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Yoda Bathrobe for Children

Yoda's attractive bathrobe is made of 100% polyester and is an official Star Wars product. Or as Yoda himself would say: "An official Star Wars product the bathrobe is."

Yoda Bathrobe for Children - Medium
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Yoda Bathrobe for Children - Large
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Super Happy with bathrobe!

written by SW mama, 06/05/11

Ordered a Yoda-robe for my daughter and had to remove a couple of days afterwards. Incredibly fast! Robe was really soft and cozy. The daughter appreciated the warm, but maybe not as much as me and da... Read more

Much appreciated gift

written by snooze, 01/06/11

Super lovely quality, soft and comfortable.

Good product

written by Daniel, 02/06/11

The coat was softer than expected and looked fine to the birthday, with little to grow in. Surprisingly good quality and softness. Recommended purchased.

Super gift

written by , 19/08/11

The Yoda Bathrobe has arrived as a gift for enrollment super and has already attracted the Einschulungstag in the apartment and kept on with enthusiasm. The first years and his brother are big fans of... Read more

Fluffy, cozy, soft ...

written by Clara, 26/09/11

Super fleecy, soft children bathrobe lint fleece material with funny green Yoda ears. For 8-year-old Star Wars fans a must, perfect for quality-conscious moms! Held the first 60 degree wash stand! No ... Read more

Super sweet

written by Lotte, 30/09/11

The robe is very soft and of good quality. My daughter had it right for your Star Wars Theme Party getragen.Das price / performance ratio.

Jedi Bathrobe

written by udo, 03/10/11

Super gift for my son, something different! Prima quality!

written by Thorben, 03/10/11

very nice jacket, because you feel like a little Jedi

Jedi robe for children

written by pappapalle, 19/10/11

I now have two young Jedi here at home, thanks to the cool looking and cuddly soft bathrobes. Unfortunately they are made of some flammable synthetic instead of cotton. Large oak chair was additionall... Read more

No lightsaber!

written by Yoda, 29/11/11

Bought a ascool Yodamorgonrock to my 6-year old. His first question was, of course. - Can you lightsaber with? Now it was not what, which is also in the description. With it we fixed afterwards, so no... Read more

Soft and comfortable

written by En fornøyd julehandler, 13/12/11

My son wanted a bathrobe for Christmas. To my great delight, I found also a favorite his characters Yoda bathrobe. Ingeniously :) Have not tested it yet until after Christmas, but first impressions ar... Read more

Yoda Bathrobe

written by mona, 13/12/11

This dressing gown fell my son on 3 years in love, it was sweet and very soft and delicious, really anbefale.Tykk and good.


written by , 27/12/11

Delightful, warm and good! Excellent for small Clone Wars fans who like and lie on the couch in the morning! Soft as velvet, and good and hot!

Yoda bathrobe

written by Betina Hauerberg, 29/12/11

Very fine and soft bathrobe bought for a boy of 5 years - it caused great happiness and on the whole was Christmas Eve.

Bathrobes for children

written by IMH, 02/01/12

Gave my two grandchildren of 8 and 10 years bathrobes. Great joy in the children of the soft quality and the fun Yoda, they could play when they had kåberne on. I thought kåberne was too short, althou... Read more

Fast delivery

written by Dorte, 02/01/12

Fine service and fast delivery - think that it is small sizes


written by Fredrik, 07/01/12

Bought a "S" Sitting on good guy is 3 years. you must roll up their sleeves about 7-8 cm, it is just that he does not go on his coat when he knatar around at home. Perfect to grow.

We never get it from him again ...

written by Katrine Reher, 10/01/12

Bathrooms Copen was bought as a Christmas gift for a 9 year old boy. It has been every day since he packed it up. It is super soft, really delicious, good quality and a huge hit for kids is to star wa... Read more

wrong material

written by Oxana, 10/01/12

A really nice bathrobe, but ... we might obtain 100% cotton and made in place of% polyesther. I do not think that it is okay. VH Oxana

Yoda rocks

written by Yoga, 12/01/12

Posted in Yoda-style: My two nephews are happy for Yoda-kåberne theirs. The fine ears is that the cap is attached.

Yoda robe for children.

written by MLK, 09/04/12

An Easter gift for grandchildren of 6, and nine years old. Was much appreciated. Soft and cuddly according to the children.

Söööt Yoda

written by Mum, 11/07/12

The son wants to sleep in his yoda bathrobe, eating breakfast in, watching television - yes, have it on all the time. It is soft and seems to be in good quality. May the force be with it!

