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A Year of Sex Adult Card Game

Pure fire! The deck contains over 50 Kama Sutra-inspired sex acts that will surely broaden your horizons.

A Year of Sex Adult Card Game - A Year of Sex Adult Card Game
A Year of Sex Adult Card Game
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the same positions

written by Angelica, 27/02/15

Bought this as a Valentine's Day gift for my partner. It was not a hit, however. All positions were the same and we found nothing new at all of these cards! Not worth alas! Add a little more money... Read more

Perfect valaentins gift to man.

written by MP, 10/02/16

It's a really fun little game, with a lot of cards, which are well described with photos, text, and severity.


written by Tess, 02/03/16

Maybe missed but did not think I could read something about them would be in English! Tuning Scaffolding destroyer was what it was .. Sorry!

Sex games

written by Anonym , 11/03/16

Funny deck with 3 different game to stir up the evening with. Funker fat to use in the day if it falls into.


written by Matilda, 10/01/18

Many good positions. Can use whatever you want if there are suggestions for game variations. We liked using them as part of the foreplay and selecting a few positions.

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