4D Cityscape Puzzles

Form the coolest cities in three layers: landscapes, streets and all the buildings! The buildings are placed in chronological order, which means that you get a hearty dose of architectural history in the bargain!

4D Cityscape Puzzles - Paris
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4D Cityscape Puzzles - New York
New York
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4D Cityscape Puzzles - Berlin
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4D Cityscape Puzzles - Rome
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4D Cityscape Puzzles - London
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4D Cityscape Puzzles - USA
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City Puzzle

written by Gba, 22/11/13

Oh dear this is going to be so much fun! Different and exciting puzzles in different levels. Gets a little eager to buy the other cities also. I've never seen anything like this before, and for th... Read more

super under the holding

written by Daniel Braaten , 23/12/13

This is a good entertainment if you like a challenge, a bit baffling at first. Is 23 and enjoyed this very well :)

good Christmas gift

written by Joj, 23/12/13

Have not tried it but it will be a gift that seems fun and sensible. Is curious about it myself, just a shame that those who receive it live so far away ....


written by kækz, 27/12/13

Great fun puzzles !! All in familenfeier at the cottage (6-79 years) helped to build. Informative, exciting and innovative; )

Fun puzzle for history buff

written by Camilla, 30/12/13

Gave the puzzle to my boyfriend who is 40 for Christmas and he loved it! He is interested in history and it was a perfect fit to give him this :) Very happy!

fun concept

written by SNV, 30/12/13

Fun concept with a puzzle in chronological order. Had perhaps liked a bit stiffer material in the layer 2, part a little bit poor fit of the soft bits when the bridge in place. Also want a bit more de... Read more

Became the "adult" favorite

written by Lina, 02/01/14

We gave away two puzzles for Christmas, much appreciated and when the little sitting with their video games and ipads are we adults hilarious especially the puzzle. Difficult but really fun! The hours... Read more

4d puzzle new york

written by Anna, 10/03/14

wonderful puzzle. looked easy but was more difficult than that ... a challenge. :) Fast delivery and everything was fine. no pieces were missing so it was great. Too bad you do not have so many of the... Read more


written by Vivi, 04/04/14

Gave away the puzzle in the gift but the recipient was very happy. Interestingly, with all the history you learn in the process.


written by Bubba-Boll von Puppenspiel, 09/06/14

Fantastic fun and impressive. I bought Tokyo because I studied and lived there for a time. I know all the places but since I have pretty bad sense of direction, I have not pieced them together in the ... Read more

I recommend

written by Anu, 10/07/14

A challenging and fun game, we learn at the same time more about the history and geography of us already familiar in. Done with high quality and good instructions. A big plus that the puzzle does not ... Read more


written by Kapitän, 19/07/14

Not only do I love Germany but also where in Berlin, it was sick fun to piece it together in 4D. As awesome puzzles and relaxing to just be himself and piece it is strongly recommended for people who ... Read more

Superb gift!

written by Rebecka, 13/11/14

Bought this as a birthday gift for a male friend who is interested in history and likes to paint modeller.Passade perfect, he really liked it and would like to buy a pedestal and put the puzzle. I bou... Read more

Video on HongKong

written by Johan, 11/12/14

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBZIgXtydLU So it looks like this. I thought it was an album that was finished, but the building plate, then on to the houses.

nice gift

written by Maren, 15/12/14

Booked this to give away for Christmas. Fine for those who like to puzzle and is interested in the urban structure.

Missing instructions

written by Benjamin, 22/12/14

The concept behind the product is really good but unfortunately the product is not very complete. Firstly, the accompanying user guide really bad and we had to google us to how the product worked and ... Read more

Fun and educational

written by Birgitte Konnerup, 29/12/14

I bought 4D Bypuslespillet of London, and we learned partly the historic appearance in 1666 to know, and also how the city looks today. Eventually we placed the buildings where we had hoped that it wa... Read more


written by AB, 29/12/14

Good, because my colleagues are interested in history and London to the max. Fast delivery, service Booyah! Since it was a gift, I can absolutely say no more - have not opened / private puzzle. But wa... Read more

