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Zap-It Mosquito Bite Relief

Got a mosquito bite? Just zap it a few times with this product and then feel how it stops itching. Survive yet another summer!

Zap-It Mosquito Bite Relief - Zap-It Mosquito Bite Relief
Zap-It Mosquito Bite Relief
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What is this?

Does not work.

written by Monica, Sweden 02/06/14

After this weekend's all mosquitoes have tested the whole family. The itch as much as before. Conclusion: do not work.

Over my expectations

written by Grodan, Sweden 16/06/14

This has really been a great help so far! As I am allergic to mosquito bites are not much help when I got bitten. It is not much help for me not to be bitten. But Zap-It has been really wonderful! Rem... Read more

fun stuff

written by Fun, Sweden 16/06/14

Have not tried one, but looks very good and appears to work well.

Zap-it. for mosquito bites

written by Mn, Sweden 18/06/14

It worked for me. I am very prone to mosquito bites that itch enormously so I'm really happy that it worked on me. The top

bad buy

written by May, Norway 19/06/14

This was tragic. I recommend not spending money on this product. Yes, it's a little shock that you barely know, but the itch is almost worse afterwards .... Not happy!

Works well

written by Adam, Sweden 25/06/14

I bought the Zap-it because I wanted to avoid all itchy when I'm out on my walks. When I would try Zap-it came lots of mosquitoes and stabbed me when I took out the Zap-It and zapped any bites but... Read more

They just works!

written by Daniel Asmus, Denmark 14/07/14

Bought 3 pieces (so the whole family had one) because we were at the camp and it turned out to be a good idea because they work really. Woke up with two large mosquito bites, flipped 5 times on each a... Read more

Does not all

written by klådan, Sweden 22/07/14

Bought it for their own use then I react with severe itching of mosquito bites and it helps. I click 5-7 times on the bite, and if the itch has gone after about 30 minutes I run a game to. I do not tr... Read more

Zapping it.

written by Kjell, Sweden 24/07/14

Hi. Have not had time to test it even when no bites appeared, but take it with you on vacations and test there. Some time should probably be bitten, and then you get the test properly.

Seems to work

written by Papa, Denmark 11/08/14

Several people have tried Zap-it is some evidence that it has an effect. Because of the warm dry weather we have not OB's so many mosquitoes. Perhaps this is what is the cause. A single person who... Read more

Still too little mosquitoes

written by Langi, Germany 28/06/15

Kam yet not really used. Time had a small stitch and tried briefly. The "surge" does not even notice it. And the small stitch also not then. Let's see how it is with more and larger. And... Read more


written by Line , Denmark 27/07/15

Seems unbelievable! Sometimes scale use it more than one time, but much better than the founder and creams!


written by Andrea, Denmark 18/09/15

My fiance just seems that it works for a few seconds and then it begins to itch again. In addition, he says that on the box says that it should also take the swelling, but it does so not.

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