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Bacon Floss

Now you can remove the bacon stuck between your teeth with the help of bacon between your teeth!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?

Smells like bacon!

written by Milla, 22/08/13

Bought this as a little extra gift for my guy when he's birthday. It smells of smoked bacon, which he likes. A little fun gadget, I'm satisfied.


written by Lili Tha Banana-King, 28/12/13

Love to use it after brushing your teeth, or before. it does not matter. Also good when you just want to feel a little extra nice! :)


written by melli, 12/01/15

The product corresponded perfectly to expectations. Dental floss smelled quite pekonille. Where even been wonderful smell? Joyful product.

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