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Addict-A-Ball Maze Ball

Pass the silver ball through the multicoloured addictaball maze that forces you to constantly think in 360 degrees. Down through the horizontal arch through the vertical platform up into the twisted path and so on and so forth ...

Addict-A-Ball Maze Ball - Small
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Addict-A-Ball Maze Ball - Large
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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written by Pelse, 22/04/13

Addict-a-ball is a challenge !!! Hardcore gamers are totally challenged in real life motor skills! It can be a little difficult to find out how the tracks run, but there is good help in small numbers ... Read more

Bold idea!

written by Mikkel, 02/05/13

360 ball track is a super good time swallows and really severe! It can be a little difficult to get the ball off some edges of the ball. And its surface is not a durable material, so watch it! Childre... Read more


written by Nicole P., 05/08/13

The ball is really tricky, but super cool! My grandfather will not want to let it go! Power really addictive, because you want to keep on coming!

fun pastime

written by Carmeee, 19/12/13

Was surprised how big this was when I got it sent, would be a gift for Christmas calendar so it was the fun wrapping. Gaven appealed, here you have to have steady hand, okay with a little concentratio... Read more

best Christmas present

written by cheeze, 27/12/13

Bought a small ball as a Christmas gift for Christmas games. Have two days received three wishes of others who also want one. And I realized that it was foolish to give away! It is really addictive. S... Read more

The ball becomes lodged

written by Susanne Lousdal, 27/12/13

It's hard to figure out where the start and finish. More places you can not figure out which way it is expected that one should take and the ball falls to the bottom regardless of which option you... Read more

Hårrivende, but perhaps not quite addictive

written by Odd, 27/12/13

Children between 9 and 12 got one each in wait package for Christmas. They sat a long time with it to begin with, later in short periods. It's nice to practice coordination, and provides simple fu... Read more


written by Sandra, 28/12/13

We had Christmas fun with it and it went through his hands a fun and inexpensive idea to socialize and enjoy !!!

great gift

written by doko, 03/01/14

The ball has triggered a real competitive and addictive with us. Those who come to the ball more than the other? If total is only recommended the ball :-) The delivery was on time for Christmas becaus... Read more

fun surprise

written by Tomten, 07/01/14

13 year old first became sharply skeptical of the plastiga, childlike look. But then became helbiten and thought it was a helschysst gift. Challenges, but not at all hard jerk.


written by romy, 12/01/14

Very morosm, always gets me to give up even though I will not! and continues after 5min! satisfied with your purchase :)

fun thing

written by vantheman83, 12/02/14

fun pastime for both adults and children. great customer service. my ball was broken. coolstuff sent a new one that came the day after.

3 birthday gifts in're at

written by Småbarnsmor, 27/03/14

I buy three of the smallest balls, absolutely perfect for 4-5-6 year olds, often older too! I am 35 and can sit long with the smallest ball;)

Super Ball Knobel

written by Jan, 27/05/14

The ball not get bored for a while. some of the transitions are really tricky and hard to create. So that you will still need a long time until one manages completely once. Thus one does not despair, ... Read more

Addict Ball

written by Georg, 09/06/14

Syyykt satisfied! came very fast! product was just fine, and king to holle on with! Thanks! Regards Georg!

fun challenge

written by Gitte, 18/06/14

Fun ball to be turned over. Good personal challenge or competition with the rest of the family. Funny thing at Cool Stuff - has already acted again.

Pastime at the highest level

written by MisterRavn, 11/08/14

I bought the big ball and has had to admit that it is quite a challenge and a lot of fun. Several family members and friends here also tried it but have not come so far, it is really pastime at a high... Read more

The addictive ball

written by Jessica, 18/11/14

I ordered the large "Addict-a-ball" to my husband (to get in 33års gift). He was so thrilled that he now hardly want to put down the ball. He swears at the same time and so he laughs about i... Read more


written by Tuula, 24/12/14

And also requires good eyes that separates the route numeroinnin..Äiti-man was hard not to be so much time that would have gone through the whole job: D


written by Pixelin, 28/12/14

It's fun for a while to bring the ball between courses in different dimensions or what to call it, but could probably be dust collectors with us ...

Addict a ball

written by Tony, 28/12/14

A super great gift for friends and family member. A service and on time !! Ye have said what I need to say but remember one shouldnt ruin the experience by forcing people-to write more if they do not ... Read more

You become a bit dependent ..

written by Madeleine, 29/12/14

super fun thing, even for adults. There are three different tracks with different difficulty levels (the little ball).

