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AvoSeedo - Grow Avocado

Don’t throw away that avocado stone when you are done making your guacamole. Why not let AvoSeedo help you to grow your own little avocado tree right at home?

AvoSeedo  - Grow Avocado - AvoSeedo  - Grow Avocado
AvoSeedo - Grow Avocado
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What is this?

avocado tree

written by brihu, 01/01/16

Love COOL STUFF team, "AvoSeedo-Grow Avocado" was a Christmas present. It means that they was very happy about it! Great idea, of course :) Whether the sapling grows now is, to the new owner... Read more

Funny thing!

written by Tompa, 17/03/16

Actually, much too early to have any comments ....'ll see in six months if you have a little avocado plant in the window :-) Nice idea, anyway, hope it works as advertised. Viewing every day if so... Read more

So far it looks good

written by DS, 06/05/16

It is some avocado stone and dipping the end in water in my windowsill. They are not rotten yet, which otherwise has been my problem when I tried to grow avocado. It seems far out to AvoSeedo working ... Read more

The first roots already

written by Mp, 13/06/16

Works !! Easy, great discovery !!! Ekat roots were digested this morning! Yeah, I guess those will still avocado :)

Very good product!

written by Andrea, 13/06/16

It was a very good product and it has begun to grow on avokadokänan that I put in.


written by Tobbe, 13/09/16

Now it's just waiting there. Will probably be fine, change out water 1g week and then hopefully a little avacado plant.

The satisfied customer

written by Celina , 06/04/17

Is in the process of using them. But in the advanced it is a great purchase. am looking forward to see results record.

Good Christmas Gift!

written by Affe, 27/11/17

I would say the perfect Christmas gift for that snowman. If you are a student and may not have much money on buying Christmas presents, this is the perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves to grow... Read more


written by Sarah, 17/09/18

Now it's grown avocado. Easy to understand so anyone can do it! Just see if I have green fingers ...

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