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Ani-Mate Make Your Own Movie

Make clay figures, take a picture, move the clay figures, take a picture. And so on. You get a super-professional stop-motion film in a click!

Ani-Mate Make Your Own Movie - Ani-Mate Make Your Own Movie
Ani-Mate Make Your Own Movie
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What is this?

This can you without

written by a.l.C, 16/03/15

The package contains some simple "paper doll print out" props and some small units with Modeling. The packages with Modeling a so small that they can hardly be used. Paper props missing &quo... Read more

Cool thing!

written by MuttiNMB, 31/03/15

Great idea! Plasticine, moving eyes etc. could get even, but the scenery makes the set more interesting! App to works great! However, if a real patience thing, "just" is such a movies not ma... Read more

Super animation sets

written by Alette, 31/08/15

Very happy with the purchase! Easy to make small films. Fun to learn how animated films host layers. App that is recommended is super, and can also be used for other things. Super gift both born and t... Read more

fun for adults and children

written by Andrea, 28/12/15

Just as I expected, everything that was promised and the app was recommended to work out fine even though it was a bit difficult to understand initially. Right generously with clay came so that you co... Read more

Fun and inspiring!

written by Sus, 01/01/17

Very fun as a starter kit. Inspires and helps in the future we will do more films with their own environments and not only those who follow. Everything works fine and is something fun that can suit ev... Read more

Make your own movie

written by Kirsren, 27/01/17

My grandson was absolutely love it and can spend hours and make small movies both alone and with his bror.det is the perfect gift for children

Super nice product

written by DW, 09/03/18

All-time product for the movie-interested and creative. The 9-year-old girl was excited to get started with a model and stop motion film.

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