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3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

This avocado tool is a peeling knife, pit remover and cutter in one! The 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer makes it a joy at last to gobble up the tasty and nutritious fruit.

3-in-1 Avocado Slicer - 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer
3-in-1 Avocado Slicer
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What is this?

keeps its promises

written by Cathis, 01/07/13

Indeed, just as good as described. Easy to use and easy to clean. Buy enough more to give as gifts.

Avocado is useful

written by Nick, 11/07/13

When avocados are among the healthiest we can eat it perfectly with a tool that is tailored precisely avocado! Thumbs up for this!

Easy to use, smart and stylish!

written by A.Palm, 26/08/13

Really nice design of the tool. It was really nice to use. Is easily in the hand and fit perfectly on every single avocado in the bag. I did not become sticky hands and can lie in front of the kitchen... Read more

Love it :-)

written by Louise, 28/08/13

It is nice easy to use. This fruit is cut in some fine slices, and get it all, however, is a little hard to use at a very ripe avocado.

What a joy

written by Anneli, 21/10/13

The core is always a problem, I have destroyed the nice serving option. But not anymore. Now the shell is not damaged and the kids can of course also without cutting themselves :-)


written by Jman, 28/10/13

you did not know you needed such a tool until it is in your hand :-) This makes it easy to peel and chop, and even my 3 year old son can use it.

Multi Tool Avocados

written by BirtheK, 25/11/13

Very smart tool for us eating many avocadoer.Kan I not undværre again. :-)

Perfect for avocado lovers!

written by Ingrid, 10/12/13

I was surprised at how smart and simple this tool is. I eat a lot of avocados, so thought I'd try this product when I already was going to order other things. Quickly and easily I avocado slices n... Read more

Love it!

written by Joj, 23/12/13

Works better than expected great for us as eating avocado almost every day. Less mess, removing the core without any problems.

needless tool

written by Nisse, 02/01/14

It's easier to use a regular knife and tablespoon. These tools are already in the kitchen and multi-tool works poorly and will take place.

Multi tool for avocados

written by Tone, 03/01/14

This multi tool works absolutely fantastic! Three features make it super easy to peel, remove the stone and divide the avocados ... one, two three ;-D and very easy to clean afterwards! Thumbs up!

Super good!

written by Joj, 26/01/14

Perfect tool for avocado. Cutting the good, great at getting off the core without the mess and if you want you can slice it too.

Avocado Opener

written by Kalle , 27/02/14

Top Fashionable. Good knife to open the avocado with, and a good thing to remove the core with the blades to share it with was also top. I think it was a top thing.


written by Kaalhodet, 24/03/14

This was a very successful purchase. Bought goods, invited my three sons to be making sushi. Talk about zeal. "Belly up" the couch after eating. All eaten up and the second portion may be ma... Read more

Avocado 'peeling' went like a breeze

written by Kaalhodet, 24/03/14

Ingenious tool. Easily. Recommended without reservation. Video fnuttene at home was a big help.


written by Tone, 28/05/14

Was skeptical about whether this would work, but it worked like heck! Went like a dream! No more fooling around with knives and such. This is going to be used a lot!

easy ... patent

written by Horst B., 23/06/14

The avocado Schneider is awesome, actually replaces several "tools" looks stable, sits comfortably in the hand and is easy to clean.


written by Frk Avokado, 08/08/14

A few years ago I happened to get a very unfortunate accident with an avocado, an almost new sharp knife and a half chopped off senband in hand involved. An accident that ended in prolonged pain and s... Read more

avocado knife

written by Salalalalallad, 15/09/14

Really smart and handy utility that is really fun to pick up and use. Easy to make bite-sized avocado pieces and is easy to clean afterwards.

Sublime and practical tools

written by Pingla, 02/10/14

It works wonderfully avocados; shelling, removal of stones, and sharing. Little to say about the matter.

Not spot

written by Diana, 10/11/14

Pretty as a travel tool, but easily becomes messy, especially when multi slicing. My own method with a good knife is good enough.


written by Mette, 11/11/14

This tool is brilliant for ripe avocados. All three features work as promised, it's great it will go in the dishwasher and the kids think it looks funny :-) I am very happy with the purchase!

works fine

written by Emma, 12/12/14

I'm happy with my avocado knife. The only thing that can be a drawback is that the nuclei are sometimes a little less, and then not go to hell out of the swivel feature.

Great idea, great design and good feel.

written by HT, 24/12/14

Function: 1. cutting the avocado is super. 2. Remove the core with the Ausdrehklingen goes well only when not quite ripe avocados, as only these offer enough resistance, which then provide the blades ... Read more

Great tool!

written by Sara, 29/12/14

Clever tool to peel and slice the avocado. Easy to use and eliminates the need to use multiple tools to eroding and then share.

fairly good

written by Hans, 21/02/15

Works but is neither bad or good .... plasticky but are difficult disqualified, eat a lot of avocados, it has enough of place in the kitchen.


written by Liselotte, 12/06/15

Super good, Best thing I bought a long time and can not understand I have not purchased it before, beste purchase ever

avocado multivertøy

written by Fredrik, 20/08/15

Went utrulig fast to get your item I ordered, several who have hosted with Lakta food with us asking where we got it from, then you will be mentioned.

giant Smooth

written by Danne, 01/09/15

Gave it to his girlfriend who love avocado. She and I think it is very efficient. Do everything except eat it: D

poor quality

written by Adriana M. , 30/09/15

The knife can not cut avocado once. The rest of the tool is ok. I bought two and one shall be a Christmas gift. Hoping that she gets it, it gets a better experience than me.


written by Sissel, 09/11/15

Does the job quickly and easily, cleaning of the equipment also convenient. I make a lot of guacamole and this makes it a bit easier and faster. Recommended!

Keeping the promise

written by Sara, 28/12/15

Good gadget if you find it troublesome to peel and core the avocado. IOF have only tested in moderate ripe avocado.

"Everything" you need (the avocado)

written by David, 05/01/16

Covering all needs to do in order avocados. Feels good, despite much plastic and so far has not been difficult to use in either soft or hard avocado.

useful ++

written by e, 15/01/16

Super useful if you like avocado ............................................ ...................

Can I not do without!

written by M Welander, 29/01/16

Do not know how I lived without this tool, recommended strong! It is easy to use and clean.


written by Lena, 07/03/16

Super tool to peel and slice avocado. Better than what I had expected. Avocados must be mature.

Love it!

written by S, 05/12/16

Earlier it was a knife, spoon and cutting board were when I would eat avocados. Enough with this tool. Obviously, the results vary depending on how mature it is, or the size of the core, but on the wh... Read more

Avocado multitool

written by Pernille, 19/12/16

It works quite well. It takes a good hold on the heart and is easy to get out. It requires, however, that the avocado is appropriately mature.


written by Linda , 20/12/16

Have not had time to test it myself yet. But have a friend who has one and she is super happy with it. Should be fun to try it.


written by Tante Irml, 02/07/17

I am very satisfied with the avocado cutter. It is handy and easy to clean. The shipping was relatively fixed.

Avocado tool

written by Johnny , 28/05/18

Enjoy this product so much that I give it away in a gift! Of course you can use a knife, but this gadget is really nice. Enjoying when kitchen utensils feel solid.

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