Going to a festival? Our festival gear can’t really do much about soggy clothes, muddy tents, the smell of wee, unhealthy diet, damp sleeping bags or bad music. But they can solve other typical festival problems, spread a little happiness and encourage fun activities during the festival. Have a blast!


Smokeless Grill

Unicorn Mask

Aerobie Pro Flying Ring


BioLite CampStove 2

Swan Pool Float

Scrubba Wash Bag

Skull Wineglass

Giant Wine Glass

Beer Belt

Flamingo Pool Float


Stand Out Suits

Beer Foamer

Skull Glass


Snug Rug Outdoor

LED Cube Speaker

Stand Out Dress

Wine Bottle Glass

Party Shooter

Vooni CityRocker

SKAM Sweatshirt

Hangover Cup

Skull Beer Glass

Vooni Retro Speaker

Inflatable Costumes


Beer Tracker

Watermelon Keg

Heat Packs

Doo Doo Face Mask

Beer Sheriff

Wicked Wedge

Beer Briefcase


SKAM T-shirt

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