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Bacon Floss

Now you can remove the bacon stuck between your teeth with the help of bacon between your teeth!

Bacon Floss - Bacon Floss
Bacon Floss
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What is this?

Smells like bacon!

written by Milla, 22/08/13

Bought this as a little extra gift for my guy when he's birthday. It smells of smoked bacon, which he likes. A little fun gadget, I'm satisfied.


written by Lili Tha Banana-King, 28/12/13

Love to use it after brushing your teeth, or before. it does not matter. Also good when you just want to feel a little extra nice! :)


written by melli, 12/01/15

The product corresponded perfectly to expectations. Dental floss smelled quite pekonille. Where even been wonderful smell? Joyful product.

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