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Ass Kickin' Jelly Beans

Classic Jelly Beans packed with the equally classic habanero chilli! Perfect for those who find that the usual sweets are missing something, or for those wanting to sneak some into their friend's bag!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?


written by Idakron, 03/12/13

First second they are really good then comes the heat !!! Haha best ever! I give my Christmas present with jelly been the game! Will be a success! ++

You kidding with me

written by Zorki, 08/12/13

Well this was a big disappointment. chewed a peppercorn e stronger than this. would messing with a friend who just loves jellybeans but taste a lake o the e just ridiculous. have hot sauce as e nice s... Read more


written by HK, 01/01/14

Was okay as a gimmick thing - but not particularly good. Most only strong without any other flavor, I had well might have wished something else definable flavor than just heat.


written by Cocobanana, 08/01/14

The ultimate prankgave which can actually be used sensibly! It was a huge hit and all the party should taste - this must be added that one can like chili, then those jellybeans right! Tastes good and ... Read more

Christmas present

written by Cicci, 29/01/14

Bought these candies to my father as a Christmas gift for fun ^^ It was fun to see the faces he made when he took a whole handful of those and said that "they can not be so strong." . . It i... Read more

Tulisemmat candies

written by Mate, 21/04/14

These tasted one around and it's pretty nice säväköitä candies! Fiery food friend would have liked even more tujumpia, but it's pretty cool. The only minus the price and tulisuusasteesta. Thes... Read more

Taste Free!

written by DD, 05/01/15

Not at all the taste you would expect, only positive was that they easily could be mixed with general ..


written by EKT, 08/01/15

Perfect gift for those who love spicy food. A little too strong for the small, but otherwise successful gift for the big ones. Something to give to those who love strong and Jelly Beans

good product

written by kjøper, 15/01/15

Good product, fast delivery. The goods were delivered under a week after ordering :-) Very satisfied, recommended

Jelly Beans

written by Dino, 20/01/15

Should laws that they live up to their name, nice strong, but not more than that it is to endure and the strong drowns out even the different flavors, a thoroughly positive experience that can only be... Read more

A little disappointed ...

written by JJ, 10/08/15

They could easily have been stronger. I bought them to joke with my colleagues at work, but when I tasted them so I skipped the idea. They taste pretty much like regular jelly beans, and I will soon h... Read more


written by camilla, 30/11/15

Lived up to expectations and long-term fun for my boy of 10years. Lots of different strong flavors.


written by Joanna , 04/01/16

A real fun gift for my partner who likes strong stuff. Perhaps not the most delicious candy, but a fun thing to offer. :-) And certainly a great gift if you do not know what to find. Fits really every... Read more


written by Claus , 28/01/16

They are quite good as pranks. However, one should just convince people that they do not taste of vomit, dog food or other nasty things. First comes the fruit taste that is quite good and so are kicke... Read more


written by Linda, 17/07/17

World's Best Jelly Beans :-) Can be abused on the "warmest" Would have been a bigger jar. But just have to buy more then :-)

Jelly beans habanero

written by Kokken, 31/07/17

Great product Super fast delivery day by day Clear ordering easy to operate not last time traded here


written by Christopher, 26/10/17

The taste was clearly approved, but it was expected to be significantly stronger. When you can take a whole fist of it and still think it's messy, it's pretty bad.

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