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Air Pump with Gauge

Has a tyre gone flat? Solve the situation on site without any hassle. Set the desired pressure and then start the electrical pump until the gauge has reached the correct amount. Pump away!

Air Pump with Gauge - Air Pump with Gauge
Air Pump with Gauge
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Good pump.

written by Arraz, 07/11/15

This pump can really recommend as it fulfilled my expectations, if possible, more than 100%. In short cannon good. Then it took less than a day to get it home and 2 year warranty does not make things ... Read more

Air pump with pressure gauge

written by arild, 09/11/15

The product is difficult to get to pump air. When pushing the button, there is no thing. Need to press on in a few times before it works ..

Air Pump With Pressure Gauge

written by JV, 10/11/15

This was as expected, it is very good, so it's nice to adjust the pressure when tires are cold. I am very pleased


written by LGN, 15/11/15

The pump is smart and handy! Only the accompanying description very inadequate! Eg. when and how long the pump must be recharged, and is there anything that shows this ?? Help wanted here!

Air Pump With Pressure Gauge

written by OS, 18/11/15

Has received the air pump and had tested it, it worked as intended, the pumped up the tires to the required pressure, all four tires, without me having charged it. I think there was still a lot of pow... Read more

Fully satisfied

written by Klausi, 04/01/16

I'm very satisfied. Delivery was fast and on time. the commitment was respected Especially that the order arrives even at Christmas.

Air Pump With Pressure Gauge

written by Trond, 18/01/16

Air Pump is very good. The reason I prefer a star, the rechargeable battery could be a bit more powerful. I got 0.1 bar on deck 4. When the battery was empty. The delivery of COOL STUFF gets 6 stars f... Read more


written by arwe, 17/02/16

Awesome good mini pump which I use mainly for my wheelchair. Do not know how it works on the car deck ..

Function poor

written by wp, 09/03/16

Not worth the money, not BUY meaning no go item for cool stuff to sell + ???????????????????????????? wp


written by benzon, 11/04/16

The pump works OK, but do not expect that it should only take a moment to pump up t.ex. a tire To footballs and bikes going however fine even though it may take some time.

Battery-powered air pump

written by Mats, 06/05/16

Smooth and practical product. Have so far only tested with the tires, but it was surprisingly quick to refill to the correct pressure. Recommended!

Do it properly

written by Christer, 06/05/16

And is easy to handle. Ideal for bicycle, hand truck, wheelbarrow mm. Very fast delivery moreover, thanks for that!

Good MC pump

written by PerW, 09/05/16

Handy pump for inflating the tires to the motorcycle. Hose to connect with is flexible so I can access though I need to angle. Pumps at the right pace so I have time to have a good control of the pres... Read more


written by Batti, 13/05/16

An absolutely wonderful device that does its job in addition to the one expected. I filled my tires for my MB that requires a lot of pressure in the rings. I think that if it can push the air with 10 ... Read more

Perfect Air pump with pressure gauge

written by K.A, 23/05/16

This pump was very good works great for my bike now, I do not have to get sweaty using ordinary small pump

Works well!

written by Magnus, 29/05/16

I have just tried to check the air pressure and top up a little air in the tires on my motorcycle. It went pretty quickly to fill the air. Not as fast as air filling available at the stations, but it ... Read more

Air pump with pressure gauge that I do not get to work!

written by Peter Bolin, 07/06/16

Have tried in every way to get it to pump air into my bike tires, but it's downright impossible! I get a complaint about it! With the best, but still disappointed, greeting Peter Bolin Mobile: 070... Read more


written by Leffa, 08/07/16

Works great for me has been tested on both the bike and camper fyrhjulingen..så I'm satisfied anyway + fast delivery too.

Pro and con

written by naja, 22/08/16

The principle and the easy navigation of the pump are ok and thus a real relief, especially if you have several bikes or other stuff to inflate. Whether the high purchase price is really worth? - I do... Read more

"Air Pump with Pressure Gauge"

written by stig,e,n,.,,, 24/08/16

fumnger good on my motorcycle but ow obtain 1.65 bar may jeg arrest Pressure gauge 1,95 bar has ikke Sample D the bildekk.den s brisk og effective solid ..

