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iKettle 2.0 WiFi Kettle

No more fumbling in the kitchen making your morning cup of tea. App-controlled iKettle 2.0 has a timer, a heat retention feature and lets you choose your desired temperature. The kettle of tomorrow is here!

iKettle 2.0 WiFi Kettle - iKettle 2.0 (EU Plug)
iKettle 2.0 (EU Plug)
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wrong temperature

written by Margherita, 16/12/16

Only heats to the desired temperature if it is completely filled, it is less water in the temperature becomes too high. We wanted to be able to heat water to compensation for our baby several times pe... Read more

Misleading information in the description of functions

written by Tommy, 19/01/17

Wanted a kettle that started automatically at a certain time, ikettle says it does, but we must acknowledge a push notifications for it to start. Likewise with coming home function, you have to acknow... Read more

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