13 hours of uninterrupted puzzling on Christmas Day

written by Lennart, 29/12/14

Would highly recommend this type of puzzle, then we were four people who spent the entire Christmas day and evening for putting together this puzzle. We learned a lot while it was a fun job for everyo... Read more


written by AB, 29/12/14

But give further? Absolutt good, but declined to it what so expensive to send back. Good, because my colleagues are interested in history and London to the max. Fast delivery, service Booyah! Since it... Read more

Ingenious Puzzle

written by Gert Walliser, 31/12/14

I started with the puzzle first and have to say it is quite difficult. But the motivation to complete the two levels, to then begin the assembly with buildings, is very high. Since I will probably be ... Read more


written by åsa stål, 31/12/14

What a fun puzzle, will buy all because :) Puzzle is a good activity for the brain, and these you learn also. Yes and you have wanderlust!

cool puzzle for history buffs

written by Bjajohn, 01/01/15

Fun to see how NY "built up" building by building, the district for district. Fell well in taste for my 13 year old.


written by Ola, 03/01/15

A lovely gift and brazenly it was when it was finished and lit, will Adipose as a bright spot in bardagsrummet Thanks for a fun product

4D Stadspuzzel New York - hard to finish

written by Wurthan, 03/01/15

Fun puzzle at the beginning. We put New York. The difficulties began when the buildings / skyscrapers would be! Wrong number of markings several times and thus very confusing. The houses also saw so s... Read more

Fun and Different

written by Carolina, 03/01/15

Appreciated gift for the man who likes it when he gets to think one more time. Real fun puzzle that takes time! A little sad that the only buildings are gray, could almost have been painted in lifelik... Read more

Super fun!

written by Smilla, 05/01/15

Are you going to dinner with the couple as unimaginative enough drug to Paris on honeymoon? Should superficial sister studying fashion in New York? Or is it the 40th anniversary of the traveling party... Read more

Everything OK

written by Enzi, 05/01/15

I can not even puzzles, but the kids made it fun! I have given it away, can only say that they were all rejoiced, and the puzzle worked


written by Isdimma, 05/01/15

I who can not even build the puzzles on the job has gotten myself into a 1100 bits: -o (I'm working on the nursery with them youngest dies puzzles are a maximum of 50 bits ;-)). But it's fun. ... Read more

4d Puzzles New York

written by Steffe, 06/01/15

A very interesting and fun puzzles !!! The urge to build other cities is great! Only negative: The quality of layer 2 (the roads) could have been a little higher.

A puzzle that is really good fun!

written by Frühling, 06/01/15

We have the cities Puzzle to Fourth at Christmas "gepuzzle (t)". Especially for people who live in London or love the city, which is a must. We started in the afternoon and used a total of 9... Read more

fun puzzles

written by Anders, 07/01/15

In the bottom of a "regular" puzzles of 600 pieces of moderate severity. That is how far we have come so far. Since being built on with more stock, which seems easier to build but to create ... Read more

Good pastime!

written by Zkrufs, 07/01/15

This puzzle lasted throughout the Christmas and New Year holidays. The first time we pieced a 4D puzzle and it was really fun. First would be the foundation when it was finished, another ground in oth... Read more

Great way to learn on!

written by Mr.Bergström, 10/01/15

fun to be able to piece up a city with authentic buildings and then remove and replace everything after that time passes. A fun and a way to learn and understand a city a little better.

Truly an extraordinary puzzle

written by Klaus Beckers, 12/01/15

This is really a very interesting puzzle. It was intended as a gift and has triggered a lot of joy when recipient. However, the puzzle is not easy. One star deduction because many parts in the bag yet... Read more


written by Johan W, 16/01/15

My son got the NY puzzle for Christmas and I got help. In the end, it was the opposite - I (36 years) got stuck and my son (9 years) came by occasionally and assisted. The puzzles begin as usual puzzl... Read more

Paris 4D puzzles

written by Buddy6, 19/01/15

A wonderful puzzle ..... interesting building and putting out house by year and see how the city is growing gradually.


written by daniel, 19/02/15

I cities puzzle ordered cool stuff already 3 different 4d and am very happy again. the puzzle are really great.

fast service

written by agnetha, 09/03/15

From being "clicked" on order goods arrived home exactly as I had perceived in the ad. O Quick good service not the last time I order from Coolstuff!