Good idea but

written by Patrik, 05/09/16

I bought this in the hope that easy to pump my bike. Like the performance of the pump, but it did not work with the so-called racing valve (which apparently able to use the nozzle that fits to standar... Read more

Air Pump With Pressure Gauge

written by am.tysse, 07/09/16

The pump worked just great! Regret NOT purchase, - can highly recommend. Easy to use, both car and bike got the air as they should have. Races to buy !!

Rechargeable Air Pump

written by Petzhausen von Luxembourg, 04/10/16

Have this pump in the TV test broadcast seen but again vergesen now the test report can be normal and I equal this Rechargeable Air Pump Ordered and out like a sore I had 2 days later where I was the ... Read more

Works great for all the valves!

written by Roger.B, 18/10/16

Satisfied with the product, could be due to fill two bicycles and a scooter before I had to recharge it again. Also works on so-called race-valves (Unscrew the valve cap, screw up "stop screw&quo... Read more


written by Saxxoo, 26/11/16

Smart small pump. Good, simple instructions that tells how much pressure to use. Plus it even stops when the pressure has reached the limit. Be aware though that the valves on road bikes can be a bit ... Read more

Good pump trip

written by Gsaadict, 12/12/16

Bought the pump to have at Mc trip. Very pleased so far belongs. Sounds very little in comparison to others I've tried.

air pump

written by Lidvar, 13/12/16

Was important that it was a good description of the product, how it is intended for use and functionality. Bought it as a gift so can not comment on how good or not it is. But it seems solid and stead... Read more

Does not the "regular" car valve.

written by Jonas, 18/01/17

Does not fit my wheelchair, none of the nozzles fits. It is bilventiler and does not fit ... Solution?

The batteries are dead after the first charge

written by H, 19/01/17

I thought the product appears smooth and useful as a backup pump in the car, but also as a bicycle pump when it wanted pumpkin with a specific pressure. Unfortunately, I never get it to work. Before I... Read more

defective goods

written by olaf, 22/03/17

Included connection to bicycle valves have missing / worn thread - possibly destroyed by the previous user? - Request for Cool Stuff could replace it with a new refusal - the whole article should be r... Read more

Air pump with pressure gauge

written by sn, 27/04/17

Alldeles excellent tool to have in the car, really "cool" !!! Also taking the small space, fits anywhere. Best buy.

My first purchase

written by Pumpe, 27/04/17

with my first purchase, I am very satisfied, will at purchase necessary, I'll always look up here again.


written by Anders, 26/06/17

It does not turn off when the set pressure is reached, I do not otherwise interpret the function according to the operating instructions.

totally satisfied!

written by Kati, 08/08/17

The rechargeable air pump is awesome and I can recommend it without hesitation! I've got it for my wheelchair and am fully satisfied!

Good pump

written by Jonne M, 07/11/17

Extremely handy, no longer need to manually pump air into bicycle tires and it is also a good idea to put air into the tires of the car. Really happy with the product!

Ready for small things but not for car tires

written by Andreas, 15/11/17

The pump is suitable for bicycle tires and bathing balls. I bought the pump to pump my car tire and was skeptical. There were 2 charges to pump the tire from 7 psi to 28 psi. After about 20 psi (about... Read more

Cool Products!

written by Pumpen , 27/04/18

Great. Works well. Better than expected. Easy and easy to shop. ______________% _% _ %%%%%%%%% /

Works very well

written by Max, 17/05/18

Works very well both for cars and bikes with race valves and car valves. And it loads very fast.

Works for my electric scooter

written by Marie, 25/05/18

Works well on the tire of my electric scooter Blimo Moto Pro. Easy to use (the keys may be a little "low" if you have a problem), charging fully quickly via regular power outlets. Delighted.... Read more

Pedelec balloon tires

written by Ehningium, 04/07/18

- Positive: I have tried the E-pump equal to my 28 inch Schwalbe Balloon tire 50mm. After 3x charging to 3.0 bar pump was warm - the 3rd process appeared slowed down. After cooling, the 4th pumping wa... Read more

Great air pump

written by Klass1, 20/08/18

The best air pump I hate bought it was expensive but worth every penny I'm in a wheelchair and have had major concerns with regular air pumps since I can not pump the tires myself. Now I can pump ... Read more

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