Addictive !!!

written by steffi, 02/01/15

The Addict-A-Ball is just great. I saw him here and ordered as a Christmas gift and have it delivered to the office. When he arrived, we had to try it. The whole has so ended that 5 adults were addict... Read more

much fun

written by sofie, 05/01/15

Great fun! Ideal gift / Christmas gift :) Perfect get all ages, and yes aningens addictive.


written by Steven T., 05/01/15

given away for Christmas and must say was super on, everyone wanted to try sometimes and if I'm honest, it would have liked to keep himself;)

never seen

written by YZ, 05/01/15

The price is perhaps a little high, but I'm happy as never seen before! Actually a gift for my father ... but then used by my children a lot.

Super fun and challenging pastime

written by Jonan, 05/02/15

This toy lives up to its name. One is bidt it. For children this is a good help to fortåelse of gravity and 3D space.

Estimated gift

written by Farmor, 20/05/15

It was not just my seven-year grandson who loved this gift! It quickly became popular with all adults!

Fun different o

written by Jennie, 14/12/15

Fun o different from that employed family members länge.Gav to our 11åring. Both tricky o fun with many different paths. Tested by children and adults o all loved it o thought it was fun. Hard to stop... Read more

Cheap Gadget with fun factor

written by Tinstans, 18/12/15

The "Addict-A-Ball" I have selected as Wichtelgeschenk for work colleagues. A real winner. All wanted to "sometimes try it." Patience and a steady hand are a prerequisite, but then... Read more

Is addicting

written by Conny, 19/12/15

Great toy - or even just for adults. Power really addictive.

Fun distraction!

written by Linda, 29/12/15

This was of course a fairly substantial impulse for Christmas - much to my husband, who usually like to figure and puzzle. However, I discovered, so we thought the rest of the family that it was proba... Read more


written by RosaMormor, 04/01/16

Cool toy that became uppsattad of 11årigt grandchildren !! Difficult but not too difficult !! Many hours of play !! many levels to pass nothing you can handle in a day !!


written by HVR, 05/01/16

Gave it to a girlfriend, she was very happy. That there are so many ways to play, is a big plus, and the numbering is icing on the cake one.


written by Mrstomato, 05/01/16

Must say this was a fantastic Christmas present .. Equally amusing for the small as the great .. Many +++ for a top product, the best part was that it was so small and handy so that it went down in a ... Read more

Bad quality

written by JK, 05/01/16

The ball size is not suited to the track on the little so some passages are impossible. The big one is much better.


written by Gunnel , 05/01/16

Collected by a 26 year old from the pack and went plastic bubble break before we had even begun to try it. Very bad.

Addict A Ball

written by Aykay , 05/01/16

Sad that there was someone ball in the ball or it had stuck so hard that it was impossible to shake / slapping it forward.

Funny and addictive game

written by Planoo, 12/01/16

It was the biggest hit present this Christmas with my family. Everybody wanted to play with it. Also very suitable for any kind of waiting room!

prolonged joy

written by RW, 18/01/16

Bought both sizes of Addict-A-Ball and preliminary tested only the small. It gives a lot and lasting joy. Has not reached me throughout. + It is small and relatively easy with the + You can start diff... Read more


written by Lintonbon, 28/04/16

I bought 3 of the small addict A Ball as a gift. We even both big and small at home and they are addictive and fun


written by Anita, 27/07/17

This playball is very popular for my eldest son ... he thought it's very hot to sit with

Clear ball

written by Lotta, 06/09/17

Once upon a time, I gave away a bullet with a maze game and as far as I know, this adult person sits and spins on this ball so fun and hard and so hard to let go of that globe, shop at home if you lik... Read more

Really addict'ar

written by yand, 06/09/17

Both me and children love it. I got empty dropped tablet times for almost a month, but it mostly depends on the child itself. If you like something like that, I recommend getting it.

Very pleased

written by Anna, 11/10/17

So pleased! At last I acquired one myself after giving away many over time. Excellent employment.

Genuine toys for the ages 7 to 100 years

written by Claus, 27/03/18

Genius toys, motor coach, patience coach, stamina coach, and temperements tests. Not too impatient, restless with delicate nerves that can not concentrate. A great exercise in focusing.

Power button does not work anymore

written by Bo Arler, 30/07/18

It's not because we've used it a lot, but after 3 weeks, the button does not work anymore, not a product I would recommend buying.

Fun and entertaining for the whole family

written by Bo, 30/07/18

A fun and entertaining ball, both my 6 year old daughter and my boys at 11 and 12 think it's fun their father can not keep his fingers away


written by Nisse, 22/08/18

Only you're bright enough to work without charge, but you have to be "loaded" yourself to keep up the turns and get the ball forward without driving off the track. Had an "addict&qu... Read more

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