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Anti-Slip Pad

Does your stuff fly around on the dashboard to the point that you lose everything? This sticky mat keeps your stuff in place with a super strong grip! Perfect as for example a mobile holder in your car.

Anti-Slip Pad - Anti-Slip Pad
Anti-Slip Pad
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Beyond super happy!

written by mallimalli, 23/05/13

Would actually buy one to one that takes the student (do not know what he thinks yet) but could not resist buying one for myself oxå: P And is so sick satisfied! The cell phone (a Samsung Galaxy S3, t... Read more

"Anti-Slip Pad"

written by Yvonne, 24/06/13

"Anti-Slip Pad" is a product I can recommend, holds eg glasses, phone, keys on the dashboard.

End of gadgets that slides on the dashboard

written by ULNO, 01/07/13

Acquired this because I'm tired of all the pens, sunglasses, etc. lying and sliding around in the front window of the car. Every time you turn comes an avalanche of loose stuff still - most of the... Read more

Cannon good!

written by Cornelia, 06/07/13

Working as it should! Have a very good grasp hold 2st iPhone at the same time, the slightly curved surface! I am really pleased :-))

Takertuuuuu ......

written by Heka, 10/07/13

Hi. Anti-slip pad is really effective, it is not only preventing the attached device or the like. "Slipping and sliding" but to prevent it from moving out of position. Tahmalevy is almost to... Read more

Stickier than expected

written by VONKii, 02/08/13

Great little pad that keeps your phone in place in the car! Although it is stickier than I expected it leaves no trace on either panel or mobile!

true awesome

written by Päivi Ala-Koivula, 17/08/13

Anti-slip pad has been here at least really good. It does keep its promises and the products will remain closed. They tried it in the car and injected it lighter in an upright position to stand and st... Read more

Waste of money!

written by Cordoba, 20/08/13

if you do not have a clean plastic part on the front of your car so ladvære buy it !! it sets not stuck on "LEATHER" like substance as most cars will be built on their front! and quite in ag... Read more


written by Annika, 23/08/13

Worked damn good! Mobile remains how many and sharp turns at any time! The move did not budge, not even keys

Anti-slip pad

written by Martin, 09/09/13

It's great, although I redesigned it slightly so it works well. Had 5 in the ratings unless I had to wipe it so often.

Good and sticky

written by Ronny, 14/09/13

Carpet is klibbigigare than I thought. It works very well and does not stick to itself on the stuff. I am satisfied.


written by Trine, 30/09/13

Bought it for the car. It is very sticky, it must use force to move it. But being no Metka for it. Just rinse it off if it gets dirty :-) Just sticky afterwards. Perfect for mobile on (just the right ... Read more

Recommend this!

written by Cillan, 02/10/13

Super good product. Keeps its promises. Recommend it heartily, not a bad idea as a gift or as a Christmas gift.

Ypperlig product

written by Henrik, 11/10/13

I've had it now for about 2 weeks and are totally satisfied with it. Works well above expectations so far;)


written by Lars Hausager, 25/10/13

Super good service and good prices delivery was quite ok they keep their promises Buyer much like that again

Funny thing!

written by Lisa, 11/11/13

Ordered my anti-slip pad with pretty high expectations. It serves its purpose well, the objects are stuck, the only problem I have is that it is difficult to attach the pad on the dashboard of the car... Read more

Secures perfect!

written by Filip, 12/12/13

This "sticky mat" I put on the dashboard of the car. I put the phone since then and when I would take the phone away from the carpet so torn protective film away from the phone! There are th... Read more


written by Annamaria, 13/12/13

Stylish and useful to the car or boat. Very discreet and perfect for the brother who does not want a lot of novelties in the car.

The top

written by Mac, 16/12/13

Adheres well without leaving marks behind. Easy to move. All you attach the pad is great! Perfect in your car!

Superbra product

written by Starkko, 27/12/13

His partner is really pleased with this product in your car, just put down the phone easily on top so is the solid good there since. Very cheap for a well-functioning product, and a little smoother th... Read more

Very sticky!

written by Therése, 29/12/13

This really keep things in place in the car! However, I do not know if it's just the dash of our car that is exemplary for just this. The problem is that the mobiles stuck very easily and then the... Read more

Anti-Slip Pad

written by marita, 30/12/13

Good: really keep things in place. Little tilpehööri is not searchable on the floor, even the bottle remained standing while driving. Bad: take complete control over the phone. If you have to bear whi... Read more

Not what it promises.

written by Charlie, 30/12/13

It says that it will be able to hold your keys and cell phones in the car? Do not think so. Paden must be on a completely smooth / straight face, and you should attach must also only completely smooth... Read more


written by Anna, 01/01/14

Where very surprised by this product. I attached my car on the dashboard so the cell phone can be there. How good anywhere!

4 Smart and convenient car holder, etc.

written by Ketty Andersen, 02/01/14

A super good idea that has many functions, for example. as holder for Mobile. - GPS or what may. has to be be easy to grab on while driving. I have used it as almond and hostess gift.

Now roll the mobile nowhere more

written by vejrum, 06/01/14

Now is the end of the phone is located and sliding around in the car and get scratches while driving. It is super easy to attach and then hold it just so tight even a small increase in mobile as htc o... Read more

It works!

written by Bauer, 20/01/14

It keeps it all: phone, keys and plastic card (parking). The prisoners also dust, but just rinse with water and then it is ready for use again.

