Fun gifts

Socks and vases are all very well, but at CoolStuff what we really love are fun presents! Crazy, unusual and cool items that are a bit different from the rest.

Below are a few suggestions, but if we’re honest, any of the items we sell here at CoolStuff would make excellent presents, so have a good browse!

Hashtag Mug

Beer Sheriff

Beer Belt

Skill Flux

Wine Bottle Glass

Geek Mug

Funny Masks

Sneaker Socks

Kitchen Safe

Big Face T-shirts

Floaty Pants

The Small Viking Axe Game


Magic Tatts

SKAM Sweatshirt

Slackers Zipline

Doo Doo Face Mask

KitchPro Chocolate Fountain


Gummy Candy Maker

Khet Laser Game 2.0

Prank Candle


Skull Beer Glass

Blow Monkey

Giant Wine Glass

Donut Pool Float

Skull Wineglass

Water Balloon Launcher


Bacon Candy

Licki Cat Brush

Pineapple Peeler

Giant Microbes

Tipsy Wine Glass

Skull Glass

Bike Balls

Wild Dining Plates


SKAM T-shirt

Beep Egg Timer

Bacon Mints

House Clock

Snowtime Snowball Fight


Flash Roller

Hot Sauce Challenge

Big Enter Key

Emoji Pillow

Hot Dog Maker

Potty Piano


Pin Art Desk Toy

Huge Pen

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