Oops that smile!

written by HMG, 27/07/12

The nephew seven years: - Well, a coloring book, just like the little sister ... fun, or not very ... Or wait! There is something more in the package! What? A bathrobe? With the Federation character o... Read more

Purchase of Yoda robe

written by Geir, 02/08/12

We bought a Yoda morning coat and got it quickly delivered. The quality of the robe is ok and our son is very fine in the :-)

Very happy boy

written by Lillemor, 27/09/12

It is however a bit short of arms. I bought large a bit big 6 year old and he must have to get it below the knees. He is very pleased with the substance and use it every morning

Super soft bathrobe

written by giel, 01/10/12

Immediately became a favorite! Super soft and go ', and cool with ears on the hood! Have not washed it yet, so it remains to be seen how it can cope with the laundry.


written by Malena, 08/10/12

Giant Ball design, look how cute out anywhere on! The fabric is very soft and cuddly. It has become a morning favorite in my home anyway :)


written by Elin, 19/12/12

Kjæmpe nice to soft bathrobe for kids! Fell ismak immediately! Sizes well and it seems that it is massively good quality both in fabric to all seams! Suitable both sexes

fight Tough

written by Stian, 29/12/12

My son of 8 was very happy for the tough Yoda robe, quality also seems to be good. Great Happy with this purchase.

$ 100 from perfection.

written by Ari, 28/01/13

Bought it for my little brother on his 10 th birthday. With the cold weather this winter, so he is usually, and "cuddle" in it. Naturally, I am very satisfied with the purchase, given that i... Read more

A wonderful bathrobe

written by Saija, 15/04/13

Really soft and good quality bathrobe. Nice ears on the hood of which the children likes. I recommend.

My daughter loves it

written by Lars, Norway 10/06/13

I bought Jedi bathrobe. My daughter was jealous, so I bought Yoda robe to her. Vips - so were all pleased.

Awesome !!

written by TerrorTess, Sweden 14/11/13

Clicked home this nice robe and gave away as gifts. Very fast delivery and very nice bathrobe with good material. The asking all the small Star Wars fans :)

A Must For Small Yoda fans

written by Cassie, Sweden 16/11/13

Bought this for my brother for 10 years presented. He is crazy about Star Wars Yoda and especially so I can say that he was not a bit disappointed when he saw it. Took size L and it was absolutely per... Read more

Very cozy!

written by UL, Germany 24/12/13

Very cozy bathrobe with nice green Yodaöhrchen. Let's see how he likes my son.

Cute Yoda robe

written by Jaana, Finland 27/12/13

Yoda bathrobe is perfect for a small wonderful 7-year old son. Soft and cute ears thanks. The boy likes the ears and the fact that it is StarWars! Did not want to take the jacket off at bedtime. It is... Read more

Delicious bathrobe

written by Elsebeth H., Denmark 27/12/13

I bought a Yoda bathrobe for my grandson and he was wildly enthusiastic. The quality is soft and delicious. And he loved it high. There was no nonsense delivery. Everything went smoothly and quickly. ... Read more


written by Terttu, Finland 30/12/13

The jacket was a very pleasant Christmas gift 5.5-year-old grandson. It was a Starwars`merkkiä. The grade I give very good

Yoda robe - a direct hit!

written by Nina, Sweden 05/01/14

The son of five years is incredibly pleased with the bathrobe! So soft and stylish! The only problem with it is that he never wants to get dressed in the morning, but just walking around in a bathrobe... Read more

Yoda Bathrobe Children

written by P.H., Germany 27/01/14

Very nice and soft and good quality. If you store a great carnival costume and thereafter remain in use.

Very cozy and perfect for the little Jedi

written by Sioxi, Germany 18/12/14

Price performance is great and it was the highlight for the junior. A great costume spare! From us clearly thumbs up.


written by sussie, Sweden 23/12/14

Fast delivery and no hassle. Easy to pay. Super fine quality, the right color and size. Not washed yet.

Super bathrobe for Kids

written by Anett, Germany 30/12/14

My son is full of Star Wars fan, with the Yoda bathrobe I've hit the mark! Cuddly soft really great quality. Order works very quickly and easily. Thumbs up!

Yoda bathrobe

written by KP, Germany 21/09/15

immediate, fast delivery, perfect condition, very great product for young children. Any time!

Star Wars bathrobe

written by Mor, Sweden 30/12/15

Jättefin bathrobe! Good in size. Soft and cozy. Super happy 10 year old! Just as cuddly as his cuddly toys!

The size is deceptive but cozy bathrobe

written by Dp, Denmark 05/01/16

Our boy of 9 years was very fond of his Yoda robe, but str, Large is too small. I would argue that large suit 5-8 years. It's really soft.

Star Wars bathrobe

written by Oli, Germany 07/01/16

Has worked great and the products corresponding to the description. Would therefore order again via the supplier


written by Tello H., Germany 07/01/16

The Star Wars loving child rejoiced insane and it looks still really cute. Quality seems fine, but of course he must now use in everyday life to survive. As Yoda would say: Did you have passed.

Nice bathrobe for children

written by svetik, Norway 05/02/16

Very fine and soft bathrobe. The son of 6 years is very elevated. Size fit fine. Might be nice gift.


written by IJO, Sweden 17/02/16

The grandchild was happy for his robe, it was hot go and soft, size conflicted with the measure that was in the picture, the color consistent with the picture, roomy pockets, the belt was sewn all the... Read more

Soft and good, but a bit short

written by Kari, Norway 14/03/16

Soft and fluffy bathrobes. Brooked least first wash well. The owner seems it is a little short and a little too small ears, but otherwise very dissatisfied :-)

Yoda bathrobe

written by Wurkatz, Germany 16/05/16

Thank you! super for quick delivery. The bathrobe is just great, the size has also fitted.

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