denmark 20/11/15

Fin fin giant gummy bear with a surprisingly good cola taste :) Fun to receive a package that weighs 2.3 kg and know that there is only jelly in the box: -o only drawback is that the jelly in the size... Read more


written by Bacon, Finland 21/12/15

A big teddy bear, a gift set off the other side of the pond. Wanted to be left to themselves, I guess it does not help when you sometimes order their own needs =)

Super surprise!

written by Phisyk, Germany 26/12/15

Clear purchase recommendation for all, all people present - want to inspire - whether large or small. And taste it also does very well: D <small>The only negative point - if you should be very picky -... Read more

top goods

written by George, Germany 27/12/15

SuperWarehouse everything went super fast and gut.Meine daughter loved and highly satisfied, and that is, at an 8-year-old very viel.Bis for guaranteed next purchase, much to know if you put something... Read more

They caused great joy

written by Thomas, Denmark 04/01/16

Bought as a little extra gift to get the number of gifts to go up and ended up being the envy of the other children. Recommendable :-)

Tastes and reeks of cola

written by Viggo, Denmark 04/01/16

Ordered the giant cola gummy bear. The both taste and reeks of cola. As expected from :) 1 +

rubber bearings

written by bianca, Sweden 08/01/16

good rubber bear! Tastes good! :) Am very pleased and will order it again, try the other flavors.

A huge surprise bärige

written by isolde-79, Germany 17/02/16

The big bear is just an eye-catcher! My husband was thrilled. The taste (I had Flavour cherry purchased) is good. Maybe he is a little sweeter than his little well-known friends. Also eat the is a lit... Read more


written by mama, Germany 14/03/16

The friend of my daughter is in full Unis Tress. I noticed nothing really good one to give him pleasure. Then I came across the giant gummy and because I knew he was very much like gummy bears, I just... Read more

Coolest gift on my 4 year birthday !!!!

written by Møffe, Denmark 04/04/16

Dear Theodor (Big Brother) and Cool Stuff - Although it was not the biggest or most expensive of the gifts on my 4 th birthday, it was definitely the one that got the most attention. Not least the kin... Read more

It was good

written by Matte, Sweden 28/04/16

:) It was good HfhbfhhjgrjjhrjgfgghjfghhhjjhggghhSanenbwbwbbwtnnywnwynenhynwnwynwynwnwynwneymyenemwynsymwynywnwyntanantqn

looks larger on photo

written by Paw, Denmark 07/06/16

must certainly be used as a gift. But it looks something bigger on the photo than it is in reality

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