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Baby Nessie Tea Infuser

When other sea monsters hide deep inside pots, Baby Nessie keeps to your tea cup. There she swims around and turns hot water into tasty tea!

Baby Nessie Tea Infuser - Tesil Baby Nessie
Tesil Baby Nessie
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written by KB, 10/03/16

A very cute tea infusers. Easy to use and clean. Holder not quite close so part of teen flowing out.


written by Mmbendt, 18/03/16

product work well, most people buy it enough because of the look, and also works really well, but the "holes" is relatively larger than a normal metal-tea infusers, and therefore can get a l... Read more


written by Kt, 22/03/16

Sweet design, and the holes are sufficiently small to teen does not flow with out. The negative is that the material itself could have been more hard so that would be a little easier to handle when yo... Read more

Quality vs. cuteness

written by Pojkvän, 06/04/16

I bought this for my girlfriend's birthday. I ladle in the same series as thought: Yes! Of course she should get one of those! Cuteness: 5/5. It goes home, cute! Nothing strange! Quality: 1/5. Fir... Read more


written by ak, 20/06/16

+ How cute any time - for those who cares if it's a little leaf debris, buy non - hard to keep the balance best results in transparent mug.

Sweetest tea strainer ever

written by Qu, 28/03/17

It is reassuring to have a small sea monster to take care of my tea. It is incredible sweet and easy to clean. Minus point is that the two parts fit poorly together.

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