Fun but expensive!

written by Niclas, 30/05/15

Added paris puzzle. The pieces are made of cardboard to the bottom layer and foam to the top. Not the best quality. Many of the foam pieces were still together in large sheets which made it easy to pi... Read more

4D City Puzzle

written by Roger, 18/08/15

Kanon service from Coolstuff, the order came after two days, the puzzle is constructed and was really nice to add, I am very satisfied and will certainly come back with orders.

fun employment

written by Linda, 11/09/15

A fun puzzle over a city visited. A perfect gift for those who want to dream back !!

Class puzzle with claim and historical background

written by Uli, 22/10/15

Who likes to city trips, will love the series! Compared to other projects is this one (Paris) despite its only 11oo parts because of similar punching really demanding. A portion was unfortunately bent... Read more


written by Anna, 11/12/15

Really hard that you decide to have half-price three days after I bought my .. Otherwise, it seems to be okay, do not come that far yet when the first puzzle seems impossible to get together.

Fun puzzle - fast delivery!

written by Tomten, 28/12/15

Jättetrevligt puzzles with the little extra! Now julledighetens crafting and socializing solved! We will buy more puzzles with other cities.

City Puzzle

written by Moa, 28/12/15

Otherwise, instructive and amusing puzzle over the festive period, even for teenage and adult grandchildren! All we had been in Berlin, which was the puzzle.

Foam rubber

written by Helene, 31/12/15

The puzzle in stock 1 was really funny but then layer 2 made of some kind of foam which bent easily o not then lay flat like puzzles to do. The material should be of a different kind. The buildings of... Read more

4 D Puzzle

written by Moni, 31/12/15

The puzzle came on incredibly well. Now let's see how it can be puzzling. Thanks again for the quick delivery

New York and London

written by Gunilla, 31/12/15

It was interesting to "build" two cities. But it was more work than a typical puzzle, the first history image and then present. But the funny thing was the history lesson, how the city looke... Read more

Absolutely perfect purchase

written by Martyna, 02/01/16

Great product and well described on the website. It was a quick delivery Would recommend coolstaf for ale

Hard but fun

written by ClaesT, 04/01/16

Has put London puzzle. Very good, and difficult, partly because (almost) all the pieces had basically the same shape (in particular, the basic part, but also the third / top layer, where the support t... Read more


written by Inger, 04/01/16

Looking at the creative to be a "big" puzzle, but it was not! Is the "old" NY, so it was not quite what we had seen for us .... but, exciting anyhow! Bought it to become even more ... Read more

A fine ensemble

written by NY fani, 05/01/16

This was a nice and educational puzzle where there were many different types of share. Awesome gift idea for New York fan.

Brilliant !!

written by Timax, 05/01/16

Super ingenious puzzles Provides a fine historical overblik- A huge work to do, but definitely worth it !!!

4D Cities Puzzle New York

written by Puzzlefan, 09/01/16

Everything went very smoothly with order etc. I'm very satisfied. The puzzle is comfortable in 20 - to provide 25 hours if you puzzle practiced.

Kind and informative

written by Hi69, 10/01/16

After a vacation in Berlin we bought for Christmas for us and our children (11-16 years) this 4D Cities Puzzle of Berlin. First, the map of 1833 with normal puzzle pieces: was fun and worked well. The... Read more

class concept

written by TAF, 25/01/16

It's a crazy bahageligt concept and exports. Is working on my sixth now and it has not become less enjoyable.

Nearly perfect

written by Sebadtian, 01/02/16

Quality almost perfect. I had individual puzzle pieces, at which I had the image are in a box because it had come loose from the foam. Otherwise there are no complaints. Delivery was timely as ever

Very satisfied!

written by Tanja, 01/02/16

Great puzzle, super price, fast delivery. I like to buy here again if I again need something unusual.


written by Maggan, 01/05/18

Educational and fun puzzle! After all, you need to read a little more about each issue that you have put out.

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