Very good

written by BUS, 17/02/14

have this in my car as I have mobile phones and are very pleased with both the product and the price. That so little can do so much!


written by Tuula, 27/02/14

Very good! It is indeed a phone, keys, coins, etc. in place. I was a little skeptical when ordering on the quality of the product, but this product really works! Fortunately, I bought this the same wa... Read more

Anti-Slip Pad

written by Björn, 13/03/14

Did not all work, it is too tight against the phone to release it on the other side, or vice versa ...

Great product

written by Rikke, 26/05/14

Works perfectly - I use it in the car to hold my phone and although it sits on sloping and uneven surfaces, so the phone becomes seated. I think that it is a really good alternative for those ugly pla... Read more

Anti-slip pad

written by RM, 05/06/14

The pad was recommended by a friend and it is so good and cell phone and money for shopping holds bombs. Just perfect


written by DS Mia, 17/06/14

Super product that works as it should. ALT adheres, even my fabric purse! Can only be recommended :) The only negative might be that things adheres so firmly that pad sometimes rises


written by Gitte, 11/12/14

Maybe I was confused but when I ordered this offer, it appeared as if one would receive 3 paragraph 2 STKS price! I received only 2 pcs, so the communication on the net can be shown improved - made mo... Read more

All the best

written by cz, 12/12/14

Super delivered fast and perfect quality!

Anti-Slip Pad.

written by Lynnot, 22/12/14

Works flawlessly and provide the means the product is created. Nice simple packaging and fast handling.

Anti-slip pad

written by Ingrid, 29/12/14

So good when nothing goes around on the instrument panel. Ideal for mobile, glasses, snuff box or keys.

Very good

written by Duckie, 19/01/15

Very good product. so good that I ordered 10 extra for my family. mighty useful in cars when to use navigation or music.


written by Jenny, 02/02/15

Very useful! Feels sticky when touched it but not sticky at all. Get stuck on virtually everything, and therefore good to have with you wherever you are. You can attach the mobile, cards, keys, etc. o... Read more

I recommend!

written by Cookie Monster, 22/04/15

Cell phone does not move any example in the car dashboard. Very good product, because it must be closed and remain closed. If the gripping surface begins to deteriorate, then wash with water only and ... Read more


written by Kotten, 02/05/15

Given all the positive reviews, I'm surprised how disposed I experience them. They stick almost anything at all, and certainly not enough to hold my HTC One S.

Anti Slip Pad

written by Jörgen, 01/06/15

worthless, they smell disgusting, tested in two cars but could not stand the smell of rubber, threw all could not send it back.


written by P.T., 19/06/15

Does not live up to its promises. It may in any case not hold a Nokia 630. I've also tried with a pen and a disposable lighter which also slipped by. It may hold on a piece of paper, I have not tr... Read more

a Mostar in car

written by bolla, 09/07/15

Anti Slip Pad is very nice to have in the car. use it every day for the phone, then release it throws around the dashboard.


written by Mats, 27/07/15

Sitting really good on the instrument panel, the phone is almost glued .. Recommended to buy!

not holding - what it promises

written by trubadu, 31/08/15

at first I was half excited because without damage to the dashboard allows precisely the fixing of smartphones. However, this effect can be after a few days, and then the phone (a Samsung Note 3 in th... Read more


written by Suss , 28/12/15

Superbra to keep the mobile in place on the instrument panen! But there are many uses, just imagination. On the fridge sits on the mountain and can hold the pen in place. Sunglasses in the car is now ... Read more

Works well

written by BYGD, 04/01/16

Seems to do what they promised. I did a test on my fridge (surface rostfrit) and put my iPhone on it (completely vertical, that is). Opened the door and shut the door with some force. No problems what... Read more

Inexpensive and good for smaller metal

written by ThaiLambo, 13/01/16

Really Cheap price I bought several as extra Christmas presents! Had read good reviews before and gives a minus because it was not as strong as has been said. You dare not leave his iPhone on the glue... Read more


written by Carro, 01/02/16

Used it to the cell phone in the car. Worked perfect first week since everything was "sticky" gone. It did not stick to the cell phone or stuck in the car.

Shit cruel!

written by Linus, 27/04/16

I had never thought that it attaches to the mat would sit so well. Tested to put it where the dashboard goes down so it really got put to the test. Then I put my sunglasses and wallet on the carpet an... Read more

Maybe not so good

written by RaSten, 07/07/16

I was disappointed when I tried to use it in my Volvo V50. There is no good place to attach it to, then the torpedo has a repellent pattern while it is not at all horizontal or even plan, and the rest... Read more

Very handy!

written by Omar , 10/04/17

It adheres very well, and surprisingly easy to both remove and add on without unsightly marks. Bought two, and heartily recommend!

Better than expected!

written by Bip, 31/05/17

So simple and easy to use as well as easy to clean. You "paste" on anything. I myself have the cellphone on it in the car. Love it!

Anti-slip pad

written by Tiia, 21/12/17

Works clockwise, "sucks" objects in the car so it's quiet, so easy to put the mobile there and know that it does not fly away when braking, etc.

Can be used to much!

written by Eileen, 25/01/18

The couch sleeves slipped around - really annoying. This product solved the problem - and can probably solve many other issues with stuff that does not want to be in place. Very satisfied!


written by Eileen, 11/02/18

We use these to stop the sofa's skinny toes from slipping around. Anti-slip cloths that you usually wear under rugs are not enough, but these work well.

Good and stable support

written by Ɗiαηα, 19/03/18

The AntislSlip pad provides good and stable support and allows the phone to remain safe in the car, even at speed. The phone does not fall into the sides as it fits the anti-slip path. It is also well... Read more

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